Transformers: Fall of Cybertron FAQ/Walkthrough [Guide]

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the sequel to War for Cybertron, both games developed by High Moon Studios. This sequel shows the events on Cybertron immediately before the Autobots flee to Earth, and what becomes of our favorite Transformers characters.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Written by Dalton “Horror Spooky” Cooper
Copyright 2012


1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

Chapter I: The Exodus
Chapter II: Defend the Ark
Chapter III: Metroplex Heeds the Call
Chapter IV: Eye of the Storm
Chapter V: Cut and Run
Chapter VI: Death from Above
Chapter VII: Belly of the Beast
Chapter VIII: Combaticons Combine!
Chapter IX: Megatron Returns
Chapter X: The Final Countdown
Chapter XI: Starscream’s Betrayal
Chapter XII: Grimlock Smash
Chapter XIII: Till All are One
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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The war between the Autobots and the Decepticons is coming to a head. Cybertron
is burning, and the Autobots want to leave the planet. The Decepticons have
other plans. Fight the war from both sides. Experience the Fall that lead to
the Transformers’ battles on Earth.

LT – Aim
LB – Sprint
RT – Shoot
RB – Special ability
Y – Switch weapons
X – Interact
B – Melee
A – Jump
Start – Pause
Left analog stick – Move
Right analog stick – Camera control

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2. Walkthrough
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After the Ark is attacked by Megatron, Prowler will check Bumblebee’s optics.
Follow the light by moving the right analog stick toward it as it floats
around Bumblebee’s face. When that is completed, confirm these settings or
change the settings so that the controls are inverted, if that better suits
your tastes.

A few Decepticons will burst through the ceiling, but Prowler will temporarily
blind them. The game will then go into slow motion, allowing you to pick them
off from the ground using the right trigger. Blast all the enemies away, and
then Bumblebee will finally be able to stand up.

Kill the remaining Decepticons, and then Optimus Prime will be called elsewhere
to defend the Ark. He instructs you to defend the bridge. Bumblebee will then
be given a core reactor from Teletraan I. Leave this area and go through the
doors. Follow the other Transformers, until you wind up in an area with more
Decepticons. Kill them and then continue.

Place the core where instructed, and then move into the elevator. Destroy the
locks by clicking the right analog stick using melee attacks. Ride the elevator
to the top. At the top, move toward the bridge. Flames will start spewing out
of the bridge as it is attacked. Use LB to dash through the flames. Bumblebee
will still get injured from this regardless, so grab the Energon that is lying
around on the ground.

Move into the next hall. There will be a large hole in the floor. Jump by
pressing A and then tap LB to dash across the gap. Move into the next room and
take cover. This is where the game teaches you how to switch between
left-handed and right-handed shooting. Experiment with that for a bit as you
take out the Decepticons. You can easily flank these Decepticons by moving to
the right side of the room.

When all the enemies are defeated, approach the control panel next to the door.
Bumblebee will automatically interact with it and open the door. See the
Decepticon at the end of the hall? Well, it’s too dangerous to shoot him
because that risks damaging the console he’s using, so you have to hold LB to
sprint down the hall, and when it goes into slow-motion, tap the right analog
stick to take him out with a melee attack.

Next, you will learn about driving and transforming. To transform, click the
left analog stick. This will cause Bumblebee to turn into a car. Drive down the
Cybertronian roads and avoid the tentacles from Megatron’s ship and the
explosion. To boost, hold the left trigger, and to use a nitro boost, tap RB.
Whenever there are obstacles in your way, destroy them by firing with the
right trigger.

As you drive, Prowler will urge you to use your boosts, so do so. The road will
end, and Bumblebee will have to jump over a large gap, so press A when you
reach the ramp. Keep going until you regroup with other Autobots in front of a
door. Turn back into your robot form and follow them through the hallway into
another room. Grab the ammo off the walls, and then watch as a Transformer-
version of a rocket launcher rises in a pod in the middle of the floor. Grab

Then move out into the next area. Use your heavy weapon to wipe out the
enemies quickly, and then push forward through the next door. A huge
Transformer will defend you as you push forward, but don’t rely entirely on
him. Kill any Decepticons you see until you reach a blocked off area. There
is a small crevice Bumblebee can fit through, so approach it and he will
automatically shimmy through the crack.

Optimus Prime and Megatron will be dueling with each other. Tilt the left
analog forward to crawl to them. Megatron will send a blast to Optimus, but
Bumblebee jumps in front of the way, sacrificing himself to save the leader of
the Autobots.

To Top


Now the game moves back to six days before the Ark launched. Megatron begins
his assault. As Optimus, move forward and pick up the heavy weapon that is
leaning against the wall. Then jump off the platform and turn into your
vehicle form. Speed through the ruined city, destroying any barricades that
block the path, and either killing or fleeing from any Decepticons that you
may see.

Keep going until you reach a building. Scanners will confirm your identity, and
then open the door. Go through. You will find Ratchet trying to fix Silverbolt.
Press X to assist Ratchet, and then hold X to shove the tube into Silverbolt’s
chest to give him a healthy dose of Energon.

Continue until you find Warpath. Speak with him, and then follow him to the
next door. He and a bunch of other Autobots will charge outside. This gives
you an advantage over the Decepticons that are below. You can either go down
to their level and flank them, or pick them off from your vantage point. At
any rate, once they’re dead, go to the door that they were trying to break

Approach the lever and hold X to grab it. Then pull the left analog stick down
to pull down the lever. This will summon a turret from the ground. Press X to
take control of the turret. Aim up toward the sky as a Decepticon dropship will
come into view. Just hold RT and keep blasting the ship until it explodes. Then
get ready to defend the nerve center from the other Decepticons that show up.

After taking out the ones that are in front of you, move the turret to the
left. The rest of the Decepticons will just keep spawning here, so keep firing
until they have all died. You don’t have to worry about cool-down or anything
with the turret. When they are dead, exit the turret and approach the det-
charge on the door. Press X and Optimus and Warpath will rip the thing off the
door and toss it to the side.

Move into the nerve center and then speak with Perceptor. After speaking with
him, grab the device he wants by going down the stairs. You will see another
Transformer go through the hall, only to be destroyed by a blast of energy.
After this happens, go in, grab the device, go to the designated machine, and
press X to apply it to the machine to get it working again.

