Farmville 2 Walkthrough [Guide]


Farmville 2 is the sequel to hugely popular Farmville game from Zynga. Those who have played the original Farmville will be familiar with the basic rules – plant and harvest crops, take care of your farm animals, craft items, and much more.


Farmville 2 requires players to properly maintain their crops and animals and sell them for a profit. They can also craft items for even bigger sales and they can use cash earned to grow even better crops and animals in order to further expand their farm.

3D Animation

The best change in Farmville 2 is the visuals presented within the game. As compared to its predecessor, Farmville 2 utilizes 3D graphics which provides a better representation of all items in the form. Animals and crops can now be seen in multiple directions, giving the game a more detailed and intricate look.


Cash is the main currency within Farmville 2. This is used from everywhere to purchasing seeds and animals, to expanding the farm for crafting and for planting even more crops. Cash can be earned by selling your items and animals.

In turn, Farm Bucks are the premium currency within the game, and these could be used to speed up tasks, as well as purchase premium items and other power-ups. Farm Bucks can be purchased using real life currency, but is not a requirement.


Farming is the main task in Farmville 2. Players must buy seeds and plant them in empty plots. Different crops take different times before they could be harvested, and they must be watered as specific intervals in order for them to yield crops. Players should also closely monitor crops ready for harvest, as they will wilt if you do not collect them after a specific amount of time, although you can ask your friends to revive them.

Crops can be sold outright, or you can store them in order to craft them into even better items. Fertilizer can be used to produce even bigger yields, while speed grow would make crops mature faster, although this requires Farm Bucks to purchase. New crops will become available as you level up. Crops that can be grown in Farmville 2 include corn, tomatoes, sunflowers, carrots, pumpkins, and many more.


Animals such as cows, chickens, and pigs can be raised in the farm as well. In order to them to grow properly, they must be fed feed, which produced in the feed mill. This requires crops, so it is wise to determine as to which seeds you have to plant in order to keep your animals contented. Animals can also be sold, or they can be used to acquire resources needed for crafting such as eggs, cotton, and the like.

New animals can be purchased in the store, but they have to be matured first before being able to collect resources from them. Baby animals need to be fed milk, and milk bottles can either be acquired from friends as gifts, or purchased using Farm Bucks.


Crafting is done at the upper levels, and this feature allows you to create better items from raw materials at hand. Some raw materials for crafted items are produced via crafting as well, so good planning as to what items to acquire is very important. Crafted items can be sold for a lot of cash, as well.


The store is where players are able to buy seed and new animals. They can also use this to purchase additional land as well as other structures that will help increase their capacity for water and other resources. Aside from this, decorations may also be purchased in order to enhance the look of your farm. More items will be unlocked as players level up, so continuous play is a must.

Other Farms

Players may visit their friends’ farms and help out. This will earn them bonus coins, as well as the opportunity to acquire items that are not yet available within their own farm. This is very advantageous especially for those with friends whose farms are much more advanced than theirs.


Of course, constant monitoring of crops and animals is certainly a must. Players must not miss out on the chance to collect on resources, as some of these might be wasted if not gathered on time. It is also very important to plan as to which seeds to plant, whether in anticipation of new animals to be purchased, or of what raw materials would be required for crafting.

Players must also strive to expand on their farm early on, so that they would be able to tend to more crops at the same time. Land expansions take quite a bit of cash, so players must save up and sell their items in order to be able to generate enough money to purchase new land.

Lastly, always make it a point to help out in other people’s farms whenever possible, as it would not only earn you coins and other items, but your friends may return a good deed for another, providing you with gifts that would normally not be accessible to you.


Farmville 2 is able to capture the essence of the original Farmville as most of the game mechanics have remained unchanged. They were also able to introduce new crops, animals, and other items in order to improve upon the previous game without overhauling any of the features that made it such a huge success.

Players old and new alike will be enthralled by the enhanced 3D visuals within the game, as it will be able to render familiar elements in a whole new light. Zynga, the developers behind Farmville 2, aims that the old recipe behind the original Farmville, now visually enhanced, will still be able to capture the essence of the original, allowing it to capture old players as well as a new breed of potential farmers and crafters.

Farmville 2 will be released on Facebook, just like its predecessor. However, no word has been officially released yet if the game would be released for the iOS or Android mobile platforms. Farmville 2 is a social simulation game developed by Zynga.


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