Marvel: War of Heroes Walkthrough [Guide]


In Marvel: War of Heroes, players are tasked to don their masks and spandex suits as they take on various missions to save the world from evil. Along the way, they will be battling each other, too, in this exciting card collection and battle game from CyGames.

Marvel: war of Heroes involves collecting cards containing their favorite Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Black Widow, and many more. Along the way, they would be getting even more cards of different types, and it is up to them to improve on or discard these cards in order to upgrade their other cards through either fusion or boosts.

Improving Cards
Improving cards can be done in one of two ways – boosting or fusing. Both involve combining two cards together, with fusion only allowed if two cards as similar with each other. The resulting card will be one card with higher stats and levels, which will be more powerful and rare. Fusion and boosting requires silver, however, which is earned through battles and by completing missions.

There are different statistics that players must balance out with regards to playing Marvel: War of Heroes. These include stats such as attack, defense, and energy. Attack and defense are pretty self-explanatory, while energy is used whenever players would be performing missions.

As players level up or perform positive actions such as finishing missions or earning friends, players will be entitled to stat points that they can use to increase their own attributes. This allows players to balance out statistics depending on their preferred orientation of heroes that they bring out as their deck, as well as on their specific style of play. These attributes are completely refilled once players level up, though, so they must maximize the use of resources such as energy in order to ensure that they are not wasting it.

Missions are tasks that the player can perform in order to earn XP which is then used to level up. Most of these missions have storylines, which is one of the core charms of the game as you would be able to face off against different foes and organizations within the Marvel Universe. Completing objectives will unlock succeeding missions, and you will also have a chance to receive rewards such as silver, resources which you can collect, as well as some rare cards that will be able to help you further along.

As with other similar games, Marvel: War of Heroes lets you play against real life players in intense PvP action. Using this feature, you would be able to do battle against players with slightly higher or lower levels than you. Still, it’s a matter of playing wisely and having the right characters in your deck that will ultimately decide the victory. There are also special “tag team” super power combinations if you have the right characters in your deck. Winning battles will earn you lots of rewards such as XP, resources, and silver, so don’t forget to play against others when you feel that your levels and deck are formidable enough.

Referral Code
Players can also get free stuff if they refer and befriend others via the game. Using a unique referral code, you can ask players to join, and both you and your friend would be eligible to win a lot of silver as well as a rare Black Widow card that will contribute a lot in the game. This feature is absolutely free, and is more of a tactic to get as many people to play the game than anything else.

Marvel: War of Heroes is perfect for those who have grown up in the trading card game era, as well as for all Marvel superheroes fanatics out there. The game features great artwork of your favorite Marvel characters, and the many ways that you can enhance your deck makes Marvel: War of Heroes a thinking man’s game unlike any other. The PvP function will also always challenge players who have mastered many of the missions within the game. This will encourage players to keep on improving their respective decks until they can confidently say that they are the best there is at what they do, to quote a line from a famous feral mutant. If anything, Marvel: war of Heroes is a great way to spend the time, and friends will be able to spend countless hours comparing their collections with each other, and they can even have the option of putting their decks to the ultimate test by battling each other to settle the score.

Marvel: War of Heroes is a light and free to play card battle game featuring your favorite Marvel heroes and other characters from the famous comic line. It was developed by CyGames and, after a delayed October 11, 2012 release, is finally available for both the Android and iOS platforms.


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