World at Arms Walkthrough [Guide]


World at Arms by Gameloft allows players to take on the role of a general tasked with rebuilding a country torn by war. Using your wits and the vast resources that you can acquire, you must develop your troops and weaponry while you get your power back by defeating hostile countries left and right. This game requires players to strategize and make the most out of their armies in order to become the most powerful nation in the world once more.

World at Arms is a building game that allows you to create different structures. It also allows you to control different aspects of the military like troops and weapons. You will also be producing other resources that will be used in order to keep your country running smoothly. World at Arms also lets players battle against other countries’ and players’ military in order to see just who has the best troops.

Aside from these, there are various missions that can be undertaken, and there is a lot of social interaction within other players whether as allies or foes.

As you are playing as the leader of a country, the settings area of World at Arms will allow you to enter your username. You can also select an avatar and flag that would represent your country. This information will be displayed when you are battling against or are being viewed by other players. You can change your username, avatar, or flag at any point in the game.

In the settings area, you will also be able to set music and sound effects, notifications, and it will also allow you to connect to Facebook or Gameloft Live, which is a great way to invite friends and earn bonus items, as well.

World at Arms uses several types of currency. Hearts are earned by helping out allies in repairs and other tasks; these can be used to purchase special items that will help improve on your army. Gold coins, in turn, are the main currency within World at Arms. These are used to purchase structures and other items that will help you in rebuilding your country. Coins are earned by completing missions, and can be collected from income buildings or by selling loot. Buildings, weapons, vehicles, and other items may also be sold, but at a fraction of its original price.

Speaking of loot, these are items that can often be collected along with coins. Some items can complete a set, and once a certain collection is completed, then you may sell this for a lot of coins or oil. Once a collection has been completed, you can start collecting the same set again and sell it in an endless cycle.

Oil is used whenever you would want to go into battle. This is earned by collecting would oil producing structures such as oil wells or oil towers. Your oil requirements would change depending on the number of machines or vehicles that you may collected along the way. Electricity, on the other hand, is produced by structures such as power plants and wind turbines, and this provides energy which would be used to run the different structures within your base. As with oil, electricity requirements depend on how many buildings you have that require this resource.

Gold stars are the premium currency within the game. These can be used to purchase special items and structures that will greatly help you in your campaign. Gold stars can also be used to speed up building speed if you are the type of person that does not like to wait. These, however, cost real currency to acquire, and the more money you spend, the more gold stars you can get in return.

There are several types of buildings that you can construct in order to enhance your base. There are income buildings that generate coins, oil producing structures as well as electricity producing buildings. For buildings that produce oil and coins, payouts differ from building to building, and they will not be able to produce more resources unless you collect what has already been generated. For power suppliers, the electricity provided by your structures will remain constant, though players may have to build more of these structures if other buildings would be added to your base.

Buildings such as barracks are also available within the game, and these would be where you will be training your troops in preparation for battle. Other buildings would also help in producing weapons that can be used in your campaigns.

Built structures must also be activated once constructed in order to be put to use. They can also be moved around, should you want to redesign your base. Once your space has run out, you can expand your base by purchasing the surrounding empty land using either gold coins or gold stars. Once activated, players can then build on the newly acquired land.

All buildings are available in the shop. More structures that offer bigger payouts at shorter intervals would be available once players level or sometimes can also be purchased using premium currency. Decorations may also be purchased using different kinds of currency, and can help in increasing the payout of all structures within the nearby vicinity.

One of the biggest aspects in World at Arms are the various campaigns that you can do. Winning battles and completing missions will earn you huge rewards, and this a also a great way to level up. Extra missions will be unlocked once a specific number of battles have been won, and winning missions is a matter of having the right people and equipment for the job.

Troops can be purchased outright using gold stars, or you can train them in your barracks for some currency. You can also do this with airplanes and tanks, as you can purchase them outright or create structures that will create them for you over time. Your stock of troops and machines can be brought into battle, although you would have to consider that going into battle will cost more oil the more machines that you bring. Take note also that certain units can only be brought in depending on the battle field’s terrain, so it would be a good idea to keep a good stock of all types of units.

During battle, you can bring up to six units with you, or you can choose to auto deploy your forces and have the game pick for you. Battles are automated, but you can help the battle along by clicking or swiping at the items that appear. These have positive effects depending on the nature of the item, and failure to click on these items can also have a negative effect on you.

At the end of the mission, you can either win or fail, and you most probably will lose some units in the aftermath. Thus, it is important to always keep a good stock of troops and machines on hand, as well as oil so that you will not have to wait especially if you are keen in getting into those intense battles right away.

At higher levels with higher rewards, some battles may be more difficult to beat. Thus, you are allowed to call upon one ally per day, which will add an additional unit to your team. You can call upon your friends that are also playing the game to help you out in battle, so it is just to have a healthy number of allies around, of which you will be allowed with a maximum number of five multiplied by your character’s maximum level. Another option is to hire mercenaries using gold stars, and they would be able to help you for a specific number of battles.

Online Battle
Aside from allies, you can also invite your friends to battle. This costs oil to perform, although you will be getting some rewards in return as well if you win. Similarly, you can also set bounties on other players. Simply set the amount of coins that you will put on your opponent’s head, or search for players with bounties so that you may be able to claim the reward once you have defeated him.

World at Arms also provides quests that will let you get more acquainted with the game, and it also provides for lots of currencies, resources, and experience. Thus, it is important to check this feature out.

Be sure to play the Daily Lottery as well. Players are provided with one free play per day, with additional plays costing gold stars. You may also use gold stars to access higher level items within the game. The prizes in the Daily Lottery improves for each consecutive day that you play it, although it resets once you stopped playing for a day, or once you have played the Daily Lottery for five consecutive days.

It is also a great idea to have lots of allies so that they may send you gifts in the form of troops, weapons, or other items. You may also give them gifts, as well. Aside from this, you can also use them as allies and you can also help them out in exchange for social currency which you can use to buy special upgrades for your own base.


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