The Amazing Spider-Man [Review]

The Amazing Spiderman

The movie reboot of Spiderman goes back to the roots of the character and the canon, which is perhaps a relief for some who may have needed therapy for the existence of Spiderman 2 and 3. As with most superhero movie releases, there has to be a game to accompany them. This one is no exception, but this one is actually kind of decent.

You once again play as Peter Parker. Unless you play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, you may not really play as Spiderman as much, but this may change that. It’s the usual third person action that ties in with the movie, letting you swing around New York City, catching criminals in the act, and fighting against supervillains like the Green Goblin, Rhino, and so on.

Gameplay is pretty solid, both in exploration and combat aspects. Web slinging around NYC is quite fun, and the combat system is smooth with the help of responsive controls. The experience system is pretty cool as well, especially with the way you can upgrade Spidey’s abilities and equipment is pretty cool. It does constitute a bit of grinding and repetitive fights though so you can get the higher level upgrades. Boss fights are kind of bland as well, mostly consisting of reading the usual movement patterns and draining the enemy’s life bar. At least it doesn’t consist of quick time events, which would have been worse.

Visually, the game does look pretty good for the most part. However, the environmental design isn’t perfect with buildings looking quite boxy, and the character animations tend to be a bit stiff. The music isn’t done too well though, with tracks that you can just turn off for more awesome covers you can find in YouTube. The load times tend to drag a bit and in-game social media seemed unnecessary and not executed well. The voice acting does save this game a bit though with convincing performances.

For those who have played this, they would know that it does feel like another recent release with the same perspective and gameplay mechanics. Like in this game, Prototype 2 lets you run up buildings, smash everything in your path, and make use of various superpowers to fight bad guys. Only difference is that Prototype 2 pulls this off just a bit better, but The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t too shabby by itself. The web-swinging mechanic is a bit more fun than Prototype 2′s gliding mechanic, even though it’s not always as smooth.

Perhaps what really is the game’s biggest flaw is in how subdued Spiderman is in the game, but that’s because the game actually stays faithful to the character. It would’ve been nice to see Spidey be even more of a wisecrack here, but he’s essentially a goody-two-shoes character. You don’t kill bad guys here, but just knock them out. Comparing this to Prototype games does seem out of place in this context as that game is all about destroying stuff, while this game takes several steps back.

Aside from the main missions, there are also side missions to keep you occupied. You also have comic pages to collect throughout the game, amounting to 700 pages in total. If you’re a completionist, then perhaps you can go beyond the 10+ hours worth in this game. Perhaps if there is every any replay value in it, then it’s mostly because of how fun web slinging is in this game.

It’s no masterpiece, but it’s a pretty solid movie game that can give anyone who play it a good time. If you’re a fan of Spiderman, then this should be a good addition in your collection.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 7/10


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