Jagged Alliance Online Walkthrough [Guide]

Jagged Alliance Online

Jagged Alliance Online is an adventure game that requires players to take on the role of a company of mercenaries as they travel around the globe and take on missions that require strategic combat skills. To begin, you would only need to name your company and hire your first mercenary, and you would soon be on your way to sign your first contract.

In Jagged Alliance, players must participate in battles that are turn based in nature. Performing actions will cost Action Points or AP. You must also hide and use the terrain in order to have a good offensive or defensive point. The better your attack or action, the more AP it will cost. Once all your AP has been consumed, then your turn is over.

Mercenaries can be hired and fired, and each has varying stats that you can use during battle. Some are food marksmen, while some are designated as healers or mechanics. Different mechanics cost different amounts to hire, so watch out which mercenary to select depending on your budget, needs, and personal strategy.

Jagged Alliance requires you to finish certain missions in order to proceed with the plot within the bay. Outside of the main storyline, however, there are certain achievements that can be met, and reaching these objectives will earn you bonus items and other extras. You can play a level in order to reach the objective, and then restart the level in order to do the actual play.

Leveling Up
Mercenaries level up as you use them. Once they increase in level, body and weapon stat points will be provided to you. You can allocate these depending on your liking so that you would be able to have a more powerful mercenary that you can use in further missions.

Several items can be picked up at the shop to provide you with an advantage in the field. These include shields which will you defend against attacks better, as well as health items that will help you regenerate energy. Explosives can also come in pretty handy, as a well placed grenade or plastic explosive can be really devastating when timed properly or shot at. Of course, these cost money so only buy what you need. Armor, weapons, and other special items may also be available.

Mercenaries are able to merge or combine items in order to create more powerful items. This typically involves merging on item with another, and then merging that item with another component, and so on. Several tries may be done in order to come up with a successful merge, however.

Of course, having the right mercenaries on the field would be extremely important. Proper spacing and positioning is also necessary in order to win the level. Also, watch out for their stats and have them drink from their canteens when they are thirsty, or have a medic heal them when their health is low. Also, watch out for your AP points and manage them carefully so that you will be able to both attack your enemies and be in a more favorable position at the end of the turn.

Jagged Alliance is one of the best strategy action games out there, requiring players to manage not just the action, but their mercenaries’ happiness as well. Gamers will have their command skills tested out, and they can also battle other players for honor and ranking points, which would allow them to unlock even new gear that they can equip. For great turn based mercenary action unlike any other, not much comes close to Jagged Alliance.


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