You can exit the nerve center through the side-door, but it seems that
Decepticons are breaking in. Grab the Gravity Bomb off the cover, and wait for
them to break through the door. Toss it at their feet using the d-pad as soon
as they step inside, and you will be able to kill them all with one fell swoop.
Then move out of this room and start making your way to the artillery control

As you step outside, you will have a high-ground advantage over the
Decepticons. Take out as many as you can from up there, then jump down and work
your way to the next door. Take out the Decepticons as you go. Inside the
next building, you will find another Teletraan I store that you can use to
buy weapons, upgrades, and whatever else suits your fancy.

Grab the audio log at the end of the room, and then approach the jump pad. Step
inside and it will send you to the next area you need to go to. Continue
through the door and there will be a gap that you need to traverse. Wait for
the energon beam to subside, and then jump and use dash to get across the gap

Go outside, and suddenly a Decepticon Leaper will attack, knocking Optimus to
the ground. The Leaper will start killing the Autobots in the area, so wait for
a clear shot at the thrusters on its back. Fire at the thrusters from your
position on the ground to blow the Leaper up and kill it.

Move forward a little bit, and another Leaper will join the fight. Shoot him in
his armored face, and he will then dash at Optimus. You can roll out of the way
by tilting the left analog stick to the left or right and tapping LB. Fire at
his thrusters as much as you can, and repeat the process. As the Leaper nears
death, he will jump into the charge and spike down. Jump as soon as he lands,
and then he will be stuck in that position for a little bit, allowing you an
even clearer shot at the thrusters on his back.

With the Leaper defeated, grab the fuse off the table. Take it to the ion
machine that powers the nearby jump pad. Place it in the machine and then use
the jump pad. Two more Leapers will show up. I recommend getting off of this
small area and going back to the place that you fought the first two Leapers
as there is much more room to maneuver. There are glowing red objects all over
this place as well, and if you can get a Leaper close to it, shoot it, and the
resulting explosion and fire will take out the Leaper.

After they are both dead, go to the artillery control panel using the jump
pads. Approach the lever and pull it down to re-route some energon from the
Ark to the artillery. Then continue into the next area, where you fill find
yourself once again at a height advantage to pick off a few Decepticons that
are running around below.

Take cover and pick off the Decepticons. A Marauder will show up, which is a
big tank-like Decepticon. To destroy it, you need to call an artillery strike
on it. Aim the red laser on the Marauder and press A to call in the artillery
strike. The Marauder will be destroyed. Defeat the rest of the Decepticons and
follow the objective marker to the next room. Approach the lever and pull it
down to open a direct path to the flight deck.

Go through this door. The big doors won’t open all the way because the power
goes out, so go through the nearby maintenance shaft by prying open the doors.
This next room will shift and change a lot, but just keep following the path
forward and there will be no problems. Keep going until you find a room with a
few Decepticons inside and Starscream torturing and killing an Autobot. Get
in this room, kill the Decepticons, go to where Starscream was, and pry open
that door.

Follow the path to an outside area and keep going until you find a giant
hologram of Megatron ordering his troops around. Call an air strike on the area
where the troops are standing around. After the explosion, jump down and fight
your way through the rest of the Decepticons. If you wait for it to reload, you
can keep issuing air strikes on them.

Push forward until a Decepticon dropship arrives. Aim the laser at the dropship
and call in an air strike on it. Go through the next door and fight your way
to the Neutron Gun controls. Kill all the Decepticons in the way until you
reach the controls. Take out any remaining opposition and then pull down the
lever to activate the weapon.

With the weapon activated, head to the nearby elevator and ride it down. You
will be in a cramped hallway. Move under the wires and continue through. There
will be blasts of energon blocking the next door you have to go through, so
dash by them and then pry the door open. Continue until you reach the gun.
Press X to manually take control of the weapon.

Dropships will fly into view and a ton of Decepticon troops will scatter
around the ground. Tanks will pull into view as well, and they are your primary
targets as they are mocked with crosshairs. The Decepticons are trying to
destroy the Ark’s fueling station. Ironhide is protecting it, but he is being

With control of the gun, send fire down on the troops as you want, and destroy
any ships that fly into view. The tanks are high priority targets and will do
the most damage to the fueling station. Destroy them as soon as they come onto
the screen, and ignore everything else. When there are only three tanks left,
the game will tell you.

The gun will go offline when it runs out of energon. Exit and turn around. The
ground will shift again, revealing a new staircase to an area that Perceptor
claims isn’t even on the schematics for that part of Cybertron. Follow the
stairs down and go through the hall. After a bit more shifting, you will be
able to access a room with a very bright light. Approach the lever and pull it
down, activating…Metroplex!

To Top


Turn into vehicle form and drive off of Metroplex’s hand. Follow the arrows on
the ground to lead Metroplex to the first Warp Cannon you need him to destroy.
You will reach an area with a bunch of Decepticons, and I found it easier to
transform back into robot mode to take them out before proceeding as a vehicle

Continue following the arrows on the ground, using boost and nitro boost to get
through the area a bit quicker. Keep driving until you reach a bridge.
Metroplex will fix the bridge for you, so speed across it. Keep going still
until you finally come across the Warp Cannon.

Metroplex has to re-synch with Optimus so that Optimus can direct the artillery
strikes. However, while that is going on, a couple of Leapers and multiple
soldier Decepticons attack! Take out the smaller Decepticons before jumping
down into the lower area to fight the Leapers. Battle them the same way you
did before. Eventually, a thermo-rocket cannon will be made available in the
center of the area. Grab it, equip it, and use it to better kill the Leapers.

After the first two Leapers are defeated, they will be replaced by a couple
more, and then a couple more still after that. There is ammo for the cannon
that you can be found in the yellow alcoves in this area. Once the Leapers are
all dead, the synchronization will complete. Direct Metroplex to destroy the
Warp Cannon.

