Assassins Creed III Walkthrough [GUIDE]

Assassin's Creed 3
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Sequence 01 (3 memories)
Sequence 02 (5 memories)
Sequence 03
Sequence 04
Sequence 05
Sequence 06
Sequence 07
Sequence 08
Sequence 09
Sequence 10
Sequence 11
Sequence 12


Almanac Page Locations
Eagle Feather Locations
Chest Locations
Peg Leg Trinket Locations


Sequence 01

Memory 01 - Basic Animus Run

The game starts off with Desmond's father talking about the impeding doom that
is lurking around the corner and how Desmond is the key to save ourselves.

After the scene ends, you take control of Desmond who along with his friends
just arrives at the entrance of a large cave. Go inside the cave and at each
point, Desmond interacts with the surroundings with the Apple in his hand and
opens a path further into the cave. After a bit of walking, you come to the
main chamber inside the cave which has elaborate designs and then it starts

You're back in the Animus because of a sudden bleeding effect. Thru this area,
you will just keep moving forward and learn the controls to perform different
kinds of maneuvers and air assassinations.

Memory 02 - A Deadly Performance

As you move ahead, you take control of one of your ancestors again and because
of the synchronization, the world starts to build and you come to a door. Go
thru it to continue to the next mission. You receive a mail at this point in
the real world - you can leave the animus anytime now to go back.

Continue into the theater and sit in the designated seat. After talking for a
while, you need to switch on your eagle vision. Switch it on and look at the
top right corner of the theater where you golden target awaits. After you spot
him, move to your left and use the ladder and then the ledges to get to the top
left corner of the theater. Climb into the balcony and make your way to the
right side. You come across a door which is locked - you need to pick it. First
rotate the mouse to get the correct position and the move it up and down to
open the lock and continue inside. Then you come to your target, assassinate
him and follow all the green waypoints in your path to get out of the theater -

Memory 03 - Journey to the New World

Soon, you'll find yourself embarking on a journey to colonial America and this
is your first experience on the sea and in a ship. After you come to... go up
to the docks - there are two mini-games you can play in this area too. After
you go up, you will receive basic combat instructions so watch and repeat
carefully because this will carry on to the rest of the game, after the fight,
you speak with the Captain of the ship who voices his concern and then you can
go back to your cabin. Go back topside and investigate the falling barrels,
later that day you will be attacked by an enemy ship and then your ship is
taken into the storm to lose the enemy ship. After that, you are instructed to
go back to your chambers and then you get to know who was throwing the barrels
into the water and a small fight ensues - your first fight with a sword too and
after you kill your opponent you need to run around back on the top, securing
the rops and releasing the sails of the ship. You will come out of the storm
and this day ends.

Go back to the captain at the bow and then climb the mast to get a look at the
new world...


Sequence 02

Memory 01 - Welcome to Boston

You'll meet Charles Lee once you come off the boat. Now follow him to the first
location. You can do a lot here but for now, just move on with the mission.
Once you come to the waypoint you meet Benjamin Franklin who in a few years is
going to declare independence but for now, he's just a old guy searching for
his almanac pages. 

This is the first collectible mission in the game and will continue for the
rest of the game. To the right here is a person who has a mail icon over his
head. This is yoru first side-mission where you need to deliver four letters to
the people on the map - it's done fairly easily. After that, once you decide to
move on, go into the General Stores and buy yourself a Sword and a Gun - the
two essentials. Now go back to Lee and ride on the horseback to the Green
Dragon Tavern.

Memory 2: A Favor & Johnson's Errand

This is a two part memory with the second part holding more prominence. Head
into the tavern and follow Lee upstairs to meet William Johnson. You can talk
to Johnson again for a conversation and then leave the Tavern.

You'll come to the outskirts of a fort -

Optional Objectives:
Kill 10 mercenaries with firearms
Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half their health

Once you speak to Hickey, you'll see a guard on top of the hill ahead. Kill him
with your pistol and climb up to where he was. Take his rifle and move ahead.
You'll will see that Lee and Hickey come up to the entrance which is below you
and talk to the guards. To get full sync you need to kill 10 enemies with
firearms. Unfortunately, this can be a bit difficult because of the high reload
times of these ancient weapons. So, fire with the Musket first, then drop it
and fire with your pistol and this should allow you to kill two within a short
span of time. Move ahead on top of the hill and you come to more enemies. Kill
them and move ahead. You'll see a few run in behind some gates.

You need to shoot the explosive barrels cart which is to the left of the gate.
Shoot it to make the gate explode and then go in. Kill the mercenaries and
retreive the contents of the stolen chest -

From this point on, you can loot bodies of dead enemies. Now, you need to
follow Hickey and Lee outside while Lee carries the chest. You need to defend
them both from the enemies who keep coming in your path, you will be walking
for a while so brace yourself. You need to reach a carriage which takes you out
of this blasted place.

Memory 3: Next on the List & The Surgeon

First, talk to Lee in the tavern and you can start the quest immediately.

Optional Objectives:
Eavesdrop on a moving group of guards
Do not fail a single eavesdrop
Remain undetected during the whole warehouse infiltration

YOur first objective is to Eavesdrop on the neighbors. This mission acts as a
tutorial for the rest of the eavesdrop mission in the game so follow everything
in it carefully. The most important thing you need to know is how to blend in
with the atmosphere or disappear thanks to a haystack or something similar. You
will also need to sync from the top of a sync point so go up and do it. 

Then head to the next eaves drop location. This time, you'll be hearing the
chatters of some guards. They will get suspicious if you stare at them too long
so just move a bit ahead and blend in with the two other citizets here. After
you finish your eavesdrops, meet Lee and head to the warehouse. To get full
sync you need to enter the house undetected. First, go from the right side of
the red square, then wait for the single patrolling guard to go by and move
ahead to the left-

You'll find a guard here, stand on the corner and wistle which will make
him come towards you, you can kill him when your weapon icon on the bottom
right of the screen becomes white - just when he gets close enough. After that,
 everything should be simple. Go to the entrance and then to one of the guards
to pickpocket him and finally go back to the door and get inside to come to the
 Surgeon. Assassinate the target ahead of you and release the Surgeon. You can
meet him back at the Tavern whenever you want to meet him.

Memory 4: The Soldier

Optional Objectives:
Limit detection time - 15 seconds
Perform a Kill Streak of three
Prevent Snitches from calling reinforcements

Speak to your buddies to start this mission and you'll come to a different
place with Lee leaning on a wall just ahead of you.

Speak to him to start the mission and you'll walk to John Pitcairn and Edward
Braddock. After the cutscene, you will have to tail Braddock's patrol carefully

The best way to trail them is to run behind a wall which they just passed and
stay hidden behind the corner as you can see in the image above. Once you need
to start fighting, an optional objective is to kill all of the snitches first.
They are marked with a red hexagon. Kill them first to avoid them from calling
reinforcements and then after killing everyone in the unit, talk to Braddock.

