Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough [GUIDE]

Hitman Absolution

Cheatmasters brings you the total walkthrough of Hitman Absolution covered in

all difficulties and nothing missed…


Important Tips


A Personal Contact
King of Chinatown
Run For Your Life
Hunter and Hunted
Welcome to Hope
Birdie's Gift
Shaving Lenny
End of the Road
Dexter Industries
Death Factory
Fight Night
Attack of the Saints
Skurky's Law
Operation Sledgehammer
One of a Kind
Blackwater Park


-- Access Mansion Grounds
We start off the game with a little introductory scenario where you are given
directions by the game's voice. Move ahead past the Ice Cream truck and when
you reach the gate, you are told to look for an alternative path. Look to the
left of the gate and you'll find a way inside -

Keep crouched and move into the area. Now, you will be able to see pointers in
your mini map which represent the enemies. Their direction is also shown. Now,
as soon as you go in, hit SPACE near one of the carts to take cover behind
them. Now, use your INSTINCT to search for any object and to the right, you
will spot a wrench. Take it and throw it into the buckets -

Then the guard gets distracted and you can move past him into the next place.
There are more enemies in the next area and you can use the similar technique
to distract them and move past them. You will reach the Tennis Court from
here. Try to stay hidden and keep moving and soon you will reach your first
checkpoint. Past the Checkpoint, you will come into a small area with four
enemies closeby -

If you stay in a cover place where a guard comes around ahead of you then you
can attack him and subdue him. Move to the left most side so that you come on
behind the left most guard on the map and distract him and move past him
towards the left (use your instinct to know the location of the exit). At the
exit, you gotta be a little careful as two guys keep talking over here. Wait
for their conversation to end and only then they will move away and you can
slip past them to the exit door -

Move ahead once you are past the door and use your Instinct to know the
movements of the guards. Wait for one of them to the come to the railing on
the left side and throw him into the sea. Then go to the next guy and do the
same (you can additionally use the knife to distract or kill one of these guys)

Keep crouched and move ahead and take cover. You will notice two guys talking
to each other. Use INSTINCT here to notice a disguise to the right which glows
yellow -

Equip the disguse and you can simply walk past the enemies while holding the
INSTINCT button as you move past them to avoid detection.

-- Infiltrate Greenhouse
After the successful infiltration of the Greenhouse, you need to move past the
Greenhouse and out of it. The best path out of the greenhouse is to move from
the right side. If you have instinct then you can move thru quickly and use
instinct whenever you are being detected. If you are more patient then you can
move past without using instinct even once as the gardners patrol around the
area. Once you reach the other end, use your instinct to locate a pipe with a
valve -

Turn this valve and the people blocking the exit to the left now disperse and
you can move thru easily.

-- Gain Access to the Mansion
Once you move out of the greenhouse, you will come to three guys ahead. You
can simply walk past these guys if you have the security guard outfit with the
use of instinct. Once you reach the right side end, you will come to a ledge,
use it to move towards the window -

Keep going up and you will come to an open window. There's some guy who
patrols around this place so wait for him to come near the window and pull him
out. You will come to another guard inside with a in-mansion security guard
outfit. You can subdue him and take his outfit and then dump his body into the
sea. Move into the mansion now thru the door ahead.

-- Disable Security Systems
After going in move to the right end and you will see a laptop here from which
you can disable the security systems. There's also another interior security
disguise here and a piece of Evidence to the left -

Take it and go thru the door into the house.

-- Get Keycard from Head of Security
Once inside, go to the kitchen where you see the Chef scolding a guard. Wait
in cover and after the guard is sent away, subdue the chef, take his outfit
and dump him to the left in a bin beside the refrigerator. Move out into the
main hall where the Head of Security is talking. Move ahead and to the left
and go up the stairs and you'll come to the rest room. Here you'll find some
sleeping pills. Take these back downstairs and to the main hall. 

Here if you use your instinct, you will find a cup of coffee which the Head is
drinking from. You can place the pills in this cup. Then after he starts
sleeping, grab his card and move to the exit of the upper floor. Use the card
here and you'll come to some stairs. Keep going and you'll reach Diana.

-- Get to Victoria
Move out and you'll soon come to four guys ahead of you. Here the game teaches
you how to use the quick shot. First while using instinct, hit Q to enter quick
shot mode and mark all your targets - mark their heads for leathal takedowns.
After you mark all of them, hit the button again and 47 immediately shoot all
of them in the place where you aimed. After you kill them the entrance to
Victoria's room is free and you can go in -

Thus ends the Personal Contact...


Your first objective is to find and then assassinate the King of Chinatown. He
can be found very easily (infact I don't know why they mentioned this as an
objective). Just head straight inside the square and you will be able to find
him inside the pagoda which is at the center of the place -

Eliminate the King of China Town

You can't just strike at him now because if you use your instinct you'll see
all the bodyguards around him in yellow, all of them - Chicago Police. So,
just continue right to the alley where you'll be able to see a Police Officer
in the end resting on a chair -

You will also be able to see a fuse box to the right here. Go near the box and
hit E to demolish it. Now move back a bit. Wait for the guard to come to the
fuse box and then crouch and move past him. Now, once you are past him, you
will come to a set of stairs. Go up these stairs and use your instinct to
locate the dealer. Move in and subdue him whenever possible and then change to
his clothes. Drag him into the nearby bin and dump the body.

You will also be able to find a Kazo TRG on the desk to the right here. Take
it and move to the window. Now, point to the King's head and hold SHIFT to
stabilize the aim and make the shot. After you kill him, holster the rifle and
move back downstairs casually while the police come up looking for a hitman.
You can just walk past the police without anything happening. Go into the
Pagoda where you shot the king and you will be able to grab a piece of

Take it and go to the right side ahead (you can also use instinct to locate
the exit). The exit is a door which has a duck with a chef's hat on it -



Gain access to the upper floors

NOTE: This mission will take a lot of time and patience so make sure you are
not short of both before starting the mission.

