DARKSIDERS 2 Walkthrough Part 2 [GUIDE]


This is part 2 of the walkthrough of Darksiders 2 continued from the second
world to the Angle world of Lostlight and then the Demon World in the end…
Mentioned in the guide are all collectibles including the Pages from book of
dead. The Stones (power, resistance and mystic) and also the other collectibles.



Collectibles and other notes

The Key to Redemption

The Rod of Arafel

Stains of Herecy

The Lost Soul

The Chancellor's Quarry
--(The Soul Arbiter's Maze)


Collections and others

The Mad Queen

The Lord of the Black Stone

The Well of Souls



Collectibles and other notes

The collections from the previous chapters continue in this one too. The Book
of Dead is continued and with it, the various relics of Etu-Goth, Renagoth and
Khagoth are also continued. The various Mystic, Power and Resistance stones are
also to be collected. So, you will still be doing everything from the previous

Just Ctrl + f and write what you want to find... example..

Soul Arbiter's Scroll
Stone of Mystics
Stone of Power
Stone of Resistance
Book Of Dead Page
Relic of Renagoth
Relic of Khagoth
Relic of Etu-Goth

and so on.....

The Key to Redemption

Boatman Coins - 2
Stone of Mystics - 1
Stone of Power - 1
Book Of Dead Page - 1
Relic of Renagoth - 1
Relic of Etu-Goth - 1

[[---- Seek out the Key at Lostlight ----]

The map of Lostlight looks empty and it mostly is but don't think that there is
nothing to do here. You will travel to the other worlds more often now and do
other quests too. Sit on your steed and ride on, you will come across a
merchant symbol to the right as you go, and it is none other that
Merchant Vulgrim himself. Go to him and look to his right behind a bush and a
tree is the [[RELIC OF ETU-GOTH Y1]]. As you go, you will also come across the
tomb of this world.

Keep going and you will come to the city of Lostlight (look on your main map
for the symbol). Here, go to the right onto the platform and you will find the
[[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Y3]]. This is right near the entrance of Lostlight and you
can see the castle symbol on the mini map. Continue ahead to the main area...

[[---- Destroy the Corrupted Angles ----]]

You'll be attacked by angles here who have been brain washed by corruption. You
will also meet Nathaniel after the fight who gives you a quest and a scroll -
but that's for another time. Come back a bit (you will be right near the door
leading inside the fortress), look to the left on the angle statue to find the
[[STONE OF MYSTICS Y1]]. To the left of Nathaniel is a [[BOATMAN COIN]]. Go
back at to the right end of the fortress where you find the
[[RELIC OF RENAGOTH Y1]]. That's for the collecibles outside so get back to
where Nathaniel is and go in.

[[---- Find the Archon ----]]

Go ahead and pull the lever to get to the top. Go right first and on the statue
in place to the left you can see the [[STONE OF POWER Y1]]. You will also
find a [[BOATMAN COIN]] ahead. First, use the ledge to the left to get to the
other side and kill the corrupted angles and get back to this side. Split up
and send a part to the bomb on the other side and throw it to the part on
this side so he catches it. Take this part and throw the bomb on the growth
which comes to the left side area. Use the ledges to go up and the vines and so

You will come to some stairs. Go up and talk to the Archon. You can also see
the Citadel during the talk and a promise of entry to that place. Archon needs
Death to go to Earth and find the Rod of Arafel.

The Rod of Arafel

Boatman Coins - 2
Soul Arbiter's Scroll - 2
Stone of Mystics - 3
Stone of Power - 1
Stone of Resistance - 1
Book Of Dead Page - 5
Relic of Renagoth - 2
Relic of Etu-Goth - 1
Trapped Hellguard - 10

[[---- Travel to Earth ----]]

Speak to Archon again for some more infor and then use the portal here to get
to Earth. As soon as you come thru the portal, you see a big fight happening.
If you played the earlier game then you'd recognize the person fighting ahead.

[[---- Help Uriel defeat the Swarm ----]]

While killing the things in the swarm, look to the left and on the building,
you can get the [[STONE OF MYSTICS Y2]]. Kill the rest of the things here and
Death speaks to Uriel. Then you can look around and take the stuff from the two
chests here and move ahead to the left.

[[---- Find the first piece of The Rod ----]]

Uriel warns you of many things, a broken rod, an imminent threat and the hungry
beasts. Keep going ahead and kill any thing that gets in your way. You should
have seen the red skull to the right. Go ahead and fall down into the pit. Here
you can pick up the [[SOUL ARBITER'S SCROLL Y1]] - these are the next in the
series (I thought we were done too but they just keep coming). Anyway, go back
up and thru the open door to the right and come out. You will see an angel
stuck to the wall ahead to the left. You will also fight a Swarm again. Shoot
the angel to kill and this progresses the Light of the Fallen quest --

Move ahead after that and shortly, you will fight one of the Suffering - this
is the large beast that almost killed Uriel earlier. These things are still
tough even though we have all our bling. So be carefull while fighting, these
fight like Stalkers but instead of clawing or biting they pound you. This fight
can kill you if you are not careful. After killing it, go ahead towards the
hellgrowth - from where it came from (there's nothing to the right). Here, look
to the right as you come inbetween the growth and you will find the
[[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Y4]]. Go thru the hole ahead to the next area.