Memory 5: Infiltrating Southgate

Optional Objectives:
Find and kill the General
Perform three stealth assassinations from a corner spot
Avoid firing line damage

Talk to Lee again to begin this mission. You need to get a few guard uniforms
and for that, you are going to kill a few guards. Once you are on the rooftops,
grab the Musket to the right of Lee and shoot the redcoats below. You can
continue to kill them from here or just jump into the battle yourself. After
you kill everyone, you will have had enough uniforms to get on with the plan.

You'll continue the mission while riding a wagon. Your allies will be scattered
ahead of you and you need to give them orders to kill anyone who is approaching
you before you are detected. So when you see a couple of guards walking towards
you wagon, just give the signal to take them out. Soon, you'll come to the
fort where more of the natives are being held captive.

Inside the fort, head straight for the two men below the archway and then walk
along the wall to the right, past some horses, and into a hay cart where you
can assassinate the general who is marked with a red hexagon. The targets you
need to kill are all marked on the map so you will not have any trouble finding
them but there's still the optional objective of killing 3 enemies from a
corner spot. 

When you see an enemy patrolling an area, just hide bheind a corner which may
be a stack of boxes or anything and hit E to whistle, this will grab their
attention and they will come walking towards you, when you see your blade icon
on the bottom right turn white from grey (when the enemy is close enough) just
kill him and that's a stealth corner take down.

For the final optional, you need to avoid a line of fire, you can do so by
simply hitting SPACE when near an enemy as you are about to be shot by a group
of soldiers ahead of you. Immediately after you free all the prisoners, you get
into an all out battle, hope you learned to counter properly by now...

Sequence 03

Memory 1: Unconvinced

Optional Objectives:
Limit health loss to 50%
Use two breakable objects in a fight

Enter the tavern and talk to Lee. Come back outside and head onto the gate of
Frontier, which are at the other end of the city so open your map and Fast
Travel there if you can or else, grab a horse and ride your way to the Frontier
entrance. Once you pass the gate, you will enter Frontier lands. This is where
most of the game's hunting happens but more on that later. For now, if you are
on your horse then travel to the marked location or hold R to bring up the
weapons menu and select your Horse Whistle from the right menu and use it to
call your horse and ride.

After talking to Lee, follow him to the location of the woman. You'll then need
to run behind the woman on foot while she runs on top of the trees. Soon,
you'll come to a small camp which was ravated by wolves and the wolves attack
you. When wil beasts attack you, you will enter quick time and some of the
buttons will be shown on the screen which you need to press to successfully
dodge and kill the animal. The woman is now resting on top of a tree ahead to
the left, use your eagle vision if you cannot spot her. Follow her and speak
with her. 

Then she takes you to a Tavern close by. Go inside and blend in with the two
guys near the window to listen to the eaves drops and then head to the exit. A
fight begins, you need to throw two soldiers onto the tables. Just counter them
first and hold E and a direction button to throw them - this should take care
of the objective.

Memory 2: Execution is Everything

Optional Objectives:
Do not kill any guards
Sabotage two cannons

Talk to Ziio and head to the fort. Here, you need to move undetected so first,
run into the cart which is standing outside the gate -

Once the cart stops, get out of it and head to the left to where you see an
eaves drop circle. Do not enter the circle yet. First, you need to take out the
guard who is patrolling here. Just wait for him in the low leaves and take him
out once he passes you. You will not kill him - Haytam just knocks them
unconscious so you need not worry about the optional objective. Once you take
him out. Head up on the stairs to the left and hug the left wall of the fort as
you approach another guard and take him out too. You need to lift their bodies
and throw them in the haystacks so that the other guards are not alerted. 

Once you did this, move further ahead to see another guard strolling in a watch
tower ahead of you. Stay in the high grass and watch his movements. He usually
walks to the right and comes back and stands still for a bit facing his back
towards you so just run up to him when you see this and take him down.

You will also need to take you the two cannons fro full sync. The first is just
to the right of the watch place here. After sabotaging it, go into the
eavesdrop circle and listen to the soldiers. Once their conversation is
finished, go to the second cannon and take it down. Then finally head into the
marked location which is a tent and pick up the map. Now, you need to get out
of this place without triggering alert, the best way to do this - if you have
the patience to walk back is to go to the right of the first cannon and jump
off from there into the water below -

Then continue to swim right and onto the land and head back to Ziio.

Memory 3: The Braddock Expedition

Optional Objectives:
Kill two soldiers without triggering open conflict
Destroy three powder carts

After spending five months in the tavern, you will finally meet Ziio again who
tells you that it's time. After you speak to her, you will come to a small camp
with guards infront of you. You need to kill two of them without alerting the
rest to get the optional objective. It's simple enough, first there's a marked
guy who circles the camp. go to the left from where you start and into the
large bushes so you can get cover. Move to this area if possible -

When you see the guard pass you, just whistle and he will come towards the
bushes. Take him out and then move close to another guard and repeat the same.
After you kill two, you can openly fight the rest of them. After you take out
all of the enemies here, you'll have uniforms again. Ride on the horseback to
Braddock's camp. You'll trigger a cutscene and then you'll need to follow him. 

The optional objective here is to destroy three Kegs as you move past them, the
first is shown as a tutorial and you can then take out the rest as you pass
them, just be careful and time the shots properly else you may hit a guard -
this is a tough optional objective and requires a bit of luck as well.

Once Braddock stops, go near him and see what happens. Pursue him on foot and
take him out to end the sequence, you'll be taken to the cave but see what

Then you'll see yourself just outside the Tavern, go in for a plot twist -


Sequence 04

You'll be automatically taken out of the animus after the last sequence. Talk
to everyone about anything you can and check out your mails. There's not much
to do in the real world just yet so it's best to go back into the Animus for

As you start the sequence, Ziio gives you a back drop on what happened between
Haytam and her and also tells you about her fears...

Memory 1: Hide and Seek

Optional Objectives:
Find all the children without making a mistake
Find all the children within four minutes

One great thing about this game is how you are taken thru the life of
Ratonhnhaké:ton unlike the previous games where you are just thrust into the
adult leads. First, follow the other kids into the forest where they start a
game of hide and seek - you'll get the short straw and need to find the others.
You will need to start by searching for clues and the first clue is just nearby

As you analyze each clue, the green circles will shrink and finally after three
clues for each circle, you will know the exact location of your friends. Use
your eagle vision to seek out the location of all the clues easily, you can
also find the clues by following the direction in which the footsteps of the
present clue lead. One of them is inside a leaf stack, the second in just
sitting at the foot of the mountain nearby and two of them are together in
another haystack.

To get the optional objectives done, you should not make a mistake - you should
find all three clues ad pin point the location of your friends. If you just
walk into a haystack and there's no one there then you'll fail the objective.
You may also need a lot more time than the 4mins so what you can do is remember
where your friends are and restart at the last checkpoint thru the menu and
find them again without analyzing the clues which gives you a lot of time. Just
do this for two of your friends because once you find out the location of the
third and go there, the checkpoint will be overwritten and you will not be able
to get the optional objective done.

