Max Payne 3: Golden Guns Location Walkthrough [Guide]

Max Payne 3

Rockstar North Franchise has launched its 3rd synopsis of its much awaited game – Max Payne 3. The story line is set a few years ahead of Vladimir Lem incident. Max is all the same and some of its remarkable things to note are his habits of popping painkillers during bloody showdowns, shoot-dodge, uncontrolled gulping of liquors and his gun slinging style. Max is assisted by a side protagonist named Raul Passos to get hired into a stiff body guarding job of a rich business man, Rodrigo Branco; who’s decided to settle in Sao Paulo with his entire family. The criminal line has disrupted his social life, which involves threatening and kidnapping of his wife.

The environment and AI of the game engine is very versatile. It’s rather a matter of fun, when you find yourself shooting out in clubs across several bottles of vodka. We are here to uncover the Golden Guns in Max Payne 3 which are scattered all over in each of the missions. These guns exist in few parts. The status of collected items can be checked, from the clues and evidence roster on pause menu.

Return to Top Chapter 1 – Something Rotten In the Air

The the epic game starts at the peak of a private party going, where Max is the antagonist of the game, who’s the security in charge of Rodrigo Branco’s Body guards. He and his partner Raul Passos, infiltrate the building trying to find out Rodrigo and Fabiana. Most of the guests are either dead or slumbered to the ground by the gang members who belong to the Sombra Commander Serrano. At first, Max saves the lady Branco from a goon who’s got her with a gun on her head. But Max was soon able to track Rodrigo who was being kidnapped by Serrano’s goons. Max saves him from Serrano’s henchmen and calls in for the security guards. Rodrigo was very happy for what his paid body guards did for his family.

This mission contains 3 Golden Gun parts and two clues scattered all over the mission area.

1. After you kill the 3 guards at the start of the game, go forward into the gallery, to find a part of Golden PT92 handgun.

2. After collecting the first Golden Gun, you’re supposed to enter the room on the left side. On a small circular glass table lies a celebrity magazine.

3. After you make your way to find out Fabiana, you’ll come across a bar. Move forward behind the pillar where a part of Golden PT92 hand gun lie.

4. Run to the parking lot and you’ll spot a big slope. Before going to the slope, keep your eyes to the right where you’ll collect a part of the Golden PT92 Hand Gun.

5. Go forward to the steep slope. Look at the ground to see a photograph that can be examined.

Return to Top Chapter 2 – Nothing But Second Best

Max has been assigned to go to a disco club with Fabiana, Marcelo and Giovanna. But an expected assault leads to kidnapping of Fabiana and Giovanna. Marcelo somehow makes it to the chopper, with passes maneuvering it. Max was successful in saving Giovanna, but they lost Fabiana to Serrano’s men.

1. Climb on the DJ deck to find a part of a .38 Revolver.

2. Go to the mini bar where Max was sipping his drink. Check behind the counter to get a part of the Golden Mini 30.

3. Check the upper platform balcony. Go through the door to find a stair.

4. Go downstairs to find another door that leads to an open balcony.

You can find a part of the .38 Revolver as soon as you open the door.

5. The video in which Serrano and his goons forcibly drag Fabiana out of the circular dining room, climb the first window or you can probably circle through the open side.

As soon as you enter the Circular Space, head left towards tables.

You’ll will then find a part of Golden Mini 30.

6. After the chopper assault, Giovanna manages to make an escape from the goons. Max drops off the chopper to pursue Giovanna.

Go down through helipad staircase.

As you descend through stairs, go towards the right. You can see a room.

A golden gun can be found on ground near the white couch inside the room. It’s part of the Golden Mini – 30.

7. The Final Golden Gun in this level can be found at the end of platform within the red lighted letters.

It’s yet another part of the Golden .38 Revolver.

Return to Top Chapter 3 – Just Another Day At The Office

After Fabiana’s kidnapping Marcelo, Victor, Rodrigo were having an intense discussion with Max and Passos for pitching out ways to rescue Fabiana. They decided to pay Serrano his money bag and get back Fabiana to safety. The exchange was scheduled to happen in Sao Paulo’s biggest football stadium. They met Serrano’s men, but were unsuccessful in closing the deal and some unknown paramilitary sniped Serrano’s men and also shot Max’s arm. The Ransom money was taken by one of Serrano’s men, but he was followed by several of those paramilitary guys. Passos patches Max’s arm and they decide to get their ransom money right to Serrano’s men. Most of Serrano’s men were exterminated in the crossfire at stadium field. They were outnumbered and were running out to save the bag full of cash.