Go straight and you'll spot the hotel at the other side of the road. If you go
to the right from here, you will be able to see a mini-van. There's a
construction worker here who talks to one of the bodyguards and moves inside.
Infront of the van on top of a trash bin is a wrench. Pick it up and move to
the front of the van. Crouch here and throw the wrench onto the shutter door to
the right -

This will make the bodyguard ahead to come and checkout the area. Subdue him,
take his clothes and dump his body inside the trash can.

Before we go to the next area, we should be taking a detour so that we can pick
up a piece of evidence. Go back and into the hotel area and enter thru the main
entrance. Remember that the guards can spot you since you wearing their uniform
Now, you will need to be careful while moving - use instinct to cover yourself
if someone is watching you or better yet, wait for the guards to move away and
only then move thru the area.

After entering the hotel, go to the right side where you will find an office
with an old man inside. Go in past him and recover the piece of EVIDENCE you
find here -

Now, we can continue with our main objective. You need to go into the cellar
area. You can go there in a few different way. One is to go thru the laundry
chute from the laundry room which is to the left of the hotel here. The second
is to go back outside all the way to where you dubdued the first guard whose
clothes you are wearing. Then you can go in from there too. 

Either way, once you are down there, make your way to the elevator which is in
the center of this area. There's a checkpoint in the room which is to the left
of the elevator. Once you are near the elevator, wait for the guard nearby to
move away and stay crouched and call the elevator. Move back and hide till the
elevator comes and get inside it once it lands.

Get to the eighth floor

Now, you'll come to the seventh floor and you need to get to the eight floor
from here. You can easily do this but first, as soon as you exit the elevator,
move to the left side into the room here (it says staff only). After you enter
the room, wait for a while as a maid also enters the room. Wait for her to turn
her back to you and then go to the disguise which is here and wear it. You need
to wear the disguise when the maid is not looking - you can also wait for the
maid to go outside and then change. Once you are in the Janitor's clothes
there's no one who can stop you in this floor. 

                                                                So go out and roam freely and
when you are ready to continue then head to the right from the elevator. Here
you will come to a grill to the left which has a board on it asking you not the
enter or something like that. If you listen carefully, you will also hear some
music and if you go in, you'll see large speakers outside a room -

Go to the speakers and sabotage them. Wait for the guy inside to come out and
look at the speakers and when he is attending to his speakers, crouch past him
into his room and go to the left near the window and slip out thru the window. 

Once you are outside, go onto the ledge and to the right you'll come to some
stairs. Go up these stairs and you'll come to a checkpoint. Once you are past
the checkpoint, move onto the ledge to the right and wait near the open window.
One of the guards comes near the window. Wait for him to come to it and then
pull him out -

There are still two more inside but you need not worry about them as their
patrol routes will not cross the path you'll be taking. Now use instinct to see
where the other two guards are and while they are looking away, go in thru the
window and crouch behind the table immediately and take cover. 

Get to room 899

Once the guards do not notice you. Go behind the piano and watch out for the
guard who is to the left. To avoid him. You can move to the space which is to
the right of the open door thru which he looks and the couch to the right of
the door. If you hide in this space, you will be out of danger from both the
guards -

Wait for the guard to the left to go back on his patrol and while he is away,
move in and hide inside the storage cabinet ahead. Wait for this guard to move
to the door which you came in form and move out and subdue him. Drop his body
into the cabinet and move thru the door. You'll see that the room 899 ahead is
locked. So, go thru the vent to the right of the room and you will be ale to
listen to an interesting conversation. After you are done, move ahead into the
dark all the way thru the vent.


Move to the back of the room and go thru the window. Go to the right and climb
the ladder on the fire escape. When you are on the roof. Head down the stairs
and to the right and be sure you are crouching. You'll come to three police
officers here. If you can wait then they will gradually withdraw from the place
and you can follow them. Once you come down the stairs sneak behind them into
the shed nearby and break the door in the end to come out of this place.


This place is very easy to go thru even though it looks complicated. The first
point of action is to grab a uniform though which will help you to get past the
enemies a bit easier. Go down from where you are and then wait for the closest
guy to get near you. You will be able to spot a dumpster in the back nearby.
Take his clothes and dump him. Or you can do this to any other cop ahead
provided you wait for him to get near the dumpster. If you move from the right
side of this place, you will be able to proceed till the end where you'll find
two cops guarding the door ahead. 

Best thing to do is use something and throw it to distract both the guards and
move thru as they inspect the disturbance. Exit thru the double doors and go up
the first flight of stairs. Go near where the second should be but the stairs
are broken. Now climb the ledge and go up. You'll come to the exit soon enough.

Pigeon Coop

Keep going and soon you'll come to a small ventilation shaft near the ground -

Go thru it and in the next area, you'll come to the copter again and two cops
who ae blocking your path. They just keep on chatting -

It's better to just slip past them while they are busy in their conversation.
Just move from cover to cover using the change cover command whenever possible.
Just run to the door when it's nearby - don't worry about the detection arrow.
Just run and hit the interact button near the door to pick the lock and go thru



You'll come to some kind of hippy paradise. Keep going thru it till you come to
the large plant indoor-nursery.  Go to the other end while staying crouched in
the plant and choose a path thru the place that is least visible to the other
officers. Once you come out the other side. Go to the right hallway and you'll
come to a room to the right in the end which has only one police officer. Go
in and subdue him.

After that, move to the room which is to the right of this one and look at the
notebook on the table -

After taking the notebook, go back to the safe and unlock it. Arm the
explosive and pick it up. Now, where you place the explosive is totally up to
you. You can place it in this room and go back outside and into the door which
is opposite of this one and blow the bomb or you can throw the bomb somewhere
else and detonate it.

Thing is, once you detonate the bomb, the police officers who are guarding the
entrance to the elevator should move from there allowing you to get to the
elevator. Once you do get to it, call the elevator and get out of here.