Go down the stairs and near the tunnel entry, look to the right to find
[[TRAPPED HELLGUARD 2]]. Kill him and go ahead, you fight a Swarm ahead and
you will need to go down some steps. Below the steps you can go left or right.
Go left first and you will find [[TRAPPED HELLGUARD 3]]. Go back and to the
other way, as soon as you come to the next room, you will fight another
Suffering. Kill it and go ahead and you come to a large area with a green web
like thing ahead. You will also see a couple of chests to the right, go there
and take the chest and come out of the room and look ahead on the platform and
you should be able to see the [[RELIC OF RENAGOTH Y2]]. To reach it, just jump
to the right edge and move ahead, you can get there even if you go right from
the green web and look behind the growth.

Go to the growth and destroy it to get [[ THE STAFF OF ARAFEL ]] which is the
first part of the rod. Now you should get it back to Uriel. Go ahead and you
come to steps, on top of the steps, floating above a pipe is the
[[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Y5]]. Keep going and you come out, go ahead to where you
see the angels and you will find Uriel near the field which was blocking the
path ahead.

[[---- Find the second piece of The Rod ----]]

You need to go ahead and you pass thru a tunnel, in the end of the tuunel
(where the path goes left) is the [[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Y6]]. Go thru the tunnel
to the left and you fight a swarm soon, if you move a bit out of the tunnel,
you can pick up the Gorehammer from the ground, shoot with left then blast with
right clicks. It's helpful so use it to kill off all of the Swarm. You ought to
see Fleshbursters come at you by now, they wait till you are close to them and
explode themselves - avoid them.

You can shoot down the [[STONE OF MYSTICS Y3]] which is on the building to the
right. Also, go ahead and look to the right and in the distance you ought to
be able to see [[TRAPPED HELLGUARD 4]]. He is far off but you can ues any of
the shooting weapons to kill him -- you can also wait to get closer to him. As
you go ahead, you'll come to some steps leading down. Go down and pick up the
[[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Y7]] which is behind a blue car to the left almost near the
end. You can see a field blocking your path ahead - this is where you come
after taking the second piece of the rod. You can also take a [[BOATMAN COIN]]
which is to the right of the hell growth near the field.

Go back and continue ahead, ignore the open door to the left at the turn ahead
and go right instead and you will come to the building where the angel was
earlier. If you go to the end of the road here you will find the
[[RELIC OF RENAGOTH Y3]]. Go back and thru the open door which comes to the
right now at te turn (it takes you into a house). Come out the other side and
after you come onto the road, turn around and look to the top right of the
building far away and you will spot the [[TRAPPED HELLGUARD Y5]]. Before you go
ahead, move into the buildign too the right here at the start of the road and
you can take the [[BOOK OF DEAD Y8]] from here.

Go ahead on the road and when you come to the edge where you need to fall off,
look to the right and on the building is a [[STONE OF RESISTANCE]]. Fall into
the area below, run to the nearest weapon on the ground and get ready for a big
fight in every sense of the word big. The Noss is a fearsome monster, standing
taller than many buildings around but just keep shooting it till it falls. You
can also get close and beat it up but keeping a ddistance is preferrable. Pick
up the [[BOATMAN COIN]] which is nearby and go ahead into the tunnel surrounded
by hell growth.

Inside the tunnel, go ahead till the end and after you pick the chest, go onto
the higher platform to the right by walking on the slope rubble and in the end
of this platform, you find a weapon on the ground and past the weapon is the
[[TRAPPED HELLGUARD Y6]]. Go down and continue ahead. You'll move thru a
smaller place where you encounter a fleshburster and then as you go, you come
out to a larger tunnel again. Kill off the Suffering that attacks you and go
into the smaller path to the right (you can see it on your mini map), inside
here you find the [[TRAPPED HELLGUARD Y7]]. Go out and into the next piece of
tunnel. Keep going till you come out again to a larger area where you can see
the green net ahead which will give you the next part of the rod. You need to
fight a Suffering first and in the small room to the left here is the

Go ahead and destroy the net to get the [[ EYE OF ARAFEL ]] and then move ahead
You will come to the field we saw earlier where Uriel is waiting. Talk to her
and she opens up the next path.