Follow the objective marker to start making your way to the second Warp Cannon.
You will come across a group of Decepticons that are attacking Metroplex, and
one of them even has a rocket launcher. Flank them and destroy them all. The
Decepticon with a rocket launcher is green in color. Grab any ammo, and then
continue. There will be destroyed sections of ground you’ll have to jump over,
but just keep moving forward.

There will be a part where about five or six Decepticons have their back to you
and are focusing all their attention on Metroplex. Metroplex will squash them,
so don’t worry about wasting ammo on them. Continue once Metroplex moves his
hand and then you will find a dead Autobot that is pinned to the wall by a
piece of wreckage, blocking the path. Click on the right analog stick to knock
the obstruction away, revealing a crashed Autobot ship being attacked by
multiple Decepticons.

Call an artillery strike down on the Decepticons, courtesy of Metroplex. Then
hop down and take out any remaining Decepticons near the wrecked ship. Continue
forward, killing any Decepticons that get in the way. You will come across a
large open area. Turn into a vehicle and speed across this place until you
reach Warpath and a few other Autobots that are being pinned down. Decepticon
Marauders will roll into view.

Using Metroplex’s artillery strikes, destroy the Marauders. Take cover and take
out the Decepticons that show up as well. If you can spare a strike, use it,
otherwise take potshots and destroy the Decepticons yourself. If you look
around, there should be a deployable shield in this area as well, so you can
use it to avoid taking damage from the smaller Decepticons. After the first two
Marauders are destroyed, two will attack at the same time, and then one more
will attack after that.

Following this, the Warp Cannon will start raining fire down on your position.
Transform into a vehicle speed out of this courtyard area. Avoid the big red
laser reticule on the ground to avoid the Warp Cannon fire, and use your
vehicle form’s cannons and guns to destroy the Decepticons. Inside the
building, help Warpath move the big statue head with X.

Follow Warpath into the next area and take cover with him at the window. Use
Metroplex to destroy the Decepticons out of the window, and pick off any
stragglers yourself. More waves of Decepticons will come, so keep killing them.
A dropship will fly into view, so step outside a little and then call on
Metroplex to destroy the dropship. Defeat the remaining Decepticons, then move
close enough to the Warp Cannon that you can order Metroplex to destroy it as

With that cannon destroyed, start making your way to the next one. You will
move through a narrow hallway and get cornered by three Leapers. Backpedal,
and Metroplex will punch through the wall and destroy them. Then you can
continue outside to a bridge area. Fight off all the Decepticons and use
Metroplex as much as you possibly can to get rid of large groups at once.

On the actual bridge, take cover and use Metroplex to destroy the Marauder that
shows up. Be wary of a few shotgun-toting Decepticons that will rush in for the
kill from the far left. A dropship will then come into view, so use Metroplex
to destroy it. Then kill any remaining Decepticons. Move down the bridge and
order Metroplex to destroy the Warp Cannon. He will get shot by the cannon
before he is able to, leaving you to destroy the third cannon by yourself.

Run forward by holding LB to sprint. As you work your way to the Warp Cannon,
Starscream and a few other Decepticons will attack you. They capture Optimus
and drag him to Megatron. Press X to resist when the game prompts you to, and
then press X to struggle against the energon chains. When you see Metroplex
rise up in the background, hold RB to take control of him, and then start
tapping the right stick to slam Megatron repeatedly.

To Top


As Cliffjumper, press A when prompted to jump out of the ship. Follow Jazz into
the next room and wait for the area to shift. Then continue toward the
objective marker. Cliffjumper will automatically take cover. Press RB to
activate the cloak and wait for the Decepticons to move through. Then sneak
up beyond the remaining Decepticon and press X to execute him.

Place the det-charge on the wall, then move through the ventilation system.
Execute the Decepticon on the other side, then pull the lever. Take a left, and
then work your way through the halls. Destroy the little robots by using melee
attacks then keep going until you see two Decepticons discussing Starscream as
the new leader. Keep following them until one goes to a control panel and the
other walks off.

Execute the one at the control panel and follow the other one down the hall and
execute him. As you move into the next room, tap RB to go invisible and sprint
to the lever. Pull the lever, which will activate the trash compactor. When it
comes down, jump on top of it and use it as an elevator. From this position,
kill the Decepticons and then turn around and jump into the next hall.

Grab the audio log that is lying next to the dead Transformers and continue
into the next area. There will be Decepticons below surrounded by explosive
objects. Shoot the objects to blow them all up and then jump down here. Sneak
into the next hall and take out the other enemies and pull the lever to open
the next door.

Approach the controls and press X to use the crane. When it gets in position,
get on the lift and then as it starts moving, there will be Decepticons rushing
in on the nearby platform. Shoot the explosives near them. One with a rocket
launcher will show up on the balcony, so be ready for that guy. Once the lift
stops, regardless of whether or not all the Decepticons are dead, go invisible
and retreat.

Through the next hall, a green laser will be on the wall. Ignore it and
continue into the next room. You will be introduced to Decepticon Guardians.
These dudes can see through your invisibility, and they are extremely armored.
Just dash around him and fire at him constantly. Melee attacks seem to do a
lot of damage, but they won’t interrupt his attack animations. Keep on it
until the Guardian is destroyed.

With that finished, look at the walls. High up on the walls are ledges that are
sticking out. Jump on one of them and as the Decepticons pour in, turn
invisible. Wait for them to leave, then sprint over to the door that they came
in through. Continue into the next hall.

There will be a Decepticon security gate, marked by moving green lasers. Turn
into vehicle form and speed under the lasers. Go through the ventilation
shaft and follow it to a huge room with ancient technology. Approach the lever
in the middle of the room and pull it, which will create a staircase. Follow
the stairs up and go through the door at the top.

Move through the next hall. Now you have to make your way through this tomb as
stealthily as possible. The first room is easy to get through. There are a
bunch of towers. Turn invisible and hide against a corner of one of the
pillars. Then wait for your invisibility to recharge and turn invisible again
and pull the lever to open the door and move into the next room.

This next room is a bit more difficult as there are a bunch of Decepticon
Guardians. Being invisible doesn’t really matter for this part, just move from
cover to cover and avoid being seen by the Guardians. At the end of the room,
there will be another lever to pull to open another door so do.

