Torchlight II Complete Walkthrough [GUIDE]

torchlight 2

CheatMasters brings you the complete guide on Torchlight II – explore every dungeon with us as we unravel the mysteries of Torchlight….


ACT-I Main

Warn the Estherians
Protect the Guardian
Regroup at the Enclave
Trail of the Grand Regent
The Ember Keys
Mission of Mercy
Return to the Enclave
Onward to Zeryphesh

ACT-I Side

The Scroll of Anom Irek
The Warbeast Armory
The Zeraphi Envoy
The Lost Key
Taking Notes
Ghosts of Plunder Cove
Bring Out Your Dead


The Eve of War
Lair of the Manticore
Artifice of Evil
Meet the Djinni
The Djinni's First Task
The Djinni's Second Task
The Djinni's Final Task
Breaking the Siege
On to Grunnheim


A High Value Target
Tower of the Moon
Embercraft Repair
One Man's Trash
The Missing Zeraphi
Shadow of the Skara
A Shattered Visage Lies
Secret of the Ezrohir
Robot Parts
The Brave Ones


The Alchemist's Rage
Some Assembly Required
The Cave-In
The Sundered Battlefield
Enter the Emberworks
The Power Source
Pass Through the Gate
Into the Dark
The Heart of the World


The Blue Boletus
The Wraithring
The Locket


ACT-I Main

Warn the Estherians

Quest Briefing:

You should be able to see a star marker on your mini map. There is no main map
and this is all you will be able to see thru the game. You have two more modes
of map which show when you hit M. Your order of business is very simple - head
towards the start marker and kill anything in your way whilst looting like a
maniac. Head out of the camp here by going across the bridge to the right side.
You'll come across your first enemies very very soon - some Ratlins. Kill them
and keep going, you will also come across your first chests and loots so take
everything. Since we're in the beginning, you will also level up really quickly
so just head into your skills and points menus and distribute all of your
points. Near the end where the star marker is, you will see a caravan with some
guards defending it.

One of them asks for your help, just kill all of the creatures and talk to him
to get a reward.

As you go ahead, there's a lane to the right, take it and you will find a
GOLDEN CHEST here which is locked, you'll get a key later so for now just
remember it's location -

Next, head to the exit of this area and you will come into the Esterian Enclave
Speak to the Eldrayn -

There's a lot of stuff to do here too, a couple of merchants and a fishing hole

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Protect the Guardian Quest Briefing: Commander Vale believes that the Alchemist might attack the Wellspring Temple, In an attempt to reach the Guardian of Water... for what nefarious purpose I am afraid to speculate. There has been no word from either Vale, or the Guardian. Scout the Wellspring Temple, and determine if the guardian of Water is in any danger. As you head to the exit, you'll come across a Vanquisher Scout who has a quest for you, this will be covered in the ACT-I side missions below the main missions part here. Once you are done here, go out to the Temple Steppes area. You'll face Skeletal Warriors among other things. You will also come across a LICH GRAVE. If you disturb it Kekrod comes out. Kill it and take the enormous loot he leaves behind - Towards the right side of this place you will meet a woman near the entrance of The Corrupted Crypt who gives you The Scroll of Anom-Irek Quest. As you go to the star marker of the man quest, you'll come to the entrance of the TEMPLE STEPPS - You'll come across new enemies here like the Runewalkers and Flwalkers among many others. The Warmakers are especially notorious. Whenever you come across a Warmaker, be very careful, concentrate on taking out their shields with powerful strikes first as soon as you see them. In this area you will also come across a BITTERSPRITE - After you kill it, it drops a GOLDEN KEY for a Golden Chest - so you can use this on any locked golden chest you came across earlier or might come across in the future. You will then enter SKULL HOLLOW as you go further inside - Here you will come across a sarchophagus of sorts - As you keep killing the monsters which spawn around it, more spawn which are more powerful than the last ones. This keeps happening for a few turns and after you kill everything, there's some great loot for you. As you go to the right, you'll come across a SHADY CHARACTER who gives you the Bring Out Your Dead Quest. Continue to the right from here and you go thru an arch and if you are lucky, you might come across a PHASE BEAST somewhere around here - If you kill it, a Phase Portal opens up - Go thru the portal to get into a Phase Beast Challenge. There are various types of challenges. I got the one where you need to kill a Nethermancer first and then use a poison jar to close some spider nests which spawn around you. You will literally fight hundreds of spiders and they swarm you. Take some poison from the jar each time and go to a nest and close it. To avoid the spiders, stay away from the jar and let them come close to you, then run to the Jar. You'll win the challenge once you close all the nests and kill all the spiders. Next, you will come into The Beast Warrens once you come out on top. Here you can complete The Warbeast Armory side quest. Finally, you will reach Wellspring Approach and then come to the entrance of the Wellspring Temple. Note that you need to be at least on level 10 to be able to get thru the place so if you are not yet on that level, complete some side quests and come back later. Wellsprings Temple The first floor is a small place and you will find some stairs in the end leading to a lower area. After you enter the lower area, you will face the Spar'dum. A unique monster which uses magic and teleports around you - Once you kill it, you will reach the etheral maze if you go down. The maze has three lever points. At each point there are two levers which change the locations of the blue boxes. Go around these three places and change them to be able to open a path to the left area where you find a chest. In essence, once you solve the maze, you will not be able to go into the left side area. You will need to use a portal scroll to head back to the Temple Stepps and then retrace your path back here and then go to the left area. After that, head up and to the next place. You might come across a named enemy - Kezanthak. There's still a long way to go but in the end you'll come to a place leading you to GENERAL GRELL- Move inside a bit and face the monster - General Grell Grell is mostly a melee type so if you have ranged attacks then he goes down easy. Also, try not to spend too much time close to him even if you are a melee fighter. Move away and come back after healing or recovering mana. After you kill Grell, loot everything around here and speak to Commander Vale and the Guardian of Water - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regroup at the Enclave Quest Briefing: Meet Vale at the Enclave. Just get back to the Estherian Enclave and talk to Vale

