BORDERLANDS 2 All you need to know… [PREVIEW]


[[Borderlands 2 is a Space Western-First Person shooter-Action Role Playing
game from Gearbox Software due to be released on the XBOX 360, PS3 and the PC on 18th Sept 2012 in the US and on 21st everywhere else in the world.]]

When the trailers for the first Borderlands game came out, everyone thought
that the graphics and the game itself may become one of those industry “what
not to do” jokes. After the release of the game though – which as we all know
was a great critical and commercial success – the game gained a lot of fans who
swore by the game.

Since the end of the first game till now, many of us have been waiting for the
second Borderlands game to be released (and it’s coming out on the 18th of this
month). This preview will cover everything you need to know before you get into
the mania in Pandora along with everyone else.

The New Four…

Maya the Siren – The only recurring class from the first game. Maya doesn’t
have anything in common with Lilith the Siren from the first game apart from
the good looks. Her ability is also changed to Phase-Lock which can hold
opponents in their steed – it’s an inter-dimension enemy incapacitator. Oh! and
the Tatoos are not just for show….Maya’s primary weapons are SMG’s

Zero the Assassin – Nothing much is known about the humanoid looking
hum…err..robo…err…thing. Zero is a replacement of Mordecai the Hunter
from the first game and his special ability is to create a holographic decoy
and vanish for a few seconds. Zero’s primes are Sniper Rifles.

Axton the Commando – The commando is said to be polite, dedicated and most
importantly – deadly. Like Roland from the first game, Axton can also deploy a
scorpio turret (version 2). Axton likes to use Assault Rifles.

Salvadore the Gunzerker – Obviously replacing Brick is the Gunzerker and one
trait he inherits from Brick is that both of them are not very people friendly.
But his best trait is that he can Dual-Weild his guns and go doubly psycho on
the enemies. Even though he can wield anything, Salvadore likes to Dual a
couple of sawn-offs.

Apart from the new characters, the players will come across all the old
characters from the first game during their travels thru the world of Pandora.

The New World Look…

It’s the same place but with a new look. Even though we are still in Pandora,
we get to different parts of the landscape and get to watch different
atmospheres and the most important of them is the new Thundra expanse. One
thing they are making sure is that the environment will not bore us. And along
with that, there’s a new load scheme. In the last game, the gameworld was
loaded as “Skyboxes” which means that only parts of the full landscape were
loaded. This time though, the whole world is being loaded which means that you
can watch the things in distance clearer and farther.

More Story Content…

A known fact was that Borderlands was not made to please the pople paying
attention to the baseline of the game. Infact, we were not given much of a
story base, you are just dropped into a wasteland and are asked to get rid of
everything evil looking. There were very few character interactions and the
players felt lonely for most of the time. The script for Borderlands 2 is said
to be five times the script of the first game although both are considered to
be nearly of the same length. This means more interactions and more dialogue -
in factthere’s said to be at least a couple of lines of dialogue every time the
quest objective changes just to let us know what to do and why we should do it.

New Enemies and more of the Old ones…

Who did not love to blow the head of a psycho or shoot the dynamite in the
hands of a midget? Gearbox promises more of these and also new enemies such as
the Hulking Bullymongs inhabing the wide Thundras. These are great white
creatures which can shame the strength of even Salvadore. Apart from melee
attacks they can also throw huge boulders at the player for considerable damage
We have other new enemies like the Stalkers and the new Hyperion Army. Old
ones like the Bandits, Psychos and Midgets along with larger enemies like the
Threshers also make a comeback. Apart from all of this, nothing little can be
said of the evil founder of Hyperion – Handsome Jack who wants to release The
Warrior (like the Destroyer) to bring chaos to Pandore and on an extension the
whole universe.

The 87 Bazilliondiers…

Of course, to kill enemies you need guns and there are a lot of enemies – but
more guns. Borderlands uses random creation of guns – there’s said to be
millions upon millions of guns or more accurately – 87 Bazillion (confusing
numbers). Well, leaving all that aside, one thing I’m sure of is that there
will never be a drought of weapons or ammo.


Borderlands 2 was recently certified and it got the most loved certification of
M (17+), we just know that it can’t be dull with all that gore, violence and
sexual reference.

If you have the save file from the first game you will be able to take the
“VAULT VETERAN REWARDS” which include exclusive character customization
elements for the new characters.

Four-Player online co-ops make a comeback and the vehicles in the gameworld
have been remodeled to carry four people at any single time…

News on DLCs are already out and one of them is the Mechromancer DLC due to be
released sometime mid-October.


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