Quickly move to the left of the ramp and turn invisible. A couple of
Decepticons will come down the ramp, flanked by a Guardian. Wait for the
Guardian to move farther down the ramp and then jump on the ramp and take a
left. Turn into a vehicle and move through the ventilation shaft. This will
lead you on the other end of a Decepticon security gate. Wait for the
Decepticons to leave until only one remains, then exit the shaft. Turn into a
robot and execute the lone Decepticon.

Quietly follow the other Decepticons. They will walk out onto a bridge. There
are two Decepticons and a Guardian. When the Guardian turns away, turn
invisible and run up behind him to execute him quickly. Run to the lever and
pull it to open the door. Turn into a vehicle and go through the next shaft
that you find.

Turn back into a robot and walk down the hall. You will see Jazz, but a rust
storm will cause the statues of ancient Transformers to be destroyed and
causing very low visibility. Push forward and you will find a hole in the
ground. Go down the hole, and then slowly move around the corner. A Guardian
will be patroling in the hallway outside. Wait for him to walk by, then go up
and execute him.

Work your way around the area and execute the next Guardian you see. There will
then be a room with two Guardians. One will almost always have his eye on the
back of the other, so take out the one in the rear first, then the other
Guardian. Pull the lever and continue toward Jazz’s location.

A Guardian will be stomping up on Jazz, who is pinned down by a pipe. Take out
the Guardian with an execution and approach the end of the pipe. Press X to
lift it up and free Jazz. Then follow Jazz into the next room. He will pull
down rocks with his grappling hook and then go to an area inaccessible to you
as Decepticons appear. Turn invisible and then run behind them and their
cover. Execute one, and then kill the other one with the usual combination of
bullets and melee attacks.

Move into the next room and do the same thing. Another Decepticon will show up
from behind, but just turn invisible again, go behind him, and then execute
him. In the next hall, Jazz will swing down and take out a Decepticon that is
in your way as two more file in. Turn invisible and take them both out. Then
Jazz will join you and get rid of the first pile of rocks with his grappling
hooks. Follow him down the tunnel and place an explosive charge on the next
rock to blast a hole into it and go through the hole.

The next area features more Shockwave’s “pets”. These are snipers that will
fly around and attach to walls. Take cover and fire at them from a distance.
Don’t get out of cover until they are all dead, and then continue into the
next room. You’ll find Grimlock has destroyed much of the room. Follow the
carnage to another sewage area. Listen to Jazz and Cliffjumper’s conversation,
and then a door will open up when Jazz discovers a faint Autobot distress

Go through the door and then Cliffjumper and Jazz will discover that the signal
is coming from a big hole in the ground that the Decepticons are covering up.
Kill the snipers that show up, but don’t bother killing all of them as they
will just keep constantly spawning. Start fighting your way through the
Decepticons, abusing Cliffjumper’s stealth ability as much as possible to take
out the larger Decepticons.

When you reach the control room, Jazz will create a bomb and place it on a
transport that will roll it to the lid. This part is tricky. Press X to start
escorting the bomb. Then go invisible, take out an enemy, kill another enemy
with an execution, go invisible, etc. The Decepticons will basically ignore
Cliffjumper and focus all their attention on the bomb, so the difficulty
here comes from the bomb surviving, not whether or not Cliffjumper will be

When the bomb gets to the hatch, it will be too damaged for Jazz to blow it up
remotely. Place an explosive charge on it and then get clear of the blast. Then
approach the hole.

To Top


Down in the hole as Jazz, get used to his grappling mechanic. See the plants
blocking the path, glowing blue? Press RB and Jazz will attach his grappling
hook to the plants. Pull back on the left analog stick to rip the plants out.
Then continue through these tunnels. When there are plants in the way, rip them
out. When there’s a ledge to grapple to, press RB and Jazz will do that as

Continue through these tunnels until you eventually come into a room that is
swarming with Insecticons. To survive this part, you basically have to run
around in a circle and shoot at them with Jazz’s shotgun. The Insecticons are
easy to kill, but they are very high in numbers. Keep this up until you are
destructed to destory the nearby door. Blast it open and then move down that

Toxic gas will start filling up in the tunnels, and when the meter at the top
of the screen is empty, the gas will kill Jazz. Sprint through the area,
ignoring any Insecticons that aren’t posing an immediate threat. Use the
grappling hook to reach higher grounds whenever possible, and blast any
explosive tanks to take out multiple Insecticons and to clear new paths. You
will come across an area that is very bright, and at this point, aim at the
rock wall, grapple it, and then yank back to cause a bunch of boulders to
destroy the Insecticons.

At the end of this, you need to keep grappling up until you reach the very
top. Turn your attention to the large piece of metal hanging over the pit and
kill the Insecticons on it, and then fire at the object on it that has a
crosshair symbol on it. This will cause an explosion that will loosen the
object. Grapple onto it and then pull back on the left analog stick to rip it

Turn into a car and then follow Cliff jumper to the next door. The door will
not let you through, so grapple onto it and pull back on the left analog stick
to rip the door open. Then turn back into a car and continue to follow
Cliff jumper. The two of you will discover a huge energon refinery tower, and in
an effort to get to it, decide to split up.

Use RB to grapple from platform to platform. You will reach a ledge with a
sniper rifle, and after picking it up, Decepticons will arrive in a dropship,
including snipers. Take out the Decepticons with the sniper and then grapple
your way from platform to platform some more.

Cliffjumper will tell you where a lever is. At that point, clear the
Decepticons out of the area and work your way down to the lever. Trade out the
sniper for the rocket launcher and then approach the lever. Pull the lever,
but the cogs get stuck. Now you have to grapple your way closer to the cogs.
Just follow the obvious set of grapple points until you are close enough to
pull the obstruction out of the cogs with your grappling hook.

With that complete, grapple your way back to the other side of the big chain.
Ignore the snipers and other Decepticons as they are just distractions. When
you get to the side of the chain that is glowing red, fire at it to make the
statue fall. Jump down and then grapple onto the statue. Pull out the door
ahead with the grappling hook, and then grapple into the next room. Cliffjumper
will activate the staircase, allowing you to climb up the steps and enter the

Watch out for the big purple camera thing moving around. Destroy it and then
move into the room. Pick up the audio log from the ground and move into the
next room, but be sure to destroy the camera before doing so. Rip open the next
door with the grappling hook, and then in the next room grapple your way onto
the scaffolding. Look down and take out the decepticons. Then take out the
Decepticons that appear across the way. Grapple to where they were, killing any
Decepticons that remain. The entrance to the maintenance shaft is blocked, so
rip the door off and then grapple up there.