Once you are done finding, it's your turn to hide, just go into any of the leaf
stacks and hide in there - it does not matter where you go. After a while, see
what happens.

Now, you will need to run to your village and then to your house. Once you
reach your house, go to the right behind some rocks and you will see a path
between the fire which leads to a wall which collapses. Go in from there and
watch the cutscene.

Memory 2: Feathers and Trees

Optional Objectives:
Do not touch the ground or water
Find three more feathers

A long time has passed and Connor has grown up. You will need to find some
feathers for a meet later in the village. To get the optionals done, just walk
on the trees and the rocks which are above the water do not count as ground.
After a while, your friend falls into the water, just help him back up and go
to the nest. Jump onto the mountain and grab the feather.

Head back on the trees where you will be able to see two more feathers marked
on the map. Get them to complete this mission.

Memory 3: Hunting Lessons

Optional Objectives:
Hunt and skin three different types of animals
Combine bait and a snare to catch an animal
Air assassinate two animals

The first part of the mission is a little tutorial on the hunting aspect of the
game. Hunting in Assassins Creed III is bot interesting and profitable.
Especially if you are hunting the wilder animals like the cougars and bears -
even Elks pose a threat. You need to skin them after you kill them to gain
everything from their bodies and you can sell the different stuff to a merchant

Just follow the basic instructions on the screen to learn how to hunt the
animals. After that, you need to hunt on your own. To complete all the optional
objectives, you need a bit of time. First and foremost - do not act like a
maniac and run behind animals - that's what I did. Just have a lot of patience.
To complete the snare and bait objective. Look for a clue where you get a
prompt that a rabbit ate some leaves or something like that and snare the area
and throw some bait in it and go away for a while. 

You can snare additional areas in the ground just so you make sure you get
atleast a fox and a rabbit in the snares. You can take down deers on your own.

Climb onto the trees above you and run around till you find deers. Stand on top
of them and when your weapon to the bottom right turns white, perform an air
assassination and skin it. Do this twice and you will complete all three
optional objectives. Also, you will need to skil three different types of
animals before you skin to total of five or you will fail the optional
objective. After you are done here, head to the waypoint and into the village.

Memory 4: Something to Remember

Optional Objectives:
Make no more than two collisions

Head into the village and meet the Clan Mother. She gives you an orb and you
turn into an.....

Anyway, just use the movement controls to move yourself around all the trees
and cliffs and make sure you don't hit anything to complete the optional -
this is a great addition to the game.

Sequence 05

This sequence kicks off most of the side quests in the game. The New England
Hunting Society and several others like Courier Missions, Liberating Forts etc.

Memory 1: A Boorish Man

Optional Objectives:
Limit health loss to 50%

Get to the marked location however you can (fast travel and walk or ride). The
person you intend to meet does not let you inside so you need to go and sleep
in his stables for this. This happens once again when you are suddenly attacked
by some guards. Kill all of them and the man finally talk to you.

Memory 2: Achilles Errand & A Trip to Boston

Achilles Errand
Just go out and talk to Achilles to ride to Boston. Follow Achilles as he
converses with you and you come to the General Stores. Now you can continue the
stuff you were doing earlier with Haytam like collect Almac Pages and all of

A Trip to Boston

Optional Objectives:
Escape within 80 seconds

Speak to the owner of the General Goods store to get your stuff and he mentions
that he does not have all of them. Go back to Achilles and talk to him and
watch the cutscene. Tail Haytam's accomplice thru the alley - you can also tail
him from the rooftops. Beware that he climbs onto a ladder to get on top of a
building at the end of the alley, when he gets up, make sure you are hiding
behind one of the chimneys or something - just stay out of his line of sight.

As soon as he takes his stance, pounce on him and kill him. After that, you
will need to escape the area as soon as possible. Just run away till you lose
the heat.

Memory 3: Boston's Most Wanted & Lying Low

Optional Objectives:

Do not raise your Notoriety to level 3

Boston's Most Wanted
Your notoriety will be at 3 after that last mission so you need to be careful
and try not to get into any fights. If you are being tracked then run away from
that enemy or just jump into a haystack. The marker leads you to a man called
Sam Adams. He takes you around town and tells you what you need to do to
decrease your Notoriety.

First you need to take out the wanted posters around. Since you are already at
level 3 of Notoriety you can just run to the locations, kill everyone if you
want to and then you can take out the posters. Or if you want to do it the
stealthy way, just silent kill the nearest guards who are watching over the
posters and then tear them off. Adams then takes you to the Town Crier and this
is the second way to decrease you Notoriety. Now, you need to make your way to
the print shop. The enemies will still pursue you and the place you need to go
is behind an alley guarded by redcoats on all sides. 

If you are careful, then you can jump on top of the buildings and then into the
alley. Silent kill the guards near the entrance and then your friend comes in.
If you are not too careful then you'll get into a fight and end up with a few
dozen dead bodies all around you.

Get into the tunnel and follow the rats outside.Inside the tunnels, head east
and then take the first available left twice and then take a right at the
three way intersection. Make sure to light the lamps as you go through so that
you know which way you came in from and always follow the rats. Now, you will
come out to the print shop. Take out any enemies who might be there and then
you'll find out the last method to decrease your Notoriety. Talk to the
Harbormaster now and choose Davenport Homestead.

Memory 4: The Lost Son's Return & River Rescue

Just get back to the Manor and talk to Achilles, this triggers the next
mission - a rescue.

Optional Objectives:
Do not touch the water while rescuing Terry

This is simple, yet difficult if you want to hit the Optional Objective. To
get the optional, you will need to run ahead on ground and you will see
several fallen trees acting as a bridge into the water and you can wait here
till the log comes and then rescue Terry. If the log passes you then you ought
to start the checkpoint to be able to get the optional done. You can now do
the Homestead missions too.

Memory 5: Training Begins & The Hard Way

This training just involves running some numbers and working with merchants -
I really thought it would be different. Anyway, just learn how to create a
convoy and how to trade with merchants and you are done here, the next mission
though is very very important and fun.

The Hard Way

Optional Objectives:
Sustain no damage before you reach Martha's Vineyard
Use the swivel gun to destroy two ships
Successfully brace during an attack on three occasions

Talk to Faulkner and reach the marker. After the cutscene, head to the mast
and take control -

You can do the first two optionals easily. The third one is a bit tricky. Just
head to the harbor first and make sure you do not sail too fast or the sudden
winds will give you a lot of trouble. Watch the cutscene next and come back to
the helm. Now go ahead and practice with the cannons and Swivel guns. The
cannons tutorial is very important so pay attention. As you move out to the
sea, you will need to fight several small frigates and a large naval ship.
The frigates can be taken out with the swivel gun but the ship is a bit more
sturdy and you will need to maneuver around it tactfully and carefully. 

When you see the prompt on the screen to duck, hit Space to duck. You need to
do this thrice to be able to complete the third objective. Make sure you are
using the cannon fire properly. After you destroy the ship, you will come back
to the Manor.