This level has much of a new attraction like inbound video and progressive game play where players has to be quick enough to start playing as soon as the video concludes. The goons might kill you in one shot.

The mission contains 6 Golden Gun parts and 4 clues scattered all over the mission area.

1. Kill all the goons occupying the small dummy field inside the room.

Head right to the room having a glass door.

The first clue is Victor Branco’s influential portrait which can be seen inside the room.

2. Go left towards the slope platform to the blood smeared door after reaching the elevator.

Open and examine the door. This is the next clue.

3. Go to the seat where Passos inquired. You will then see a glass window straight across.

Jump through the window or you can enter through the door.

You will then see a part of the Golden Gun.

4. The trophy room consist of several football and boots, with players crafted in cardboard.

Go straight inside the room.

Above the shoe rack you will spot a part of the Golden Gun.

It’s a Golden M82AI

5. The Gallery.

You can mark the supporting pillar attached to the wall.

Examine the blood stain in the pillar. This is yet another clue.

6. Paramilitary Killers.

Find a way downstairs.

Run through your way until you bump into a stairs.

You will easily spot a Golden Gun at the bottom of the stairs.

A part of the Golden Gun M10

7. The Hallway.

Keep on to the high platform and head left.

Enter the VIP lounge and check the front row.

The final part of the Golden Gun M10.

8. Go out the VIP lounge and head to the end of the hallway.

Examine the memorial of the athlete. He was killed in chapter 2 during the club crossfire.

9. Go to the stadium.

Head down and then turn left. You will see an empty space on the ground where lies a part of the Golden Gun.

Golden M82A1 piece.

10. Make your way up stairs through the spotlight stunt scene.

Turn right and keep running to end of the seat line until you reach the grill.

Behind the last pillar, you will see a part of the Golden Gun M82A1.

Return to Top Chapter 4 – Any Body Can Buy Me A Drink

Max Blames himself for loosing the Ransom money to the unknown paramilitary forces. This apparently would be clear, with a flashback to what actually happened in the previous chapter. At the end of chapter 3, there primary objective was to hand over the ransom money to Serrano’s men. Before they could approach Serrano’s guys who was escaping with the ransom money, some unknown paramilitary forces intervened the deal and killed all Serrano’s goons. Max was also shot in his right arm. Luckily one of the Serrano’s men escaped. However, they were late and the paramilitary guys took the money. All they were left with is to escape the snipers and another incoming swarm of guards. At the end of cut scene, Max and Passos managed to escape using their Chopper.

This mission contains 9 Golden Gun parts and 3 clues scattered all over the mission area.

1. Just at the place from where you begin the mission, go back to the main entrance, from where the goons entered.

Beside the door lies a part of Golden 1911.

2. Make your way out the pub interiors. Climb the stairs on the left.

Go on running till the you reach the end. You’ll see another part of the Golden Gun 1911

3. Kill all the goons outside.

Climb down the stairs back to the ground level to find out other fragments of the Golden Gun.

4. This is Max’s apartment. On the table lies Max’s cop badge.

5. Just after you examine the badge, keep looking for the Golden Gun next to the table.

There is another part of the Golden Gun M500.

6. Check out the room where Brewer made a blast from the place.

Before entering the bathroom, there lies a picture collage in the wall. Examine it.

7. Look for the study table of Brewer. Here lies another clue.

Brewer’s journal.

8. Head to the corridor where an explosion occurred.

You can find the Golden Saf 40 Cal.

9. Go to the roof top.

You can collect the Golden M500.

10. Climb up to a higher platform after killing all the guys from the falling water tank.

Proceed further and explore the roof on right side to obtain a part of Golden Saf 40 Cal.

11. This collectible is pretty tricky because the area seems to be same around every corner.

Check out the area with wooden slates and metal rods.

You’ll find a part of the Golden Gun M500.

12. After clearing the all the enemies, look for a room on the right side.

At the end of the room you can collect a part of Golden Saf 40 Cal.