Follow the shaft until the floor gives way. Then quickly grapple your way to
the left or right of the door. Decepticons will break in. Take out the enemies
and then run as more Decepticons are showing up. Continue to kill them until
all the Decepticons are dead. Then use the lever in the middle of the room.

Continue into the next room. Grapple your way to the end of the room. Snipers
will start flying around and focusing on Cliffjumper. Kill the snipers to save
Cliffjumper. Then pull down the pipes from the ceiling using the grappling
hook. Jump on the rubble below, and then grapple up to where Cliffjumper was.

Move through the facility. After the scene with Shockwave, Cliffjumper will
mess with the controls while Insecticons appear and start swarming. These are
easy to defeat just as before. Defeat the first two waves of Insecticons, and
then the third wave will include flying Insecticons. Take them out. It’s easy
to take out the flying ones if you are in vehicle form.

After all the Insecticons are defeated, Cliffjumper will join the fight, and
even more will join the fight. Continue surviving until this set of
Insecticons are defeated. Approach the wall and place a charge on it. After
the explosion, turn into a vehicle and follow Cliffjumper through the hole.
Use boost and nitro boost to get out of the place before it blows.

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You are now playing as Vortex, a member of the Decepticons. Follow Blast Off
through the tunnels. Eventually, lasers will pop up, but just avoid them by
going over or dipping under them. Hostile robots will follow Blast Off, so
shoot them to get them off his trail.

Continue following Blast Off until the two of you go into robot form and come
across Autobots. Take out the Autobots and then switch back to helicopter
form and fly toward the big gun in the center. Destroy it, and then take out
the Autobots in the area. Turn into a robot and then go to the lever in the
building in the center and pull down the lever, which will open the door below.

Zoom down into the door and quickly take cover. Defeat the Autobots and then
place a charge on the door. It will blow and two more Autobots will file in.
Hold your position and then defeat them. Move through the room and then destroy
the barricades. Turn into flight form and then fly through the tunnel and
destroy the barricades.

At the end of the tunnel will be a huge bridge. After the scene, go to the left
of the bridge, in helicopter form. Press Y to switch to missiles and blast the
hell out of the Autobot tank, then the Autobot soldiers on the ground. Then
pull the lever. Make your way to the right side of the bridge and repeat the
process, except there are two tanks now.

Now you have to get into the center of the bridge. There is a hole to drop down
on the roof, and the objective marker leads you right to it. Go through this
hole, and then fight your way through the Autobots. You will find the center
support console. Pull the lever to summon it. A Titan comes up with it.

To fight the Titan, switch to helicopter mode and strafe around him, firing
missiles at him constantly. When the Titan is defeated, place a charge on the
center support. After the explosion, speed through the tunnels until you escape
the bridge, narrowly avoiding death.

To Top


This is a short chapter. You play as Swindle, the tank-like Combaticon, and
your goal is to destroy the wheels of the large Autobot transport vehicle.
There are devices on the inside part of each tread, with four total to destroy.
First you need to take out the back part, so speed under the vehicle all the
way to the end.

In tank mode, blast at the covers that are glowing red. Then fire on the pipes
and wiring inside a few times to destroy it. There will be Autobots running
and driving around that will try to stop you, so blow them up as well if they
become a nuisance. There are plenty of energon cubes lying around to replenish
your health, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Repeat the process with the other
back tread.

The front treads will start moving over an acid pit. Speed to the location.
Kill the Autobots in the area and then rip the wall off with Swindle’s
grappling hook. Then use the grappling hook to get closer to the front treads
by zipping from platform to platform. When you get close enough to attack, turn
back into a tank. Destroy the turrets protecting the treads, and then destroy
the two front treads just as you did with the back ones.

Autobots will jump out of the vehicle to try to attack you head on, including
two Titans. Kill the smaller Autobots first, then focus on the Titans. Drones
will fly around and heal them as well as attack you, so destroy the drones you
see as well as you fight the Titans. Once the Titans are killed, Swindle’s
mission will be complete.


Move forward and destroy the cover. Then destroy the junk behind the cover,
and grapple your way across the gap. Grapple up to the next platform, and then
fall down the hole. Kill all the Autobots in the area and push forward toward
the objective marker.

Outside, grapple up to the platform below the thrusters. Then grapple up even
farther. Move forward, killing any Autobots. There will be a wide gap. In the
distance, there will be a gray object. Grapple onto it and pull back to make a
bridge pop out. Walk across the bridge and slaughter the Autobots. Before
jumping down to the lower platforms, try to take out the Autobots from your
current position. Then hop down to the lever and pull it.

This will lower the shielding. Then you are free to pull the covers off of the
ammunition loaders using the grappling hook. Focus on one at a time, and then
shoot the shells as they appear. Do this for both sides to destroy the first
gun, then start making your way over to the second gun.

There will be a flap that will block the gap. Wait for it to close, then
grapple across. Use the same caution to avoid a flame shooting out of the
wall. Keep going until you come across a long area with a vent that heats up to
extreme temperatures. Wait for it to light up all the way, and then as the
lights disappear, turn into a tank and speed by this area. Remember to use the
nitro boost for an extra kick.

The Autobots will have sabotaged the shield lever so that the shield is stuck
in the “on” position. Kill the Autobots, and then grapple up to the lever.
Wait for a dropship to come into view and then jump off the vehicle, tapping RB
to grapple on top of the dropship.

On the dropship, use the cannon to fire at the Autobot defense cannon. Use the
bumpers to strafe left and right to avoid the fire from the cannons. Keep
laying into it until it explodes. Afterward, the Combaticons will combine into

As Bruticus, you are virtually unstoppable. Bruticus lumbers around slowly, but
he has a flamethrower, can smash things, and has 1000 HP. Your goal is to just
move from A to B, smashing Autobots, smashing obstacles in the way, and
lighting dudes on fire. Bruticus lives a privileged life.