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 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trail of the Grand Regent Quest Briefing: While Vale tries to gather supplies, you should head to Crows Pass and then to the Frosted Hills so that you can try to catch up to the Grand Regent before he enters the temple. The path to Crow's Pass is to the top of the enclave. Explore as much of Crow's Pass as you can. In the right top end of Crow's Pass you will come across some named enemies and in front of a dungeon named WIDOW'S VEIL, you see a woman asking for help - here you get the "Little Lost Ones" quest. The main quest end is nearby to the left. Keep going towards the marker and you should meet up with Elder Valin. Talk to him to complete the quest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ember Keys Valin gives you this quest as soon as you complete the last one. Quest Briefing: You need to find two Ember keys so that Valin can enter Watchweld in the old Estherian Refuge. Now, enter The Frosted Hills. There's a lot to do here - a lot to loot, a lot to kill and a lot to accomplish... The Frosted Hills is really a very very large place with multiple dungeons. Make sure you explore every nook and corner of this area - this is going to be very important for your character. There's a waypoint a few paces from the entrance so you can come back here anytime you want to. As you go to the right you'll come to Wicker Grove where you might fight a named skeleton general - Earthcrusher - Further to the right you'll come across some netherlings. Kill them and interact with the Estherian nearby. A sacrifice ceremony takes place summoning the Nether Brute - Keep going to the right and up and you'll come across a caravan - help them to get a reward - After you help them, talk to Lord Taldimut nearby and he gives you The Zeraphi Envoy side quest. As you progress straight above the caravan, you'll come across another person in front of the Icedeep Cavers - Go left from here and you come across a Captured Estherian. Help him for a reward. There are more named enemies in this region. You'll come into the Estherian Refuge soon. Keep going and to the left side after a bit of walk is the Silver's Camp. Go inside the camp and kill everyone. Use the Flammable Lanterns on the huts to set them on fire - In the center of this place is a Captured Estherian who mentions more prisoners inside the camp. Go to the entrance which is just in front of the burning hut in the middle and go in to come to the Slaver's Stockade - As you come in, you'll face the Bandit Kings. Kill Kidrik the Mauler and he drops the first Ember Key - You can go further inside the stockade and rescue all of the prisoners one of who is Malo - Rescue Malo - he's a master enchancter. He'll be there when you get back to the Estherian Enclave. That's one key found. Also, you might come across another Bittersprite which gives you a Golden Key. Enter the main area of the Emberscratch Minehead - You'll find the Golden Chest in the beginning. Keep going all the way in and to the entrance of the mines and continue inside The mines area is always blocked by rubble. Just click on the Powedered Kegs to blast your way thru the rubble. The mines area is a large labrynth and you'll come across three Goblin Foremen, each of whom drop special items. If you go to the end of the mine (which will presumably take a ton of time), you come to King Pogg - Kill Pogg to get the Keys - he's a frost user so it's wise to attack him from behind or from a distance if you can. Pogg is one tough customer. Try not to get caught in his large swings - he has a large area of reach in front of him. Pick up the Ember Keys after you kill him - There should be a lot to explore inside the mines so try to go around each area to make sure you don't miss anything. Once you come out, head to the location of the two keyholes - Place the two keys here and ehad into the portal which leads to the Temple. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission of Mercy This mission begins directly after you complete the last mission. After you place the two keys in the slots, the portal to the temple opens up. Enter the temple.... This palce looks great and is very linear. The paths rarely branch and are all straight. You'll face a ton of Nether Realm creatures. If you go to the right and then down, you will come across a named enemy - Keep continuing to the left where you will come across two Blood Monkeys which are named. I have no idea why they're here though.... just step in thru the stairs - Move to the right and go down adn ou'll come Korubil a unique enemy - Go to the right end and continue towards the top on the narrow path and you will find a secret room - Kill the named enemy here and go back. Then go back a bit and downwards where you come to the Facegrinder - The Facegrinder is a bit hard to kill if you plant yourself in one place. You might also come across an enchanter here. In the end you will reach the area leading to the Grand Regent - The Grand Regent This is the big boss battle which will end ACT-I so you should have an idea as to how bad it's going to get. Try to stock up on the health potions if you have not already and re-check your equipment, buy stuff if you need to and go in only if you are prepared for a long and hard battle. Go thru the blue portal to the right. Here comes the Regent - Stay away from the Regent as much as possible. First kill everything else in the area which moving around the center. After everything is dead, unleash a series of powerful attacks on the regent. GO back if you can't keep up with him and you are taking too much damage - try to revive your health and mana and then get back to work. This guy has a lot of health. After you kill him, move around the circle again and you'll meet the Guardian of the Wild - Step in thru the portal...

