Bad Piggies Walkthrough [Guide]


Bad Piggies was developed by Rovio, the same guys who brought you the smash hit Angry Birds. Bad Piggies is also part-sequel, part-prequel, and part-revenge for all the damage caused by those bad-tempered avian. In this game, players must design ingenious vehicles from various parts in order to reach the intended goal and gather eggs.

Like Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is a puzzle based strategy game. Instead of hurling birds at structures, however, Bad Piggies require players to use limited resources to build makeshift vehicles that they can use to travel from one point of the map to another, ultimately reaching their goals and preferably achieving other sidequests such as collecting stars as well. Be careful, though, and watch out for obstacles that may block your way or might even cause you to crash.

Tools are the actual parts that you will be using to construct your vehicle. Each has their own effects, and some can be activated by clicking on them. Attachment is automatically done, all you have to do is drag the pieces onto corresponding blocks, place your pig inside your makeshift vehicle, and send it rolling or flying away.

Bellows and fans give you that extra speed requiring when momentum is needed to traverse certain areas. TNT can be used to destroy obstacles that may block your path. Soda bottles, in turn, can be used to provide you with that extra boost and can even make you fly certain distances, depending on where you position the open end. Balloons can let you hover, and umbrellas more or less serve the same purpose, along with the added benefit of being able to break your fall. Lastly, motors can help boost tools such as bellows and fans to give you that extra push when the situation calls for it. Of course, there are your basic blocks and wheels that will form the main foundation of your vehicle.

There are a limitless variety of ways that you can mix and match the tools provided to you. Sometimes, even the craziest of arrangements are the ones that work best. Thus, it is never a bad thing to experiment and see what else you can come up with, and if it ends with a crash, then you can simply restart the level and try again.

Stars are strewn all over the map. Players can pick them up as they move along the map, and if they get enough number of stars, they would be able to unlock extra levels. Skulls can also be found which can also be used to unlock extra stages. Being able to capture stars and skulls can also increase your score, so be sure to get these, aside from the added benefit of being able to unlock extra levels. Being able to finish the course within a certain amount of time will also earn you an additional star.

Bad Piggies is a game that will be able to test your engineering skills to the fullest. It requires an understanding of all the tools given to you, and how they would all work together in order to serve its intended purpose. Timing is also essential, especially when activating soda bottles, bellows, and the like. Of course, do not forget to get those stars in order to achieve the highest score. Always remember, too, that each level is solvable, so do not get too frustrated if you crash and burn during the first few attempts.

In Bad Piggies, it’s your time to play as the bad guys, show those Angry Birds who the boss is in Rovio’s new installment in the war between birds and pigs. It was released on a multitude of platforms on September 27th to download.


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