Large turrets that fire missiles will become somewhat of a problem, but just
use your shield when this happens. You can shield bash these turrets by keeping
your shield out and then press B to bash. You can also knock their missiles
back at them if you time a shield bash correctly. The first major obstacle you
will come across is a turbine, so destroy it and then continue through to the
other side.

Keep pushing forward until you come across two more gun turrets. Destroy them
in a similar fashion as before, and then destroy the door to the control room.


Soundwave will be in his tape form while Starscream and co. are in the room.
When they leave, push on the left analog stick to transform into his robot
mode. Look up at the catwalk above, and then press RB to receive the weapon for
you. It is a weapon that fires energon. Use it to power up the two computers on
either end of the room.

When these are powered up, approach the controls to the left or right of
Megatron’s body. You have to connect his left and right arms first. To do this,
wait for the beam between his body and the arm is glowing blue, and then pull
down on the left analog stick to connect them. Repeat this process on the other
side of his body.

Now Megatron needs his head. Approach the assembly line and then press RB to
send out Rumble. Rumble will bust through the wall and retrieve Megatron’s
head. Watch as it is placed on his torso.

Control then switches over to Megatron. Press X to awaken and then speak with
Soundwave. Watch Starscream on the monitor, and then click on the right analog
stick to break free of your bounds. Speak with Soundwave again before exiting
the room. To leave, grab the Riot Cannon from Rumble and then use it to blast
open the door.

Move through the halls. You can destroy the golden statues of Starscream if
you’d like. A blueprint for a weapon will be sitting on a table, clear as day.
You’ll have to blast open parts of walls and use your hover ability (by
tapping RB) to traverse through the whole place, but it’s all straight-forward
stuff. Continue until you find the elevator and ride it up to interrupt
Starscream’s coronation ceremony.

Press RB to hover, and then use the small amount of slow-motion time to take
out a good chunk of the Starscream loyalist Decepticons. Then turn into a tank
and start fighting off the waves and waves of Starscream’s minions. There are
a few energon cubes lying around in case you get injured, but for the most
part, staying in tank mode will ensure victory. Just blast the hell out of them

After the initial waves are done, snipers will join the fight. Blast them off
the walls, as they can deal serious damage. Then focus on the Leapers. If you
shoot them when they are in the air, it is a one-hit kill. Megatron’s cannon
is so powerful in tank mode that you don’t even need to get behind the Leapers
and shoot their thrusters to damage them, though, so just three or four shots
when they are on the ground will take them out as well.

When all of Starscream’s loyalists are defeated, approach his throne. Press
on the left analog stick to attack Starscream. He will escape, and the Megatron
loyalists like the Combaticons arrive on the scene and erect a giant Megatron
statue. Walk under the statue and by the saluting soldiers to the dropship
where Shockwave awaits.


Turn into a tank and roll into view. Destroy the Autobots that are driving
around and approach the wall with the objective marker. Turn back into robot
form and then use hover to reach the higher area. Blast through all of the
Autobots here as well, and then turn into a tank and follow the arrows.

This will lead you to more Autobots and a large anti-air weapon. Destroy the
anti-air gun and kill all the Autobots. Then approach the blue door and wait
for it to open. Go inside, kill the Autobot, and then regroup with the other

Watch the short scene, and then exit through the door. Mow down the Autobots
that you see as you progress. Abuse Megatron’s tank form as much as possible as
you progress. There will be Autobot tanks to destroy, but three blasts from
Megatron’s tank form cannon will render them useless. There will be a giant
door blocking the path, so wait for Bruticus to pry it open and then head
on through.

Fight your way to the building in the center of the area, and then hover up to
it. Fight your way inside, kill everything, then start hovering through the
holes in the ceiling.

Maneuver your way through this building, killing every Autobot that you see.
There will be doors in your way occasionally, and if they don’t open, you need
to blow them open. Keep pushing forward until you find and destroy the hologram
of Optimus Prime in another scene.

After that, a trio of Autobots will rush you. Kill them and then move through
the area that they came from. Slaughter your way through the Autobots and just
move from objective marker to objective marker. You will eventually find
yourself in a long tunnel with big wires and energon blasts blocking the path.
Wait for the blasts to dissipate, and then zoom by to make sure you avoid
taking any damage.

There will also be drones in these areas and Autobot snipers. The drones can
stick Megatron with sticky grenads. If this happens, click the left analog
stick to transform and get the grenade off of you. Keep pushing forward until
you come across an area that is like a long bridge. Security lasers will be
scanning, and there will be two huge guns in the distance. As a tank, destroy
the guns, and then move forward, killing the Autobots as you go. If you happen
to get scanned by the security lasers, then Megatron’s hover ability will be
rendered useless. Wait for the jam to go away, and then hover up to the next
area. Spike down to kill the two Autobots, then pull the lever to open the

Continue and then in the next room, kill the Autobots before jumping down. An
Autobot Titan will then come out of the elevator. Kill the Titan, and be aware
of the drones that are constantly shielding and healing him. Once the Titan is
dead, ride the elevator down. Once the elevator stops, move out into the open
and once again, just start mowing through the Autobots as you fight to your
next objective marker.

The next time you really need guidance comes when there are four glowing red
objects that need to be destroyed to help you reach Trypticon. Blast them as a
tank to destroy them, all th while blowing up the Autobots as well. After these
four supports have been destroyed, a door will open up. Hover over to the door
and go through.

Work your way around the corners and kill the Autobots. Laserbeak will shoot a
laser in the door that is blocking the controls to activate the torso of
Trypticon. When he’s done with his laser, blast the door down and enter the
room. Approach the lever and pull out.

Back outside, there will be more Autobots that show up. Kill them all and make
your way to the elevator. Ride it down. Outside, you will find the head of
Trypticon. Destroy all the marked objects that are around him and kill the
snipers in the area as well. Stand in front of the control console and wait
for Shockwave to show up to hack the defenses and get the energon flowing to

You now have to defend Shockwave from the Autobots that come in. There is a ton
of ammo and equipment just lying around, so take advantage of it. Keep killing
the Autobots and hold your position near Soundwave until they have all been
taken care of.


