FIFA 13 – The Ultimate Team Walkthrough [Guide]


In the following guide for the Ultimate Team section of FIFA 13, you will be given tips on how to set your team up, how to make coins fast, and learn who the best bargain players are for you to purchase. Let’s get started!

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As with any team, football rosters need to have a balanced out team of players aside from the usual superstars. As the old adage goes, there’s no I in Team and all that, and you probably wouldn’t be winning a lot of games with one or two superstars excelling at just scoring. You’ll be needing a lot of backup so that you can get that ball into the goal, and you would be better off not relying on just a couple of players to do that. That principle goes for defense as well. As they, a good defense is a good offense, or something like that. The bottom line is that, you need to build an effective team all around if you want to dominate the season.

However, with just a few coins to spare, it would be hard to find five star players to completely fill your roster. Thus, you might have to settle for lower ranked players, but those that can contribute in huge ways to your team despite their low price. This section aims to provide you with some tips on how to build the best squad in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. We won’t be mentioning any specific names in this section, as they will be mentioned later on.

Let’s begin, shall we?

First and foremost, you would have to create a good balance of strong and quick attackers. Look for players with high strength, aggression, and tackling on one end, and then look for players with high acceleration, sprinting, and dribbling at the other end of the spectrum. This one-two combo will ensure that you will have enough muscle to hold defenders in place while your runner would be able to sprint towards the goal with relative ease. Try to gauge your attackers against some of the best defenders in the game and see just how effective your combinations of size, speed, and strength would be against the best squads out there.

Still on offense, try to find players that have four or even five star weaker foot rankings. You would be surprised as to how many bargain players you could find that have this ability, and some of them can be great offensive threats at such a rock bottom price. This makes you a veritable threat at both sides of the field, giving you multiple options for a potential goal even if your star player has been pretty much closed down. Look also for killer kickers that have high rankings in shot power and long range kicks. This will surely have defenders struggling to guard your players as each one can be a potential threat once they get into position for the kill.

Defensive wise, try and get the best goalkeeper that you can find. Go for ones that have high reflexes and diving stats. You can find a lot of bargain keepers that have these, but do not hesitate to spend your hard earned coins on these players, as they are your final line of defense. Players with high stats in these departments are more capable of guarding your goal even with opponents shooting from point blank range, so make sure that you budget enough coins for the best goalkeepers available.

Lastly, round out your team with cheap players that have decent stats all around. If you want additional attackers or defenders, then go ahead and indulge. Just don’t go for big names immediately, as you would certainly be able to find quality players without breaking the bank. What would you rather have, one or two players with mind boggling stats with teammates who could not contribute at either end of the field, or a team of no names that can hold their own against the best of the best? You can find players around the 9k range that can comfortably fit within your budget, and could give even some of the best teams a run for their money.

If you still have enough coins within your budget, then do not hesitate to buy a big name or two. With a strong supporting cast, though, you will surely not need to get the ball to your star player. This is because there are a lot more people capable of making shots, as well as being defensively capable whenever he is not available or otherwise preoccupied. That’s the beauty of having a well rounded team, as all the burden is shared and is not carried around by just a very small group of individuals.

These are just some tips that you can use when setting up your team in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. With these helpful little pieces of advice, you would be able to set up a formidable team of players that can take on the best of the best. Of course, to each their own, but hopefully these tips would be able to help you make the right decisions when filling out your roster.

As any good scout would, look for players who excel in specific attributes but will not cause you to break out your piggy bank. From there, create your supporting roster in such a way that all your figurative bases are loaded, whether it be in the left or right wing as well as in center field. Do not forget to create a good balance of offense and defense as well, as weaknesses can be easily exploited given the right team. A roster cannot be filled with superstars that are ranked high all around, so it’s a matter of finding the perfect combination of players that can bring you victory as a team. So count your coins and start scouting for the best players that will suit your team as well as your respective playing styles.