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 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT-I Side The Warbeast Armory You will meet A Vanquisher Scout in the Estherian Enclave who gives you this quest. Quest Briefing: If you are going out to the Temple Steppes, I could use your help. The Strumbeorn ahve set up a makeshift smithy here, and they have two Blacksmits making suits of armor for wild warbests they've captured. These Strumbeorn seem to be working from the schematics, but they keep them under lock and key. Do you think you might be able to get in there and grab the Armor Schematics? Head out to the Temple Stepps where you will continue this quest. Once you are in the Beast Warrens area, go to the star marker and you will face a few beasts here like the Blackclaw and Stennbrun amongst others. Kill all of them and loot the chest to gain the schematics - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Scroll of Anom-Irek A woman standing outside The Corrupted Crypt gives you this quest. Level 4-5 Quest Briefing: Grand Regent Eldrayn wants someone to recover the Scroll of Anom-Irek stored in the crypt here. The Strumbeorn have already entered the crypt, and I have been unable to enter it. Can I ask you to attempt to retrieve the scroll? Head into the crypt where you'll find and fight all kinds of undead and dead. Bleak Spirits, Zombies, Vile Gnashers, Pale Shamblers, If you go to the right edge of the path here, you should find Fondo the Master - Fondo is an Enchanter and you can make good use of him. In the other side of the dungeon you will come across named enemies which are tougher than the usual ones like - Balkh'gul. As you come to the end of this place, you'll find a lever, pull it and kill everything inside and continue on your path. As you keep going, you'll come to an entrance leading to the FALLEN GUARDIAN. Head inside and somewhere in this part you will come across a FALLEN GUARDIAN - Kill it and it will drop the Scroll as a part of the loot. Take the scroll back outside to end this -