[[---- Find the Final piece of the Rod ----]]

Go into the tunnel and you pass thru a long and narrow lane, turn around and
come out the other way, all this while, you fight a lot of the Swarm and a few
fleshbursters show up too. Once you come to the end another Noss comes into the
fray. Use any of the weapons to the left to take down the Noss. After you
defeat it, go straight ahead and do not turn right, go straight and look down
at the end to find the [[TRAPPED HELLGUARD Y8]]. As you go into the right part
of this birdge, be prepared to fight a couple of the Suffering and a few more
waves of the Swarm. I use Ahidna's Fangs against these guys because they can
seriously outnunber you.

As you keep going, you will also come to see some broken parts of the road to
the left or right and when you reach the first broken part, you should see a
Swarm, a Fleshburster and a Suffering come for you at the same time. Take your
time to kill and go ahead and you will come to another section of the road
where it's broken to the left and to the right just ahead, here you will fight
another Suffering. After you kill it look down into the left side broken
section of the road and you should find the [[STONE OF MYSTICS Y4]]. Anyway,
keep going and you'll reach the end of the bridge and see that a slope leads to
the upper section of the bridge onto the top road.

Here you fight another Noss. Go ahead after you kill it and when you pass two
large pillar supports of the bridge look behind you on them and you ought to
find the [[TEAPPED HELLGUARD 9]]. Ahead, you come to the last part of the Rod.
Now, you have [[ THE ROD OF ARAFEL ]]. 

[[----Return to Uriel ----]]

                                       Go ahead into the house and you will
come to a chest, jst opposite to this chest is the [[RELIC OF ETU-GOTH Y2]].
Once you come into the last room where you need to go down the pile of rubble,
look in the broken part of the wall to the right and you find the
[[FISTS OF ELHAZAR ]]. Look oppsite to the fists (to the left from where you
entered this place) and you can get the [[STONE OF POWER Y2]].

Keep going and you come to the [[TRAPPED HELLGUARD 10]]. This should give you
all the hellguards. Keep going and you come to Uriel. Speak to her about
everything and she gives you your prize and you can now get back to the Crystal
Spire to meet the Archon. You also get to see some fantastic visuals now.

Stains of Herecy

NOTE: This is the longest freaking quest in the entire game... it's longer
than you can imagine too.... so brace yourself.

Boatman Coins - 1
Soul Arbiter's Scroll - 1
Stone of Mystics - 1
Stone of Power - 2
Stone of Resistance
Book Of Dead Page - 2
Relic of Renagoth - 2
Relic of Khagoth - 1
Relic of Etu-Goth - 2

[[---- Reach the Citadel ----]]

Go forth on your ride that flies.... it takes you to a place most wonderful
atop The Ivory Citadel...

[[---- Seek out The Scribe ----]]

In the room ahead you find corrupted water and a golden statuette. Remember
this statuette and also the corruption benath it. If you step into the
corruption here or anywhere in this level, Death will lose his life almost
instantaneously. Use the wall post to the left to get atop to another golden
statuette. Use the turn lever here to make the statuette go down (this one as
you can see is charged). Watch carefully what happens when the two statuette
come into a straight line. After the corruption is destoryed, go thru the door.

There's a [[BOATMAN COIN]] which comes in the small area to the right, the path
leading up the wall using the wall post here is blocked with growth. Go ahead
and use the hook to jump past the gap and go thru the door. You come into the
main chamber of the Citadel, the large door past the corrupted water leads out
to the main area but as you can see, there are three streams of corrupted water
falling down in this area. You will need to shut down each of the three streams
one by one so let's take them.

[[---- Cleansing the First stream ----]]

Go thru the door to the right and thru the next and you come out to a open
large area. You will see a charged statuette here in the distancea and some
portals to the left. Go up the stairs to the right and go thru the hole in the
wall ahead and use the posts on the wall to go up. Look behind you when you
come up and run on the wall here to where the chest is. Look behind the chest
to find the [[STONE OF MYSTICS Y5]]. Go back the other way now and you come
out to a large, I mean humungous area with all kinds of stuff around.

    ---- Gaining the Voidwalker ----

Use the hook ahead to jump to the other side and fight off the corrupted angles
Keep going on this platform and you will see a wall post to the left. Run on
the here to the right of the growth and jump to the next wall to get to the
post and then jump on the broken wall to the left and jump again to get to the
other side.

This area has a pressure plate to the right and a bronze door on the ground to
the left. If you stand on the pressure plate, the grill blocking the hole below
the wall ahead opens and you can go thru. First, stand on the bronze thing to
the left and use soul splitter on it so that when it opens, the rock statue of
the Reaper falls in. Now, make a part stand on the pressure plate and make the
other one go thru. Here, look to the left and use the ledge to get up. Stand
on the pressure plate and this opens the bronze platform and your statue falls
in. Unsplit and use the ledges to get up here. Use the ledge which is ahead
and go to the other side.