Return to Top Chapter 5 – Alive If Exactly Not Well

Passos lead Max to the right place since he took him to the chopper used by Commander Sombra during the escape in the nightclub fight. Still the search is on for Fabiana and Max is hunting down for more clues. Whether she’s around here or not, there has got to be someone which Max can ask for help, maybe force help since it’s his enemies. Meanwhile during their way into the depths of tributaries, Passos mentioned about a least known gang named – Cracha Preto, who were supposedly involved in the stadium crossfire. But those were a less priority, they already are in a fix, whether they’ll be able to find out and rescue Fabiana out of this blood frenzy mob war.

This mission contains 6 Golden Gun parts and 6 clues scattered all over the mission area.

1. Make your way ahead of what it’s all sand pathway. You’ll be able to see the chopper straight ahead across the fence. It’s a clue.

It was the same Chopper used during the Chapter Club assault, from where Fabiana was kidnapped.

2. This is the place where you’ll kill 3 guys when hiding behind a glass window.
Beside the Old Television there are couple of documents. Examine it.

This ransom note is a clue.

3. The place where several metal containers were placed.
Through a thin passage Max can climb to a higher crate.

Proceed forward to get a part of a Golden Micro 9mm.

4. When you reach the place where Fabiana had been held captive, you can examine the camera used to record her video.

5. After you examine the camera, get out of the room through the open shutter. Go straight as soon as you exit the open shutter.

Straight ahead behind the wall and beside the grill you can find a part of a Golden Gun.

It’s a part of the Golden Micro 9mm.

6. This is the room through which Fabiana was dragged out by two goons. Some 5-6 Goons were loading some crates. You make your jump in slow motion and kill them all.

There’s a small room to the left from where you’ve to press a button to open the shutter.

Inside the room, on the table examine the Branco family photo that has markings.

7. In the same hall, get out of the room and find a way upstairs. Follow it and you will collect a part of the Golden Micro 9mm.

8. The Hall in which the shutters opens and Sombra forces to shoot at you.

Go to the right and behind the wooden planks, you can find a clue – Newspaper Review On Branco.

9. In the same hall, there’s small room. On the table lies the blue print of the nightclub, where Serrano had an assault and accomplished the kidnapping of Fabiana.

10. From the same hall, you see the shutter from where Sombra’s soldiers came in. Go straight through the door and there are a few containers in the yard.

You collect a part of a Golden LMG .30

11. At the docks before you go for the switch of the bridge, you can find a part of the Golden LMG .30 inside a wooden shack behind the room where you’ll also going to press the switch.

12. This is the final part of the Golden LMG .30 Gun. This can be found after entering the side platforms when you enter inside the docks.

Return to Top Chapter 6 – A Dame, A Dork, and A Drunk

The cut scene starts with Max drunk and seated in his apartment. Just then Passos comes by, saying Rodrigo wishes to see both of them urgently. With an astounding blood battle during the previous mission at the Tiete territory, they were an inch from getting Fabiana rescued from Serrano. Max was blaming Passos for involving him into this run down madness. Max is left out to face his Boss. Just then commando Sombra attacked the building. The Auto-Lock down had somehow been disabled and Commando Sombras managed to enter the premises with ease. Rodrigo was furious over his security technician who said that, he’ll have to operate the security lock down manually, as it was not occurring from automatic. Max consorts Rodrigo and get’s out of Rodrigo’s chamber – locking him in. Securing in the perimeter and Auto Lock down is now the primary objective. During this mission Max explores Branco’s office for several clues related to the professional side of the Branco Brothers.

This mission contains 3 Golden Gun parts and 5 clues scattered all over the mission area.

1. After the first gun fight in the hall, turn around to the glassed walled room. Examine the laptop kept on the table.

2. After you examine the laptop, in the same room check the desk for a clue. It’s a file on Fabiana.

3. The glass wall room is on the right hand side of the hall. On the left side there’s conference meeting table. Adjacent to it is a part of a Golden MD-97L Gun.

4. After you ride in the elevator, in the room check out an architectural model placed on the table.

5. After the successful Auto-Lock down and talking with Rodrigo, go down stairs. Turn right to a room where the waterfall is. You can spot a part of a Golden MD – 97L gun.