Train Station

You'll be asked to locate the exit as soon as you come here. Go left first and
immediately take cover behind the low wall ahead and wait for a police officer
to come up. When you can, subdue him and dump him in the box. Wait for the
other officers to dispoerse downstairs and then move ahead. Sneak past the last
cops when they are distracted by the commuters and you'll come out to the crowd

Once you are in the crowd, things should be very easy. You should be able to
blend in with the crowd rather easily by standing still when you draw any
attention. Head to the left end of this area to the ledge -

Go thru the window and then up the ladder which you come to. You'll come into
the signals main room where you can activate the train signal on platform B -

Move out thru the door and go to the right. You will see a counter on the
bottom of the screen which tells you how much time remains in 15 sec intervals
You'll have to be on the platform in 45 secs. If you come by an officers, then
use your instinct to move past them. As soon as the train comes, move into it
along with the crowd and the coast should be clear as soon as you do so -


Hunter and Hunted

Keep moving ahead till you come to some officers. To the left here is a room
which is filled with paper cuttings of missing people -

In this room, if you wait outside one of the officers comes in and looks around
If you want a disguise, this is a good time to get it. Go back outside and in
a place to the left is a air vent which you can use to get out of here -

You will also find a checkpoint here just below the vent.

Keep going and you will come outside to the police. If you use your instinct,
you will be able to see the exit ahead. But the area is filled with policemen
and to get to the exit you'll have to be very careful. If your instinct is
high enough then just use it to slip past them without any suspicion.

The Vixen Club

You'll come out to the Vixen Club. There are three guys ahead but you don't
need to go there. Just look to the left and on the wall you will find a ledge -

After you go up the ledge, you can go into the club thru the open window. This
is a jackpot area since you will be able to find EVIDENCE, a KEYCARD and also
a JAGD pistol in this room -

Go down the stairs and you'll come out to a door. Past this door is a chick
who can spot you and two guys. The two guys go away when their conversation is
finished so wait for them to go and crouch past the chick to the left and
you'll come to the entrance of the club area. 

Go into the club and the surroundings come to life. DOM keeps moving thru the
club area and there are two ways you can kill him. First is easier - go to the
right from the entrance and you will come to the rest room -

Go in and subdue the bouncer inside and wear his clothes. You can dump his
body in the locker nearby. You can wait here till Dom comes in and he does
come in after a while and keeps doing his rounds here. Once he comes in you
can grab him and kill him with the signature fibre wire which will give you an
additional bonus. Then dump him inside the locker too and go out calmly.

The second way to kill him is to get a Keycard from one of the bouncers (the
guy in the wash room works fine). Take his disguise and keycard. Go to the
left end of the club where you'll see a group of guys around a single dancer.
This is supposed to be a bachelor party. Go in thru the door to the right here
and once inside, look out the glass to the dancer and the group of guys outside
There's a switch here which has a warning note to it.

The note asks you not to hit it - but were here exactly for that. Wait for Dom
to come into the room ahead and he comes close to the Dancing babe. Hit the
button now and the Disco Ball falls on him and he's in a pool of blood -

this will give you even higher kill bonus.

There are some other things you can do like check for a room with a booby babe
which unlocks the private dance achievement. Then you will need to gain access
to the upper floor of the club.

Dressing Rooms

From where you are (in the room next to the bachelor party). Go left but be
wary of all the guards and dancers. You'll come to some stairs here but it has
two guys nearby. You can distract them by throwing something or just use
instinct to get past them. Once you come out on top. Crouch and pass the guys
here. Keep going and you''ll make it to the office without any problems since
there's no one around. Use the answering machine on the table to end this.

Derelict Building

Go ahead till you come to a group of police officers looking around a small
hole in the ground -

Leave them be and move to the right and thru the broken rooms. Keep going and
you'll come to a checkpoint. To the left you can climb onto the ledge -

On the top floor move to the left and you will find the dead body of a girl
the police are looking for. Pick up the body and dump it onto the lower floor -

After you dump it, move to the right and go thru the rooms and in the end, you
can jump down to the lower level. But watch out for the cops, wait for all of
them to move to the dead body you just threw and climb down -

There's EVIDENCE just below after you come down. pick it up and move to the
left. Keep going and climb any ledge if you need to and you'll come to the
exit soon.

Convenience Store

Move to the left edge and climb down to the lower ledge -

Be careful as you come down since a cop is looking around the room in the
lower area and the window is boarded. You'll be spotted here if you aren't
careful. Move past the window after the cop moves away and crouch near the
wood platform which is connecting the roof ahead.

Go to the opposite roof and and onto the ledge to the left -

Go thru the window into the store but watchout for the clerk inside. Subdue
him and take his disguise. You can dump him in the container nearby. Then go
down into the store and move to the right where you see a police officer
talking to a woman. Go behind them (if you use your instinct, you can see a
pipe glowing yellow. Go to the right here to find a valve -

Now the firealarm starts but that's not enough is it? In addition to the fire
alarm, if you use your instinct you can see a ripple somewhere nearby where
you'll see a switch with which you can start a fire and a cloud of some and
just walk thru the store without anyone noticing - but just the fire alarm
from earlier is enough.

The last thing you are supposed to do is to slip past a set of cops. There's a
fuse box you can sabotage ahead. Use it when the cop to the right is not
looking and wait for him to get to it. Then slip past him from the right and
wait here because there's another cop just ahead. Keep going and you'll come
to the exit and you can go thru it to the next and final area of this mission.

Chinese New Year

This is perhaps my favourite part of this mission and one of my favourite
assassinations in the entire game. You'll be entertained to no mean ends
here....and you'll see clearly how great the game is and how much thought the
developers put into making it work.

Note that you can kill a target in more than a few different ways and how you
do it is entirely up to you. Let's start then -

First, note that you'll need instinct to identify the three enemies amongst
the crowd of people and if anyone is recognizing you. You can move into the
crowd and stay still and the alert arrow will go away. So let's go for Frank
Owens first.