Kill off any Corrupted angles and grab the shadow bomb ahead. Throw it on the
growth which is blocking the path ahead and also throw one on the growth behind
you (the growth which is on a lever behind the pressure plate you used to open
the bronze paltform thru which you stautue fell). After you explode the growth
go there and use the lever. Come back down and look at the grill below the wall
here - it's just like the one we passed thru earlier but it was closed before
and it's open after you pull the lever. Go thru the hole and you can grab the
[[ GOLDBRINGER ]] Scythe. This is the first unique scythe you have in the game
- after probably Bheithir's Talons.

Go back to where you exploded the earlier growth and you can see a hook above
you, jump to the other side and you come to a large blue glowing power orb.
Beat it up till it breaks and gives you the Voidwalker.


Now, that you have the Voidwalker, lets get to cleansing the first stream. A
few tips on the Voidwalker first - 

You can select the Voidwalker just like any of the other powers you have by
hitting tab. You can aim and shoot the it on any of the portal surfaces from
any distance. One click shoots a void and if hold the MMB a while before
shooting, you get a charged void. If you exit thru a charged void you will be
thrown further or higher. Now shoot a void on the surface here and one on the
top and go thru the void here to go above. Come back out and use the hook to
get across the gap.

Ahead, you will see a void surface to the right and one to the left. Use them
to go to the platform to the right and go around to the left of that platfrom
and you come to a lever. Drop down into the bronze paltfrom which is open now
and you come to two more surfaces. One is on the ground straight ahead, shoot
a charged void here and a normal one on the surface to the left and go thru it.
You are shot up in the air and you come out. Use the hook here to get to the
next place where you fight Ayfid's which are corrupted female angles. Kill them
and look at the charged statuette to the right here. It has a void surface
behind it. Go ahead and you will see some corrupted angles infront of another
void surface get there and kill them. You come to another statuette with a void
surface behind it.

Look to the right from here back to where you just came from and you should be
able to see the charged statuette and the surface behind it. Shoot voids on
both the surfaces and the black growth ahead is destroyed. Now that you have
the voidwalker you can go back and use a surface to get to a chest which is
covered with growth - this chest has the map of this area. It's easy to get
there and come back here.

Once you are ready to go ahead, do so and look to the left and you see a hole
in the wall and inside the room ahead are two surfaces. One is on the ground
and the other is on the wall opposite to a broken part of the wall which is
close with a grill. Shoot a charged void on the surface on the wall and a
normal one on the ground and go up using the stairs here outside. Kill the
enemies in this room and stand in the center and split up. Make your forms
stand on the golden levers on the wall which makes the platform open and your
statue falls down into the portal on the ground and comes out the other side
of the hole which was closed earlier. Unsplit and you see yourself come out.

Use the wall post to the right here and go up. You'll come to the source of
the first stream and a statuette and a void surface behind it. Look below this
platform to the left and you will find a charged statuette which you used
earlier. Shoot a void behind it and one on the surface here and the corrupted
stream is destroyed. Jump into the water and walk ahead (the broken path behind
has nothing). jump down as the water flows down and after you jump look behind
you and you should find a [[RELIC OF RENAGOTH Y4]] behind the stream of water.
This is after the second or the third fall - just look back after each jump.

Go to the end and blast the growth with the bomb here and use the vein wall to
go up. Go thru the next set of doors and you come into the main chamber where
you can see the first stream of water fall.

[[---- Cleansing the Second stream ----]]

Go thru the door to the right here and you come out and can see a locked door
above a the long set of steps ahead. Go to the left, jump down and continue
ahead and you fight a Corrupted Champion - they are tougher than the usual
angles. Go ahead after that and in the end you come into a small room with a
statue in the middle, turn left and go around to the left to find the
[[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Y9]]. Go back into the room and fall thru the hole here.
You'll come to a charged statuette. You get into a fight on the other end of
the platform and to the left of the platform on the wall are ledges which take
you up.

Go around to the right and pick up the [[RELIC OF RENAGOTH Y5]]. You can pull
the lever here to open the gate leading back to the previous room but the more
interesting stuff is going to happen with the two turn levers outside and the
three void surfaces you can see. One is outside and the other two are facing
each other inside the area ahead. Split up first and make a part turn the lever
to the right, this brings down the right side surface wall. Use the other Death
form to go around infront of the surface that is outside here to the rigth and
look opposite to it and you should see the left surface ahead. Shoot a portal
on it and cancel the portal outside (aim at the portal and hit ctrl). Now shoot
at it again - this is so that the sequence comes up that the portal inside was
shot first and the one outside second. So if you make another portal, the one
inside disappears and the one outside stays.

Now release the lever and after the right surface wall comes up, go infront of
the surface outside and shoot a charged void. This hits the surface on the
right wall and the left void disappears. Make a part turn the lever to the left
and the wall comes down. Make the other part go thru the portal outside and it
lands inside infront of a lever. Use the lever to open the gate and unsplit and
get in here. Go to the left of the lever and run on the wall ahead using the
posts to get to the other side where you find the Key to the locked door from
earlier. Go up right and blow the growth with the bomb and climb the steps to
get to the locked door and open it. Inside, you find a statuette with a surface
behind it. Shoot a void on the surface and go back outside.