Sequence 06

One of the best sequences in the game....

Before you start off the next sequence of memories, there's something very
important you need to attend to in the real world so you are pulled out of the
Animus by your friends. It seems that they have located a battery to the
temple. First, from where you are dropped off, you need to make a climb to the
topmost part of the tower. It's just climbing but some of the ledges may be
difficult to notice so watch around you carefully. Once you are at the peak on
top of the construction crane, you will be overlooking a helipad which is on a
nearby building ahead of you.

Just open the shoot as soon as you jump off and direct Desmond to the pad.
Then you can watch the cutscene where Desmond takes the battery and makes a
new friend. Once you are back in the temple, you are asked find a possible
slot for the battery if you can or you can just get back to the Animus, let's
just find the place where we can store the battery. From the animus machine,
fact the other side and you will be able to see some broken steps -

Go up these and around when you reach the top to come to a certain machinery
and this is when one of the First Civs contacts you. Behind the machine to the
right here is another set of steps -

Go up these and look to the left on the top -

Jump onto the supports and go up and ahead and once you jump back onto the
mail platform, go to the right to where you see the First Civ and this is
where the battery is placed. This will also open up another area of the
temple, for now just get back to the Animus.

Memory 1: On Johnson's Trail

Optional Objectives:
Stay below Notoriety level 2
Use firewarms no more than 6 times
Use powder kegs to blow up 3 caches of smuggled cargo

This time, you are contacted by an old friend and you will need to travel to
Boston to meet up with Adams again.

He takes you around Boston and you will come across some French guy being
harassed by some tax collectors. Go to him and help him out. Now you will
need to kill three more groups of Tax Collectors around Boston. But to get the
optional where you need to keep the Notoriety to below 2, you can just bribe
criers each time you kill some collectors. Then follow Adams to meet Molineux.

You hatch a plan to destroy the shipment of smuggled goods so get to the
locations and start by destroying the explosive barrels to destroy the cargo.
You will also find a lot of guards so just silent kill them to avoid detection.
After you deal with all of the cargo, go back to the restaurant.

Memory 2: The Angry Chef

Optional Objectives:
Limit time spent in a single session of open conflict to no more than 15
Limit Chapheau's health loss to no more than 50%
Perform 5 low profile assassinations

This is another fun mission. Stephane gets mad and goes about the streets of
Boston killing every redcoat he lays eyes on. You need to follow Stephane and
kill the Redcoats too. First, equip your hidden blades if you have the
Tomahawk equipped and before Stephane can reach the guards, just go behind
them and silent kill them. There are a lot of guards you come across and this
way you can complete the optionals very easily. You will finally reach the
main guy and Stephane butchers him....

Memory 3: The Tea Party

Optional Objectives:
Dump 10 crates of tea in the water
Throw three redcoats into the water
Perform a musket air assassination

Well, we now take part in the historical Boston Tea Party. Head to the marker
and kill fifteen targets. Once that is done, your friends will occupy a ship
and start dumping the tea from it. Each of them takes one ship and start
dumping. You need to protect them from the Redocats and also help them dump to
get the optinals done. Make sure you keep an eye on boat boats as the enemies
come from either side. Pick up a Musket from the ground and climb onto the
sails of the ship and then you can air assassinate an approaching soldier this

Memory 4: Hostile Negotiations

Optional Objectives:
Reach Johnson undetected
Kill Johnson before a single Native American is killed
Perform a swan dive to escape

Go back to Davenport and speak to Achilles. Then you will go on to the task of
getting to Johnson. Reaching him undetected can be a bit tricky so you need to
take your sweet time while moving around. Just go to the end of the path up
the cliff and when you reach the dead end, climb onto the tree here and
continue up and onto the roof the building infront of which the negotiations
are going on. From here, you can air assassinate Johnson. Then you can escape
the area - do so by jumping into the water for a swan dive. This completes the

Sequence 07

Memory 1: The Midnight Raid

Optional Objectives:
Do not trigger open conflict
Reach Prescott's house within 2 minutes

Meet up with Dawes and then you'll go on a little stroll around the country
side. Just keep hitting T to make Dawes tell you the directions and when you
are near one of the houses, he asks you to continue on foot. Get down and you
will have three houses nearby. One of the is the house you are looking for and
then you get to do this a couple more times. After the third time, you will be
ambushed thru one of the houses and you will need to get to the next location
in 2 mins to get the optional done. There's not much to this mission.

Memory 2: Lexington and Concord

Optional Objectives:
Rescue the civilian hostages
Kill a group of regulars with a single order 7 times

After you talk to John Parker, mount a horse and make your way to Concord. In
the way, you will come to someone shouting about the redcoats taking prisoners,
when this happens, turn left onto a stone bridge and defeat the redcoats. Then
get back on your main path towards James Barrett. Soon you will be in the
frontlines commanding a group of soldiers. First group is ahead of you on the
bridge the second and third groups are to your left and right. You need to use
your horse to go to each group and issue firing orders. 

The enemies also march in groups and the perfect time to shoot them is when
they stop marching and get ready to shoot - this is when you need to give your
orders. The optional quest is completed very easily and you may need to move
between the groups real quick. After you are done killing 130 soldiers, you
need to return to Barrett.

Memory 3: Conflict Looms

Optional Objectives:
Cross Charlestown without taking damage
Air Assassinate a Grenadier
Remain undetected while on the ships

Move to the marker and talk to the soldier guarding the path. You'll then be
taken to a place near Bunker Hill but not the Hill itself. Talk to Putnam here
and then continue thru the streets - you might try running on top of the
buildings to avoid damage - but you need to be really quick. Once you are near
the docks you will see the two ships you need to destroy. Get into the water
and head to the left side ship.

Climb onto the small boat near the front of the ship and then jump onto the
ship. Continue up from there to the left or right side of the ship. To complete
the optionals, wait for a soldier to get near you while hanging from the side
of the ship and then pull him down. Then move onto the ship and climb on the
mast and from here, you can air assassinate one of the grenadiers. Then place
the bomb and get out of the ship. Do the same for the second ship too. After
the second bomb explodes, get back on the ship and climb onto the top most flag
and replace it -


Memory 4: Battle of Bunker Hill

Optional Objectives:
Cross the battlefield without taking damage
Limit regular kills to 4
Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected

Again, you are still in the middle of the battle. You will now need to cross
the battlefield without taking damage - this can get tricky. Now, first run to
the right side cover area quickly and take cover -

Now before you go to the next cover, observe the soldiers ahead for a while.
Try to notice their pattern of shooting and the time they are taking to fire
each time. Then run ahead from cover to cover to the other end of the field.
After you cross the field, go up to the end and climb on top of the tree here
and then onto the mountain and continue from there -

Now, move on the outskirts of the area where Pitcairn is and climb onto the
tree. Move on top of his head and then take him down - this should be easy. If
you try to fight him head on, then you will have a little bit of a scuttle.
After you kill him, watch the cutscene.

