Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 FAQ/Walkthrough [Guide]

Pokemon Black and White Version 2

Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 are the first numbered sequels in Pokemon history, picking up from where the events of the original Black and White left off. Use this guide to as an aid on your journey through the Unova Region to discover what has changed, and to train your Pokemon to be as strong as possible.

Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2
Written by Dalton “Horror Spooky” Cooper
Copyright 2012 Cheat Masters

NOTE: The events of both Pokemon Black Versions 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 are basically the same. There are minor differences between content, such as the types of Pokemon that can be found in either game. For the purpose of this guide, I played Pokemon Black Version 2.

1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
Aspertia City
Route 19
Floccesy Town
Route 20
Floccesy Ranch
Floccesy Town (2)
Aspertia City (2)
Route 20 (2)
Virbank City
Virbank Complex
Virbank City (2)
Pokestar Studios
Virbank City (3)
Castelia City
Castelia Sewers

Two years have passed since the events of Pokemon Black and White. The Unova region has seen many changes, and now a new Pokemon journey is about to begin!

Circle pad – Move
D-pad – Move
X – Menu
B – Cancel/Run
A – Examine
Start – N/A
Touchscreen – Menu navigation

Once you start the game, there will be a few introductory questions. Professor Juniper will introduce herself, and ask you things that she should know just by looking at you. For example, are you a boy or a girl? What is your name? What is your rival’s name? And all that jazz. Go through the process and then you will be ready to begin your Pokemon adventure!

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After a short cut-scene, in which your mother receives a phone call from Professor Juniper, you will have control of your character in your bedroom. Speak with your mom and she will explain a bunch of things to you that you probably already know. She’ll tell you to find Bianca, who can be told apart from everyone else by her “big green hat”.

Exit your house and then go north. Your rival and his sister will stop you, and then your rival will start following you around as you go looking for Bianca. Keep moving north through town until you see a set of stairs to the left. Go up the stairs and at the top you’ll find Bianca looking out at the route.

Speak with Bianca. After the conversation is over, she’ll offer you your first Pokemon! There are three different Pokemon to choose from and they are of the three different traditional types. Your choices are as follows:

Snivy (Grass type)
Tepig (Fire type)
Oshawott (Water type)

Pick whatever Pokemon you’d like. Depending on the type of Pokemon you pick, your partner will have the opposite Pokemon type. So, if you picked the fire type Tepig, the your rival will have water type Pokemon Oshawott, which is super-effective against Tepig. Regardless, pick whatever Pokemon you like best, nickname if you’d like, and then continue the conversation with Bianca.

Bianca will then give you the Pokedex. As you go to leave, your rival will express annoyance that you got a Pokedex and he didn’t, so then Bianca will give him a Pokedex as well. Then speak with your rival to have your first Pokemon battle. Battles play out exactly as they have since forever, as turn-based RPGs, so just keep attacking your rival’s Pokemon until they are defeated.

Following the battle, Bianca will take you to the Pokemon Center and explain its functions. Go inside and heal your Pokemon. As you exit the Pokemon Center, she will give you Pokeballs as a gift. Then you will be approached by two other people that give you Running Shoes, which are automatically equipped. To use these, hold B to make your character run.

Bianca will then leave onto Route 19. Go all the way north to move through the building that separates the wilderness from Route 19. You will be stopped on your way through and given a Potion as a present.

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Bianca will then explain the basics of catching Pokemon. To catch a Pokemon, damage it, then throw a Pokeball, and hopefully it will be captured. When Bianca is done, she will leave, which gives you the opportunity to start exploring Unova at your own leisure. Move into the tall grass to face wild Pokemon. There are a lot of Purrloins in this area in case you are looking to catch a new Pokemon.

In this initial screen, there are two people hanging around, but they aren’t trainers that you can battle. They offer little tidbits that are painfully obvious. There is an item in plain view in the middle of tall grass a bit to the north. Grab it, as it is a Potion. If your Pokemon gets hurt too bad out here, don’t hesitate to rush back to Aspertia City and heal it at the Pokemon Center before continuing.