Go to the left following the same path you came here all the way back to the
room with the charged statuette and make the connection and return here. The
water lines here lead two ways, one towards some hooks in the air and the other
side has water falls like the last one. Go on the side with the water falls and
fall down each one and look behind you and you should find the
[[RELIC OF ETU-GOTH Y3]] behind a water stream. You can go back to the hooks now
and use them to get to the otherside and go thru the next door which takes you
to the main chamber again and you can see the clean water come from the second
stream too.

[[---- Cleansing the Third stream ----]]

Now from here, after you kill the corrupted angles look on the statue to your
left (on the mini map you will be standing a bit to the right of the closed
door below). Shoot down the [[STONE OF POWER Y3]]. Go ahead thru the next door
and to the last stream. Just as you step out, you should be able to see the
Statuette far ahead. Go to the left and thru the door and fall down and go thru
the next door and if you look to the left, you should be able to see a couple
of hooks and surfaces. Go to the right below the stairs and go to the end and
you come to the first hook. Shoot a void on each of the surfaces ahead and to
the lower right and jump in to get there.

From this second surface, look above you and you should see a third void
surface on the rock floating above. Shoot a charged void on it and go thru it
and you will come to a wall post which will take you to the right all the way
to the other side. Now, you will be looking at two more surfaces. Shoot a
charged void on the surface to the right below and a normal one on the wall
ahead. Run on the wall and you will go thru this void and come out the one
below and onto a ledge. Go around on the ledge and you will come into a
circular chamber and confront the thing which you might have been seeing from
the beginning of this mission. Kill all of the Sycophants and go to the right.

Stay on the path and you come to a charged Statuette. Behind the statuette in
the end to the right you find the [[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Y10]] which completes the
chapter. You can take it back to Vulgrim and then go to the tomb (the tomb
is to the left as you go from Vulgrim towards the Spire). Go to the left of
the Statuette and you come to a turn lever. Split up here and turn the lever.
Use the other part to pull out the small platform and unsplit. Stand on the
platform and split. Make a part pull the lever and the other part push the
platform behind the turning wall and unsplit. You will come to another
Statuette and you will also see another one to the right, stand here and look
carefully above the Statuette to the right and you should see a
[[STONE OF POWER Y4]]. The void surface behind this Statuette is blocked by
black growth.

Go to the right and to the left and you come out to a void surface below and
a turn lever. You will find the [[SOUL ARBITER'S SCROLL Y3]] below you
infront of the void surface. Go back up to the lever and split up. Now, turn
the lever and you will get another surface show up on the turning wall. Use
the other part of death to shoot a portal on this surface and release the lever
so that the wall turns back. Go down to the surface below and shoot a portal.
If you look thru it, you will be looking at the third void surface. Shoot a
portal into it and this opens up that surface. Close this portal so that only
that one remains.

Now go back and after the Statuette fall down and go up using the ledges. As
you come up shoot a void in the surface ahead which is behind the charged
portal. Now, go back to the lever and turn it so that the Statuette which is
there charges up. Release the lever and the Statuette to the right also gets
charged and destroyes the black growth which is blocking the void surface.
Shoot a void in it and go to it's left and you come to another Statuette.
Behind one of the black things which are on the wall around here is the
[[RELIC OF KHAGOTH]]. Look above the Statuette here and shoot a void in the
surface above it and the final stream gets clean.

Follow the water and in the end jump to the right and go to the void surface.
Look thru the hole in the wall here and see the next surface. Shoot voids and
get in that place and fall down the hole here. Come up and pull the lever in
the end and you reach the main cahmber which is now, totally clean.

[[---- Seek Out the Scribe ----]]

Go thru the main door and you come to a portal. You will find the
[[RELIC OF ETU-GOTH Y4]]. Shoot a void here and a charged void on the surface
above. Go up there and look up and shoot another charged void on the surface
above this one. Go back down and thru the voids and you come to a door. Keep
going up the stairs and you come into the chambers of the Scribe.

[[---- Defeat the Scribe ----]]

All that running around was so that we could get this fat guy...

Boss: Jameria the Scribe
You cannot directly hit Jameriah. So make voids on two of the surfaces here
and wait for Jameriah to shoot a large yellow-black ball at you. If you stand
infront of one of the voids and dodge then the ball comes out the other one
and hits Jameriah. Run to him and bring his health down. He goes up and does
a few stunts and comes down. Repeat the same process and the third time when
he has very little health, he goes up but does not come down. Shoot a charged
void on any of the surfaces above and one below and go thru the one below so
that you grab him as you come out the other one. After you beat the living crap
out of Jameriah, he tells you all about the Key and a few things about Archon

[[---- Confront Archon ----]]

Fast travel to The Crystal Spire. Archon keep whining all the time. He's a big

But he is tough...