He's the guy in the middle pic in the three pics to the top right of the
screen. From where you entered this area, go straight and to the right corner
of this entire area - if you remember from the earlier mission you exited this
area thru the duck hat door when you eliminated the King of Chinatown. Anyway,
you'll come to an area to the right which is guarded by a police office and as
you get here one of the stall workers comes in and talks to the police guy.
Crouch near the broken area of the wall ahead and look thru -

You'll see the chef smoking inside. Now, observe him very carefully and you
will see him smoke a cigarette each time, throw it down and turn around.
You'll have only a couple of seconds to move in when he turns around. So watch
him and go inside when he turns around -

Go in and keep going till you get to the gas pump ahead. Sabotage the pump and
move back and hide behind the low wall here -

Wait for Frank to come here and talk on his phone and see what happens next.
You can dump his body nearby. There's also a sledgehammer with which you can
cause a bit to noise so that the chef and cop go away. Now move out of this
place and let's go for the next guy.

As you move out of this place, move ahead and go right, you should see one
more guy ahead talking on his phone -

Follow him ahead, he moves thru the central pagoda towards the tatoos store in
the area ahead and takes a right from the tatoos store -

Then continues to the Dance to Dawn school -

He speaks to the officer ahead and then moves in. The office also goes ahead
turning his back on you. Move behind him and when he goes behind a wall,
subdue him and grab the Chipmunk outfit from the ground here. Dump the officer
and go downstairs to where the target went. You should see the target talking
to the police guy here and they both move away from you and look at weapons.
Go from the right and move towards them while crouched - you can spot Birdie's
file here -

Take it and move back a bit and see what happens. There's a vent here you can
use to get out. After you go out, you'll need to search for the last target.

After you find him (use instinct if possible) follow him and you will see him
taking a chef into an abandoned alley -

There's a cop guarding the area ahead. You need to use something and throw it
behind the cop so that he turns around and you will be able to pass behind him
crouched or better yet, you can even subdue him and dump his body so that he
wouldn't be a problem later.

Now, move in and you will see the last target talk to the cheft and eventually,
the target will knock the cheft unconcious. Now, move in behind the target
slowly while crouched and kick him into the open pit behind him -

You will also find a piece of evidence nearby where the police officer was
patrolling earlier -

Now, just exit chinatown and you'll be clear.



Victoria's Ward

Keep going ahead till you come to the elevator and then move left into the
curtains and wait for the two thugs to pass you and get into the elevator -

Orphanage Halls

Grab the ledge, but don't pull yourself all the way as the two enemies will
still be talking. Once they start moving, they stop after a couple of paces and
talk again. After that, get up and choke the man talking on the phone and take
his disguise and fump his body in the laundry container to the left.

Go thru the room to the right as the three henchmen beat up the guy tied to the
chair. Now, you will be able to see that there's only one fuse on this floor.
Grab it first as it's nearby and has no threats along the way. There's one
enemy nearby so subdue him and dump his body in one of the containers.

Make your way downstairs and activate the checkpoint at the bottom. Move to the
right and make your way down the corridor.  As you approach the corner, you'll
see a vent on the wall to the right.  Enter it, and when you reach the end of
it, wait for the enemy to head around the other side of the counter.  Get out
and grab the second Fuse which is located on a table at the back of the area -

Head through the door opposite the Fuse and follow the corridor around to the
right until you reach an office with some thugs. The third Fuse is sitting on
the table to the right as you enter the room -

Head back to the vent now.  When entering the kitchen, hug the counter and
swap cover across the gap. It may be unnecessary, but it will potentially avoid
you being spotted by the patrolling enemy. Before exiting the vent, wait for
two enemies to pass by. Enter the Chapel and hug the pew to the left. To the
right of the statue on the left wall is a secret door.  Head through it and
grab the last Fuse off the shelving unit, then continue through the doorway and
into the room across the corridor.  Head around into the generator room and
set the Fuses into the box, then pull the lever next to it to finish the

Central Heating

The first part of this area is really easy and has nothing much to do. Just
move past the guards and keep crouched. Keep going and eventually, you'll come
to Wade. After you find him, he fires at you just to let you know he's been
expecting you. Make your way down into the boiler room and head around the back
of the console over to the right.  Shut off the steam using the valve handle -

Then crawl through the vent the steam was blocking -

When you emerge from the vent, follow the path around until you reach a second
valve handle. Turn it and watch the fun -


Welcome to Hope

The Hope Bouncers won't let you through into the main bar area so head into the
toilets on your right and pull the lever next to the door -

This will start a bar fight. As you make your way towards the bar, you'll be
accosted several time by rowdy patrons and staff members. There's no need to
hold back now since your just another member in the fight. Once you reach the
bar, talk to the bartender.

Birdie's Gift

You have two choices available to get your guns back. You can either
participate in a contest and fairly win them back, or you can steal them. If
you wish to participate in the contest, take one of the guns nearby from the
shelves. Assault Rifles do good. Once you're happy with your selection, head
over to the woman on the firing range.

After the cut-scene, you can start the contest by activating the booth to the
left. The aim of the game is to beat Lilly's score of 471 within two minutes.
The score you get for shooting a target is decided by your accuracy. A
centred headshot gives 20 and so on.

If you're using Instinct, build up your meter with headshots, then go crazy in
Point Shooting mode when multiple targets appear at once - you can see the
prompt which asked you to enter the point shooting mode on the screen.  Without
Instinct, it's borderline impossible to come close to matching her score. If
you win you can take the silver ballers and get out of this place -

If you're having trouble or you just don't feel like it, there's an easier way.
In the top right corner of the store is a small indoor shooting range. On the
right side of the room is a vent -

In the office at the other side, wait until the old man comes in -

Subdue him and dump him in the closet.  The Notebook he drops will give you the
combination to the safe nearby. The safe in will give you the Key that opens
the strongbox containing your Silverballers outside. Return to the store and
sabotage the junction box in the bottom right corner of the store, then
retrieve your guns and exit the shop.