You start this chapter as just a grunt Decepticon soldier. Follow your other
Decepticon body to a terminal. He will activate it, and then follow him down
the tunnel. While he’s working, shine your flashlight on him so that he can
see. When the door opens up, follow him into the room. Your buy will be killed
by an invisible Starscream!

To take control of Starscream, tap RB. Then click on the right analog stick to
kill the Decepticon you just were. Now exit this area. You are now free to
pursue five different security towers and place detonation charges on each
one of them. You can enter some of these towers through the roof, through the
door, whatever, but you want to kill all of the Decepticons you see so that
they don’t leave witnesses and report to Megatron or call for back-up.

After the five towers have been destroyed, you have to place an EMP charge on
the controls to the maintenance tunnels doors. Do this, then turn into jet
mode and fly through the maintenance tunnels, either killing or avoiding the
drones that come out of it.

Speed through the tunnels until you find a shaft cover. Destroy it and fall
down the shaft. Listen to Shockwave speak with the Insecticons, and then turn
into jet mode when the coast is clear. Maneuver through the narrow tunnels
until you find the room where Grimlock is being held and experimented on by
Shockwave. Watch the scene, and then sneak around to the control room and sneak
up on the Decepticon in there.

Following the scene, Starscream will confront Grimlock. Press X to take control
of Grimlock. As Starscream gives his speech, keep pressing on the right analog
stick to struggle against your binds. When Starscream gets close, pull on the
right trigger to grab him. Then pull on the right trigger again to chuck him
into the control console that keeps Grimlock bound.

You will now be able to walk around as Grimlock. Grimlock is much larger than
the other Transformers, but not quite as big as Bruticus. He has 500 HP and is
very powerful. Approach the doors and press X to pry them open. Kill the two
Decepticons in the hall using Grimlock’s sword. Tap B to use his sword and move
the left analog stick in the direction that you want to swing. Destroy the door
blocking the path and slaughter all the Decepticons in your way.

Push through the halls. Destroy the doors and Decepticons that block your way,
and when prompted, hold LT to use Grimlock’s shield. Keep fighting your way
through these guys and move to the objective marker as marked on your screen.
You will then come across a bridge that has the middle retracted. Use RT to
grab an explosive canister and throw it at the bridge controls to make the
bridge complete, allowing you access to the door on the other side. Pry open
the door and fight your way to the center area.

Swoop is being kept in an energon lock at this machine. Snipers will be sent
by Shockwave to attack you, but just throw stuff at them to kill them. Then
regular Decepticons and more snipers join the fight, but just kill them all.
When they are all dead, Swoop will come to. Go to the two mechanism that locked
him in and destroy them both, then destroy the console to free Swoop.

Follow Swoop outside onto another bridge. Swoop will take out the Decepticon
on the other side, and then activate the bridge for you. Walk across and pry
open the next door. Inside, you will be introduced to the Insection named
Hardshell. He will get into a big vehicle and start firing missiles and ice
missiles at you, plus a bunch of Decepticons and snipers will be all over the
place as well.

To damage Hardshell’s vehicle, you need to pick crap up and throw it at him.
Have your shield up the entire time, grab something, and then throw it when
the fire on you is low. You can also throw Decepticons at Hardshell if you
want. Don’t bother killing the snipers, unless they become a serious nuisance.
Once Hardshell’s health has been depleted, approach him while he’s dangling out
of the vehicle and press RT to grab him.

Pry open the doors and step out onto the bridge. Swoop will hastily fly through
the bridge, activating the shields. Wait for him to count to three, and then
smash the shield generator with a press of the B button. Wait for the shields
to go down, and then hold LB to sprint across the bridge, be suring to avoid
the holes in the ground. If you need an extra boost, jump by pressing A and
then tap LB to dash in mid-air.

On the other side, pry open the door. Wait for Swoop to fly across the gap and
activate the bridge, and then walk across the bridge when you can.


Follow Swoop into the next room. The floor will give way. Go down the hole, and
then work your way to the Decepticons. Bring up your shield to block their fire
as you move closer to them. The floor will give out under them. Jump into the
hole and then slice your way through the gunk blocking the tunnel. Go down
the tunnel, and you’ll be in another room that will then get filled with

Kill all the Insecticons. Shockwave will then appear as a hologram, and then
show you Kickback, an Insecticon that has been sent to see if Grimlock is
able to actually transform. Knock down the pillar by pressing X and then run
up it to get to Kickback’s location.

Chase Kickback into the next room. He will summon a swarm of Insecticon to
fight you. Kill them by charging toward them and then hitting them with a
melee attack. This will build up Grimlock’s rage, and you will now be able to
transform into a T-Rex by tapping RB. Do this, and then start slaughtering the
Insecticon using your new moves.

Grimlock in his T-Rex form can press B to attack with melee tail swipes and
by swinging his claws around. A press of Y can make Grimlock perform a one-hit
kill execution that also refills health. The right trigger will see Grimlock
spew fire. Use these moves to kill the Insecticons.

After Slug appears and takes out Kickback, go over to his position and press
X to jump up for him to pull you up. Follow Slug into the next hall. You guys
will get separated. Jump into the hole and continue. Kill the Insecticons that
get in the way, and whenever you see a tower that is glowing blue, knock it
over using the X button and then use it as a bridge.

A broken door will block the path. Destroy the controls on your side of the
gate, and then the door will open slightly, then close very fast. Grab an
explosive canister and time it just right so that you can throw the canister
through the gap in the door and destory the control console on the other side,
which will open the doors. Then continue into the next area.

Slug will complain about being attacked by Spitters, those flying Insecticons
from earlier. Grab the explosive canisters and throw them at the red objects
on the walls. Then focus your throws on the Spitters that are flying around.
After one wave of them has been killed, another wave will replace them. Kill
all of those as well, and then approach the nearby tower and knock it over
with X.

