Looking Forward – New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, and ZombiU!


This month’s edition of Looking Forward isn’t really looking very far ahead. The three games highlighted this month are Wii U exclusive titles that are right around the corner, all scheduled to release on November 18th! New Super Mario Bros. U is looking to bring Mario to Nintendo’s Wii U on day one, ZombiU will add a dose of horror to Nintendo’s eighth generation console, and Nintendo Land looks to replicate the success of Wii Sports!

New Super Mario Bros. U
Will New Super Mario Bros. U be a revolution for the “New” subseries, or will the game spell franchise fatigue for gaming’s most reliable plumber? Fans have expressed disappointment at New Super Mario Bros. 2, the 3DS game that released a couple of months back, so all eyes are on New Super Mario Bros. U and whether or not it will be able to breathe new life in the tired “New” side-scrolling Mario subseries.

Personally, I think New Super Mario Bros. U looks great. The graphics are fantastic, the platforming looks tight as ever, and the new modes are very appealing for an achievement junkie like myself. While the game is making minimal use of the GamePad, seeing Mario in HD for the first time ever will be great, and being able to play the entire game on the Wii U’s GamePad screen is just icing on the cake.

For more on New Super Mario Bros. U, check out my full write-up, right here!

Nintendo Land
Nintendo’s two trump cards for Wii U launch are New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land. Nintendo hopes that Nintendo Land can do for Wii U what Wii Sports did for the original Wii system. It is packed with a series of mini-games that are all designed to show off the Wii U’s unique capabilities, from the new controller to the asymmetric multiplayer gameplay.

One thing’s for sure, Nintendo is looking to provide new experiences on Wii U that simply haven’t been possible on any video game systems to this point. Nintendo Land is a pack-in title for the Deluxe bundle of Wii U, the 32GB version of the console. If you are one of the many people that missed out on pre-ordering the Deluxe but managed to snag a pre-order for the Basic bundle and are wondering if Nintendo Land will be worth the extra bones, check out the Looking Forward editorial for Nintendo Land!

Here’s my full write-up for Nintendo Land!

Zombies and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly. Wii U will have a zombie title right off the bat with ZombiU being available on launch day for the system. The game is from the same developers behind such critically-acclaimed titles as Beyond Good & Evil and Rayman Origins. So the developer has the pedigree, but will they be able to hit a home run with ZombiU?

The game is taking great advantage of the Wii U’s capabilities, but it’s going to be a bit gorier than Nintendo Land. For those horror nuts starving for a genuine survival horror game, then ZombiU may just be right up your alley.

For more information on ZombiU, please read the Looking Forward for ZombiU!

Next month on Looking Forward, keep an eye out for an in-depth preview to a sequel of a cult classic game, Dead Island: Riptide!


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