6. After the waterfall room, get out into the hallway where you’ll find a portrait of the graduation photos of the Branco brothers.

7. After cleaning out the hall of all the Sombra Commanders minions and killing the last heavy machine gunner, check out a showcase made up of glass wall. Break it and pick up a part of the Golden MD – 97L gun.

8. After the explosion, across the way you’ll encounter the dead body of the same security guy who was running with you to activate the auto lock down protocol. Examine his dead body.

Max manages to escape the immolated building. Rodrigo was dead with a bullet in his head. Max vowed that he would save Fabiana out of Serrano’s hands even if his Boss is dead.

Return to Top Chapter 7 – A Hangover Sent Direct From Mother Nature

After the whole office was immolated, Max returns back to his apartment. His mind was circling around with doubts about his next ongoing mission which was on his own account. Having a last sip of his drink he threw his bottle and the glass. It was time for a change in his ways and the looks. He took out the trimmer and shaved his head bald.

Fabiana was kept hostage over the hill side. As soon as Max starts to explore, he catches up with a kid who leads him to a street party. This is the place where Max is apprehended by Sombra Commandos. He was stripped off, with his guns and his glasses. Max seeks help with the locals, but wasn’t fruitful. Finding his way out of the slum forest, he lands inside a pub where he had a meeting with a so-called Sao Paulo Cop. He encloses more on the suspects, he’s involvement, information leaks in the Branco’s affairs. Offering him a gun, he left Max alone with his drinks. Meanwhile some local rowdy’s enter the scene and took out there guns. After killing the first guy, the game starts.

This mission contains 2 Golden Gun parts and 9 clues scattered all over the mission area.

1. After asking for the help of few locals about making a phone call, head down to the streets to see a window on the left side of the pathway. You’ll see a man which is an ex-cop. You can talk to him.

2. After the discussion with the cop in the bar, check the couch where you sat. On the ground you can examine a photograph of Serrano.

3. In the same bar, behind the pool table there’s a bathroom. Go inside to find a part of a Golden Sawn-Off Shotgun.

4. After leaving the Brothel, before exiting there’s a room to the right of the exit. Below the bed is a man hiding. Talk with him.

5. After dealing with Favela ccums, you come across a closed double door. Beside it there’s yellow wall tag. Examine it.

6. As you pass through the open door. Go left and check the ground – there lies a part of the Golden Sawn-Off Shotgun.

7. After the sniping cut scene, you’ll have to make your way down through stairs and then again have to ascend up through another staircase. Check the area after you reach the surface for a part of Golden Spas 15 Shotgun behind the rubble.

8. There will be a short cut scene of Max Crossing a metal gate. In the free space, there’s a wrecked car. Adjacent to it are some metal slabs, behind which lies a part of a Golden Spas 15 Shotgun.

9. In the same area, where you got the second part of the Golden Spas 15, on your way there’s a wall with a Gang tag consisting of 3 men with their guns. It’s a clue.

10. After walking a few stairs where you’ve to leap off of a ledge, the next Golden Gun part is in a dead-end below the ledge. This is in the same area as the shrine to Claudio.

Drop down and you’ll find a part of the Spas 15 Shotgun.

11. The Shrine of Claudio’s wall tag is easily noticed as soon as you head forward.

12. You’ll come across a thin alley with tall grasses on the pathway. On the right side front of the door, check the ground and you can spot and examine a yellow and blue flyer.

13. After the cut scene where you see the drug dealers, you’ll get to enter their workshop. At the counter you can examine the drugs – Bag Of Oxidado.

14. After you exit the drug shop, fireworks will start exploding above. The door you exited, to it’s opposite lies a wall with a tag Of “Command Sombra”.

15. At the final shootout, before ascending the stairs, check the palm tree at the base of the stairs to find and collect a part of a Golden Gun Sawn-Off.

Return to Top Chapter 8 – Ain’t No Reprievement Gonna Be Found

Max finally reached the place where Fabiana was held hostage but was taken aback when he saw Marcelo and Giovanna. They were in with ransom money for Fabiana’s release. Serrano had 5-6 henchman circled around. Max breaks in, to handle the situation. But unexpectedly, Serrano kills Fabiana and Max gets back to his memory of him visiting his wife and daughter’s memorial at the cemetery. The mayor had hired the best guns from the whole city to hunt down Max for killing his only son Tony at the pub fight. The goons managed to track out Max at the cemetery. Max had no option but to oppose the incoming swarm of enemies. The mission starts with Max hiding behind the coffin head.