Shaving Lenny

Streets of Hope

This one's great. From where you start, look back and take the empty bottle at
the back of the alley. Then move ahead and head into the Cherry Donut shop to
the right ahead -

Inside you'll find some guy guarding steps, stad behind him and throw the
bottle at the wall and when he moves, crouch behind him and go up the steps.
That guy also comes up the steps next, but you can hide in the locker at the
top of the steps and then subdue him and dump his body as he passes you. Now,
in this room, you'll find the Ilyon R700 sniper. Pick it up and go back down
and out the same door you came in from. Now, move into the Green Mountain
convenience store opposite the alley -

As soon as you enter, crouch and switch on the radio here and move from the
right. The store worker moves to the radio, take this oppurtunity to go up the
stairs which are to the right of the store - stay crouched and move. After you
go up, immediately go into the cupboard ahead and hide in it. Wait for a while
and Tyler Colvin eventually comes into the room and walks to the window and
starts speaking on his phone. Go out and garrote him for additional points.
Then hide his body in the locker. Now, move to the window where he was and wait
for the next guy to show up on top of the repair store across the street and
snipe him -

Now go back onto the street and move to the right till you come to this house

This is a restricted area and you are not allowed inside, so let's go in. Now,
throw a bottle or something into the room behind the guard here and crouch past
him -

Crouch past the rest of the guys carefully and watch out for the cop here too.
Now, come to the other side and you will see a transformer. You can rig it's
power cord which is to the right to the fence here -

Now, pull the lever and move back to your hiding place behind the cars to the
left -

Wait for Gavin to go past the gate - sometimes the power trips and you will
need to use the lever again once Gavin passes thru the gate to electrocute him
Or you can also wait nearby and Garrote him. After he's dead, move thru the
gate and distract or subdue the office here and go into the door.


Sneak around to the left and climb down. There's a cop guarding the door, so
sneak to the end of the area and the grab the Wrench, then use it to lure him
to a position where you can subdue him and take his clothes.  Hide him in one
of the dumpsters here to the left. Now, on the wall to the left of where you
found the wrench are wirech which can come loose once you have the wrench.
After you loosen the wires, pull the lever -

You can wait nearby till the first target comes here and takes a piss on the
wall and see what happens. Go in from the door nearby and make your way around
and up the stairs, then keep to the left side of the room and enter the
barbershop at the end.  You'll have to pass several cops but you'll be fine so
long as you don't stop moving.

Take the barber disguise found on the table at the foot of the stairs -

then head back out into the main room and approach Lenny. After he's finished
talking to you, he'll head off for a haircut. Follow him and subdue him once
he's in the chair. Drag him out of view of the door, and head back into the
main area.

In the main area to the left is a cooking stove, go to it and release the gas -

and move into the room to the right from here and wait for the next target to
get to the stove and lean against the wall. You can use your silver ballers to
shoot at the gas and make it explode - since the ballers are silenced, you
won't be detected -

Also,there's another way to kill him. The empty room you wait is nice and quiet
and Luke is the only one that passes this way.  As long as the outside is
closed and he doesn't make it to the corner, you'll be free to garrote him and
hide his body in the container to the left. Now get back to Lenny and drag his
body to the exit door.

End of the Road

All you need to do is decide whether to kill Lenny or keep him alive.... look
around for stuff too.

Dexter Industries

Dead End

Trigger the car alarm to lure the Factory Guard away from his station then take
cover and wait for him to arrive.  When he does, subdue him and take his
disguise, then hide him in the storage crate in front of the cabin. You can get
spotted while hiding him, so you'll have to wait until the patrolling Guard has
his back turned towards you. Climb through the window and deactivate the
security system using the large console on the right, then climb out of the
window at the back.  Keep making your way down the right side of the area,
using the cars and low wall as cover. At the end of the wall, you'll have to
come out of cover, but as long as you stay as far to the right as possible
there won't be trouble.

When you reach the next cabin, hang back by the car until the conversation
between the Guards ends and one of them moves away. Then climb though the
window and disable the security system.  Climb out of the window and take cover
against the low wall to the left.  While the Guard over to the right is
examining the locker, sneak over and enter the building.  In the room to the
left, you'll find Evidence in front of the monitors.  There'll be a Guard there
so either sneak past him or blend in until he's gone.  Over to the right of
where you entered is the exit.

Old Mill

Make your way up the stairs and sabotage the fusebox over to the left when you
come to it -

Take cover against the wall to the right and wait for the Guard to come up and
investigate, at which point you should subdue him and stash his body in the
locker outside.  Make your way down into the room he came from. Grab the
Evidence from the top of the television -

Head towards the stairs. Hide behind the machinery to the right until the Guard
comes down, then sneak up behind him.  At the top of the stairs there's no
danger so continue to the exit.


Follow the path right and down until you reach the ledge, then start making
your way along it. There's a Guard blocking the window, so climb down and keep
moving left until you can climb again. Keep heading down and around until you
get to the lowest place. Grab the Gasoline Can from near the railing and throw
it into the room. While the Guards are distracted, walk over to the desk and
grab the Evidence then head down the stairs opposite the desk. You'll have to
blend in if you hope to avoid being spotted.

Head down the stairs opposite you and activate the checkpoint.

Continue down the next set of stairs and wait at the bottom for the two Guards
to finish talking and exit thru the locked gate. Pass through the gate behind
them and follow them around to the briefing. Use the available cover to get
over to the computer in the middle of the area, then use it to blend in. Once
the briefing is over, wait for half a minute and then break your cover and head
for the door, and blend in all the way. 

                                                              Head right and wait for the Guards
around the corner to walk off, then head around the corner and take the second
left. Follow the two Guards and stay behind cover until they head back to their
posts, then pull the lever near to where they were standing -

Head down the stairs over to the left and activate the generator at the bottom
to power the elevator and use the elevator.

Factory Compound

Head up and outside and wait for the guard ahead to move to the right. Go ahead
and hide behind the carts when you get to the rail lining and then wait for the
guard ahead to move to the left. Crouch and go right and hang down from the
edge and move along the edge like that to the right all the way.

Head right as you come off the rails and activate the checkpoint. Crawl
through the vent to the left, and head right into the building. Once inside,
trigger the car alarm. The guard outside will come in. Subdue him and just drag
behind a car for now. The Arms Dealer will be coming over here in a while to
take a phone call. Wait with your back to the right side of the doorway until
he comes close enough around the corner. After you've subdued him, take his
suit and hide both bodies in the storage crate outside the side door. The Arms
Dealer disguise is special and no one will recognize you.