Further down the route, Alder will yell at you from a cliff. He’ll the jump down and approach you before leading you into Floccesy Town to the east.

Alder will run off in Floccesy Town, leaving you free to explore the area. Visit the first house to the east of the Pokemon Center. Inside, speak to the old man that is sitting in front of the television set, and he will give you a Potion.

Outside, there is nothing else to do except go to Alder. Move to the north, and Alder will ask if you’re ready to go training. However, he notices that you have two maps on you, one for yourself and one that is meat for your rival. Alder says that your rival is out on Route 20 training, so before Alder will help train you, you need to deliver the map.

To reach Route 20, move north and then follow the lone path to the east.

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There are actually trainers here to battle! The first trainer you’ll fight is a Youngster that has a very low-level Patrat. A Lass will be next, with a low-level Purrloin, but and then another Youngster as you follow the path, also with a Patrat. None of these trainers will be much of a fight, and can all easily be defeated. Use them to level up your Pokemon.

In the meantime, the tall grass will yield a higher variety of Pokemon than before, including types other than just the “normal” type Pokemon. If you want to catch a few new ones, then I suggest walking around the grass a bit and moving back and forth between here and Floccesy Town to toughen up your Pokemon.

Continue following the path. There will be an item on the ground that has a Paralyze Heal. Grab it and then continue. To the east will be a hiker blocking the way until you’ve gotten your first badge. Go west, then north, and you will be at the Floccesy Ranch.

Move north, and then move through the fence. Your rival will then show up and challenge you to another battle. Before engaging in this battle, make sure you have a Pokemon that is at least level 8. After the battle with your rival, the man and woman that own the ranch show up.

It seems that they have misplaced the Herdier, and your rival, like any self-respecting human being, flips his lid and goes desperately searching for the Pokemon. Go deeper into the ranch by moving west to help him look for Herdier.

There will be a pile of hay in the middle of this area. If you go south, you can find a trainer to fight as well as a Pokeball. When you’re done exploring, move north. Your rival will run up and be excited that you are starting to walk around the rest of the ranch, and then move on ahead of you. Follow him up the stairs, battle with the trainers, and then continue around the corner.

As you move through the trees, there will be a couple of items lying around as well as a couple of trainers, but there’s nothing tough here, especially if you did a bit of grinding to get at least one of your Pokemon to level 8 before doing this, as I suggested.

The Herdier will be found being trapped by a member of Team Plasma. Speak with him. Hilariously, he’ll throw TM Frustration at you, and the run off. Your rival will show up with the ranch people, and the freak out on the ranchers for not taking better care of their Pokemon before he storms off again.

Exit the ranch. If you’re not interested in battling with more wild Pokemon, then use the ledges to exit quicker. You can speak with the ranchers again if you’d like, but otherwise head back to Floccesy Town.

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Back at Floccesy Town, go to Alder’s school. He will speak with you and decide that you’ve become too powerful for training, and rather he’ll use you to train his students. Stop at the Pokemon Center to heal up, and then check the left side of the school building for a hidden item.

Inside the school, you will first battle a male student. This student will have a Pokemon that is the type that is weak against your starter Pokemon, I believe. In my game, it was a Pansear (fire-type), but if you chose a different starter than me, then it will either be Pansage (grass-type), or Panpour (water-type).

The purpose of this section is to teach you about different Pokemon types and how the different types alter battle situations. Since the first Pokemon is weak against your Pokemon, use an elemental attack on it to defeat it soundly. The next person will have the Pan-Pokemon that will be super-effective against your starter, so switch to using tackle or another non-elemental attack to have the advantage. Don’t worry about healing your Pokemon, as Alder will heal them up between battles.

After these battles are over, Alder will suggest that you return to the first town to get your first gym badge. Exit the school. You will be confronted by a gentleman that will introduce the achievement system to you. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 have achievements in the form of medals. He’ll give you a medal box and explain that you can find him in Pokemon Centers. For more information about medals, check out our Medal Guide:

Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 Medal Guide

In the meantime, return to Aspertia City.