This mission contains 6 Golden Gun parts and 3 clues scattered all over the mission area.

1. At the entrance to the cemetery, there’s a double stairway. Looking from above, head down the stairs and turn to the right. You can see a small mausoleum. Beside it, you can collect a part of a Golden Auto 9mm Gun.

2. Go to the top of the double stairs and keep to the right. A tall and dark tombstone can be examined. It’s Valerie’s tombstone which is yet a clue.

3. There will be a short cut scene. Go down and turn just right. There’s a pillar surrounded by a circular pavement. Behind it is a part of a Golden 608 Bull.

4. You will come across a circular assembly and arch way. Head towards the right wing to the end of the narrow archway to find a part of a Golden Auto 9mm.

5. The area where Passos was held by a Goon. There’s a dome in the middle. It’s kept on ground and you can easily spot it when you circle around.

6. There’s one more dome named as “Horne” in the same area. It can be examined.

7. After escaping from the gave digging scene, run down to the hill to find a shining tombstone named as “Vincent Gogniti”. It’s a memorial of Vinnie Gogniti.

8. From the morgue entrance, there’s a small cemetery office. The bathroom in this building contains a part of a Golden Auto 9mm.

9. There’s a podium at the tip of the chapel. Check around to collect a a part of Golden 608 Bull gun.

Return to Top Chapter 9 – Here I Was Again, Halfway Down the World

The scene comes back to the place where all of his memory had started to flash. Standing with one of Serrano’s men and the dead body of Fabiana, the very person Max was fighting for. The situation was much graver to understand, as Serrano had escaped with Marcelo and Giovanna. There was no info on Victor Branco and one of the Branco brothers was in danger of getting himself killed. Max decided to make a fight and from there onwards, he tackles the henchman pointing a gun on him. Now Max was all set to go on for a rescue drive. The slum has been raided by UFE guards. There was a deep conspiracy that Max wasn’t able to understand, but he was sure that he’d find out the final antagonist who’s been very determined to eradicate the Branco family. Mixed with confusion to deal with several resistance, Max headed out of the small smelly room.

This mission contains 6 Golden Gun parts and 3 clues scattered all over the mission area.

1. At the start of the mission, you climb a stairs in an apartment. There’s a dead body of Sombra’s soldier. Examine it.

2. After encountering the first UFE soldier, you’ll have to descend downwards to a plaza near a green building. Near the building entrance lies a part of a Golden De .50.

3. You’ll eventually come across a narrow alley, with a cinder block wall. Examine the dead UFE guard on the right side.

4. You then come across a surprised pregnant woman in an apartment. Search the bathroom for a part of a M972 Golden Gun.

5. There occurs a cut scene where UFE soldiers are trying to intimidate some natives. You can find the Golden Gun to your left side on the ground.

6. After you destroy the chopper, you’ll come across some UFE soldiers beating up a resident. Examine the body.

7. After the cut scene in which the UFE guard kills the resident, search the grassy area and keep on the left side. Under the branch of tree you’ll see a Golden Gun.

8. After the scene of the UFE Soldier killing the resident, there you can spot a red house with a green rug at the door. Run to the left of this house and at the end, you can find a part of a Golden M972 Gun.

9. There’s a cut scene where the cops are harassing a women, you will cross a makeshift bridge to a building across the way. Directly on the other side of this bridge is a barred window and a barred gate. Head through the gate to get the final Gun part.

Return to Top Chapter 10 – It’s Drive Or Shoot, Sister

Max had no idea to where Giovanna or Marcelo had been taken. Fighting the elite UFE soldiers in the concrete slums of Sao Paulo had not been that fruitful as expected. The deadliest catch was Fabiana dead on the floor of the deserted building top, his objective was getting distorted as he made his way down to find the two fools who had the stupidest idea that they could release Fabiana by handing over some ransom to Sombra. But Max finally manages to find the unrevealed clue to the puzzle about the suspicion as mentioned by the Cop at the start of his gun slinging mission in the slum. The Cratcha’ Preto was indeed involved with the UFE guards. From what it looked like, it seems Cratcha’ Preto had a deal with the UFE soldiers. The UFE soldiers captured prisoners to Cratcha’ Preto for an unknown purpose, that was still in shadows.