Sequence 08

You'll be back in the manor with Achilles. This time, you meet Tallmadge - an
ally. He says he has info on Hickey who plans to kill Washington. He offers his
help in doing so and you will be off to NY.

Memory 1: Something on the Side

Optional Objectives:
Perform a successful static eavesdrop
Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop
So not tackle or shove anyone

After you arrive at the place, you will be asked to tail the counterfeiter.
Like the last time - move from the corner of one building to the next to avoid
being spotted. After a long while, he will speak to someone. Listen in on the
conversation and then move again. The next time, he speaks while moving and you
will need to blend in with the people a few times to avoid being spotted. At
one point they turn around and you may not have any people to blend but there
should be some barrels to the right behind which you can stand. 

Finally, you are taken to Hickey. He start running so follow him. Getting this
optional can be a bit difficult since Hickey keeps throwing coins to cause
people to bump into you. When you do get close enough, keep mashing E to
tackle him and watch what happens.

Memory 2: Bridewell Prison

Optional Objectives:
Limit prison guard deaths to 2
Reach Hickey within 2 minutes

First, listen to the two guys in the adjacent cell for an escape plan. Then you
will be taken down. Use Eagle Vision to get the guy with the key and speak
with him. You really don't have to play the game - just place the coins here
and there and in the middle of the conversation itself the game will be stopped

Now you need to pickpocket the guard above. Go up and stick close to him and
pickpocket him. The next day, go to him again and talk. This time, he asks you
to start a fight so that you will be thrown into the pit. Do that and open the
cell door and come outside. Once outside, do not be spotted. Try not to kill
any guards too for the optional. Once you are out of your cell, you will see a
guard right ahead. Wait for him to go away and continue up the stairs. Now,
there's another guard in the room ahead, you can subdue him and then go up to
the topmost floor where two guards are patrolling. Be very careful not to be
spotted and run into one of the empty cells ahead and wait out the suspicion
of the guards. Now, if you move to Hickey's cell you will be spotted. So best
run at his door quickly and hit E to get in.

Now watch the cutscene and see what happens.

Memory 3: Public Execution

Optional Objectives:
Washington's bodyguards must survive
Kill 2 Militia

The optional tasks in this quest can be very difficult since there are a ton of
civilians involved and you may not be able to shoot straight. Hit T once you
see the prompt on the screen an take the gun. Shott Hickey before he reaches
Washington. Additionally, you can tackle him and shoot two militia and then
kill him. Anyway, it really depends on you luck and if you are bent on getting
the full sync, you will need to restart the checkpoint a few times.

After Washington is saved, you will see the signing of the Declaration of
 Sequence 09

You start off the 9th sequence inside a stadium searching for the second power
source. Go straight and up the steps. You'll come to a tickek checkpoint when
your friends tell you that you ought to try and slip past the guards rather
than steal someone else's ticket. So go right from the checkpoint into the
open door in te corner -

You'll come out to two patrolling guards and there's a couple kissing ahead on
top of some stairs. You need to go thru the door to their left and you can take
cover in the grass around here and slip past the guards as they are moving
about -

Go to the right side and keep going the only way you can till you come infront
of another checkpoint. Now go right into the washrooms and you can come out
the other side. You'll them come to the final checkpoint. Go left here and
from below the shutter -

Make you way now to the other side and into the stadium thru the open window.
Keep going up and ahead till you come up above the ring -

Here, get on top of the catwalk ahead and slowly move to the other side. Now,
get back into the seats area on the other side and move out and turn left. Here
you''ll come across a room with a broken glass beside it's door. A guy comes
out running, follow him outside all the way back into the gardens.

Once he's in the gardens, you need to fight everyone here. Use E to counter and
kick them. After you beat up enough of them you'll be asked to move into the
METRO... Look around and you will see the word Metro written on the blue boards
above you pointing to the metro. Keep going all the way following the
directions and you'll come back to the site. Now, to place the second battery.
I hope you remember where the wall opened the last time. It's to the right at
the beginning of the site area -

Use the broken steps to go up. You'll meet Minerva twice and then to get to
the last place where you need to place the battery, you'll need to keep going
and slide down come to a lower place from where you are and look to the right -
you'll find an open door

Keep going up and you'll come to the place where you can place the source. Now
to get back to Connor...

Memory 1 - Missing Supplies

Optional Objectives:
Catch the cart driver within 30 seconds
Do not hide in the hay cart while following the convoy
Kill three camp guards without being detected

Go to the mission marker and you'll meet Washington there. Then you'll need to
go to the abandoned church from there so take a horse and get there. Once
inside the church you'll meet someone.... you'll know who. From there on,
you'll need to analuze the clues on the ground outside to get information.

You can spot the clue markers easily in the eagle vision -

You'll find the person you are searhing for after the third clue. Grab him soon
and then get to a nearby convoy. The members of the convoy might know a few
things so you are asked to Eavesdrop on them. Just run ahead and stick close
to the convoy, to get the optional objective done, you shouldn't enter the
haystack behind the convoy. So, don't get too close or Connor automatically
goes in. You'll have enemies coming up from the left and right of the convoy
and when this happens, just move to the opposite side and stick to the side of
the convoy. Once it stops go to the right of the convoy and hide in the grass.
The driver stops and walks and starts talking again. You can eavesdrop on him
when you move close and also, kill any guard you see with the hidden blade.

Keep following them and in th end, your father gets caught and you need to save
him. Just go in and kill everyone.

Memory 2 - Father and Son

Optional Objectives:
Do not get detected while stealing the mercenary outfit

Just follow Haytam thru the first part of them mission. Then go to the marked
guard in the map and kill him using the hidden blade and steal his outfit.

Memory 3: The Foam and the Flames

Optional Objectives:
Limit Haytham's health loss to 50%
So not take any fire damage

Follow Haytam again and fight the men. Then you'll need to follow him out of
the fiery place.

Memory 4: A Bitter End

Optional Objectives:
Limit environmental damage to 20%
Stay within 500 metes of the schooner
Achieve a minimum kill streak of 3

Move ahead amd sail only at half sail speed. If you see that the path ahead is
long and clear, only then go for the full sail. You need only tail the ship
ahead for a while and then you'll engage in a battle so don't worry about
falling back, just try to keep the ship is good condition. After the battle
starts you'll need to destroy all of the vessels. First try to take out all the
small boats and ships and only then change your ammo from roung shots to chain
shots and target the larger ship. After it's masts are down, get to it and
board it. Kill the officers aboard the ship and then get to the lower deck and
meet the person you have been searching for.

Sequence 10

Memory 1: Alternate Methods

Optional Objectives:
Use 2 guards as human shields
Tackle the target from above

Go to New York and to the marked location to meet Haytam. Then follow him to
the meeting of the officers. In this fight, use atleast two human shields while
you are being shot to get the first optional done. One of them flees, just go
after him and capture him - try to capture him from above to get the optional
done. Keep pushing him to the door after you nab him and watch the cutscene.