Do you know any hot tips on how to set up your Ultimate Team in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team? Let us know exactly how you were able to build your fantasy roster that will give other teams a serious run for their money in this latest installment of FIFA.


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FIFA: Ultimate Team 13 is just like previous adaptations, where player signings work pretty much like a trading card game. This is where players can earn a huge number of coins that can be used in the actual game. This article will provide you with some helpful tips that will let you earn big coins that you can use any way you want.

First and foremost, returning players get rewarded with special items that can range from FUT mini packs and coins, so make sure that you get to play daily in order to benefit from these daily bonuses. You can also opt to create multiple accounts for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, as these can be transferred in FIFA 13. FUT also got rid of bid token in its latest iteration, so there would be no stopping players from making bids this time around.

As with any trading industry, investing early is always the best advice that can be given. The early bird gets the worm, and FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is no different. The earlier you get to grab players with high potential, the greater the chance that their value will increase at a later time. Once you get these types of players, do not sell them! Wait a few weeks where the greater influx of coins will cause prices to rise. Only then should you make a sell, which will assure that you will be able to amass a huge amount of coins in profit.

Players to watch out for and hold on to once acquired include Brasilvers, which are Brazilian silver players that have a lot of potential in having their prices raised. It’s also good to have four or even five star players handy. Even those who excel in a few choice statistics such as striking or pace have great possibilities of being in great demand later on. Silver players from either the English Premier League, La Liga or Serie A are also good acquisitions. You can also find cheap gold players right now, but you’re going to be pretty sure that their prices will skyrocket once the game really gets rolling.

You can set searches for different types of players and set maximum bidding prices for them. Once a desired player shows up, you can snatch them up and put them up for sale. You can expect to earn a couple of coins in the process, maybe around 50-100 per trade, and although this may seem like a tedious job, this is one of the most surefire ways that you are sure to be able to turn in a profit slowly but surely.

Some “dirty tactics” that you can use in FUT are things that you can actually do in real life. These include undercutting prices as well as price fixing. These may seem like underhanded actions, but we’re pretty sure that someone else is doing it, so why not join in on the fray? Undercutting prices involve knowing the number of cards available for a player, as well as knowing the cheapest price available for that particular player. You should then acquire the cheapest card for that player and reset its price to a slightly higher amount of coins, but still competitive enough that it is still the cheapest in the bundle.

Price fixing, in turn, involves a little bit of hoarding on your part. Simply get most if not all cards of a single player as you can. You would be pretty much in control of its price based on simple supply and demand principles, allowing you to increase its price as you wish, although it is recommended that you set increases at around the 300-600 coin mark.

For those above two methods, however, make sure that you are focusing your efforts on players that are worth both your effort, as well as of the player’s own potential. You can refer to the above list of most wanted types of players so that you can try the aforementioned tactics out. If the outcome is not working out too well for you, then you can simply resell them and get your coins back and then try again.

Good formation players are also a great find. Typically, players with a preferred formation of 4-1-2-1-2 are the ones to look out for. Good stats and team chemistry is one of the prime things that other gamers look for, so make this a top priority when trying to snatch up prize players for resell purposes.

Lastly, do not forget to always check your listings, preferably when new biddings are up. You’ll never be sure when gold rated players would be listed up for unbelievable bargains, and there would also be gamers who would be mistyping offered amounts, and you can take advantage of these and pick up great players at ridiculous prices. So don’t forget to check on updates from time and you might just be able to see great deals that you should purchase the first chance you get. The 59th minute trick is a great tactic to use in this instance. Just simply make a search, scroll through until you find auctions that just started within a minute ago, and look to see if there are any bargains available.

With a little patience, skill, and a little bit of luck, you would be able to make a killing from trades in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. It’s a great way to pass the time, and it will be able to get you a huge profit of coins that you can use in FIFA 13. Not only is FUT an enjoyable game, but it will also be able to teach you some economic principles that you can apply in school or at work. So who says games don’t teach you anything? Don’t forget to check for updates anytime you can, and log into your accounts every day in order to get your daily bonuses. Play FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, enjoy making trades, and turn in a profit using the strategies listed above. Be a trading mogul with these fast and easy trading tips that will ensure that a huge number of coins will come rolling your way in no time flat.

