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Back in 2008 when the original MGS4: Guns of the Patriot was released it did not have the trophy function. For the series 25th anniversary however a patch is available that will add trophies to the game FINALLY. Since many people will either replay the game or try it for the first time we felt it might be helpful to have a break down of the main characters in the game, along with a brief description of what to expect.

Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriot is an action-packed adventure story. With seasoned hero Solid Snake, summoned by Roy Campbell, former commander of fox-hound unit. Now the aged snake has to make his way through a series of stages of battles, which includes the Middle East and South America.

The Final mission is set to assassinate Snake’s old adversary, Liquid Ocelot. To achieve victory he must use his legendary stealth abilities and all new OctoCamo suit to avoid detection.

The mission is with series favorites such as Meryl SilverBurgh (with team), Hal “Otacon” Emmerich, Raiden, and Eva all refused to be forgotten. Moreover, Naomi Hunter has been kidnapped by Liquid and now Snake in his rapid onset of aging is on his way to rescue her.

Meet the characters:

  • Old Snake

He was created as a clone taken from the cells of Big Boss. Snake retired from the US Special Forces “FOXHOUND”, and lived in Alaska as recluse where he founded the anti-metal gear NGO “Philanthropy”. However, during the Big Shell incident he had disappeared. Snake is still a veteran in sneaking missions and has saved the world from metal gear series. Now, he has returned again to save the world from Liquid Ocelot. Although his body is fast aging for unknown reasons, still he showed up of Campbell’s request.

  • Otacon & MK. II

He joined in the top-secret Armstech, because he is a robotics specialist and hacker genius. It was a project funded by the Pentagon black budget to develop a weapon of mass destruction – Metal Gear Rex. Now haunted by guilt, he joined Snake’s “Philanthropy.” Now he believes that metal gear technology should be used for peaceful purpose to save lives. Otacon had teamed up with Sunny to develop a remote mobile terminal – MK II. This is a stealth-equipped robot that supports Snake, and is piloted by Otacon.

  • Sunny

She is a young girl, held captive by a shadowy organization that secretly controls the US – the Patriots. Her mother is a member of the Russian army, Olga Gurlukovich. Sunny was entrusted to Snake and Otacon, when Raiden rescued her.

  • Roy Campbell

A former commander of US Special Forces “FOXHOUND.” He joined the UN Security Council advisory body that monitors and inspects Private Military Companies. Through his efforts, Campbell found out that Liquid Ocelot is once again reviving his dreams of a world with relentless wars. Campbell wanted to stop the sinister plan, and has requested Snake to assassinate Liquid Ocelot. He knows the conflicts around the world and is able to provide all means of transportation. Campbell’s official records show he is Meryl’s uncle.

  • Drebin and Little Gray

His business in black market weapons dealer is ventured throughout the globe. Not only that, Drebin can also remove locks on ID guns that only the registered owner can use. Thus, making him the world’s only gun launderer. Drebin always carries with him a can of soft drink NARC. Drebin is number 893, a name given to him to an entire network of mysterious weapons dealers. He is always seen with his partner, Little Gray.

  • Meryl Silverburgh

A female soldier and commander of Rat patrol 01. Special unit in the US Army’s CID tasked that investigates PMC. Meryl fought alongside with Snake during the Shadow Moses incident. Where, at that time she was still a rookie in FOXHOUND. Now, Meryl is a veteran whose tough as any man, yet, has that gentle manner of a woman. She is now a leader and has earned the respect of her teammates.

  • Johnny[Akiba]

He is under Meryl’s command, Rat patrol team 01. Johnny often makes mistakes and drags his teammates down. Nevertheless, he is a specialist in data processing and setting traps. Johnny a tech geek, and frequently visits Japan’s Akihabara district. Giving him the nickname “Akiba.” His most distinguishable character is having a weak heart, and a weak stomach.

  • Liquid Ocelot

The leader of “Outer Heaven,” the mother company of the five largest PMC’s in the world. During the Shadow Moses incident, Ocelot lost his right arm and replaced it with that of Liquid Snake (another clone of Big Boss). In the end Liquid’s personality took over his mind. Years of hiding, finally Ocelot emerged with a plan of insurrection.

  • Naomi Hunter

Geneticists who specialize in nanotechnology based gene therapy. She designed the FOXIDE assassination virus, a virus that kills targets with specific genetic make ups. Naomi Hunter got imprisoned when she modified the virus against CIA’s order. In the game she is held captive by Liquid, forcing her to have a way to hijack the SOP battlefield control system.

  • Raiden

A cyborg child soldier in full body armor exoskeleton, who fought in Liberian Civil war. Raiden was a test subject for the Patriot’s S3 Project during the Big Shell incident. Eventually he met Snake, Vamp, and Olga Gurlukovich. Raiden was the one who rescued Olga’s daughter Sunny. Then he disappeared afterwards.

  • Ed

Ed is African-American. A member of Rat Patrol Team 01, he is radio man and acts as second in command of the unit. Furthermore, Ed is also a sniper. He is very keen and acts cautiously, keeping his weapon intact ready for any danger.

  • Jonathan

Jonathan is a muscular Korean-American. He is also a member of the Rat Patrol Team 01. Being muscular Jonathan handles heavy weapons. He is easy going by nature, and that he can fall asleep anywhere, even on battlefield. One thing this hulk hates it’s when someone stands behind him. He is easily spotted because his Mohawk hair is shaved into an “I” on the back.

  • Big Mama

She posed as KGB agent Eva in Operation Snake Eater that fought alongside with Big Boss. Big Mama is actually a spy for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, but has disappeared soon afterward.

  • Vamp

He is from Romania and skilled in knife. Vamp was once a member of a counter-terrorist training unit in US Navy Seal called Dead Cells. In the series Metal Gear he helped Snake to take over the Big Shell and also killed Otacon’s stepsister Emma.
Unfortunately, he was also killed of a sniper fire from Raiden. Presumed to be dead, Vamp raises from the depths of New York Bay to once again challenge Snake.

  • Mei Ling

She is a Chinese-American scientist. While she was still undergrad at MT, Mei ling already developed the Soliton Radar. Her position in the US Army SSCEN (Soldier System Center) made possible to provide weapons to Philanthropy. Currently, she is now the commanding officer of the old museum-turned-training vessel USS Missouri. Mei Ling is an asset to Snake’s missions; she provides satellite imagery through her connection at SSCEN.

  • Rosemary

She had worked before at the Pentagon as a military analyst. Now she is a psychological counselor for Combat Stress Platoon. Furthermore, she accompanied Campbell and is counselor for snake. Rosemary was once engaged with Raiden, but sadly their relationship did not last.

  • Laughing Octopus

She has this outer shell that serves the same way with OctoCamo, she also has this four manipulators attached to her head, which she can control at will. Her specialty in attacks involves mimicry and traps, making her a true beast in the BB Corps.

  • Raging Raven

A warrior in BB Corps. Raven has tons of UCAV’s (unmanned combat aerial vehicle) called sliders. These sliders are ready for combat at her disposal. Moreover, she can attach herself with the sliders and she is not ready to fly.

  • Crying Wolf

Four legged Robot that can attack with great agility. Her armor is impenetrable, equipped with a rail gun. This lady is a beast in the BB Corps.

  • Screaming Mantis

A member of the BB Corps. Screaming Mantis tries to manipulate her victims like puppets, with the use of some special dolls.

Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriot is an awe-inspiring fiction storytelling and gameplay. This is Snake’s final mission, but with his aging body it will surely create a tension. This game is sure to blow your mind with its audiovisual presentation and be gratified with Snake’s stealth mechanics.

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