Back at Aspertia City, go to the Pokemon Gym in town, which can be found on the west side of town. Go inside and speak with the children in front of the chalkboard. The one farthest from the chalkboard will give you an item. Then continue to the end of the gym.

Inside of the gym, you will be greeted by Cheren, one of the rivals from the original Black and White. Speak with Cheren, and then he will explain that you have to defeat the other two trainers in the room before continuing. They are not too tough, but I recommend that you have your Pokemon at level 13 before tackling this gym.

Defeat the two trainers in the gym that are standing on the battlegrounds. When they are defeated, go to a Pokemon Center and heal up before confronting Cheren. When you’re ready to fight him, go back to the gym and climb the tower he is standing on, and speak with him to begin the battle.

Cheren has two Pokemon, one Patrat and one Lillipup that is level 13. The Lillipup is his main Pokemon. If you have any Pokemon at least level 13, then this battle should be a piece of cake. He only has normal-type Pokemon, so elemental attacks will not a play a significant role during this battle. It’s just a straight-on battle.

When Cheren is defeated, he will surrender the Basic Badge as well as a move. Exit the gym and Bianca will be there to greet you and offer another TM. She’ll also activate the online features of the game and add a few contacts in the Xtransceiver. Cheren will come out and do the same, and then there will be a four way conversation with Professor Juniper.

Your rival shows up and then challenges Cheren to a battle. Cheren complies and returns to the gym. Rest at the Pokemon Center and gather whatever supplies you feel are necessary. When you try to leave town, Bianca will suggest that you head to the city that is past Floccesy Town, where the next gym leader lives.

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ROUTE 20 (2)
Return to Floccesy Town and then continue to Route 20. Remember the Hiker that wouldn’t let you through before? Now he will since you have the Basic Badge! Do battle with him and then continue down the stairs. Face the trainer here, and then when you move forward, you’ll run into your rival and Cheren will show up as well.

Cheren will lead you and your rival south to a patch of dark grass. It is explained that at some points in this dark grass, two Pokemon will appear simultaneously, which equates to doubles battle with wild Pokemon. Cheren will then leave as your rival rushes into the dark grass to search for Pokemon.

If you have yet to acquire a second or third Pokemon, now is a good time to do it. This dark grass contains a variety of Pokemon that are all about level 10, which is a great level to catch and raise that this juncture. The wild Pokemon in the regular tall grass in the area are much less powerful, often in the level 2-4 range, and are virtually useless. I recommend trying to catch a bug-type Pokemon as the next gym is weak against poison types (itself being a poison-based gym).

When you reach the building that connects Route 20 with Virbank City, you’ll notice two Twins trainers hanging out near it. They will leave you alone if you only have one Pokemon, but they will do battle if you have at least two Pokemon with you, as this is supposed to be the introductory doubles battle. They are easily defeated as they only have two level 9 Sunkerns, but it’s worth the experience. Don’t face them with an Oshawott/Sunkern combo, as that kind of battle will be slow-going and boring.

Train your Pokemon a bit here and defeat all the trainers for XP. When the area has been sufficiently cleared, continue through the building to the east to head to Virbank City, where the next gym leader awaits!

Upon entering Virbank City, a short scene will play that sort of sets up the little story of the town. Roxie, the gym leader/rock star, is having a little problem. Her father, a ship captain, is refusing to leave until he gets his shot at cinema fame. This angers Roxie, and her father, meanwhile, goes to film his movies.

After that introduction, it’s time to explore Virbank City, and there are a nice amount of goodies to acquire here. The house across the street from the Pokemon counter to the east has an item in it if you are willing to talk to the folks inside. Be sure to stop at the Pokemon Center to buy new items, heal your Pokemon, and speak to Mr. Medal.

Walk around the city and speak to everyone you see to get a feel for the place. In the southwestern part of Virbank, there will be a wide house with a blue roof. Check the trashcan to the left of it for a hidden item. Then go inside and speak to the person who runs the daycare there (human daycare) to receive another item.

For now, there’s nothing else to do in Virbank City. From the daycare, move south and you will enter the famous Virbank Complex.