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Success in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team requires that you find the best players for your team. However, you’ll also be needing some acute business acumen in order to earn coins, and this requires getting some great players for cheap prices, so that you can sell them for a profit. There are a limitless number of cards that you can trade within FUT for a bargain, and it’s only a matter of knowing where to look, in addition to a little amount of luck. To get you started, here’s but a few players that you should be looking out for in order to earn huge amounts of coins, or just to boost your own squad.

Samuel Eto’o
This striker from the Russian league has overall stats of 85, and is one of the highest rated players in this list. He is also the one of the most expensive, with prices at the 17,000 coin range. Still, Eto’o is a great buy considering his great speed, acceleration, and agility, making him great for a quick trade or for your own squad.

Rafael van der Vaart
Vaart, a midfielder, is also rated 85 overall. He excels in reaction time, although shows fair stats in everything else. You can purchase him at around 5,500 coins and then sell him off quick in order to turn in a profit. He also has a four star weaker foot and four star skills, making him a great choice for a profitable trade.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
Huntelaar, a Dutch striker from FC Schalke 04 is a steal at around 3,000 coins. Boasting a four star weaker foot, he also has great reaction time with fair strength and acceleration. Those who want to earn a respectable number of coins would be able to do well to buy Huntelaar early and wait for prices to soar before selling him off.

Tim Howard
American goalkeeper Tim Howard costs around 1,100 gold coins in the Xbox version of the game. He has very respectable stats in diving and reflexes, as well as in positioning. For such a low price and with such skills, he is certainly a must have whether for your own budget team or for trading purchases. Either way, having Tim Howard in your position for such a low price is a definite steal.

Seydou Doumbia
With amazing stats in almost all departments, it’s a surprise that CSKA Moskva striker Seydou Doumbia isn’t priced higher. Not that we’re complaining, as his 3,000 coin price tag is something that we’ll certainly want to pick up sooner than later. Keep him until a later date and prices are soon to ascend for this Russian league player.

Luis Muriel
Luis Muriel is another striker that costs pretty low as compared to his attributes. Having high speed and acceleration, this Colombian who is ranked 78 overall can be traded for huge amounts of coins if you time your offer just right. His four star weaker foot and skill moves certainly don’t hurt his appeal in any way, either.

Fredy Guarin
Fredy Guarian, a center midfielder from Inter in Serie A, costs about 2,100 coins, and he will be able to prove his worth by having balanced stats all-round, with excellent attributes in both stamina and strength. This 81 overall ranked player can be traded as soon as you acquire him, and you are almost assured of an immediate purchase, as long as you’re offering a fair price.

Elkeson is a Brazilian striker who is ranked 75 overall. While not excelling in any particular field, he has a four star weaker foot, as well as five star skill moves. His asking price of 1,100 coins isn’t half bad, either, and you can get a decent profit by selling him at a later date.

Isaac Vorsah
Vorsah is a center back with immense strength and decent acceleration and speed. He has a very low price of just 700 coins, and you can make a quick profit by selling him at around 750 to 800 coins. This player from Ghana will have no trouble getting snatched up with such a low offer due to his possible contributions to the team.

Mbark Boussoufa
Boussouffa, a Morrocan right wing player, is ranked 83 overall, with great stats all around, specifically with regards to balance, agility, acceleration, and reactions. He does cost a cool 35,000 coins, though, but Boussoufa is definitely worth the investment especially when the time comes that you decide to make a trade.

There are a lot of other players that you can find within FIFA 13 Ultimate Team that can be considered as bargain players. Simply know where to look, bide your time, and make your purchases and sales when the time seems right. Please note, though, the prices change from time to time and differ from console to console. The above were researched based on Xbox 360 prices. PS3 prices are usually much higher than the Xbox version.


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