FIFA 13 – Best Young Players [Guide]


FIFA 13 has been released for a couple of weeks now, and even so people have been clamoring to create the best teams that their imagination, and budget, can allow in career mode. Of course, there are current superstars who have made their mark in football history, but you would also like to acquire players with the youth and potential to build your franchise around in the many years to come. Thus, this article aims to list down just some of the best, and youngest players that you can acquire in order to build your own formidable team. To be included in this list, the player must have the youth, the skills, and most importantly, the room and potential for even better growth. Thus, superstars like Messi and Ozil, who have arguably reached the peak of their careers, would no longer be up for contention.

Neymar da Silva Santos is a Brazilian forward. Despite being only 20, Neymar has risen above the ranks as one of the most promising footballers out there. With an overall ranking of 85, Neymar excels in dribbling and making plays. He is an all around player that can finish with amazing energy. In FIFA 13, Neymar exudes tons of potential and growth, making him a great investment regardless of his market value.

Mario Balotteli
Mario Balotteli, at age 22, has firmly established himself as a star player in Manchester since 2010 (although this probably has more to do with his off-the-field antics). An extremely powerful player, Balotteli still has a lot of room for improvement, and having him in your roster will provide you with the opportunity to mold this overall 84 ranked player into something you can work your team around. Of course, his flashy attitude and fancy demeanor would make your roster that much more interesting.

Jack Wilshere
Hailing from England, this Arsenal midfielder is a great addition to any team. At 20, Wilshere can play multiple positions, and with a potential of 90, he can really be molded into a superstar in the many years left in his career. His lack of height, at just five foot, eight inches, might be a slight disadvantage, though, but that is something that you can work through, and his abilities more than make up for his shortcomings.

Stevan Jovetic
Jovetic, at 22, shows tremendous promise with amazing potential and room for growth. As a second striker, this footballer from Montenegro possesses great ball control and dribbling abilities. If taken care of properly, Jovetic can easily become the next Roberto Baggio, who most critics compare him to. Who knows, under your tutelage, the overall ranked 83 might just surpass the retired Italian superstar.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen
Ter Stegen is a German goalkeeper, and at a very young age, he has established himself as a very aggressive player for you defence. In the right hands, players can form the backbone of their defensive end around this 20 year old. Though one of the more lower ranked players on this list, ter Stegen shows one of the most continual growth in the coming seasons and can really come out firing on all cylinders  from the start of the first season.

Allesio Cragno
Allesio Cragno is an eighteen year old goalkeeper, Cragno ranks low at the beginning of the season, but progresses much better and faster as the season progresses. A great defensive stopper, Cragno possesses great reflexes and will really chase the ball when needed. He is also a great buy, allowing you to spend more on better players while molding Cragno into one of the more capable players in your roster.

Juan Manuel Iturbe
Iturbe, from FC Porto, plays as a forward but can also work on the right wing, and he shows one of the best rankings when it comes to growth. At just nineteen years of age, this Argentine footballer has the potential to ranked well above the 80s, despite a rather mediocre start. By steering Iturbe in the right direction, you can surely turn him into a certified superstar in the coming seasons.

Viktor Fischer
Fischer, from Denmark, is only eighteen years old, but this midfielder has the potential for amazing growth within the next few years. He will be able to provide you with overall offensive skills that can potentially make him a threat even from any side of the field, though he primarily works from the left side. Getting Fischer signed to your team, in the right hands, will surely be one of the sweetest deals that you’ll ever make.

Luke Shaw
Shaw, who plays left back for Southampton, has amazing potential at 83 from a starting rank of 58. At sixteen years of age, Shaw can provide your club with years and years of exemplary service with his pace, tenacity, and dribbling control. Players will surely love to have this extremely talented and technically gifted player in their roster.

Lucas Piazon
Piazon, at 19, shows an amazing potential to grow from a ranking of 61 to 85. The Brazilian striker can also play other positions, giving players the ability to place him wherever he is most needed. He also possesses powerful kicking and passing abilities that will make him a great attacker. In his young age, he can be the prime offensive weapon in your roster in the many years that he can be in your club.

Ouasim Bouy
Ouasim hails from the Netherlands and is currently playing for Juventus as midfielder. At 19, he shows tremendous greatness in the years to come, with the potential to grow for up to an overall ranking of 87. Expect great things to come from Bouy, so grab him early and reap the benefits of having a budget player that you can mold into a superstar for your franchise.

There are tons of other players that you can sign to your teams, and most of them have the amazing potential to be superstars in the years to come. Look for the perfect player to sign, and manage them well in order to make them improve and reach their full potential. With the right management, you can turn your roster into a formidable team that can dominate both ends of the field.


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