Guardian Cross Walkthrough [Guide]

Guardian Cross

Guardian Cross is a game developed by Square Enix, a company more popularly known by its Final Fantasy series of games. This influence is greatly seen in this mobile card game, as RPG elements are still very much in effect. Also, the game references several monsters and characters within the series such as Leviathan and the mandragoras.

Guardian Cross requires players to hunt and capture monsters, or Guardians, which would then be playable as cards. Players will then battle each other using their own deck of monsters, and they must plan and strategize their moves well in order to attain victory. Each creature has their own skills, and these skills could also be customized in order to create a more formidable roster of powerful allies.

There are different types of currencies that are used within the game. Guardian Points are used to enhance and combine guardians in order to make them more formidable. Hunting Tickets are used to access hunting areas where players can capture guardians. Coliseum points, in turn, are used to access the PvP or the multiplayer feature included within the game. Some of these may also be acquired via treasure chests found within the main storyline.

Friend points and coliseum points are earned whenever you play in the Coliseum. The former can be used to purchase items such as hunting tickets and coliseum passes, and having high coliseum points will also make you eligible for greater rewards.

Coins are the premium currency within the game. This can be used to access additional features in order to get the chance to acquire rare Guardians, as well as purchase items such as Recovery potions which would help you recover Action Points (AP) faster. These cost real life currency to acquire.

Guardians need to be acquired before they can be put into play. With this, they must access Hunting grounds where they have 60 seconds to acquire as many creatures as they can. This is portrayed via FPS mechanics where you have to shoot at monsters until their energy is depleted. Once they have been captured, they would then be included in your deck. Depending on the hunting area, players will the chance to acquire either common or rare guardians.

Access to Hunting Areas will cost Hunting tickets.

Each Guardian has differing stats. They also have different types and affinities which will affect how you play and combine them in your deck. With regards to type, while one statistic is enhanced, one will drop, so you will have to plan ahead as to which statistic you would like to improve and which you would be able to sacrifice.

Guardians can also be combined in order to produce stronger monsters, and magic stones may be used to improve a specific statistic. Each Guardian is ranked from 1 to 5, ranging from common (1) to rare (5). Of course, the rarer the Guardian, the more powerful they are, although more skilled players can find use for even the more common cards.

Players can capture and maintain as many Guardians as they want. However, only ten can be carried in your deck during battle.

Guardian Cross has a story and a plot which would require you to go through towns and dungeons to battle either other players or stray Guardians. You cannot participate actively in the battle, although the outcome would depend on how you arranged your deck before each fight.

PvP battles between other players are available within the game. This is a good way to improve on your playing style, and online leaderboards will also challenge you to become one of the best card battlers out there. In addition, people can also refer other players to the game, and those using your unique referral code will allow you to acquire rare Guardians as well.

Enjoy capturing monsters and combining them in order to create even more powerful creatures. Go through the engaging storyline and battle the best players from around the world in this great card battle game from Square Enix for the iOS.


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