Memory 2: Broken Trust

Optional Objectives:
Do not touch the ground
Stop the Patriot messangers withing 2 minutes
Stop the Kanien'keha:ka with non-lethal methods

Move to Haytam and speak with him. Then go thru the forest on the horse and
trample the first guard you come across. The green area which is marked on the
mini map is a road so all you need to do is follow the path. Next, you come to
three more enemies on horse back. You can either shoot them or move next to
them and asssassinate them, then you will move onto their horse automatically.
After you kill all of them, you'll talk to the clan mother.

Now, you'll need to stop the Kanien'keha:ka without killing them. You'll only
have your fists equipped so don't worry. Move to the farthest Kanien'keha:ka
first and take him down. Then move towards the back. Do not have anything
equipped or Connor will kill them just use your fists during the fight.
Unfortunately thought, you'll go head on head with your friend in then end....

Memory 3: Battle of Monmouth

Optional Objectives:
Neutralize platoons with a single cannonball 8 times
Kill 2 platoons simultaneously with a single cannonball
Prevent 3 Patriot executions

You'll command a cannon now. All you need to do is move the cannon and give the
firing command. Kill as many as you can and the second optional needs a bit of
luck. After the timer runs out, run aehad and occassionally you will see a
group of redcoats about to shoot a single patriot. Go in their midst and kill
all of them. You will spot atleast three of these groups easily as you move
thru the areas. Get to the marker to end this mission -


Sequence 11

Oops... Daddy day care got caught getting the last power source...

Walk straight and get rid of the guards in the end and keep going. Go to the
elevator door in the end and get in. Then you'll need to scale up all the way
after the elevator stops. After you come up to the right floor, some men guard
the elevator door, go up and kill all of them and keep going ahead and
countering anyone who tries to fight you. You will need to go thru a broken
glass to the next area -

Then follow the guy whp tried to kill you and kill him off when you get near
him. Finally, get to your dad and start using the apple to get rid of all the
security -

Now, it's time to hook up the last source. Move to the center right of the area
where the wall came down the last time -

Go up the steps and keep going to get to the first cutscene. Move to the center
right and scale the pillars here -

Then move to the next place to the right to the second conversation. Jump ahead
again and move to the right to get to the final power source holder.

Memory 1: Battle of the Chesapeake

Optional Objectives:
Destroy 3 ships with a single broadside
Destroy 2 frigates by firing on their powder stores
Counter Kill 5 enemies

Start the mission by talking to Faulkner and select the objective. The optional
objectives of this mission require a lot of luck. To get three ships in one
cannon fire is a bit difficult yet possible. Try to target three of the small
ships when the mission begins because they stay really close. If you don't get
it done then you can restart the checkpoint. Same goes with the second
optional. Keep firing at the frigates and if their gun powder rations are
exposed, you can shoot them using the smaller guns. Then finally after a really
long fight you will be asked to ram the Man of War to board it.

Do that and be careful while killing the enemies because they are very skilled
and can kill you easily - especially the gun fire. Finally, kill the captain
of the ship and jump off it -


Memory 2: Lee's Last Stand

Optional Objectives:
Reach the signal tower within 3 minutes
Remain undetected on the way to the signal fire
Limit health loss to 50%

You'll first need to head into the underground and find the two frenchmen. To
get to the objective point easily, once you are down in the tunnels, just look
into your map and mark the main objective. This way, you can see it on your
screen and you will find it easier to move thru the tunnels.

Once you come up the well, kill the guard and move out. Move thru the town
slowly and get up the tower and interact with it to light it. Then you'll get
into one final fight when you come to the end - Father vs Son -

Haytam as we know is very tough. Keep counterng him and move towards the
benches in the beginning of the fight and counter him near the benches. After
three benches counter him near barrels till he goes down -


Sequence 12

Memory 1: Laid to Rest

Optional Objectives:
Limit regular kills to 15
Kill the HMS Jersey's captain
Escape the HMS Jersey without entering open conflict

Walk towards Lee in the middle of the graveyard and talk to him. Once you get
caught, counter the enemies to come loose and start killing them. Then get to
the shoreline and swim to the HMS Jersey.

You can go up the ship by going to it's right and up the low support held with
rope -

Go up the ship and silent kill the first set of guards and listen to the
conversation -

Then move to the right and you will see a guard here. Hang onto the edge, get
close to him and pull him down. Then make your way to the right using the
ship's lining -

Then you can kill the captain without being detected using the silent blade
and then jump off the ship to end this.

Memory 2: Chasing Lee

Optional Objectives:
Stay within 50m of Lee
Do not shove anyone during the chase
Do not take any fire damage

Put on the vision and search for the golden target -

The next sequence is very critical. You'll need to chase Lee thru the harbor
and thru tons of guards. Now, move ahead and you will come to some explosive
barrels. Move to the left edge of the platform to avoid the fire and when you
get to any of the guards ahead, you can hit the jump button to jump past them,
this way you will not even be stopped. When you come to the fourth line of
enemies, jump to the left and run behind Lee till the end. When you get to the
fiery place.

Slip thru the low wall first and go to the right when the things collapse and
run up the wall and when you get on top, jump ahead. Move from the right and
when you come out, move to the left and keep jumping past the obstacles and
thru the low wall and you'll come to Lee. Watch the scene and then follow thru
to the last parts of the game.

Once Connor's story is completed, you'll come out of the machine and end
Desmond's sequence as well....


Almanac Page Locations
Boston (20 Pages):
North Boston:
01. On a rooftop to the south-west of the northernmost harbormaster.
02. On the rooftop to the north-east of the northernmost general store in the
    North District.
03. On the chimney of a church directly to the south of the northernmost
    general store in Boston.
04. On a chimney near the southern corner of the map. Directly in line with the
    Southern harbormaster in the North district.
05. Just to the south-west of the southern harbormaster in the North District.

Central Boston:
06. On the ground outside the tavern with the liberation contact symbol in the
    north of the Central District.
07. Behind the tavern with the liberation contact symbol in the north part of
    the central district on a low roof.
08. On a small metal bar protruding from the roof of the general store building
09. On a rooftop in the south of the central area directly in line with the
    liberation contact symbol in the north of the region.
10. On the roof of the large church in the south-western corner of the Central
11. On a rooftop directly to the west of Fort Hill.
12. On a rooftop to the south-west of the liberation contact symbol in the
    southern part of the Central district.
13. In the street to the south-east of the liberation contact symbol in the
    southern part of the Central district.
14. On a roof directly north of the southernmost harbormaster in Boston.
15. On the roof of the pentagon-shaped block of buildings to the north-west
    of the southernmost harbormaster in Boston.
16. You'll find this one on a roof to the north-east of the tavern in the
    northern part of South Boston.
17. On a building just to the sout-west of the ship building area. 

