Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition [PREVIEW]

Balders Gate: Enhanced Edition

It’s the dream of every gamer to be able to play a game which was considered to be one of the best of it’s time with enhancements – especially if it’s been over 14 years since the original was released. Overhaul games presents Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, the re-make of the once great dungeons and dragons RPG which ruled the world of RPGs and one which could only be surpassed by it’s successor.

Even though the basic idea is that of a re-make, Overhaul has clearly stated that this one would be something “more” than just a re-make. For instance, the one major changes being incorporated is the alteration of the Bhaalspawn story-line. And another one is the addition of a new tournament which takes place in the ominous sounding “Black Pits”. The change to the story line has not been revealed and you’ll most likely need to play the game to know more about it, but The Black Pit is an entertainment colony build by the dwarves under the slave regime of Baeloth the Entertainer. The quest itself is acquired by magical means – an invitation just pops up with the character from nowhere. The game also features the Sword Coast which was released as an expansion for the original game.

The Black Pits is a non-essential quest line and bears no effect on the completion of the main story line but you just cannot ignore 6hrs of game content. In addition to the story, we also have new characters like Rassad yn Bashir, Neera the Wild Mage and  Dorn IL-Khan. Rassad is a devotee of the Moon goddess and a young Calishite Monk, excelling in both physical and mental endurance. Rassad adds a new quest-line when he’s in the group which takes place in a new location – The Cloud Peaks.

Neera is a young mage just coming to terms with her enormous magical powers. She was kicked out of every place she called home and is being hunted by the Red Wizards of Thay – all because of her wildly uncontrollable magic. It’s just a new surprise  with every spell. Neera is searchin for companions who can help her while being able to withstand her wild side. Neera adds a great romance adventure option and a new location with up-to four hours of game play.

Dorn on the other hand is an evil character addition with the prospect of becoming a champion of Evil. Dorn could be a great addition to the team considering his Black Sword and kit and the powers granted to him by his otherworldly patron. This half-orc Dorm IL-Khan lusts for blood and his quest takes you thru Sword Coast.

Apart from all the above, what really makes the game a must-play is the 400 enhancements made to it’s core. Including graphics, improved multi-player and the new DAD2 rules among many more. The only drawback for the game should be it’s distribution – the game does not use Steam. It comes in the Beamdog client. All in all, for 20$, the game gives a real bargain for a long and eventful adventure.


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