Head outside and move across to the Dexter Industries building. Grab the
Evidence from behind the main desk then go to the elevator and call it. When
it arrives, wait for the Guard to get out before entering.

Death Factory

Test Facility

Enter the room to the right at the ned of the corridor. Grab the Keycard from
the table (the glass is one way so they can't see you) -

Then head out and through the locked door around the corner. Trigger the fire
alarm and hide behind the nearby display case -

Once the Guard is checking the alarm subdue him and leave him where he's lying.
Return to the observation room and place yourself behind the Guard and take
cover below the window and shoot out the window, then subdue him before he can
react. Grab the Stolen Files from the table, then use them to access the
computer in the observation room -

Take a disguise from one of the Guards, then head through the doors and make
your way around to the elevator.  At the bottom, head left and climb the ladder

Make your way down the right side of the area, using the cover to avoid the
Guards, and head right.  When making your way along, you can crouch-run to move
quicker and decrease the detection time. At the end, head into the room on the
right, then move to the left left and head downstairs.

The Guards have their backs turned, so sneak past them and climb through the
window.  Sabotage the fusebox to your right, then give it a few seconds and
climb back through the window.  Use the computer to disable the security
system -

Then make your way back upstairs and wait for Dr. Green. When he moves past you
Garrote him and dump him in the locker.  The exit is located to the right of
the elevator you came down by.


Sneak down the corridor along the right wall until pass the staff room. In the
locker room, head left and enter the showers. Turn the valve in front of you to
fill the room with steam -

While the locker room Guard is distracted and the Scientist is in the toilet,
lure the Researcher through the doorway you entered by throwing something
(plunger?) then subdue him and take his clothes and dump him. Head back into
the locker room and then into the staff area. The computer on the desk can be
used to disable the security system.  Exit the room and head up the stairs to
the right to reach the exit.

NOTE: There a special achievement in this mission for which you need to get to
the canteen.

Inside you'll find a girl in a bikini and a large cake. Subdue the chick and
move her somewhere behind one of the desks to the left. Now, wait inside the
cake and see what happens. After a while, some people come in to celebrate a
party and after they yell "Happy Birthday" for the second or third time, you
can pop out and make a point shooting and kill everyone -

Then take the clothes of the scientist and you can move thru the level without
any difficulty as it's special.


This can be really fun. Once you come out on the gangways. Move to the top
parts and in the third room from the top, you'll find some fire paste -

Now, move into the room to the left from this one and here you'll find a
baldness cure -

You know what to do. Wait for Valentin to come here and watch the fun. Now go
down all the way to where the second guy is. You need to move carefully here as
there are a lot of scientists and can reconize you if you are reckless. Once
you come down, it's better to move from the left to where two scientists are
and blend in past them and turn the valve you come to -

The area will be filled with steam. Now, crouch and move behind your target.
Garrote him to death and dump his body over the rails. This has to be done
within 30 secs after you turn the valve and don't forget to remain crouched.
Now, move back towards the vavle and forward from there to the console and hit
the panel and hide behind one of the low covers to avoid detection. Once the
bridge comes up take it and hit the switch to go down. In the next area,
sabotage the two fuses and move thru the complete the mission.

Fight Night

Patriot's Hangar

This particular mission provides a unique circumstance. There are two ways you
can go thru the first area and depending on what you do, you'll need to go thru
a different scenario in the next mission.

- The most fun way to do it-
Move ahead and head left from the front of the trailer. Grab the Teddy off the
seat, then take cover against the front of the trailer. If you attract
attention from any Guards, you'll need to bluff your way out with Instinct.
After a short time, The Patriot will notice his bear is missing.  He'll send
his guards to search for it. This is the time to get him. You'll need to
Garrote him and kill him or you'll get caught easily.

Drag his body behind the trailer and hide it in the storage crate, then take
his costume.  There's no one to stop you now so walk back and knock on the door
with the red carpet to get to the next area.

- The other way -
Move left and from behind the crates to the left of the area move behind the
trailer and look between the two crates to get the keycard -

Now, go back and use the card on the main door and keep going to the next place


- The Fun way -
If you took Patriot's costume then you'll just get into the ring with Sanchez
and unlike the last time, you can take him out provided you hit the right
buttons at the right time. You'll also need to take back your silver ballers
from the couter next to the exit after you defeat him.

- The other way -
If you came into the crowd then move ahead and look to the right to the bar.
Move behind to the left behind the guy and crouch past him into the door to his
left -

You'll come to two guards, wait for their coversation to get over and use
something to distract the guard ahead and subdue him. Move thru and you'll come
to two more guys. Wait for them to move away and hit the lighting switch here

Then go back the way you came and change into the guard outfit if you still
have not and move to the exit and end the mission.

Attack of the Saints

Parking Lot

Head thru the debris and squeez between the rubbish and take the disguise when
you come across it - this will change you into your suit. Now, keep going and
you will come out to the open on top of the parking lot. Without wasting even a
second, crouch and run to the left and hide in the locker which comes to the
left in the end. Wait for the guards to come along with one of the saints and
wait for the saint and guards to move past you. Then move out and garrote the
saint. She will be behind the guards so you'll not have any trouble killing her

Garrote her and dump her body in the locker you were hiding in. Now, move thru
the area from where this saint came and as you go there you can also use your
silver ballers to give the saint standing below a head shot.

Since your pistol is silenced, you'll get the bonus anyway or you can just wait
and not kill her now she will move to the exit and you can garrrote her there
too. Once you are on the steps heading down, crouch and stick to the wall of
the steps and observe the enemies ahead - you will have passed a checkpoint
just now. There's a lone gunman ahead to the left throw something to cause a
diversion or shoot a car with your ballers to cause the alarm and crouch past
the guard and go behind the bus and keep going to the left while crouch and you
will pass thru the are wihout any trouble. Now, if you did not kill the second
saint earlier then she will be roaming here to the left of the exit -

You can garrote her here and move thru the exit to end this part.


