Rail Rush Walkthrough [Guide]

Rail Rush

Rail Rush is a free online game developed by Miniclip, and those familiar with the popular game Temple Run would find themselves quickly acquainted with this endless adventure game. Collect gold nuggets and last for as long as possible as you ride your cart along disconnected tracks where several obstacles stand between you and getting the highest possible score.

Gameplay in Rail Rush is very similar to Temple Run. Simply last for as long as you can while collecting gold nuggets. You can jump, switch tracks, and duck in order to avoid crashing or falling into the abyss below. You can also purchase other items on the store to help you along as you travel into the various stages or worlds in the game. There are even hidden worlds that would require you to have a keen eye as well as lighting quick reflexes to access.

Nuggets, Gems, and Eggs
Gold nuggets are the prime currency within the game. these are collected in game, and all you have to do is reach out in order to grab them. Nuggets can also be collected by cashing in eggs collected during each stage or hatching them, although the latter method is a sort of gamble, as some eggs may not contain any items at all. For those who would like to take risks, however, eggs can also award you with hundreds of coins, although this may be a rare occurrence, so cashing them in would be the safe course of action to do if you are not that much of a risk taker.

Gems are special types of items that can also be collected while you ride the tracks. These can be worth ten or more nuggets apiece, so always make it a point to watch out for these and collect them whenever they show up.

The store is where you can purchase upgrades and other items that will be able to help you along during your ride. Some of these cost an insane amount of nuggets and can only be used once, meaning once you use it in a stage, you will have to purchase it again, so make sure that you spend your hard earned nuggets wisely.

Extra characters may be purchased and can be switched during each ride. Each character has their own respective permanent buffs or upgrades, such as being able to destroy all left or right side planks, giving you less to worry about. Buying characters cost 50,000 nuggets a piece, though.

Cart Items
Cart items are buffs that you can equip to your cart, and these can help you last longer in the game. Some items protect you again certain items for a specific number of times before breaking, while magnets help you collect coins and other items without having to reach out and grab them.

Extras are extra items that can either be permanent or temporary, and these can provide you with benefits such as increased or decreased speed, the ability to destroy obstacles, and even provide you with an extra life, among others. Some of these items can be used during the game by pressing the Use Item button.

Rail Rush requires players to have very quick hand eye coordination, as they will find themselves swiping and tilting frantically in order to avoid the obstacles and track switches, which would grow in frequency as you go farther along the cave. Your cart would also increase in speed further along. There are also various missions that can be completed during the game, and completing a certain number of missions will you lots of gold nuggets as a reward. Missions include running a certain distance at a specific track, accessing certain worlds a specific number of times, or performing actions a certain number of times. As with Temple Run, players must take a certain balance between finishing missions, collecting nuggets, and trying to avoid all the obstacles along your way.

Of course, save up on your nuggets and only purchase items whenever necessary.


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