Mega Boss: Archon
So, this fight will not be all that easy..mainly because most of the time,
Archon cloaks himself in a protective spear. You can strike him anyway - by
this time, you have fought thru too many battles to worry or fall on this one.
If you have the reaper full then you can use it. Try to keep moving to avoid
Archon. After he shoots at you, he moves above you and releases his protection
and this is the time you need to get him. He then smashes to the ground so
stay clear. Use the Grim talisman so that you get reaper points while shooting
him. If you can use the form twice then the fight sould be over soon.

[[---- Return to the Crowfather ----]]

Go back to the Tree of Life and listen to the Crowfather. The portal to
Shadow's Edge is now open. But before you go there, lets finish off some side
missions and visit a few places where we can use the newly acquired Voidwalker

The Lost Soul

Book of Dead Pages - 2

Go to the Chancellor in the Dead Kingdom, then back to Nathaniel in Lostlight
and to Muria in the Forge Lands and back to Nathaniel.... after this quest you
learn a great thruth about the Destroyer of whom we heard of on earth. It would
seem that the main antagonist from the previous game is back in a new and
corrupted form.

NOTE: We can pick up two pages from the book of dead which we missed earlier.
Both are in the Forge Lands. Go there and dast travel to the Fjord. Go to
where Vulgrim is here (look in the main map for the merchant location)). You
need to swim thru the water to get there. Go behind Vulgirm and you come to a
void surface. Shoot on it and go up using the wall posts here. You will come
to a growth. Here, to the right if you look thru the broken part of the wall
you will see another surface. Go back down and thru the voids. In the room you
come thru is a shadow bomb. First, look thru the crack back to the other room
where the growth is (you can also throw a bomb thru the portal here so that the
bomb sticks on the growth below but there's only a chest there). Carefully
throw the bomb thru the crack so that it explodes on the growth in the other
room. You might need some time before you can aim correctly. After the growth
explodes, go there to find the [[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Z1]].

Now, look in the map and from the Fjord go straight towards the path to the
right which leads nowhere, the other path below leads into the Drenchfort. We
came to this place earlier in the game but went back out. Anyway, go there and
you find two pressure plates to the left and right. Stand on the platfrom on
the ground ahead and split up. Make bothe your forms stand on the plates and
when you usplit, you have to wuickly jump ahead onto the other platform before
this one comes back down. When you are up here stand on the plate to the right
and split up so the statue is on the plate. Make a form use the posts to the
left and stand on the next platform to open the grills. Use the second form
to collect the [[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Z2]]. We can now go back to our usual quests
The Chancellor's Quarry

Soul Arbiter's Scroll - 1

When you speak to the Chancellor he gives you a quest where we finally travel
to the Soul Arbiter's Maze...

Fast travel to the location in the Kingdom of the Dead and go in thru the doors
and look up and you ought to see some hooks above. The wall ahead has posts,
use them to get above and the hook to come to a lever. New posts come up, go to
them and climb them and use the next hooks to get to a door. the lever here
just makes the posts we used stay - relatively useless. 

Go thru the door and keep going all the way till you come into the
Soul Arbiter's Maze. There's a book ahead and if you go further, you find the
[SOUL ARBITER'S SCROLL Y4]]. After that, go back to the mysterious book. If
you open the book you can see all the levels of the maze you can reach. For now
it's just the first level but you can come back to the book any time and select
a level and hit space to make the portal which is in the place we just took
the scroll from take us to that level.

Now, if you follwed the walkthrough, we have 18 scrolls. The maze has ten
levels and each level needs two scrolls. One to progress to the next level and
the other to find the secret of the current level. so that's a total of
twenty scrolls. The remaining two scrolls are found later in the game but it's
just a waste of time to come back here later when we can go thru the maze now.
To look at the scrolls, open the menu and the click on the scroll icon and hit
tab to look at what the scrolls say. I'll give you all of the solutions here
below. On each level, visit the secret first and then use the other solution
to get out. The following are all the twenty solutions.....

Solution to progress: N W
Solution for Secret: S E

Solution to progress: E S N
Solution for Secret: N N

Solution to progress: W E N N
Solution for Secret: N S E

Solution to progress: E W N S
Solution for Secret: W E N

Solution to progress: W W N E
Solution for Secret: W N S

Solution to progress: S E E N N
Solution for Secret: E E E S

Solution to progress: S W E E E
Solution for Secret: S S W N N

Solution to progress: N W N W E
Solution for Secret: N S S E N

Solution to progress: E N E N S
Solution for Secret: S W E E N

Level 10 - ASCENSION
Solution to progress: W E N S W
Solution for Secret: N S E W

In each level, the moment you enter, you will get into a fight with the
monsters of that level. After each wave the four gates to the four portals
open. You can go to any of the portals and use it and you will come back to
the same place and get into another fight. This keeps happening till you
enter the correct sequence to go to a secret or to the next level. After each
level. You will come to some stairs which lead down to the portal which takes
us to the next level. It is advised that you get all the things you need before
you go in. You can finish all ten levels at once - it will take a long time
and the monsters get tougher in the end. Each time you use a portal you need
to fight a wave and i will not mention what are the monsters on each level
because you should find it yourself and have fun simply fighting. The Soul
Arbiter's Maze is a quest of harcore fights and no running around looking for
wall posts.

