Football Manager 13 – Wonderkids [Guide]


Football Manager 13 offers thousands of players to choose from different countries and leagues, giving players virtually limitless possibilities on how to develop their own teams. However, if you are looking for the right combination of players that you can develop for many years to come, then the best thing to look for is youth and potential. With the pool of players at your disposal, Football Manager 2013 can provide that, and so much more. This list is by no means comprehensive or complete, and this can pretty much get updated as the seasons progress. Stats, attributes and prices will also fluctuate depending on certain factors such as on how he is managed and how the seasons progress. All players here are arranged by age.

Victor Andrade
One of the youngest players on our list is Victor Andrade. This sixteen year old Brazilian plays as a striker for Santos is a steal for his current price tag, as you can mold him into a potential superstar within the next few years with the option to sell him for a much higher price tag should you feel the need to. Andrade possesses great passing and shooting skills, as well as the ability to make great decisions in the field, allowing him to anticipate passes and move well without the ball. Add to this good acceleration and agility and you have a future franchise player in the making.

Olivier Ntcham
Currently playing for Manchester City, the sixteen year old center midfielder can be developed to be one of the best in his position. Already having good fitness, work rate, balance, and pace, among others, so early on in his young career, players can expect Ntcham to develop further with the right manager and the right team working with him. The French-Camaroonian is certainly a recruit to watch out in the coming seasons once he is able to reach his full potential in the coming years.

Carlos Fierro
Carlos Fierro is a Mexican striker from Mexico, currently playing for the Chivas club. At such a young age, the seventeen year old Fierro already shows tremendous technique, as well as formidable finishing skills. He is also good at penalty kicks, as well as with long shots. Fierro is also an amazing off the ball worker, showing maturity and awareness well beyond his years. Add to this great pace and agility and you have a must have player in this Mexican sensation. Though sporting a high price tag, Carlos Fierro is worth every penny whichever way you look at it.

Yassine Benzia
Yassine Benzia is a seventeen year old striker from Lyon, and he is included in this list due to his high attributes that will make him a great asset for any club. Possessing high first touch abilities and a great sense of flair, Benzia is exciting to watch, as well as effective. Add to this a high determination and work rate and you have yourself a hard working player that you can use in the many seasons to come. Though coming with a very high price tag, Yassine Benzia is a great investment due to his potential, hands down.

Kurt Zouma
Kurt Zouma is a French Central Defender hailing from France. At just seventeen years old, Zouma has proven himself to be a great defender, possessing great physical attributes which include balance, strength, jumping, and ,many more. he also has very high tackling and heading skills which would make him great at ball interceptions and turning a good defense into a great offense. A few more years and his attributes a pretty sure to go up, making him a great grab while he is still young and relatively affordable.

Adryan is a seventeen year old Brazilian midfielder playing for the Flamengo club. Adryan is a good off the ball worker that has good decision making skills on the field. Add to this good dribbling, passing, and shooting skills and Adryan is a potential threat for any defending team. What’s even better is that you can get Adryan pretty cheap right now, and you can turn your investments into a huge profit with either him playing for you with his full potential, or as a future contract sale or trade.

Another seventeen year old sensation is Doria, a central defender hailing from Brazil. This Botafogo stalwart possesses high jumping abilities as well as high stamina combined with good heading and concentration. Though not as skilled as others in the list, with proper training Doria can be developed and used to his full capacity once he is able to improve on some his more mediocre stats. If anything else, Doria can be a great Cinderella story as well as a measuring stick as to how well you can develop this young player.

Will Hughes
Hughes is a seventeen year old Englishman that can dominate the midfield position. Currently, he shows decent stats all around, and it isn’t any wonder what would happen if these were able to improve consistently throughout his career. Showing all around good statistics with regards to technical, mental, and physical attributes, Hughes potentially has the best of everything, and it’s up to your guiding hands to shape him into the superstar that he could be.

Gianluca Caprari
Caprari is capable of playing as both a striker as well as a winger for both sides. This eighteen year old Italian shows great skill both in attacking and field presence. He excels in long shots and is capable of making good decisions that will certainly be an advantage when good teamwork is a must. Add to this a respectable pace and acceleration rating and you are assured of a quick and nimble team with Caprari on the field. Attached with a steep price tag, you have to make sure that Caprari can be utilized to his full potential in order to make the investment count, and you will have many seasons to try to do just that with him in your roster.

Ademilson is another striker, this time for Sao Paolo. This eighteen year old Brazilian boasts high stats with regards to mentality, especially with regards to playing off the ball, work rate, and teamwork. He also has very high stamina, acceleration, and agility, and coupled with his good finishing skills and technique, Ademilson can already be a veritable threat even this early in his career. With more seasons’ worth of experiences under his belt, Ademilson’s potential is beyond limit at this stage.

Lenny Nangis
This eighteen year old sensation from France is a winger that is still capable of showing tremendous potential in the years to come. As a winger capable of playing both sides of the field, Nangis shows great attributes when it comes to acceleration and pace. His agility and stamina are top notch as well, capable of slashing through defenders and making good passes as well as goals. His mental state is also very satisfactory, making him a great worker with or without the ball.

Mateo Kovavic
Hailing from Croatia, this eighteen year old midfielder can best be described as a dynamo, as he shows high stats all around with regards to speed, acceleration, and agility. He is also fit and has good stamina, making him great into the long stretches of the game. However, what sets Kovavic apart from the pack is his great creativity and team work which is well beyond his age. This makes him a great leader on the field, and he is also able to complement this with flair and great work rate.

Adam Maher
One of the oldest of our best young kids, Adam Maher is a twenty year old attacking midfielder from Holland. Maher displays amazing stats all around, maybe except for aggression and jumping, but everything else is simply phenomenal, from dribbling and passing, to creativity and flair, to agility and natural fitness. There’s truly nothing more that you can ask of this player, and you should definitely snatch him, up early on as his already high price is bound to skyrocket in the years to come. This is one of the cases where saving the best for last as Adam Maher is hands down simply one of the best wonderkids in this list.

So there you have it. If you want a team of young and hungry players in your team, then these are the people that you should take a look at first. Of course, there are a bunch of other players that you can scout and can fit depending on your style of play, and player stats and other factors can only change depending on the coming games and seasons. Still, the cream would always rise to the top, and despite their young age, the list of players above have certainly proven themselves to be some of the wonderkids within Football Manager 2013, and are bound to make great contributions to their respective clubs for many fruitful years ahead.

What about you? Who makes your list of wonderkids in Football Manager 2013?


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