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As soon as you enter Virbank Complex, take a right through the tall grass. There will be an item here as well as stairs to climb down. Go down the stairs and speak with the old man at the bottom. He is willing to trade you a Great Ball for a regular Pokeball once a day, so I recommend taking advantage of that awesome deal before continuing down Virbank Complex.

This complex is for training and capturing Pokemon, mainly. However, it’s worth a visit as there are side-objectives to complete, items to find, and XP to earn. First, speak with the old man to your left as you enter the complex. He will ask you to fire up his three new workers by doing battle with them throughout the complex. His workers are marked by their dark colored clothing compared to the people in the orange work hats that are around the area.

As you explore this area, keep an eye out for items on the ground. There is a good abundant of quality Pokemon in this area, including steel and fire types, so this is a great time to expand and diversify your roster of Pokemon. Battle all the trainers in the area and continue battling wild Pokemon. Use this time to build up all of your different Pokemon to have a healthy roster. Visit the Pokemon Center whenever necessary.

Once the three workers have been defeated, return to the old man to receive your prize. Note that in the southeastern part of the area, where you’ll find the final worker, there’s also a set of stairs. Go down the stairs for an item. Now it’s time to complete the next little side objective in the complex.

Go to the middle of the complex and then hug the area on the right. There will be a path slightly obscured by a building. Take this path and follow it to dark grass. There will be a scientist here observing the building. Speak with him. He will then go to the left side of the complex, so go there and speak with him there as well. After that, he will go to the southern most part of the complex to examine another building. Speak with him there and he will give you an Ether.

Finally, the last thing to do here is to complete the Habitat List. If you speak with the blonde lady that is walking around rather erratically in the southern area of the complex, she’ll ask you to complete the Habitat List for the Virbank Complex area.

Here is a checklist of Pokemon that you’ll need to find:

[  ] Pidove
[  ] Growlithe
[  ] Audino
[  ] Magby
[  ] Patrat
[  ] Magnemite
[  ] Koffing

For more information on Habitat Lists in other areas, please refer to the guide:

[habitat list guide]

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Return to Virbank City when you feel you are ready to face the Roxie, the Gym Leader. For this gym, I recommend having at least one Pokemon at level 17 or above. Roxie’s gym is located on the southern most part of Virbank City, with a purple neon light outside of her skinny gym (which doubles as a practice area for her band).

Inside the gym, go down the stairs. As you go to enter, the man at the front will stop and give you a Fresh Water as always. Go inside Roxie’s practicing area and then go to the stage. I recommend facing her drummer and guitarist first so that you can get the XP. They all have poison-type Pokemon, but nothing difficult. The only annoying that is the drummer has a Grimer that uses “Disable” all the time.

After defeating her two band mates, go to the Pokemon Center and heal up before facing Roxie. Roxie only has two Pokemon, a Koffing and a Whirlipede. Catching a fire-type Pokemon, such as Growlithe, will make this battle easy, as well as a flying-type Pokemon that knows moves like peck, as Whirlipede is weak against both of those types of attacks.

Besides that, the battle with Roxie is basic and disappointingly simple. The only other thing you need to keep in mind is that she will use a Super Potion on the first one of her Pokemon to have its health go in the red. If you get the Koffing’s health into red, then she’ll waste the Super Potion, making Whirlipede easy pickings.

Roxie will reward you with the second badge and a good poison move. She’ll then realize she still hasn’t convinced her father to leave Virbank City yet and return to Castelia, so she runs off. A talent scout then approaches you and asks you to go with him to Pokestar Studios, which is just north of Virbank City.

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Head to Pokestar Studios when ready. Once inside the studio area, the talent scout and the head of the company will chat away about you for a bit. Then you’ll automatically be dragged into the theater. On the way, you’ll bump into Roxie’s dad, and he suggests that you go see his film.

Unfortunately, there is no choice in the matter. Sit through the (rather boring) film and continue going through the conversations with the other people there. It is then suggested to give you a shot at the movie. If you don’t want to make a movie, just leave now and head to the docks. Otherwise, I will explain the steps on how to make the first movie.