After ten levels you come to the Soul Arbiter himself and this will be the
toughest fight....

Mega Boss: Soul Arbiter
The Soul Arbiter is every bit as tough as you might have imagined him to be.
He is a thunder user so try not to get shocked. If you keep dodging, he will
miss you and you can dodge thru the entire fight and build up reaper points
by shooting him (have the grim talisman on). Each time you use the reaper you
can bring his health down by 25%. But at each 25%, he gees into a protective
ball and summons minions. At the last 25% he calls up an Undead Champion with
a shield and then things get really challenging. You won't know when to hit
and when to run. It's better to have the reaper ready for the last fight only
because the Soul Arbiter unlike the last times fights along side the Champion.
Kill of the Champion to make te Arbiter lost his protection and then get to
him as usual.

You should use Achidna's Claws at the normal minions which come at each 25% so
as to get your health up. Also, try to have the reaper ready while heading
into the last 25%. Talk to the Chancellor after this....

Note: That is the end of Act III and now, go to the Tree of Life and travel to
Shadow's Edge where ACT IV takes place.




Collections and others

All collectibles are continued...


The Mad Queen

[[---- Explore Shadow's Edge ----]]

Go ahead on the only path available and you reach the gates of a connecting
fort. Go left from the dragon tome and you come to ledges to the right near the
end. Go up the ledges and grab the [[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Z3]]. Stand on the
pressure plate here and soul split. Then go back and right from the dragon tome.
You can pick up the [[RELIC OF KHAGOTH]] here. Un-Split and go out of here.
Osteogoth welcomes you to the Dark Kingdom. You also see some fantastic visuals
in this part of the game - absolutely mind-blowing stuff.

[[---- Find the Mad Queen ----]]

You are in Shadows Edge and as you move ahead you will come into
The Black Stone. You come to two open door. Go into the door to the right and
you meet a very special person who gives you a new power - The Phasewalker.
Before you go back out, go ahead past Lilith and in the end of this place you
find the [[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Z4]].

The Lord of the Black Stone

[[---- Find Samael ----]]

Go back out and thru the open door ahead. You come into the Black Stone which
is in ruins. It seems that the current time does not permit us to explore
this once great dungeon. Look to the left here for a Phase Surface - they are
green unlike the Void Surfaces. Go thru the phase and you come to an earlier
time when the Dungeon was in it's full glory. Go ahead to the center platform
- knowing that you are going into an ambush...

You start to fight some Legion Champions - they can kill you very quickly
unless you learn to move around effectively. Their chains can hurt but you can
always dodge off. Take them on slowly and they die quickly - depends on the
weapon you are using - but you should have a great weapon by now. After you
kill all of them, look straight ahead and on the statue of the six handed demon
on it's stomach is a [[STONE OF POWER Z1]; then go right (the open door to the
left is blocked). You come to two more open doors. Go thru the right side door
and run on the wall to the left to get to the other side.

Go ahead on the other side and come to a Hook. Use it to go up and look on the
edge to the right here and grab the [[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Z5]]. Once you come out
pull the lever and go right to the Phase Surface and use it...

Look here in the place opposite to where the chest icon is in the mini-map and
take the [[SOUL ARBITER'S SCROLL Y19]]. Come to the middle of the main area and
jump down to the round platform below. Use the hook on the wall nearby, go up
and thru the open door to the left. 

[[---- A Key to the Locked Door ----]]

You come in to another large area with a locked door to the right and the
[[STONE OF POWER Z2]] a bit to the left of the door. Go on the path to the left
and down the stairs and you see a phase surface here, ignore it for now and go
ahead. You come to another Phase surface, if you look to the right here near
where the chest icon is, you see a chest which has black growth on it -
indestructable.... at this time

Go back to the Phase surface here and use it. As soon as you come out, bring
the powers wheel onto the screen and equip the Deathgrip. You are about to face
a Maelstorm... These things are worse than their counterparts - the Lich.
Instead of summoning Hosts, these things summon large balls of fire which
explode when they hit you - very powerful attacks. But, whenevery you see one,
the best way you can take one down is to use the Deathgrip on them and then
come and fall near death - beat them up for a bit and use the grip again so
that they do not regain composure.