South Boston:
18. On the roof directly to the South-west of the tavern in the northern part
    of South Boston.
19. On a rooftop two block directly north of the liberation contact marker for
    the Southern District.
20. On rooftop to the north-east of the liberation contact 

New York (16 Pages):
East New York :
01. On top of the building across the road to the nort-west from the general
    store in the very south of the region.
02. On top of the pole sticking out from the stern of the ship overlooking the
    waterfront just to the north of the southernmost harbormaster in East New
03. On a rooftop just to the east of the tavern in the south-western part of
    the region.
04. On a rooftop to the east of the largest road leading south from the City
    Hall building in the western part of East New York.
05. This page is sitting on a wooden beam sticking out from the top of a
    building just north of where the main road in the West of East New York
    enters the large triangle formation at the south of the area.
06. On one of the chimneys of the third building to the west of the northern
07. On the roof of the building just to the east of the fast travel point for
    City Hall.
08. On a roof directly East of the westernmost General store in the area and
    north-west of the tavern closest to the morthern harbormaster.
09. On a raised wlakway between two buildings just north east of the general
    store on the west side of the East District.
10. In a set of stairs in a courtyard just southwest of the northernmost
    tavern in the district.
11. On a rooftop to the west of the general store in the very southern part of
    the North District.

West New York:
12. On the roof of a burnt out building in the very north-east corner of the
    West district.
13. On the roof of a fire gutted building directly to the east of the lower
    section of Fort Washington on the map.
14. On the top of the remnants of the burnt building just inside the western
    district that is directly west of the City hall.
15. On the rooftop directly north of George Washington's position.
16. Across the street to the east of the previous page description on a beam
    sticking out from the rooftop overlooking a courtyard.

Eagle Feather Locations
Black Creek (11 feathers):
01. In a tree just south of the river in the southern part of the Black Creek
    hunting region, southwest of Fort Duquesne.
02. In a tree just outside to the East and slightly south of Fort Duquesne.
03. In a tree just outside to the East and slightly south of Fort Duquesne,
    just south of Feather 02.
04. In a tree directly to the east of Fort Duquesne around half way to the
    hunter's lodge.
05. Exit Fort Duquesne via the east gate and follow the path for a minute or
    so. Keep your eye up as you go and just bfore you reach the first major
    bend in the track, you should see this in a tree just to the north of the
06. In a tree just outside the walls and to the west of Fort Duquesne.
07. In a tree up a hill to the south-west of Fort Duquesne.
08. In a tree in the very north-west corner of the hunting region.
09. On the ground on the island in the middle of the lake at the north of the
10. This one is in a tree halfway between Fort Duquesne and the lake with the
    island holding feather 09.
11. In a cave in the northeast corner of the area. 

Kanien:keh (3 feathers):
12. Optional objective during sequence 4. In a tree outside the village.
13. Optional objective during sequence 4. In a tree outside the village.
14. Optional objective during sequence 4. In a tree outside the village.

John's Town (2 feathers):
15. If you look at your map, in the south-eastern corner of the region, you’ll
    see a lake with a river flowing into it. Just to the north of where the
    river meets the lake, you’ll find this one in a tree.
16. Exit from the Davenport Homestead to the frontier and follow the path.After
    a bit of walking, you’ll find a lower platform to the left. Drop down to
    here and follow it to the end to find a fallen tree hanging over a gap.The
    feather is on top of this. 

Valley Forge (2 feathers):
17. On a tree in the centre of the lake in the southern part of the region.
18. In a tree accessible from a rooftop just to the northwest of the bridge
    between the Valley Forge and Diamond Basin hunting areas.

Diamond Basin (4 feathers):
19. In the tree we climb for a viewpoint to the North of Concord on the border
    between Diamond Basin and Great Piece Hills hunting zones.
20. At the North of Diamond Basin, in a tree near the viewpoint on top of the
    high stone outcroppings.
21. From the river in the centre of Diamond Basin, find the cabin to the north.
    Just to the north of there you will see a fallen tree bridging two raised
    rocky structures. At the northern end of the fallen tree, you will find
    the feather up in a tree.
22. Ontop of a tree on the island in the middle of the lake on the Western
    side of the area.

Great Piece Hills (4 feathers):
23. In a tree near the campfire in the centre of the north of the region.
24. Look at the map. On the north-eastern side of the region you will see a
    peninsula, Follow the coast to the east and south and you’ll find this in
    a tree south of where the water stops.
25. In a tree just to the west of the road at the north of the region.
26. In a tree in the centre of the very west boundary of the Great Piece Hills
    hunting region.

Concord (2 feathers):
27. On the building next to the water wheel close to the Western bridge in the
    main town area.
28. In a tree near where the two paths meet (major road goes East to West,
    smaller goes from south to north) at the southernmost part of the region.

Lexington (5 feathers):
29. Exit from Boston to the frontier, follow the road to the north. The
    feather will be on top of the first building you reach on the left.
30. Follow the road north from the house in the previous feather description.
    Continue along the path until you reach a fork in the road. Take the right
    route and you will find the feather in the tree a little further up the
31. On top of a support, inside a barn in the southern part of the region.
32. In a tree on the left of the main road going south to north in the centre
    of the region. You’ll need to use the rocky formation behind it to reach
33. Go to the south-western part of the region and find the lake here. You’ll
    find this one in a tree on the east bank of the lake.

Packanack (5 feathers):
34. On a small ledge above the river on the boundary between Packanack and
    Monmouth hunting regions.
35. In a tree directly on the very west side of the region.
36. In a tree on the left of the road directly north of the northern most
    corner of the rectangular restricted area in the region.
37. Continue north from the previous feather and cross the river. Beyond this
    you’ll be able to find another feather in a tree a little further to the
38. In the north-western corner of the Packanack region. Look down the cliff
    to see a ledge with the feather on it. Drop down to grab it. 

Troy's Wood (5 feathers):
39. On top of the windmill overlooking the water in the southern part of the
40. To the east of the river at the south of the Troy's Wood hunting region in
    a tree.
41. In a tree, on a branch above a hunting plaform to the northwest of the
    water source at the southern end of the area.
42. Up in a tree directly to the east of the red, rectangular restricted area
    in the north of the area.
43. In a tree in the nort-eastern side of the area. It is northwest of the
    bridge leading to the Scotch Plains hunting area. 

Scotch Plains (3 feathers):
44. Directly north of the entrance to Boston on a tree branch of a tree sitting
    in the middle of a lake.
45. Directly West of the entrance to Boston in a tree.
46. On a small island directly off the coast of of Fort St-Mathieu.

Monmouth (4 feathers):
47. In the south eastern corner of the region in a tree on the small island
    off the coast.
48. In a tree just to the northwest of the restricted area surrounding Fort
49. In a tree near a barn overlooking a field just to the north-east of Fort
50. At the very top of the church in the north-eastern corner of the region.

Peg Leg Trinket Locations
Davenport Homestead (4 Trinkets):
01. Go to the most western part of the river. Here you will find a stone ledge
    above with the chest.
02. On top of a cliff in the north west of the area.
03. On a rock at the end of the peninsula directly to the south of the
    harbormaster’s location.
04. On a rocky platform on the opposite side of the river form the above
    trinket's location.

