Worms Revolution [Review]


Team17′s Worms is one of those classic games that had fun multiplayer potential, wherein you take turns with your friends in blowing each other’s worm squad to smithereens. The series is now around fifteen years old, and it still holds the same charm and whimsical humor as you get to have little worms kill each other. The more recent titles have fallen flat on their faces though due to various changes to the classic gameplay, so it’s quite nice to have Worms Revolution bring back the old formula, but with a new twist.

Perhaps the best reason to get this game is that Team17 has gone back to the classic 2D perspective that the Worms series had been known for. You get to jump and move around the terrain to get in position for your shot with whatever weapon you may have at your disposal. You then take turns with your opponent, so you have to make those shots count. It’s that solid multiplayer-friendly turn-based tactical gameplay that has made Worms a classic title in gaming, and it’s good news that Team17 has gone back to the original style.

There are some additions though that makes this title the best Worms game in recent years. For one, there are now character classes, so you get different types of worms with their own strengths and weaknesses. You have the all-around soldier, the nimble scout, the meaty heavy, and the supportive scientist. Players who learn how to make the most of each and make them work together well can have a decisive edge against their opponents. There are also various things like physics objects in every map that lets you use them against your opponents or vice versa. This is so that the terrain plays an even bigger role in gameplay.

The playable and training missions are extensive and gives new players and longtime fans who may need a refresher course a good bit of tutorial that covers all the bases concisely, albeit a bit humorously. They teach both the old and new concepts in the game, including the physics objects that you can take advantage of during gameplay. Perhaps that’s the only weak link in the game though as the physics objects don’t play as big of a role as Team17 may have intended.

There are also plenty of customization options that you can sink your teeth into, letting you choose your own look for your worms. This is especially great if you’re done with the singleplayer campaigns and want to fool around in multiplayer with other players. Just like in the old games, the multiplayer here is just as fun. With new features that supplement the tried-and-test Worms formula, Worms Revolution is a must-play for both the old-school Worms fan and new players alike.

But the thing is that this is still a pretty old series with old-school gameplay, so it may not be as good for new players. Maybe you can find some people who can take a liking to it, but most of the current generation of gamers may not be as warm. This game is definitely one of those titles that counts on its loyal fanbase. However, it does have a place in the casual gaming market, so things aren’t too bad for this game in the marketing standpoint. If turn-based mayhem is your thing, then Worms Revolution should do quite well.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 7.5/10


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