Jurassic Park Builder [Guide]


Break ground and build your dream park featuring long extinct dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Builder. The latest zoo simulation game from Ludia let’s players create their own feature attractions for the purpose of gaining visitors, as well as raising and feeding the various wonderful creatures within the game. Manage your resources properly and make Isla Nublar the greatest place to visit, as well as an amazing place for your dinosaur creations to live well and prosper.


Jurassic Park Builder requires players to build the eponymous park from the ground up by raising dinosaurs, building structures and roads, as well as decorating them in order to earn coins which you can then use to further improve on your park. You can also visit your friends’ respective parks and gift items for the ultimate social gaming experience.


Gold coins are the primary currency used in the game. These are used to purchase items such as buildings and decorations as well as to research DNA for new dinosaurs. Gold coins are earned in time by dinosaurs depending on their current level.

Virtual dollars are used to purchase additional gold coins, crops, and meat. These can also be used to speed up actions within the game as well as to clear up areas for park expansion. Virtual dollars are earned whenever you level up as well as through purchases using real life currency.


What’s Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs? New dinosaurs can be unlocked by finding DNA locked in amber. Many of these can be found strewn all over the park while you clear up brushes and other debris. After DNA has been found, go to the Research Center and use the amber to discover a new species of dinosaur by playing a slot machine type of mini game. Once the dinosaur has been unlocked, players may now purchase them in the store.

Dinosaurs may also be evolved at the Research Center at higher levels in order to yield more coins.

Meat and Crops

Meat and crops must be produced in order to keep your dinosaurs well fed. Different species have different diets, so make sure that you have enough accessible come feeding time. Harbors require gold coins in order to produce food, so be sure to spend them wisely. Alternately, you can also use virtual dollars to purchase additional meat and crops.

Building Your Park

Jurassic Park is nothing without the other structures and roads that connect them with each other. Purchase buildings in the store and let them earn gold for you. Decorations that both enhance the look of your part as well as provide certain bonuses are also available.

You can expand your space by clearing parts of the forest so that you can further improve on your attractions and allow more dinosaurs to inhabit the location as well as build other structures that you can collect gold coins from periodically.


Missions also allow players to earn tons of XP, as well as coins and other items. Missions also provide players with the chance to get better acclimated with the mechanics and other features within the game.

Code Red

Code Red is a minigame that is available whenever it is raining and there are five or more carnivores in the park. Prevent the animals from escaping and earn a lot of gold coins in the process.

Jurassic Park Builder may be considered as a regular building simulation game, but for those who are fans of the movies and the books, playing this game will certainly be a treat. Players will get the chance to meet Professor Grant, Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Henry Wu, Mr. John Hammond, and several other familiar characters as they help you throughout the game. Of course, the presence of the dinosaurs and the opportunity to build your own theme park couldn’t hurt, as well.

Jurassic Park Builder was developed was Ludia and was released last July for the iOS platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


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