After hours of search, he finally finds out Marcelo and Giovanna’s location. Marcelo was already positioned tied inside a pile of tires. He was immolated before Max could made his run. At this point he had no choice but to rescue Giovanna. Giovanna was raged watching Marcelo being burned in front of her. Max took her down behind a lowered platform, hiding from Cratcha Preto’ Soldiers. What lies ahead is taking Giovanna out of this mess. After the fact revealed by Giovanna, that she was pregnant with Passo’s kid in her womb, things were not going to be that easy. Max was well armed and was also a master strategist but it was hell to save a pregnant woman running along side.

This mission contains 6 Golden Gun parts and 1 clue scattered all over the mission area.

1. After you clear out the snipers on the roof, search for a bus with it’s top destroyed. You can find a part of a Golden Fal here.

2. The area where a red bus is parked in front of the gas station. Kill all the enemies and proceed to the left side. There’s a small office down the roadway. Inside on the counter you can find a newspaper that can be examined.

3. Inside the bus station, before hitting the red painted booth, turn around to enter a small room across Max’s way. You can find a part of a Golden M4 Super 90.

4. After shooting out the catwalk off all the goons, search out the garage for a bus on lift. Run across it and collect a part of the Golden M4 Super 90 kept on the table

5. Go down stairs and enter the bus. The Golden Gun part is on the ground inside.

Get inside the bus to find a part of the Golden Fal.

6. In the bus station, the office upstairs has a part of the Golden M4 Super 90 on the desk.

Go straight through this room.

7. You will then easily spot a Portrait of Lady – “Chamila Machado” which I guess is an ad campaign.

8. Pass the poster to another room where you can find a part of the Golden Fal Gun.

9. As you can see, there’s a Doughnut Box in front of the table. Examine it.

Return to Top Chapter 11 – Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed

Max manages to get Giovanna out of the mess, after Passos arriving from a chopper. But Max was very astonished to see that Passos didn’t took him along from the area. Passos was in a good debt, as Max had done a very grateful job by becoming a guardian to her wife Giovanna, that too when she was pregnant.

At an empty parking lot, Max was taking his anger out to Passos for his selfishness when he left Max to die in that place. The Cop however explained to him his significance with Branco’s matter. Starting from his hiring, he ended up concluding why Passos was specifically sent to New jersey. Getting back to his memory of Panama cruise where Marcelo had thrown a very funky party with his close friends and 2 of his best white knights – Max and Passos. The environment is really charming especially when you’re miles away from land mass enjoying a glass of vodka on the main deck. Max swept away his drink and fell asleep in his cabin. He was awakened by the alarm clock and he heard cries of someone out of his cabin. Checking in his gun, Max get’s out of his cabin, he saw some men hijacked the cruise. He had no time to waste so he makes his way to the open deck of the cruise.

This mission contains 6 Golden Gun parts and 8 clue scattered all over the mission area.

1. Check Marcelo’s cabin to find a note on the lower shelf.

2. You also examine a White Case kept on the bed in Passos’ Cabin.

3. Check out the interior of the kitchen, deep inside is a room with a curtain. Enter to find a part of a Golden Super Sport.

4. As soon as you find your way to the deck, come across to an open exit with water outside. On the surface there’s a blood stain. It’s a clue and it can be examined.

5. As soon as you complete the blood stain observation, head to the upper deck and keep your way to the right. At the end of the right gallery is where you can collect a part of a Golden Super Sport.

6. Got to the room where three men tries to scratch and strip out a pillar attached to wall. In the same room there’s a discarded newspaper on the circular table with “Loony Goons” written on it.

7. In the same room check the “Pried Wall”, which the goons were stripping out.

8. In a gallery you can enter a small cabin where you’ll can find Daphne’s Passport.

9. After you exit this room, head right and get Daphne’s large suite. You can examine Daphne’s jeweleries kept right beside her bed.

10. On your way to the left side lies a shot portrait of the sailor. Shoot at it. The portrait will drop and a locker will open up. You then collect a part of a Golden AK47.

