PES 2013 – Budget Master League Online Players [Guide]

PES 2013

In the Online Master League mode of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, the race is on to sign players in order to create the ultimate team. However, with a limited budget, you cannot get a team of superstars with impressive stats all around straight away. A little searching and scouting, though, will reveal some high quality players that you can include into your roster without making a huge dent in your budget. This article lists down some of the more affordable but very useful players within Pro Evo 2013.

Marco Ruben
Playing the center forward position, this Argentinean footballer has pretty decent dribbling and passing ability. He also has good shot accuracy and ball control, as well as speed. This, along with a market value of 899,447, makes him a very decent acquisition and can work great as a second-stringer.

Zidan costs 1,115,024 to acquire, and he is well worth the price as this center fielder and striker has decent stats all around, excelling in ball control, dribbling, and explosiveness. He also combines this with good jumping ability as well as several other abilities that make him great when introduced late in the game.

This Japanese born player comes very cheap with a 1,164,056 price tag for acquisition, though he can be seen as a great buy due to his ability to play multiple positions. Though ranking a bit low in most areas, he has pretty decent dribbling and top speeds, making him great as a filler when your starters need some time to rest or when requiring one good offensive run.

Matias F.
Hailing from Chile, this midfielder is one of the pricier budget players at 2,389,158, although he has very decent skills all around, maybe with the exception of having poor defense. He also has various skillcards that can be put into play, turning any team that has him into a very explosive and exciting roster to play as.

Luiz Adriano
Luiz Adriano is a Center Forward hailing from Brazil. Having a market value of 748,057, he will be able to fit well into any budget and he has very decent ball handling and attacking skills that he can contribute to the team. Add to this his good jumping ability as well as high top speed and explosiveness, and you have a player that can be very instrumental when requiring fast paced action.

P. Aubameyang
P. Aumabeyang comes with a market value of 1,014,859, and he comes with high explosiveness, responsiveness, and speed that is a great asset for any team. Aumabeyang is also capable of playing at both sides of the wing, making him a great sub for superstars playing at either position. He also possesses good stamina, making him a very optimal second stringer or filler especially when the rest of the bench is on recovery.

Lamela is another budget player from Argentina, this time playing the Second Striker position but also capable of playing other positions. While Lamela is a bit pricey for a budget player with a 1,977,115 market value, he does score good stats all around, excelling in dribbling accuracy and ball control. He also has several skill cards available, making him a very versatile player to use and include in your team.

De Marcos
De Marcos is a Spanish footballer capable of playing almost anywhere in the Middle Field position. However, his actual position is as Second Striker. While not posting exemplary stats in any particular area, he does have decent levels all around, and he also has very high stamina and teamwork skills, making him capable of scoring goals when you least expect it. He also has solid skills, capable of helping out the team whenever he can when the opportunity arises. De Marcos costs just 1,104,061 to acquire.

R. Sterling
Raheem Sterling is a young stalwart from England, costing 1,459,408 to acquire. A left midfielder, Sterling has great speed and stamina, as well as very high agility and dribbling skills. Despite his low price, Sterling could very easily be a starting player in the right hands. He can also be used as a great dummy runner, capable of breaking down the defense for an easy goal.

Verratti from Italy has a pretty steep market value of 1,388,183, but having him on your team is definitely a steal. Possessing good stats all around, the defensive midfielder excels in dribbling and passing, and can be trusted to handle the ball. If you have the budget to spare, then definitely count Verratti among the shortlist of players to purchase.

The PES database has a lot more information on player skills and prices. Be sure to check them out as you may stumble on a gold mine, a player with decent stats and is affordable as well. For the team with the limited budget, look at these players or try to find your own in order to create your own formidable roster.


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