This will allow Slug to go up to the higher ground. However, a ton of
Insecticons will show up. Plow through them. Transform if you need to. You can
also help Slug fight off the Insecticons he’s dealing with by throwing
explosive canisters at them. Keep destroying the Insecticons until they are all
dead and Slug reaches his hand down to you. Approach him and press X, just as

Follow Slug into the cave. He will get a little foolhardy and blast through a
door, which causes you two to be separated yet again. Look around. There will
be a locked door, a control console, and up a slope, an explosive canister. Go
up to the canister and pick it up. Chuck it at the control console on your
side, then pick up another one. Hop off the ledge and throw it through the gap
in the door at the console on the other side to get the door open all of the

Move through the cave. There will be Decepticons to kill as well as
Insecticons kill all of them. Approach the two big doors outlined in blue and
press X to smash through them. In the next room, there will be a strange
device in the center with electric tubes sticking out. Build up rage by
killing all the enemies and then turning into the T-Rex form. Use the
flamethrower on the device to destroy it. Then approach the vines blocking the
way and light them on fire to proceed through the next cave and back outside.

Snarl will finally be found, but he is being held captive in energon binds.
Start killing the Insecticons. Keep killing them until Swoop shows up, and then
kill them some more. After a bunch more Insecticons have been killed, an
Insecticon Bruiser will arrive on the scene. If you are in T-Rex mode, you can
easily kill it using an execution attack. More Insecticons will show up after
him, so continue to kill them.

Sharpshot will start torturing Snarl. There are six machines here, three on
the east and three on the west, that need to be destroyed to save him. You
have to be in T-Rex form, so build up rage by killing Insecticons. Then use
the flamethrower to destroy the machines. You should be able to destroy all
six easily with one run of T-Rex mode, especially if you sprint across the
area using LB.

Following the scene, explore the observatory. Mess around with all the
terminals by pressing X, and wait for Slug to call you over and show you the
energy readings of the space bridge tower. Speak with him, and then walk over
to the terminal in the center of the room. After that, Grimlock will be
sucked out of the observation tower, and control switches over to Swoop, with
Grimlock being carried by his talons.

As Swoop, start flying forward and blasting all the Decepticons that you see,
firing rockets at you. There will be large tentacles that get in the way, but
just blast them with Swoop’s rockets to bypass them. Keep flying through the
tunnels, avoiding the acidic ground, and destroy any threats and obstacles
that get in the way. As you near the space bridge, a dropship will have to
be destroyed, and after it is, boost toward the bridge.

Swoop will drop Grimlock, and Grimlock will land on solid ground, with control
returning to him. Start killing the Decepticons. There will be an energy shield
blocking your way. Pick up an explosive canister and throw it at the generator
behind it to bypass. Then continue to the next energon shield.

The next energon shield is powered by two generators, and Leapers will join
the fight. As Grimlock, Leapers are extremely easy to defeat. Just kill a
couple, and then explosive canisters will start spawning. Be quick when tossing
them at the generators, because the Leapers can easily knock Grimlock off the
platform, which will kill him.

After the generators are destroyed, move toward Shockwave. He will trap you,
but press RB to transform into a T-Rex. Then press B to attack Shockwave. The
space bridge will start to malfunction, so turn around and run away. Hold LB
to run, and smash through all the Decepticons and barriers in the way. Run
from objective marker to objective marker until the explosion occurs.


You are now Soundwave on the Nemesis. There will be a door that is jammed and
blocking the way, so deploy Rumble by tapping RB. He will break down the door.
Approach the edge of the ship and press X to deploy the first tow cable. On
the Ark, deploy Laserbeak by pressing RB.

While Laserbeak is burning a hole in the door, you will be attacked from the
right. Deploy Rumble to help fight the Autobots. Then they will attack you from
the left. Deploy Rumble to help, and kill them all on that side as well. Then
they will attack you from both sides. Deploy Rumble on one side, and then you
take care of the other side. Go back to Rumble’s side and clean up what he
didn’t kill. Then deploy Rumble again to knock down the door.

This room is the room where the defense turrets are loaded. There are three,
and you need to pull three levers, shoot the ammunition that’s being loaded,
and watch the explosions. There will be a ton of Autobots in this area, so
deploy Rumble as much as possible. You can pull the levers and destroy the
ammo in any order that you wish, but keep in mind that after each explosion,
even more Autobots will show up. Once all the ammunition loaders have been
destroyed, control switches to Jetfire.

As Jetfire, boost through the tunnel until you get on the outside of the Ark.
Your goal is to destroy the tow cables. Fire in a wide range across the metal
casings on the first cable. As soon as a bullet lands on the weak spot of the
cable, it will be highlighted. Destroy the rest of the metal casing, and then
focus your fire on that part of the cable.

A Decepticon dropship will then get into view. Change into robot mode and blast
them with your rocket launcher to kill them, then turn back into a jet and
work on the second cable. When the second cable is destroyed, move on to the
third cable and destroy it as well.

Next you control Bruticus. Smash through the Autobots and break through the
bridges that block the path. There will be a small building-like structure on
the Ark, so smash through that as well, killing all the Autobots inside too.
Fight your way to the Energon tubes. They are protected by armor, but smash
through it, then smash through the Energon tubes.

Next you will control Jazz. Speed to Bruticus and start firing at him with
Jazz’s shotgun. When you can, grapple onto Bruticus’s arm and then repeatedly
blast him in the face. Jetfire will fly overhead and start dropping EMP mines
on the ground. Trick Bruticus into walking into the mine, then trip him with
the grappling hook. Then call an airstrike on him.

Repeat this process until Bruticus dies. You can also deal extra damage to him
by shooting him before and as he is standing up following the airstrike.
Leapers will join Bruticus toward the end of the battle, but you can pretty
much ignore them without too much of a hassle.

After Bruticus is defeated, you can choose between playing as Optimus Prime or
Megatron. The fight plays out the same, but there are slight differences to the
ending depending on which Transformer leader that you choose. The controls are
the same as both Prime and Megatron. They control similarly to Grimlock in
that they both have shields and melee weapons. Block with the shield, then
when your opponent has finished their attack, lay into them with either light
strikes (RT) or heavy strikes (Y).

There will be multiple QTEs during this fight. All they require you to do is
hit B and mash on B. Eventually one of the QTEs will end the fight, and the
game will conclude.

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3. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Transformers: Fall of Cybertron on the PS3,
Xbox 360, and PC!

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