11. Passos is now shooting with you after the cut scene where Max has to stop some guys flinging themselves through ropes to the other side. Track your way back. At the dead end lies a big crane. Just below the ground lies a Golden Gun AK-47.

12. Head to the right facing the mail hall. You can find a part of the Golden Super Sport Gun.

13.On the upper gallery, there comes a place where you can descend to collect a part of Golden AK-47.

14. At the Visitor Center you can examine the two white models of men.

Return to Top Chapter 12 – The Great American Savior Of the Poor

Max was having an intense discussion with the Cop in his car about the Panama tragedy where Daphne and several other guests on the cruiser were brutally shot in the deck. The Cop deduced the involvement of Max during the immolation of Marcelo. It was none other than the leader of Cratcha’ Preto who had been involved in some sort of human trafficking and was a known suspect in the sight of Sau Paulo government. But they could never gather any proofs against him. With so many lies, Max was not able to understand why Passos needed to lie to him too. Max had already been very helpful in saving him and his pregnant wife. All that was left is the whole battalion UFE guards and the remaining Cratcha’ Preto gang members who were very furious on Max, whom single handedly destroyed their army.

The Cop had made himself useful as he told Max something about a fishy building where members of Cratcha’ Preto and UFE soldiers use to go with a couple of house guests, but none of the guest comes back out of the that building. Being an ex-cop, Max was already certain that this was not entirely human trafficking, it was something much more bigger, about which he can only unravel when he enters the den. Level starts in the basement.

This mission contains 6 Golden Gun parts and 8 clue scattered all over the mission area.

1. The place in which 2 men where throwing a body to the furnace. There should be 2 gurney that can be examined.

2. After you proceed away from the previous clue, there comes a store room where you can check a crate.

3. After riding the elevator and killing the guards. You can find a partially destroyed room to your left that looks like a bathroom. You can collect a part of the Golden RPG.

4. The area where walls are attached to a pink supporting column, from this perspective you can see two pathways. Go left and look for a small desk, behind which you can collect a part of a Golden FMP G3S gun.

5. At the broken chamber.

From the right, there’s an open room which a photocopy of Passos’ ID is located under the seat. Examine it.

6. In the same room where you found Passos’ ID photocopy, look at the adjacent wall for a picture collage.

7. This was the path you took from the right side. Now go to the left side. There are 3 guys -kill them all and shoot the gas cylinder, that will create a large hole in the wall to the room. Enter it and collect a part of the Golden RPG.

8. There will be a cut-scene. You’ll be positioned behind a large moveable rack. You’ll have to kill 3 enemies who are unto you. On the right side of the said position you can collect a part of a Golden FMP G3S Gun next to the counter.

9. When you walk through the restaurant gallery there’s a long and destroyed counter, on which you can examine the newspaper, with Victor Branco on it’s title page.

10. The first time you go through the area where the red supporting pillars are placed, keep checking the rooms at the right portion. You can spot a pizza box in front of a large chair. Behind it you can collect a part of the Golden FMP G3S.

11. The weapon room from where you packed up some C4s. Check the rack at the end of the room for a receipt.

12. After climbing the wooden platform to an upper level and taking out those snipers, head back to the same floor. Near the incomplete construction, at the end of the building lies a part of a Golden RPG.

Return to Top Chapter 13 – A Fat Bald Dude With A Bad Temper

Max was successful in destroying the foundation of the building by placing C4s in the red supporting pillars. He detonated the building and completed the mission by destroying the remaining gang members of Cratcha’ Preto. Max was fortunately saved from getting a bullet in his head when Passos came in. Max was apparently very thoughtful and was confused to see Passos covering his back. Passos had surprised him after he escaped with Giovanna. Max expresses his anxiety to why ha had come. He wanted to clarify his doubts behind his involvement. He also accused Passos to be a part of this illegal organ trading, as he had uncovered a very strange prisoner during his prison rescue who was none other than, the Sombra Commander – “Serrano”. Serrano and Max, both found out a doctor who was employed to take out organs from the prisoners and these organs were given to the highest paying traders. Many of the Sao Paulo slum natives too had been consumed in this work.

