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Pawn Stars is a new interactive social game based off the popular reality series of the same name from A & E Television Networks. It is a simulation game where players can buy and sell rare and precious items as well as haggle with customers in order to get the highest profits possible while building the reputation of your store.


The concept behind Pawn Stars is to purchase items at low costs with the option of cleaning it up afterwards to increase its value. You can then place it in your store and wait for customers to come in where you can haggle for its price. Each sale earns you profits as well as prestige, which you can use to further build your pawn shop empire.


Cash is the basic currency in Pawn Stars. It is used for buying items from customers, as well as for hiring clerks and buying additional storage space. Cash can be earned by selling items back to customers. Some purchases, such as stock rooms and car lots tend to be expensive, so it is advisable to save up and try to earn lots of profits from sales.

Candy is the premium currency within the game and can be purchased using real money. Candy can be used from anywhere to improving customers’ moods, unlocking bonuses, or purchasing premium items from the store.


Clerks are the ones who will be running the store for you. Clerks have different kinds of statistics, namely intelligence, friendliness, and salesmanship. Intelligence lets clerks learn knowledge about products faster, which will earn them certain points and can help you increase the speed of sale as well as potential earnings and prestige, while friendliness can help you better control customers’ moods during haggling. Salesmanship, in turn, can help you get a higher price for your item. Different clerks have different statistics, although clerks with high stats can be purchased given enough candy.

Purchasing Items

Customers come into the store to sell off certain items. Players will now have to haggle with the customer as to the price of the product. Haggling with customers involves increasing or decreasing the offered price. Players must be careful, though, as haggling for a low price may cause the customer’s happiness to decrease, and may cause them to leave the store. Giving customers candy would increase their happiness so you can haggle better.

Once an item has been purchased, you can now place them in your store to sell.

Selling Items

Each item will take some time to sell. Once a customer is interested in a product, he will make an offer, and you can choose to accept it, or move over to the next offer. Cleaning up an item is very helpful, too, as it can increase the price of the item significantly, by as much as 30%. Selling items will not only earn you cash, but prestige, as well.

Items that belong to a certain collection will also earn you significant amounts of cash, so watch out for these, as well.


Prestige acts like XP, and this can be earned by selling items. Each item has its corresponding prestige, so make it can point to check up on this statistic from time to time. Once enough prestige has been earned, the player can then level up, which in turn will be able to unlock even more features within the game.


Experts are entities with vast knowledge on different products. Players may hire their services if they want to assess the value of a certain item, and they would also be able to discover some facts about the product in question. Experts are also able to spot fakes, protecting you and your business. Experts have a star rating which determines how accurate they are with their findings.

Experts also cost money to hire, so make sure to use them only when necessary, such as when handling the sale of high valued or rare items, or when the authenticity of a certain product is in question.

Additional Space

Your shop has a limited space as to how many items it can store as well as how many items it can display. With this, players are able to purchase shelvings or tables so that more items would be able to be put on sale. The Stock Room, in turn, allows players to store their purchased items. However, these cost a lot of money, ranging in thousands of dollars, so make sure to save up before storage space becomes an issue in your shop.

Friends’ Stores

Players can visit other players’ stores. You can help cheer up their customers to improve their moods as well as assist in cleaning up items. These actions will earn you lots of bonuses. Friends can do this on your behalf, as well. A great feature that is not but should be included within Pawn Stars is the ability to trade items with each other. Hopefully, this feature will be made available in later versions of the game.


Continuous play is rewarded within Pawn Stars. Play the consecutively and you can receive bonuses such as candy, cash, or prestige. You can also answer questions based on the show for other bonus items.


Pawn Stars is a great game where players will learn how to manage pricing as well as inventory. It features some items based off actual products from the show, and it is also very informative, displaying some real historical facts about said items. It is also a great way for people to simulate running a business of their own, as it emphasizes the buy and sell model where people have to haggle to get the lowest price when buying items while trying to maximize profit through higher sales.

Even inventory management can be taught within Pawn Stars, as items would have to be stored and put on display. Non-moving items will not earn you a profit, so you must get rid of it even at a breakeven price just so you could free up valuable space. All in all, Pawn Stars can truly be a fun game while being very informative and being able to sharpen our business acumen at the same time.

Pawn Stars is available to play via Facebook. It was developed by A & E Television Networks and is currently in its beta version.


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