Move ahead and stay crouched to avoid being noticed. Move behind the cover just
behind the counter where the saint is talking to the guard -

You need to be careful or you'll be spotted here. Even as the saint is speaking
you can hit Q to attack her and pull her body to behind the counter. Move past
the counter and subdue the guard here and dump him in the freezer in the middle

Take his disguise first and move out carefully from the left of the guard ahead
who is talking to the store owner. Use your silver ballers to shoot any car and
cause the alarm to cause a diversion. Move from the left and eventually you'll
come to the area behind the saint and move while crouched to the gas pump ahead
and sabotage it -

Go back behind the wall to cover and when the saint moves near the gas pump,
shoot the fuel on the ground to make the kill -

Or you can directly kill her with the ballers or better yet, garrote her - but
you may be spotted trying to garrote her. There's a guard who comes near here,
you can subdue him and drag him in. Move slowly towards the exit and go thru.


You can virtually kill off all the three saints while remaining in the middle
of the corn plants. Move ahead and subdue the guard and move ahead and go to
the right into the fields from behind the car -

Move to the closest saint - you'll come to Louisa Cain. Move to the cabin to
the left and behind the cabin is a power cord -

Rig the power cord and wait for Cain to go in and get fried. Now, move to the
next saint (activate the checkpoint to the left here behind the guard.

Move right the next saint and you'll come to Moorehead, she walks into the
fields and has a guard with her. Just stay crouched and rush past the open area
into the field in which she is moving and slowly take your time avoiding the
guard and move behind her and garrote her. You can also shoot her from a
distance with the ballers but your view may be obstructed and garroting is more
fun anyway.

After that, the last one remains. Move to her and she is seen moving in the
middle of a lot of security. Stay to the left of the van and look up to the
crane which is holding some cement slabs. Wait for her to come under the slabs
and shoot the wire holding them with the ballers to make them fall or directly
shoot her with the ballers. Now, you need to move to the center of this area
and take her phone.

this can get tricky. Shoot the cars here to cause a distraction. You just need
to get to the phone and nothing else after that as the mission ends there. So
you can even make a dash for the phone even as you are being detected and if
can pick it up, you'll not have any problems.

Skurky's Law


Move out of the Courtroom and go up the stairs around the corner to the right.
Head to the Library and wait for the Security Guard to come out of the door on
the left. Once he's gone, head into the Library and wait around the door for
the Usher to come in. When he does take him out and take his disguise.

Head back into the Courtroom via the upstairs gallery.  When the video evidence
starts rolling, the Security Guard in front of the monitor to the left will
leave the room.  Turn the television off and there'll be a five min recess.
Head downstairs and make your way around the left side of the Courtroom and
into Judge's room. You'll have to make use of Instinct to avoid alterting the
other Usher at the other side of the room.

Subdue the Judge take his clothes and hide him in the closet. Leave the
Courtroom and head into the Security Room over to your left. Head into the
room on the left and take the Keycard from the desk, then return to the
Courtroom and open the locked door to the right of the bench. You'll have to
pick the lock on the door behind, and you can do it once the Security Guard
removes himself from view.

Holding Cells

Head down into the
holding cells proper and wait for your escort to leave. This leaves you with
two Security Guards, one of which patrolling and the other following your every
move. Take the fire extinguisher nearby upstairs and throw it next to the
locker. When the guard goes to check it out, head over to the exit and pick the
lock while the other Security Guard has his back turned.


No disguise will work here so be ready...

Wait for the officer outside to move away. Now, crouch and go ahead. You can
take out the three officers in the room to the right who are hurting the poor
guy who inturn reveals the code to open a safe which grants you with great guns
but if you don't want the negative points just sneak past the lot. When you see
the officer who is inside the control room move over to the red button and then
move back, it's your time to sneak in behind him and press the red button. Then
return to your hiding place.  When the officer comes to the corner follow him
back around and head through the now opened door.

Stop at the first door on the right and wait for the officer to turn around,
then continue on your way.  Sneak around the next corner and climb the ladder,
then follow the walkway around to the next one.  Climbing down the ladder will
attract some attention, so just slide so that you move quicker.  Head around
the corner behind you.  At the top of the stairs, shoot the padlock on the door
with your ballers, then pick the lock on the one behind it to end the level.


Operation Sledgehammer

County Jail

Break yourself free and move ahead to the fire alarm on the other side -

Go back to the seat once you activate the alarm and wait for a guard to come
attend to it. Go at him and disguise yourself. Go up the stairsand you'll come
to another officer who's on the phone, you can take the power cord here as a
replacment for your fibre wire but I doubt you'll need it -

You can subdue him and move ahead to a checkpoint. Then go thru the vent next
to the medicine box -

Come out the other side and wait for the cop to move away. Now, you'll need
some instinct to get past the next two cops to get you ballers and then move
out of this place. Or you can stop and distract each of them and get your
ballers and then move out.


Get close to and take cover infront of the black agency SUV and take the knife
here -

Throw the knife a bit to the right of the guard who is standing infront of the
ladder to the left ahead and go up the ladder when he moves to investigate -

Once you come down the other side, you can activate a checkpoint. This next
area needs a lot of concentration and focus because you can get caught really

Go down and take cover behind the wall and watch the patrolling grunt and when
his back is truned, pick an empty bottle and move ahead behind the low cover
all the way to the left end of the street. Here you'll come across another
grunt straight ahead and one more guy is partolling right across the street to
the right. You need to be very quick and watch the movement of the grunt to the
right of the street and when he is turning to the right, move ahead and
subdue or garrote the grunt and take his clothes. 

                                                 You can also shoot cars with
your ballers to cause alarms and create a distraction for the group of guards
ahead. Stick close to the cars even after you have the disguise and move from
cover to cover as the guards ahead are come back on the road. As you reach the
other end, you can go thru to the next area.


Make your way around to the left and head through the door and go down the
stairs. When you reach the warehouse, two Agency Heavy Troopers will enter
through the shutter on the right. Keep to the right and take cover behind one
of the shelves. When a Heavy Trooper comes past, subdue him and take his
disguise. His body can be stashed in the container to the right of the door he
came through. Head through that door and head around to the left, blending in
all the way, until you reach the room at the end. 