For one, speak with the person standing outside the shooting room. They will ask if you want to use Pokemon in your party, or rent Pokemon from the studio. At this juncture, only Pokemon that you can rent from the studio can be used, so choose that option. What takes place is basically a recreation of the film that you just saw, except the idea is for you to win the battle.

First, defeat Bryce’s (the villain in the film) steel-type Pokemon using Riolu’s fighting-type move. Then choose the more confident dialogue option, and defeat his second Pokemon with Ice Punch. The goal of this movie was to knock the Pokemon out with one hit, or in one scene, rather. Other movies you may film will have different scenarios to complete. To check the scenarios, click the icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the touchscreen.

Upon the completion of filming, you can freely explore the studios, watch one of the other movies, or leave to continue the story.

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Return to Virbank City. Try to go to the docks in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Team Plasma will be there to cut you off, as Roxie and your rival confront them. Speak to the Team Plasma member in the middle and do battle. They will have a level 14 Patrat, which should be a piece of cake now.

After defeating Team Plasma, they will run off to Route 20. Roxie and your rival pursue them hastily, but first Roxie will give you HM01 Cut. Teach one of your Pokemon how to use Cut, and before returning to Route 20, go to the Virbank Complex real quick-like.

Hug the left side of the Complex, and around the first buildings inside the actual complex will be a tree. Cut down the tree using Cut and then you will find a Super Potion. After collecting this item, return to Route 20.

On Route 20, go up the stairs. Work your way back to the entrance to Route 20 from the west, and then follow the path south. Hiding amongst the trees is a Team Plasma member. Speak with them and then do battle. They will have a level 14 Purrloin. Defeat them. Return to Virbank City.

Go to the docks. Roxie will defeat the Team Plasma member and then have a conversation with her dad. They will then part ways, with her father the captain going inside the building with the big black anchor in front of it. Your rival will go inside, so follow him in there.

Your rival will be at the desk. Speak with him to get a conversation going between the three of you. When you’re ready, say that you want to set sail for Celestia City, the largest city in the Unova region.

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Once the boat comes to a halt, your rival will add his number to your Xtransceiver. Go south on the docks to find an item, and then go north. A harlequin will stop you in the street. He explains that there are three different harlequins in a different areas around town, and you can optionally speak to them all to complete a scavenger hunt. Here are their locations:

The Medal Office
Passerby Analytics HQ
Battle Company

This guy will also give you a bike! You can equip the bike and then use it to travel around at a much quicker pace than usual. I recommend exploring the city a bit. There will be trainers to battle, items to discover, and much more. Trust me, it is worth taking the time to walk around the city to take in the sights and explore.

When you’re ready to continue the game, approach the gym. Speak to the man that is blocking the gym entrance, and he will explain that the gym leader, Burgh, is out and about. Bummer. A purple-haired girl named Iris will show up, and then run off, figuring that Team Plasma is hiding in the sewers.

To reach Iris, go to the bottom of the Castelia City area and then walk by the Pokemon Center. She will be standing there, stop to talk to you, and then run off again. Follow her all the way to the eastern most part of Castelia City, and then she will go south. Follow her to these docks to the sewer entrance.

When you try to enter the sewers, your rival will show up. Angry at Team Plasma still, he demands to come with you, but he’ll be a great help. Your rival will actually make sure your Pokemon are healed up after every battle! How sweet of him.

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Welcome the sewers. Since your rival is tagging along, all the wild Pokemon battles will be double-team battles. If you wish to explore the southern part of the sewers, you will be rewarded with XP from battles and a couple of items, but there’s nothing too worthy around here. A guy looking for something he dropped won’t allow you access to the west, so the only other way to go is north.

You’ll find two Team Plasma members here. Do battle with them with your rival. They will be easily defeated, and then they will run off. Burgh will show up as well, claiming he was looking for Team Plasma, and announces that there are no more of them in the area. He then goes to his gym, hoping for you two to challenge him.

Your rival runs off and gives you an HM for Strength. He’ll then leave as well. From here, you can exit the sewers to go battle Burgh, or you can dig deeper into the Relic Passage. If you go the direction Burgh came from, you’ll find a dead end, but you’ll also come across an item.

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