Dragon Skies Walkthrough [Guide]


Dragon Skies is a simulation game that allows you to raise, train, and breed pet dragons in any way you wish. Of course, you would like them to become the best that they could be while being happy with the way that you take care of them, and this guide will help you on how to do just that.

Dragon Skies allows players to create a habitat for dragons, and they must raise them from eggs until they hatch and reach maturity. From there, players must train their dragons in order to level up and earn coins. Players can also breed different dragons so that they would get even more eggs. Along the way, dragon trainer Elin will help you along the way and would also provide you with quests that will further teach you on how the game is played as well as get you some rewards along the way.

Coins are the primary currency within the game. These can be earned by completing training sessions with your dragon as well as completing quests. Coins are used to purchase new eggs and different types of structures as well, and you must also spend coins in order to train your dragon.

Gems are the premium currency within Dragon Skies. Gems are used to speed up the hatching of eggs if you do not want to wait. Gems can also be used to wake up your pet dragons if they are asleep and you do not want for them to wake up by themselves so that you can train them. Gems, however, cost real life money, so it would be wise to think twice before deciding to use them.

The Hatchery
The Hatchery is where you would be placing eggs until they hatch. Different types of dragons may be purchased, and more would be unlocked once players level up. Once an egg has been placed in the hatchery, players would have to wait until they hatch, or they can spend gems so that the egg would be hatched instantly. Once the egg has been hatched, they would have to be placed in stables so that they may be able to live comfortably. Different types of dragons require different kinds of stables to live in.

Training your dragons would let you earn experience points which will help you level up, as well as coin rewards. Training, however, requires 25 coins per session, and your dragons would have to be awake in order to be trained. Training is a form of mini-game within Dragon Skies where you would have to control your animal by tapping and holding the screen so that they would be able to collect stars as they fly across the level. The more stars that your dragon collects, the more rewards you would get.

After reaching level four, players can now build a Dragon’s Den where they can place two dragons so that they may breed and create an egg. You can wait for the process to complete or spend gems in order to hatch the egg instantly. This is a great way to earn eggs without having to purchase them directly using coins.

Quests are one part tutorial and one part rewards system that are provided to you by Elin. When completing quests, you may earn XP, coins, or gems, so it is important to check up on this from time to time so that you may know what quests have not yet been completed. More quests can be done as you go further along within the game.

Social Function
Dragon Skies also provides you with the chance to visit other habitats in order to see how other players are doing with their own dragons. You can also send them gifts, and players can send gifts to you as well. you can also connect to your friends and other players once you connect via Facebook.


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