Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 – Best Free Agents [Guide]

PES 2013

Free Agents in Pro Evo 13 are the best opportunity for you to build a great team. Most of them can come pretty cheap, and you never know when you might hit a gold mine. It is simply the best way to build a team with a limited budget and, if you know where to look, you would still be able to build up a pretty formidable roster even without big names. Here is a list of some free agents that you should look out for when playing Pro Evo 13.

Martin Petrov
Martin Petrov is a left winger from Bulgaria. He is ranked 82 overall and costs over 6.5 million to acquire. He excels in passing and has decent dribbling and ball control. While not really considered as a prime offensive threat, Petrov can truly serve as a great supporting cast in offensive runs, although his slightly advanced age of 33 might mean that you can only squeeze a few more years out of this free agent.

Samuel Eto’o
Samuel, the eldest and certainly most famous of the Eto’o football brothers, is a Cameroonian striker with years of experience under his belt. Ranked at 82 overall, Eto’o can also play on the wings, making him a choice free agent to have if you would like some versatility within your team. Samuel excels in attacking, and also posts some great stats in other areas such as speed, responsiveness and ball control, in addition to other style and personality cards that can definitely come into play when the time comes.

Anders Svensson
Svensson, from Sweden, prefers to play in the midfield and is regarded as a captain or playmaker of sorts. He has great teamwork skills, coupled with good dribbling and passing accuracy, making him able to get the ball to the open man for a successful offensive run. He also has good ball control and form, which is great if you want to get the ball where you want it to go. At a 5.4 million acquisition price, Svensson is also a cheap buy considering all the things that he brings to the table.

Andreas Isaksson
Isaksson is a Swedish footballer that plays in the goalkeeper position. Possessing both height and long arms, Andreas is a good defender with great goal keeping skills. He also has good balance and responsiveness, making him capable of deflecting shots even at close range or even at high speeds. This goalkeeper, ranked 80 overall, costs about 5.7 million to acquire.

Luis Perea
This Colombian footballer is a central defender, though can also play either side of the defence. Perea is ranked at 80 overall, showing some amazing stats in the areas of responsiveness and top speed, qualities that make him great when forcing the offense to turn over the ball. He also has great strength and stamina, ensuring teams that he will not be forced back to the bench after a limited use. If you need to sign a top defender quick and easy, then Luis Perea should be among your top choices.

Didier Drogba
Hailing from the Ivory Coast, this 34 year old footballer still has a few years ahead of him, and getting Drgoba into your team will provide you with some great benefits. This Center Forward has been a scorer all throughout his career, and he shows very high scores in almost all departments, specifically in attacking, shot accuracy, dribbling, ball control, body balance, and jumping. While acting as an offensive threat, he can also act as a good playmaker and decoy, drawing the defense towards him while passing off to the more open man. Drogba is ranked 87 overall, making him a steal to buy at a little over 15 million.

Diego Benaglio
Diego Benaglio is a Swish goalkeeper that is ranked at 85 overall in Pro Evo 13. Among his attributes, he has great responsiveness and body balance, while also having decent kicking power and jumping. He is an amazing defender that is also very cheap to acquire, considering his high stats. Benaglio costs about 9.3 million to acquire.

Tim Wiese
Tim Wiese is a German footballer playing in the goalkeeper position. He posts high defense and goalkeeping skills and excels in jumping, kicking, and responsiveness. Wiese also possesses tenacity, which is very important especially against intense offensive attacks. This goalkeeper, ranked 83 overall, costs 7.5 million.

Maxi Rodriguez
Rodriguez can play as a striker, though is also capable of playing as a forward or winger. He is ranked 85 overall, showing decent stats all around. He is capable of using his weaker foot to great effect, and can act in both attacking, as well as a decoy role due to his high skills in ball control and passing. Rodriguez is a bargain at 9.3 million, and he is worth every penny regardless of which position you play him as.

Santiago Acasiete
From Peru, Santiago Acasiete is a central defender that is ranked 81 overall. He posts decent stats all around, specifically in terms of stamina, tenacity, and body balance, making him a prime defender even against the best offensive players. At 6.1 million, Acasiete is pretty cheap to acquire, as he brings to the table great benefits when it comes to the defensive end of the field.

Reto Ziegler
This Swiss midfielder is one of the best free agents that you can find. Ranked 85 overall, Ziegler has good long passing skills and has good speed, making him great at aggressive offensive runs. Reto also has high stamina, so you can be pretty sure that you’re going to be able to use him to great effect, especially during long stretches. At a 9.2 million acquisition price, Ziegler can already be considered as a bargain.

There are literally hundreds of free agents within Pro Evo 13 that you can choose from and sign into your respective rosters. It’s just a matter of finding the right player that will suit your team’s style, as well as getting the right balance of players that will make your team a very formidable threat. You can also find some great deals among these players if you know exactly what to look for, so you should make sure that this group of free agents is one of the first things that you should look at when wanting to round out your team of players in this great and exciting game.


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