Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Unlocking Secret Characters [Guide]

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the latest installment in the Tekken series of fighting games – and the successor to the first Tekken game that allowed tag team based action – has recently been released for game consoles. It also boasts one of the widest rosters of players available in the series, with over 50 playable characters. Like most games, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 also features some hidden characters, and this article will describe how to get these characters available for play.

The good news is that Namco Bandai has already announced that all characters will be made available free of charge. This is anti-thesis to most fighting games where extra characters often come with a price. Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada had earlier promised this, and it is a promise that Namco Bandai games aims to keep. For them, restricting access to other characters would be unfair to other players, and giving players the DLC free of charge would also interest players to play as these “exclusive” characters.

Out of the 59 players featured within the game, 10 of them would be included as console DLCs. Aside from these, several characters that are not available in the arcade version of the game would be exclusive to home consoles. These include Alex from Tekken 2, Forest Law from Tekken 3, and Prototype Jack from the first Tekken. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 also features the exclusive character Combot, which is a training dummy whose movesets players can customize as well as train with. Combot is also an unlockable character, with qualities similar to Mokujin or Tetsujin from previous Tekken games.

Combot can be unlocked via the Fight Lab mode. It will also be the first time that players will be able to see the character. Once players have cleared the Fight Lab, then Combot will become available for play, but only during offline play as well as for non-ranked online play.

Characters confirmed as DLC are listed below, and finishing the game with any of the other characters will not unlock them, as compared to previous installments such as Tekken 3. Four unlockable characters have already been announced as free DLCs, while six other characters have not yet been officially announced but have already been confirmed to be unlockable as well. All that’s for certain, however, is that all characters are already in the game disc and players need only acquire the required DLC in order to unlock said characters.

Characters that have already been announced as a DLC include – Michelle Chang from Tekken 1; Kunimitsu, Yoshimitsu’s sub-boss in the original Tekken game; Ancient Ogre, True Ogre’s original form from Tekken 3, and Angel, Devil’s palette swap from Tekken 2. These characters can be unlocked in two ways. Gamers can either pre-order the game before its release, or they would have to wait until Namco Bandai officially releases the DLC. For the latter, they would be able to get the download code to unlock their characters much earlier, giving them the advantage of seeing and mastering these characters’ moves at an earlier time.

Six other characters that are unlockable but whose unlock methods have not yet been officially announced include – Doctor Gepetto Boskonovitch, creator of Jack and Alex and was a playable character in Tekken 3; Miharu Hirano, Ling Xiaoyu’s alternate costume and was playable as a separate character in Tekken 4; Sebastian, Lili’s butler who has appeared is Lili’s endings in Tekken 5 and 6 and would make his debut as a playable character; Unknown, who also served as the final boss in the original Tekken Tag Tournament and who borrows from Jun Kazama’s movesets along with other boss level maneuvers; Violet, alter-ego of Lee Chaolan and Heichachi Mishima’s adopted son as well as the creator of Combot; and Slim Bob, who is a trimmer version of Bob that appeared in Bob’s ending in Tekken 6. As previously mentioned, these six characters have not yet been officially announced as unlockable, but word is that they could also be accessed via DLC at a later date.

This brings Tekken tag Tournament’s roster to a total of 59 players that gamers can play as can customize. The addition of Combot into the game also allows players to, in a way, customize their own player and create their own custom movesets. This makes Tekken Tag Tournament 2 the Tekken game, to date, with the largest selection of characters both regular and unlockable, providing players with hundreds or even thousands of hours to experiment with their favorite fighters and form their own superior teams for both online and offline play.

However, players would have to wait for the release of the DLC from Namco Bandai to be able enjoy these additional characters, or they can unlock Combot early by testing out Fight Lab, with the added incentive of them being able to test out the new game mechanics and various movesets included within the game. As for the others, they can either proeorder the game and be able to unlock these various unlockables early, or they may simply wait for the DLC to be released.

What’s sure, however, is that the DLC for the first four characters will be provided for absolutely free, and that the developers behind Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will also be releasing six other unlockables at no charge at all. Players can thus play as their favorite pair from all previous Tekken titles, and they could be able to create teams comprised of super teams as well as “alternate-reality” teams such as Bob and Slim Bob, Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu, Tiger Jackson and Eddy Gordo (or even Christie Montero), and tons more. Of course, the addition of Combot as well as the tons of customization and weaponries that can be equipped, in addition to the various modes playable within the game, will certainly make Tekken tag Tournament 2 one of the best games to acquire this season. Pre-order the game now and get one of the biggest rosters available in any fighting game.


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