Step 1) Start the game…
Step 2) Start shooting like a crazed maniac…..
Step 3) Loot everything that’s left behind….
Step 4) Laugh like an idiot….
Step 5) Repeat from step 1 till (1+1 = 2)

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When you have a thousand guns and million enemies, then all you have time for is – “shoot”. Borderlands 2 is an enhanced version of the first game with added fun and creativity. You just have sooooo many things to do and so many more things to collect like the next set of weapons, or armor mods or class mods and so on that all you can think of is the sheer amount of all of these things. This game isn’t a classy strategy or one that emphasizes on the story or character development. You are thrown into a world filled with dangerous creatures and beings and all you have with you are guns – lots of them. And that makes up the crux of the story – although this game does have a story-line and  a lot more dialogue than the first one.

When you are in the world, it’s not just about you and the enemy; you have to think according to your class of characters. The way you can use your special abilities and transform the world around you into a battle ground with you as the king of it. All you need to think about is how creative you can get with the killing. Your ultimate goal is just looting the hell out of the world. If you wanted a no-nonsense way to kill your time blindly then start up the game and begin shooting. Even though there are a ton of guns – each one will differ from the other because of some augmentation mod or some stat. You get a nearly endless combination of these weapons.

Although some might feel that the graphics may be a bit below par, you have to understand that pixel shading cannot get any better than this. You still have the environment look like the last one but the characters are modeled with more precision. The skill trees of each character type have more customization options than the last game so you can choose the way your character develops up-to a certain extent. Although the basic functionality of each class will remain the same – Sirens use Phaselock, Commandos deploy turrets, Gunzerkers can dual weild and Assassins get temporary cloak; you can still tailor the usage of these skills to a certain extent to match your play-style.

The best thing however has to be the four-player option where you can connect and play with three other players from the internet. The addition of each player means that the enemies get stronger and the loot will get scarcer since more players will be competing for the same bit of drops. If you want to get the most out of the game then make sure you are always playing in a group of four and keep re-assigning your skill points to see what more your character can do. You will always be rewarded and there will never be a dearth of loot or enemies.

Coming to the plot of the game – as mentioned earlier – it’s noting great but that’s what pushes the game forwards and you have enough of a plot line to keep you going for a long time. The game continues from the end of the last one and this time the Hyperion Corporation meddles with the peace. You will have enough story to fell that you are doing something for a certain purpose – and in the middle of all the loot and enemies, this is probably the best thing – having a coherent story line that makes sense. You cannot ask for anything more from a game like Borderlands 2 but you still have the sense of humor coming in from the first game.

The game can make you laugh out loud which very few games can accomplish – at the same time, it gives you a sense of achievement. The total play length is 30hrs and you have a ton of side-mission to try out. Even if you complete the game once, you will notice that the game has a great re-play value. The last thing to mention is the difference between the consoles and the PC – a great PC obviously provides for a great gaming experience and this fact is becoming much clearer as the days pass by and the same consoles are still in use. Anyway, the game is definitely worth every dollar you spend on it and is a definite great play.

Score: 9/10


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