Serrano knew he couldn’t leave such a man in existence who does such operations, where his own people were heavily involved. Max couldn’t stop Serrano from killing the doctor. Passos was completely puzzled when he heard the things which Max said to what extent Victor could go up to. He revealed that Marcelo and Victor both bribed him to go on his side for this job.

Rodrigo was shot in the head, Marcelo was immolated to death. It was all getting clear, that Victor had apparently wanted to occupy the property which the Branco brothers held once. But Max’s sarcastic involvement and Victor’s plan went wrong in it. Victor indeed had planned Fabiana’s kidnapping from the start, got Rodrigo killed and Marcelo was dead in an deliberate action performed by Cratcha’ Preto personnels. Max and the Cop drops Passos and Giovanna safely to their newly selected home.

This mission contains 9 Golden Gun parts and 7 clue scattered all over the mission area.

1. After you release the prisoners, there will be a crossfire between the UFE guards and the prisoners. Head back to the double grill from where you entered. On the way to the left is a dead body and above it at a counter is a part of a Golden MPK.

2. When you make your way after collecting the above given Golden Gun, you’ll come across a steam room where you can collect a part of a Golden Law.

3. Check the prisoner’s block to meet the same person you’ve met at the Favela slum showdown at the Brothel.

He can be killed or left alone inside the cell.

4. Inside the prison office you come across a small room with few cubicles. There is a laptop with prisoners records which can be examined.

5. The area where you’ve to use the Weapon – Law to destroy a heavily armored truck on top. Make your way straight to the parking lot. There’s a large trash box to the left. Next to it on the ground is a part of a Golden Law.

6. After reaching the place where the fence is accommodated through a thin gallery, there’s a place to right in an elevated cement wall. You will find a part of a Golden G6 Commando next to it.

7. In the canteen. After you kill all the UFE guards, search the bathroom for a part of a Golden MPK Gun.

8. Along the way you’ll be able to locate an office that has been locked from inside and you’ll have to make a jump to enter. You can examine a check given by “Decker” – UFE Leader to the doctor for doing all the illegal organ transplantation.

9. In the kitchen of the dining hall you can find a part of a Golden G6 Commando inside the lower shelf.

10. Inside the checking counter of the academy, you can check out behind the counter and can collect a part of another Golden G6 Commando.

11. In the same room there’s another room in perpendicular location to the surveillance TV room. It looks like a briefing room. You can collect a part of a Golden MPK Gun.

12. Beside the large red conference table, there’s a room inside which you can check a political record.

13. In the same area there’s a small room in which you can collect an info on Da Silva.

14. There’s a main and relatively large briefing room, inside which you can play the plans by the UFE on Sombra’s soldiers, Cratcha’ Preto, History of Passos, Max’s Recruitment.

15. At the exit of the building, Max takes up a spare flak jacket from the shelf beside the red glowing button that opens up the door.

16. In the shooting range behind the first heap of sand bag, Max can collect a part of the Golden Law.

Return to Top Chapter 14 – One Card Left To Play

After blowing the whole building office, Max heads out to the airport were Decker and Victor Branco had decided to make an escape through their private jet. Max was not that successful to maintain his identity covert and rather, the whole airport was alarmed due to his presence. Max has to put up a tough fight against the final battalion of soldiers. Decker puts up a final fight but was gradually killed in action. And as for the Victor, Max blows out the plane. Conclusively, the Cop arrests Victor for his conspiracy and murdering against his brother Rodrigo.

This mission contains 9 Golden Gun parts and 7 clue scattered all over the mission area.

1. Slide through the slider and keep seated. At the end, you can find a part of a Golden rotary grenade launcher above the platform.

2. At the heart of the delivery room, there’s a platform leading to a small control room. Adjacent to it lies a red double door. At the end of the gallery there lies a part of a Golden rotary grenade launcher.

3. This is the place where you encounter 2 men with heavy bull handguns. Close to their dead bodies you’ll find a bathroom in which you can collect another Golden Gun.

4. In the same bathroom, search out all the doors. You will find an ex-cop hiding.

5. In the waiting hall, above the platform where a large balloon thing is hanging. Turn to the left and keep on going. At the end you’ll find a Golden RPD Gun.

6. Go pass the gateway around the counter. You can collect a part of a Golden RPD Gun.

7. In the train you rode on, check it’s extreme end to find another part of a Golden RPD.

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