Look to the right (go up the steps) and you find that the black growth used to
be a corrupted growth - we can explode it now. Look to the left here on the
path you are on and you see a Pressure Plate which opens the grill to the left.
Now, stand on the plate and split yourself so that the reaper statue is on the
plate. Make a part go right and you come to a void surface. Stand directly
infront of the void surface and shoot a void - it has to be a normal void and
not a charged void. If you mistakely shoot a charged void then shoot into the
phase surface you came thru to make the void disappear and come back and shoot
a normal void (using the Phasewalker itself).

Switch to your other form (it is very important that one part stays infront of
the void you just shot), make the other form go thru the grill which opened to
the left and you come to some ledges which take you into a room to the right.
The room is guarded by a Maelstorm and it begins to drop fire balls as soon as
you go thru - blowing you back. You need to dodge the fireballs and use
Deathgrip on the Maelstorm so it loses balance. Kill the things inside and you
come to a Void Surface and a shadow bomb. Shoot a normal void here again (it
cannot be a charged void). Get a bomb and look thru the void - you should
vaguely be able to spot your other part thru it, throw the bomb to your other
part so that it catches it and shift to your other part. You can also spot a
[[STONE OF POWER Z3]] here on the wall to the right of the platform with the

Make your other part with the bomb aim and blast the growth on the platform -
the chest is in the future so use the phase surface to go back to the present
and take the key from the chest which is now free of any growth.

[[---- Thru the Locked Door ----]]

Go back after taking the key and when you come to the other Phase Surface just
outside, use it and go ahead towards the locked door - which has a path to it
now. Go thru the next door too and you come to a lever, pull it and go to the
left and use the ledges to get below to the next area. In the middle of the
thin strip of lane you are on, you can find, yet another phase surface. Shoot
it and go thru it. As soon as you come out, look to the right to spot the
[[BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Z6]]. To the right of the page in the distance is a Void
Surface. If you go to the left edge of this platform, you can catch a glimpse
of the surface and shoot a void in it.

Go backwards and you will come to another void surface, use it to get to the
book of dead page and get back to the ceneter of this area. You can spot a
wall post outside so use it to get to the top and go thru the door and you
come into a throne room of sorts - but it's empty; just like Lilith told it
would be. But wait...there's a Phase Surface on top, use the stairs to get to
the surface and go thru it....

[[---- Defeat Samael ----]]

Demon King: Samael
As you may have imagined Samael is very tough. If you did not learn to dodge
flawlessly by now, then you will find this to be the toughest fight in the game.
Samael keeps teleporting close to you - if you have the Lich Staff then know is
the time to use it. It helps you get extra wrath from the few hits you land.
And yes, you will land very few hits - unless you can bring you reaper meter
up to full atleast once - in which case, this fight will get atleast a bit

Keep dodging and the moment Samael teleports you can land a hit - if you use
fast secondary weapons only - not heavy ones. Land a hit and move away - use
your wrath powers - Murder helps wonderfully. Try to get you reaper meter to
full too - use the Grim Talisman for faster collection of reaper points. After
a while you will kill him....

[[---- Return to the Crowfather ----]]

Go up to the Phase surface and use it to get back. Go across using the pillar
that acts like the bridge to the door. Use the portal we used earlier and then
move ahead and go to the ledges and go back to the top. Go to the first phase
surface we used in Black Stone and go thru it to get to the future again and
you can speak to Lilith once more if you want to and fast travel to the
Crowfather who is near the Tree of Death in this world.

The Well of Souls

[[---- Enter the Well of Souls ----]]

Before you go into the well of souls, make sure you have all five health and
wrath potions and all the stuff you need. Use your best armor - preferably,
ones which give you increased strength. Equip your best weapon and try to get
your reaper meter to full and only then, go thru the large gates which take you
to the Well.

[[---- Defeat the Avatar of Chaos ----]]

Corrupted Nephilim: Absalom
You will see that the final battle will be every bit as good as you might have
imagined it to be.

The fight is going to be a straight face to face no b.s battle. Absalom is
very tough and occasionally, if you do not dodge enough he will catch you with
arms of corruption and come towards you to beat you up. When you are caught in
the black arms coming from the ground then you better hit the left and right
clicks very very fast to get out of it's hold. Use the Reaper if your meter is
full or any other of your wrath powers.... there is no need to hold back
anything now. Use your wrath potion and health potions when you need to, try
not to have your health below 75% at any point of time. Once you defeat the
Avatar, watch the cutscene that follow to clarify some of the important points
remaining in the story.

The story after...

Death sacrifices himself to bring back the Kingdom of Humans. Back on Earth...
after a hundred years of imprisonment, War finally kills the Destroyer and
breaks the seventh seal himself.... Once the seventh seal is broken, four
Horsemen have to come - they should always be four... Death is resurrected and
rides along with Fury and Strife to War and heads into the final battle between
all of the Demon kind and the Angles.

As the war is nearing, you see someone from shadows speak to Lilith and voice
is displeasure over his missing army of Nephilims.... is it Lucifer himself?

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