The Frontier (10 Trinkets):
Note, all of these locations are listed by hunting region. To see a map with
all hunting regions, go to the map meun and select the top oprion (indicated by
a bear paw).

Black Creek:
05. In the southwest corner of the region in a guard camp. Kill the guards and
    loot the trinket!
06. In a guard’s camp on a hill to the northeast of Fort Duquesne.

07. To the west of the village you’ll find a tree with a fallen log leading to
    a raised rocky area above the river. Follow the path up here to the end
    and hop the stone obstacle. You’ll now be at the edge of a cliff. Look down
    to the left for a platform with the trinket.
08. In a cave in the southeast corner of the region.

Valley Forge:
09. Cross the bridge to the west of Concord and keep your eye out on the left
    side of the road. You’ll see a cabin up on a hill here, run over to this
    and look behind it for the trinket. 

Diamond Basin:
10.  If you look just north of Concord on the map, you will see a broken path
     over a lake (it has been flooded over). Run over to this location and
     look just to to the north of it to see a mineshaft near some buildings.
     Follow the mineshaft to the end to find the trinket.

Troy's Wood:
11. If you look at the hunting map and look at the border between Troy’s
    Wood and Monmouth, you will see a small river just to the northeast of the
    buildings in Monmouth. Cruise up to here and look behind the waterfall at
    the end for a cave. Follow that all the way to the end for the trinket.

12. At the top of the church directly north of Fort Monmouth.

Great Piece Hills:
13. Go to the road leading out of Lexington to the north follow this out of
    town. Behind the last house on the left you will find a cave. You’ll find
    the trinket hidden in here.
14. Follow the road out of Lexington to the north. When the road forks, follow
    it to the right. When you reach the house, look behind it for the trinket.

Boston (5 Trinkets):
North District:
15. On a bench to the left of the main passage along the waterfront on the
    East side of the Boston Map. It is located around halfway between the two
    northern Harbourmasters.
16. In the western part of the central south section of the area behind a
    wooden fence next to a cow pen.  

Central District:
17. In the south-western corner of the region in a market area close to the
    very lowest reach of the river in the region.
18. At the end of the longest dock in Boston in the north-east of the central

South District:
19. Inside the courtyard of a house with a large brick wall overlooking the
    water around 1/3 of the way down the west side of the map. 

New York (5 trinkets):
North District:
20. Behind a building to the Southwest of Dobby’s (your liberation contact)
21. On a bench in an open market area just southwest of the fort in the
    north-east corner of the city.

East District:
22. On a boat along the Eastern side of the district.
23. On a cart behind a building two bloacks southeast of the giant right angle
    triangle in the nort-western corner of the region.

West District:
24. On a table in the innoculation clinic on the western side of the region
    near our liberation contact.

Chest Locations

There are 38 hidden templar chests in the game and these can be found in all
three of the main areas: Boston, New York and the Frontier. Most of these will
also force you to undertake the game's annoying (and thankfully under-utilised)
lock picking mini-game. 

Note that these will appear on your map after using view points, if you come
into close proximity to one or by purchasing a map with all their locations
from one of the general stores.

Here are the general locations of each chest, based upon regions:

The Frontier (10 chests):
Black Creek:
01. You'll find this one inside Fort Duquesne once liberated.
02. Exit Fort Duquesne from the East gate and continue up the road. Look for a
    smaller, dirt track leading into the trees to the left. Follow this up to
    find the chest. its about 1/2 way between the Fort and the Hunter's Lodge.

John's Town:
03. This chest is located in amongst a group of three buildings directly south
    west of the exit to the Davenport Homestead.

Great Piece Hills:
04. Next to the lighthouse at the north east of the region. 

05. On top of a church in the north west section of the area, close to the
    boundary to the Diamond Basin Hunting area.
06. Look at the south of the region map and find the major road leading north
    through the Lexington area. Follow this until you see a hill on the left.
    Climb this and find the hole in the ground leading to an underground cave.
    Drop down and follow the pasage to the end to find the chest.

07. In the rectangular restricted area guarded by a good number of soldiers in
    southern Packanack.

Troy's Wood:
08. In a tent in the restricted area in the central north of the region.
09. Inside a barn located just to the east of the western-most river in the
    area. it is very close to the boundary between the Monmouth and Troy's Wood
    hunting regions.

Scotch Plains:
10. Inside Fort St-Mathieu once liberated.

11. Inside Fort Monmouth.
12. Outside the building just to the north of the harbormaster in Monmouth.
13. Located at the end of a cave that can be found cut into the rocky outcrop
    just to the southwest of the rivermouth leading into Monmouth.  

Boston (13 Chests):
North District:
14. On a wooden pier at the end of the large stone dock to the east of the map
    between the two harbormasters in the region.
15. Inside a wooden fence on the Western side of the area. If you look at your
    liberation map, it is in the backyard of the second building to the east of
    the large white wall on the west side.

Central District:
16. On a ship directly to the north of the northernmost harbormaster in Central
17. Inside the barracks in the northwest corner of Fort Hill.
18. Inside a little guarded wooden area just to the North-East of Fort Hill.
19. On the wooden dock just to the south-west of the southernmost harbormaster
    in central Boston.
20. On a raised platform next to some barrels overloking an open area. About
    a minutes walk north-west of the southernmost Harbormaster in Central
21. Hidden behind a wooden fence in the south-western corner of a square
    formation of buildings just to the north of the open, unpopulated, hilly
    area in Central Boston.
22. Note: This one will not show up on your map! It is inside the tavern in
    which we met Stephane earlier in the game. If you don't remember where it
    is, the building is marked by the liberation symbol and is located in the
    Northern part of the Central District. 

South District:
23. In the courtyard of Fort Independence.
24. In the very nort-west corner of the region, behind a farm.
25. In a guard camp amongst some tents in the very centre of the region.
26. As you enter Boston from the Frontier, you will see giant stone walls in
    front of you. As you approach the gate, look to the left to find some
    barrels we can climb to get up on top of the wall. Once up, descend the
    nearby stairs for the chest.

New York (12 Chests):
North District:
27. Outside the building in the lake to the southeast of the exit to the
28. Next to the door to the church that we arrive at at the beginning of
    Sequence 12.
29. Fort Division, on the wooden battlements once you have liberated the fort.

West District:
30. On the ramparts on the southern side of Fort Washington.
31. Just to the north of Fort Washington in some destroyed buildings along
    the waterfront.
32. On the second floor of a burnt out building just north east of Fort
33. In the courtyard of the large building with the brick wall around it
    directly north east of George Washington's position. 

East District:
34. In an undercover market area just to the northwest of the northernmost
    harbor master in East New York.
35. In a similar undercover market area as the previously described chest. This
    one is directly west of the southernmost harbormaster in East New York.
36. On a ship about 1/2 way between the two harbormasters on the East of the
37. In another well-guarded undercover area directly south of the genral store
    on the West side of the East district.
38. In front of a church directly south of the northernmost tavern in East New

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