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bring Out Your Dead This quest is give to you by a Shady Character in the Skull Hollows area of the Temple Steppes. Quest Briefing: I got a proposition for you... a little 'I scratch my back, you scratch' yours' kind of a thing. There's a Rosemortis inside the Bone Gallery here which is guarded by the biggest Monstrosity I have ever seen! You'll have to convince the Estherian Spirits to open the Ghost Chains and then get Rosemortis away from that monster. Go to the crypt to the left and disturb it. Kill everything that rises and the door opens up for you. Enter the Bone Gallery now - The Bone Gallery is a large dungeon filled with all kinds of skeletons. There's no special loot here but there are a few Named Enemies. You will come across several doors which you can open by clicking on them. First, as soon as you enter the place, go to the left side to the end and go below to Mordrox. Here, you will come to a portal. Disturb the mysterious skeleton on the throne nearby and kill everything that shows and in a while, you will face Mordrox - He ain't that tough but staying away from him does help. If you are a melee fighter then you might have a little trouble if you have not levelled up properly so be careful. Mordrox drops great loot after he's dead. Take the loot and go back to the surface and speak to the shady character to end the mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ghosts of Plunder Cove In the left bottom side of The Temple Stepps, you will come across a Fishermans Lamp. Hit it to make it glow and a ghost appears on a small boat - Quest Briefing: Olwin was betrayed by his companions and Captain Willy. You need to take revenge for him in Plunder Cove. As soon as you stop talking to Olwin, a portal to Plunder Cove opens up nearby - Go into Plunder Cove and look above to find the body of Chester Copperpot and the other eye of one eyed Willy. You'll probably fight some named monsters on your way in. The path is very long and treacherous. Just keep going and in the end you will come to One-Eyed Willy, kill him and take his stuff - A portal opens nearby leading back to the surface.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Little Lost Ones This quest is given to you by Bellethe who is standing in front of Widow's Vale in the right top side of Crow's Pass. The Veil is filled with all kinds of spiders - as you might have guessed from the name. There are also a few named spiders which boost your renowned status, like the Earth Lord. There's only one path to follow. In the end you come across the Winter Widow - This spider is tough so try to keep your distance and wear any kind of Ice Armor you have so that the effects of frost are decreased. It also uses acid spray so try to attack it from the back if you can. Past where you fight the Widow, you'll find Finnas, talk to him and return to Bellethe. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Zeraphi Envoy As you go thru the Frosted Hills, you'll come across a Zeraphi Envoy which is headed by Lord Taldimut - Quest Briefing: You'll come across all three crests inside some domes - you need to open the gates and then a chest inside them to get the crest - In the area to the bottom right of the Emberscratch Mines. Get back to the Ambassador for your reward.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lost Key The Zeraphi Ambassador gives you this quest after you complete the last one. This is very short and simple. Just head into the location of the Wispering Caves which is nearby - You ought to be able to find the LOST KEY inside - You will also face the Shadebreaker. That's about it. Just get back to the convoy and return the gear which you found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taking Notes Just above where you meet the Zeraphi Ambassidor, you come to a dungeon called Icedeep Caverns. Speak to the scholar outside to get this quest - Quest Briefing: Head into the caves. You'll be facing a few names enemies inside so be very careful while moving around - Go towards the left. In this area you face new enemeis called Clavenhoofs which are really tough and each of them can take you out if you don't pay attention. Keep going and you will come to the entrance of Chillhoof - The entrance is not easily found and you will have to move around a lot and kill a lot of enemies before you can get here. You will face two named enemies in here. One is normal and the other is Chillhoof - Try to move around a lot to avoid getting cluster screwed. Try to isolate each enemy and them on one by one. After you kill the first set of enemies, Chillhoof shows up. It will freeze you so try to put on some freeze armor or something like that. Also, don't stay directly infornt of Chillhoof or you'll get slowed and then attacked upon. If you move around enough, you will be okay. Once you kill it, read all the three notes around here and get out thru the portal -