                                                  If you're low on Instinct,
you can  climb the ladder and use the scaffolding to move across as much of
the room as possible, then make your way around from there. The exit to the
warehouse is over to the right. Outside the warehouse, make your way up the
stairs and into the building.  Take the next set of stairs up and pick the lock
on the door at the top.

Hope Fair

Subdue the sniper and move into the next room where his rifle is stashed.

This is probable the toughest area in the game and if you really think you are
good at sneaking then you ought to get past this area without any trouble.

Head out the door and down the stairs. Move to the left, using the stalls as
cover.  Wait behind the first stall until the Heavy Troopers enter the bar,
then continue along and up onto the stage, using the tables as cover. Once
you're down the steps at the other side, take cover against the barrel and wait
for the Heavy Trooper to walk away.  Once you reach the last stall on this
side, wait for the Grunt to walk away, then vault the carts and continue down
the left side. Use the cover to get as far along as possible, then break out
Instinct and walk towards the exit in the top-left corner. From where you are,
it's not a long walk, so even a small amount of Instinct will do.


Go into the church and give Skyrky a head shot...

One of a Kind

Follow Tom and wear the new suit. You can go into the basement for more fun
suits to try on and there's evidence on the desk to the left of the store.

Blackwater Park


Head around to the right into the gardens and sneak your way down that side.
Once you're through the arch, wait until the Guard is gone, then move along the
left wall until you're in view of the ground planter. Keep going until you see
the booth at the top of the ramp.  Hop over the small barrier to avoid
detection from the two guys near the door, then move over to the Plumber's van.
When the Plumber comes back to tinker with the pump, lure him over to the black
car by throwing the Remote Explosives. Subdue and strip him, then hide his body
in the hopper near his van.

Head into Blackwater via the back door and head around until you reach the
checkpoint marker at the top of the stairs.  Make a right in the lobby and head
out into the corridor. The room in front you come to is the security room, and
over on the left side, near the window, is the terminal that will deactivate
the retinal scanner on the elevator. There's a guard who constantly comes near
the terminal and checks over it -

There are usually three Guards in the room, but one will occasionally head into
the lobby.  When he does, there will be a brief moment when the remaining
Guards will have their backs to you - one at the bookcase opposite the terminal
and one at the map on the far side of the room. Sneak through the left doorway
and tamper with the computer.  Return to the lobby and call the elevator.


Move to the left and go along the ledge -

Keep going and when you come out the door you'll come to a large hall. There
should only be one security guard here to the right near the foot of the stairs
Subdue him and drag him back outside the door you came from and disguise
yourself. If he dropped a keycard then take it if not, go back and hide behind
the low desk infront of the door you were just using -

Wait for another guard to come (usually from the left) and take his card and
dump his body too. One thing is that, you can stay covered here for as long as
you want to because Layla eventually comes into this room with her guards.
When she does, you can shoot her in the head with the ballers and immediately
move out thru the back door leading to the elevator shaft which you were just
using. Do it quickly or you may get spotted. Anyway, drop down the elevator
now and hide behind it wall. Wait for a proper moment or distract the enemies
ahead or just use instinct to cover yourself and move to the right to the
locked door and open it. The panic room is to the left here -

Go in and pick up the phone.... then watch the great cutscene..


Blackwater Roof

Now finally, to Dexter...

Crouch and move ahead in the fog slowly. Carefully subdue the guard and take
his outfit and dump him thru the sun panels -

Be very careful while moving thru this area since even at the slightest
suspicion, Dexter blows up the roof. You can use instinct or diversion to move
ahead to the next place where you'll find the checkpoint. After you come to the
checkpoint, slowly move to the right of the roof ahead and you'll come to a
door you can use to get up to Dexter. This door bypasses the proximkity mines
so don't miss it. The way you move is really up to you. If you have enough
instinct then you can just stroll thru the entire area but if you are low on it
then you need to move slowly while crouched causing diversion whenever you can.
Once you come to Dexter, there's nothing much to do.


Cemetery Entrance

Quickly head down the stairs behind you and swap cover to the other side of the
doorway. When the Grunt comes in, make him sleep and take his disguise then
drag him to the side of the doorway.

Climb out of the window to the right and make your way down the right, using
the gravestones as cover. When you reach the second one, wait until the two
Grunts part ways, then follow the one heading right and push him into the grave
Head down the stairs and keep as far right as possible as you make your way
along. Once you're up the next set of steps, grab the Book to the left and use
it to distract the Grunts so you can sneak up the next set, then you'll want to
head left and down the next set. Cover is difficult, so quickly make your way
down the next set of stairs to shake them off. Hide behind the planter closest
to the exit door until the Grunt there walks off. Amusingly enough, he'll walk
over to where you're hiding, so you'll have to head around the other side of
the planter to reach the door, which is locked and needs picking.

Burnwood Family Tomb

Move ahead and run while crouched to behind one of the stones when you see the
two guards talking ahead of you. Now, move to the right where you see another
guard and throw somehting to distract him, there's a dogbone to the right here,
then subdue him and take disguise. Now, move ahead and you should find some
proximity mines. Take one and head straight and into the tunnel. If you use
instinct then you can see that the columns are shown in yellow, which means
they are weak. So plant the mine here and go back and to the left where the
exit is. You can wait it out here since the only person to come thru the tunnel
is Jade and she will bury herself. Go thru the gate after you are done with


Move ahead while crouched and use instinct to look around. You will see that
the place is littered with laser mines so you'll need to be carefull where you
are going. The area far ahead has three Praetorians. If you have your sniper
you can use it to kill them off from a distance - I really don't know way the
last mission of the game is this easy, but you can kill all of the Praetorians
with any gun in a heartbeat no matter how close or far you are from them. If
you don't have the sniper then stay crouched and move ahead all the way and
climb up the ledge.

You can climb up after the guy passes, take cover and then give him a head shot
If you see more than one of them at a time then use point shooting. The end
game is really easy though. After you kill them, pick up the explosives at the
foot of the main crypt and place it on the door.

The End.

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