Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 – Best Wonderkids [Guide]

PES 2013

One thing that can be said about youth is that they have a lot of untapped potential that, given the right motivations, can turn them into great individuals, which can make them excel in any field that they desire. The same can be said about football, as players become younger and younger, allowing coaches and teams to mold them into the superstars that they could be. This guide lists down just some of the wonderkids that you can find within Pro Evo 13 that you can spend multiple seasons building your team around. Who’s to say that these young players wouldn’t be superstars in their own right in just a couple of years’ time?

Mario Gotze
Gotze, at twenty years old, has already established himself as one of the best young talents in the football world. In Pro Evo 13, this German attacking midfielder is ranked 80 overall, possessing good attacking skills, as well as excelling in other areas such as dribbling, passing, and ball control. He also possesses moderate speed and explosiveness, making him great for creating aggressive runs towards the goal. A franchise player in the making, Gotze is surely one of the players to watch out for in the coming seasons.

Ilkay Gundogan
Another German footballer, Gundogan is a midfielder that possesses good speed and ball control. While not that much of a threat offensively, Gundogan can play good support to other attackers due to his high work rate and passing accuracy, effective both in long and short ranges. He also shows good stamina, proving just how hard a worker Gundogan can be for your team. At 21, players can expect great things from this German in the next few years.

Mickey Van Der Hart
Hailing from the Netherlands, 18 year old Mickey Van Der Hart has shown promise as a goalkeeper in his short career playing professional football. In Pro Evo 13, Van Der Hart has good responsiveness and jumping ability, earning him an overall ranking of 75. While still relatively cheap at a 2.8 million acquisition price, Van Der Hart can be a real defensive threat if properly developed, so it would be wise to get him while he is still young.

Hiroki Sakai
This 22 year old Japanese winger can play both the left and right wing, which shows just how resilient he could be. Sakai is ranked 79 overall, with good long range passing accuracy and speed, as well as good speed and stamina. Sakai is listed as a free agent, so there would be no trouble snatching him up and putting him within your roster, bringing youth and adaptability within your team.

Raheem Sterling
Raheem Sterling is a 17 year old footballer of English and Jamaican descent, capable of playing both sides of either the forward or middle wings. He is fast both with and without the ball, and given his short stature; he has good body balance and swerving capabilities as well. If you want someone cheap, young, and capable of bringing the ball towards the goal, the Sterling should be one of your best bets to be just that.

Stefanos Kapino
Kapino is an 18 year old Greek goalkeeper that shows a lot of promise. He has high responsiveness and body balance, and his kicking ability will make you able to turn a good defense into a great offense. Kapino’s height is also a great advantage, making him capable of deflecting shots that are normally out of reach. Though just ranked at 77 overall, expect his stats to rise within the next few years as he slowly comes out of his shell and reaches his full potential.

Kostas Stafylidis
Stafylidis is currently ranked at 75 overall in Pro Evo 13, and this Greek midfielder still shows signs of greatness within him at the young age of 18. Kostas shows good dribbling skills and very decent explosiveness and speed, as well as satisfactory stamina and kicking power. Though not excelling in any major area, Stafylidis is very cheap to acquire, and he still has a lot of untapped potential that can be developed in the right hands, as well as with the right team.

Lucas Piazon
Piazon is a Brazilian player that can assume the striker or attacking midfielder position. This 18 year old Brazilian sensation has good shot accuracy and, coupled with fast dribbling speed and passing accuracy, he is capable of making some great plays, either with him making some great assists or with him taking the shot himself. Piazon also has good ball control, making it hard for defenders to take the ball from him once he makes his run alongside the team.

Jetro Willems
Willems is an 18 year old Dutchman that can play either as the left midfielder or as left back. Ranked 75 overall, Willems has good ball control and can make long passes quite accurately. He also possesses good speed and kicking power, making him capable of making passes across the field effectively. Willems can certainly help your team push the ball forward, acting as a great support for your attackers and strikers to great effect.

Salih Ucan
Salih Ucan is a Turkish footballer playing the midfielder position. At 18, Ucan is already ranked at 76 in Pro Evo 13, as he possesses great speed both with and without the ball. He also has good stamina and body balance, as well overall good dribbling and passing qualities. Ucan is a young and inexpensive addition to your team should you require someone who can stay in the field for a long time and can make those much needed assists with pinpoint accuracy.

What can be said about Pro Evo 13, and football in general, is that in the vast pool of players within each team, no one really has any idea as to when any player would explode into a veritable superstar. But as they say, the cream will always rise to the top, and with the right training and motivation, as well as support from the right combination within the team, these players can potentially become the next Hazard or Bale who, at a very young age, have established themselves to be great players in their own right. So find the right young player to develop, and you will inevitably find yourself with a good investment that you can build your team around in the many years and seasons to come.


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