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT II MAIN The Eve of War Talk to the Guardian of Air to get this quest. Quest Briefing - The Alchemist has already come to the Ossean Wastes, and allied himself with Ezrohir. Go find the Guardian of Mana who is in the Forsaken Vaults and help him since he is in great danger. Get out to the Ossean Wastes. This area is one of the largest places in the game so you'd better look around now itself so that you can do your missions without any interruption. You have a lot to explore but start by going to the left first. You'll also face totally new enemies from here onwards. In the left most corner you come to the Tower of the Moon - Don't enter any of the places right now, just discover them and leave. After you get the tower of moon discovered, move below along the left border and you might come across a PHASE BEAST - Kill it and enter the portal. This area has Eldadh as the main enemy and the rest are just push overs - but be careful as you can get surrounded very easily Try to run back and then kill each enemy one by one. Look around to make sure you took everything and leave. Continue towards the south further along the border and you come to THE FORSAKEN GATES. This is where our quest takes place. Just go and talk to the Sphinx here and it gives you a new quest - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lair of the Manticore Continue south from the Forsaken Gate and you come to the Bone Clutch. One more interesting thing to note here is that, across the wastes, you'll find 3-4 imprisoned Zeraphi. Release all of them and each of them give you rewards. After the Bone Clutch, you come to The Prison Caravan where the High Value Target quest takes place so read there... Now, just move south and right. You'll come across many named enemies. At one point, you will face two of them in a single place near the Locked Golden Chest which is in the middle of the wastes - After you kill Rugesh and Caius, you'll pick up an Iridian Focus - this is needed to do the Embercraft Repair quest. You'll find the Stygian Aerie at the bottom left of the map - Keep killing everything (maybe on named enemy) and continue to the end. You'll find the entrance into the lair. Enter it and you come across the Manticore. MANTICORE and MANTICORE'S MATE You're in for a big surprise. As soon as you start fighting the Manticore, it's mate shows up and both of them are not very easy to kill. Both of them have a ground slam which takes a lot of health on higher difficulties. It's better for ranged fighters but if you are melee then hit and run tactics are better. Go back to the Sphinx after you kill the Manticore and the path to the Forsaken Vaults is opened for you.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artifice of Evil Go in and you'll come to the first floor of the Forsaken Vaults. You'll mostly fight mech enemies along with a few other monsters. Try to take out the Mobile Sentries and turrets when you see them first. You'll face a couple of named enemies in the beginning and then as you move to the right, you need to pass thru an arch door. Keep going - you have a ton of fighting to do along the way. When you come near the end, you can have paths going left and right. The left side one only has more monsters to kill. Go on the right path and you might even come across Boris the Scout who's an enchanter. Past Borris is platform with spinning blades, just see their movement and try to dodge them. Once you go to the other side of the platform, you'll come to a gap which is soon filled by another platform which is rising from below and you are near the stairs which lead down to the next level of the dungeon. Even this place has a ton of enemies to fight (this is one of the longest quests), go straight while killing all the enemies - you come across more than a couple of named enemies. Go straight and turn left in the end and you'll come to a small room where you are surrounded by traps If you go past this room you come to a dead end. Go back a bit and turn right on the lane and you'll come to another lane leading to the left. this lane takes you to the end where you come to the door leading to the Artificer - Step on the symbol on the ground to get to the Artificer. ARTIFICER Try to equip shock armor if you have any. The artificer has powerful melee attacks so be very careful if you want to approach it. You can move around the room to try to evade it for a while which you recover mana or lost health from potions. After you kill the Artificer, get back to Zeryphesh. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet the Djinni The Guardian of Air gives you this immediately after you turn over the last one Quest Briefing - Move out of Zephyresh in the Empty Quarter. In the middle of this area towards the top, you'll come across a Zeraphi who gives you the "Brave Ones" quest. After you continue to the end, you'll come to the exit taking you into the Salt Barrens. Enter the Barrens and in a few moments, you should come to the checkpoint. The Salt Barrens is another very large area with hundreds of enemies - good for levelling up. It has a lot of locations and treasures evewhere. Fazeer Shah is at the right end of this area - Talk to him to end this and start a new quest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Djinni's First Task Enter Korari Cave in the Shadowed Mesa and find the magic lamp. Go to the location show and enter the cave. Here, you come across Aruk the Cruel - Kill him and his Retainer and Advisor and take the lamp back to the Djinni. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Djinni's Second Task Enter the portal after you accept the second task from the Djinni. Your main aim in this round is to stay withing the circle of ligth. No matter what you do you need to stay within. The light wil keep moving from place to place and across various monsters. Ignore the monsters if it means that you are going to come out of the circle. Just stay within it till the end to complete this. You'll find the Axechewer and a Manticore in the end. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Djinni's Final Task After you accept the final task, enter the haunted quarter. Go along the path till it bends towards the south and then continue west. Here, you come to the entrance of Jehannum. Here, you meet Ezrek Khan - You'll need to defeat Ezrek Khan a total of three times before you can get his lamp. This can get a bit difficult especially because, Ezrek summons two of his clones to fight alongside him. Just don't lose track of where he's being teleported. It's best to use your most powerful attack during this fight - After you defeat Ezrek, Fazeer shows up and frees the Guardian of Mana. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breaking The Siege Get back into town and speak to the Guardian of Air again. Get out of town and into the next area. Head into the Ship Graveyard part of the Salt Barrens. and to the entrance of the Witherways. You'll need to fight your way thru to the right end of the Wither ways were you find the entrance leading to the Guardian. You'll come into the Rift Keep and get on top of the portal to get to the Siege Guardian. SIEGE GUARDIAN The Guardian will be toughest enemy you faced till now. His dash attack can hurt you really bad so you ought to keep moving around the various obstacles to avoid from running into it. The rocket attacks are also very dangeours but if you are a melee fighter, there's little you can do to avoid them except maybe do hit-and-runs to kill it. After you kill it The Guardian of Mana gets freed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On to Grunnheim Speak to the Guardian of Air and then to the Rail master to make yoru way to Grunnheim. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT II SIDE A High-Value Target You can meet Malik Vosh who is standing in the area below the guardian near the portal. Quest Briefing - Rescue Commander Muzaffar who had been captured by the Ezrohir. Continue to the Prison Caravan and enter it thru the arch - You'll come across Muzaffar right away, speak to him to comtplete this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tower of the Moon Risk and Reward Muzaffar gives this quest to you right after you rescue him in the Prison Caravan. Quest Briefing - Inside the Tower of the Moon, you'll find dozens of Shattered Ones, while they may not be the fastest or toughest enemies around - they still pose a tremondous threat. You'll need to kill Juntama Kasam - He drops the Prison Key, pick it up and continue to the right where you come across a prisoner. Open the gate and talk to him to complete the Risk and Reward mission - you can also meet him back in Zephyresh. Return to Muzaffar to complete the Tower of Moon quest.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Embercraft Repair This quest can be done two ways - first, you can speak to the engineers at the Embercraft and take the quest from them or find the item which is needed and take it to them. You'll come across our broken Embercraft in the middle of the Wastes. You need to get a Iridian Focus to fix it. You'll find the focus near the Golden Chest in the Wastes - you'll come across two named enemies - kill them to crab the gem and get back for your reward. NOTE: The golden key to the chest is dropped when you kill a Bittersprite - you can find the sprite at the right corner of the map in the very end - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One Man's Trash You'll come across Nerasis in the middle somewhere in the Wastes - Quest Briefing - The Rift is at the right most corner of the map. Once you get there, you can go in directly - You'll face Mana Specters and Wisps in this are and also some Mana Charged enemies. In the end of this place is Kunzanik - a named Bone Golem. Kill it and you should be able see a Gem Holder - place the gem - The Mana Forged comes out of the hole. Destroy it and take the charged gem back for your reward.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Missing Zeraphi Talk to the Zeraphi woman near the exit to Salt Barrens and she gives you this one - you must have accepted the Meet the Djinni quest to be able to do this. Move out of Zephyresh in the Empty Quarter and then into the Salt Barrens (which is at the other end). From the waypoint, go straight and in the end to the left, you'll find Hareph - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brave Ones You get this quest from the Zeraphi who's standing outside the door to the Undercurrents. Enter the Undercurrents to start the quest. There are four pumps in this area, you need to destroy all of them. The most common enemies are the roaches. You cannot hit them whicle they are flying so you'll need to wait for them to come down and then kill them. Use M to change your map view so that you get a larger map in the center of the scree. This way you can see exactly where all the pumps are - use [ and ] to zoom in and out. The first pump is nearby. Just travel right to get to the next three pumps. You'll come across three named enemies before you get the rest of the pumps. You might also find Fillip the Lucky - an enchanter inside this area. Go back outside to get your reward. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shadow of the Skara Take the explosives which Hareph is giving you and journey to Swarm Point. The door to Swarm Point is just behind Hareph to the right - As soon as you come in, you'll find an injured Zeraphi. Talk to him to know the status of the rest of the crew and info on how you can stop the Sakra. You are going to find three hives in this area - Go to each of them and detonate the explosives to destroy the hive. Everytime you do this, some Skara coem out of the infected hive and attack you. Kill them and after you destroy the three hives, time to get into the Brood Hive. The entrance to the Brood Hive is at the left end of this place, and it will only show once you destroy all three of the infected hives - Go deep into the cave and once you cross the narrow paths, you come to the Encrusted Construct - Destroy the Hulk here to complete the mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robot Parts PART I After the Shadow of Skara Quest, after you kill the Hulk, move further to the right of this area and start destroy more eggs. A Sand Hulk rises. Destroy it and move inside the path it was blocking - Destroy all the eggs and in one of them, you'll find the robot parts - Part II You need to travel back to the Widow's Veil from act I in the Crow's Pass. Here light all the braziers to open a room having the second part. PART III Once you get to the Sawmill in Blightblogs, remove all the skeletons which are hanging from the posts throughout the area. This will unlock a gate leading to the last part. While in Craklespit's Realm during the third act, you'll be able to see the Head part up on a ledge at the very top right hand side of the map. To get to this part you'll need to clear out the whole map and find tree trunks that spew green fog. Destroy these tree trunks and head from the middle of the map to the northeast you'll hear a chime and tree trunks will float to create a bridge. Once you have all the parts take them to Professor Stoker in the Imperial Camp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Shattered Visage Lies This quest is jard to get. You may come across a certain Faceless King in the Salk Barrens (totally random). You need to find four masks guarded by four mages and get them to him. After you collect all four, head back to the king... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Secret of the Ezrohir Just get inside his lair (which is now shown) and kill him..... that ends the sad story of the Faceless King. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT III MAIN Alchemist's Rage Head to Professor Stoker and talk to him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some Assembly Required You need to find a powersource to activate the automaton. Head into the Rotted Path and continue to the left. In the left end, you'll come to the entrance of the Blightbogs. There's a waypoint portal nearby so you don't have to worry about crossing the Rotted path again to get here. The blightbogs is an important area. It's a swamp and has various types of monsters in it including Swamp Trolls. You'll find the principle of this quest - The Vanquisher Captain in to the left after you travel to the mid region of this area - You'll need to contine the Cave-In quest before you can continue here. So after you do that quest, you'll open a door into the Middenmine. In the end of Middenmine is the entrance to Bloatfang - After you come into the SCRAPWORKS, you meet the Bloatfang - The Bloatfang is pretty much a well rounded enemy. It has all kinds of attacks and a special Leap Smash which covers every spot of the area. You cannot out skill it beacause of it's varied range of attacks, so all you have to do is out power it or put last it with your potions. After you kill it though, move to the left thru the door which just opeend after you killed the fang and take the power source which is on the ground. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cave-In Head to the Abandoned Saw-Mill after accepting the quest. The saw-mill is also a very interesting area filled with Werewolves and nambed Werewolves which are twice the size of the normal ones. You'll spend a ton of time killing things here, once you come to the top right end of the saw mill, you'llsee a portal - Move ahead and kill anything you come across and in the end is a chest which contains the dynamite - Go back to the captain to start the second part of Some Assembly Required quest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sundered Battlefield Head into the Rivenskull Gorge after you get this quest - you are nearing the end of the game so you should expect some challenge ahead of you - The opening to the Sundered Battlefield is on the other end of the map to the right. You'll need a lot of time to get there so make sure you kill everything before you go there just so you can level up and stuff. The Sundered Battlefield is another huge area. Continue to the rigth till the end where you come to an eye - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enter the Emberworks Go back and to the bottom side of this map to get to the portal leading to the lower area - You come to the entrance of the Emberworks now, just enter it after you kill the things roaming about here. The Emberworks is another huge area, this pic should show you where the stairs to the bottom floor are - Just go straight from the entrance till the end. After you come to the lower area, move to the west along the corridor and when you come to a path to the north (alonst north west) go on that path to come to the entrace to Thiss - THISS Thiss is a huge spectral dragon. Put on your best physical armor - There's no short way to get away from this fight, the very size of the monster is a disadvantage for us because it's reach is quite far. Once you kill it, go thru the portal and you come to the chest which gives you the crown. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Power Source Go back to the eye and talk to it. Then enter the Emberworks. This area starts the Mechanoid menace. You'll face these things thru the game till the end. The best way to kill a Mechanoid is to use Ice spells on them because somehow they are extremely weak against ice. As you contiue to the right, you'll come to a spectral door. To open it, just go to the left and pull the lever which you see there - You'll come to another door, you need to open a valve on the right and a lever on the left now to go thru this gate and then you come to the War Titan. You will need to move around a lot to be able to get thru this fight without too many problems - Just go around everytime your health or mana drops. The war titan also has the ability to put on a special shields which is implenetrable. You cannot hurt it while it's having this shield on. Wait for the shield to come down and then resume hitting it. After you kill the titan, go to the rigth and you finally come to the power source. Pick it up and get back to the town - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pass thru the Gate Speak to the guardian of mana after you go thru the gate and she gives you the next quest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Into the Dark Go to the right and enter the Broken Mines. NOTE: This is tha last area of the game. The next mission will take place thru the Broken Mines. Sell any junk you have and stock up on those health and mana potions. Also keep ample money with you so that you can restart from the beginning of an area even if you die. You'll just need to descend the levels of the Broken Mines. The first lift is to the right end. In the next area, travel till the middle and when you come to a lane leading left, take it to get to the next lift. In the next area, first go down and then right when you can till the end and you finally come to the Alchemist - Go thru the portal and you come to a valve - Turn it and go back. Now continue to the other side to another portal - Turn the next two valves in this area and get back to the first place and to the middle - This place had a gap earlier which is closed now. As you go in, you come to the alchemist... THE DARK ALCHEMIST The bad news is that the Alchemist can use all four elements in his magic and he is very powerful and if you are not near his level, you are going to see hell getting past him. There's a lot of space to move around so utilize it efficiently. Melee fighters will fare well this time because they can inflict more damage and you need to take out the Alchemist as soon as you can. Also, you need to kill him a total of three times. Keep going thru the next portal to the next area na defeat him and after you kill him, go thru the lift to the next place. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Heart of the World There's a waypoint which gets activated as soon as you come here. You need to go south west to the end to another lift that takes you down. In the next area make your way to the right side end where you get to the entrance leading you to the source of all corruption - the Netherlord. NETHERLORD There's no easy way to end this - you need to kill the lord twice and he seems to be easy to kill the first time and gets a lot tougher the next time around. Your only advantage is that even though the netherlord is large, you can still move away from him to avoid his attacks. Summoning spells work wonders here but he can still kill you very quickly if you are not careful. You'll die more than a few times if you are not on a high enough level so be prepared and I hope you have enought health and mana potions. Just head to the Clockwork Core after you kill the Netherlord and use it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT III SIDE The Blue Boletus Talk to sproket nearby to get this quest. Go into the Rotted Path and continue south till you reach the entry to The Fungal Caves - The Fungal Cave is a very intricate crafting of stone and fungus...mostly fungus. You'll face entirely different enemies from act to act so you are expected to expect new ones here too... Male your way to the end of the cave (straight end) and you'll come to the entrance of Bloetus Rex - Continue till the end where you come to a portal leading you below to Rex - Rex has both melee and ranged attacks. But surprisingly, his ranged ones are weaker than melee - especially if you are wearing poison armor. You can easily kill him to obtain the Blue Boletus and get back to Sproket. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Wraithring Speak to Jessa infront of the Rotting Crypt to get this quest. Just accept it and go into the dungeon. Jessa wants us to locate her father and do something depending on whether he's alive or not. You'll find Jessa's father a little distance from the entrance. Talk to him to get a new quest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Locket You get this from Jessa's father inside the Rotting Crypt. You should be able to see two altars near the ghost. You need to get two gems from inside and place them here to open the door. The locations of the gems are shown on the map but beware of them because they are guarded by undead and upon taking the gems, you'll face some champion undead. After you manage to gather both gems, open the Warlord's Lair and go in. Try to stay away from the Warlord and use ranged attacks, if you are a melee fighter then be wary of his minions who can surround and kill you easily. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE END.....

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