Car Town Streets Walkthrough [Guide]


Car Town Streets is a place where cars pretty much run the town, and players will get the chance to discover and refurnish different kinds of vehicles so that they can set them on assigned jobs in order to earn money. Players can also race their cars in the grand prix, and only the best and fastest cars will have the bragging rights to be the best among their kind.

The game requires you to build the town from scratch, such as in putting up businesses as well as decorations. Of course, the game will also require players to populate the town with cars that are either discovered and repaired or purchased, so that they may help you run the various businesses located within the area. By collecting money, fuel, and parts, you can upgrade your cars and let them join in races where you can compete with other players for even bigger rewards.

Various types of currency exist within the game, the most common of which are gold coins and cash. Gold coins are the basic currency within Car Town Streets, as these are used to purchase most items within the game. Completing tasks, collecting from cars, and winning races can all earn you a healthy amount of coins.

Cash, on the other hand, is the premium currency in the game. This can be used to purchase premium items such as high end vehicles that can give you high payouts. Cash can also be used to speed up construction as well as repair and restoration projects. Players are provided with thirty cash at the start of the game and you can also win some in quests and races. These, however, are hard to come by, and extra cash can be purchased using real life currency.

Parts and fuel are other items that you must collect in order to ensure that your cars are all in good running order. Parts are used to upgrade cars so that they can level up and produce more coins for you to collect. Fuel, on the other hand, is used so that your cars would be able to race in the Grand Prix. There are two type of racing, namely offensive and defensive racing and Car Town Streets uses different fuel types for each.

Restoring and Purchasing Cars
Car Town Streets offers players to unlock, purchase, and use about sixty different cars, with some modeled after actual vehicles. You can recover cars via the “Rusty’s Car Rescue” function, and you will have to spend coins in order to search for abandoned vehicles. However, there is a chance that your tow truck would get a flat tire while trying to search for cars, ad you can either go back to town with nothing or spend cash to be able to continue with your search.

Once cars have been recovered and towed back to your garage, you will have to pay again to restore them. Also, restoration takes some time, or you can choose to pay cash to complete restoration instantly. Once fully restored, you can now collect from it, assign it to jobs, upgrade it, and even have it race it in the Grand Prix.

The same goes for vehicles that you have purchased, via the showroom where high end cars can be purchased via cash, or won as a reward when completing quests or winning races. Once a car is in your possession, you can give it a name which would be displayed on its license plate. This cannot be changed once set.

Leveling Up
Each time players perform an action, whether it be collecting coins, discovering cars, putting up buildings, completing quests, or competing in races, they will earn XP in the form of green stars. Once enough XP has been earned, players will level up, which will in turn unlock even more items that players can purchase, access, and use. Players can see how far along they are until the next level by looking at the level indicator which looks like a speedometer. Constantly playing the game and performing tasks will cause you to level up faster, giving you access to bigger and better vehicles and items.

Adding Businesses and Assigning Jobs
Car Town Streets allows you to construct buildings and put up buildings so that you may be able to collect coins from them regularly. These buildings, however, needs to be placed adjacent to the road so that may be accessed, and you can put up and design roads as you please. Constructing buildings take time, usually four hours or more, or you can spend cash in order to speed things up.

Once a business has been put up, you can then assign your cars to run each shop. Cars have a preference as to which type of business that they would like to work on, so it would be wise to look at the car’s information before assigning them to a particular task.

If you are running out of space to put up businesses and buildings, you can expand your territory by purchasing land and clearing the debris from the area. Clearing the obstacles, however, cost coins, so you have to save up before planning to expand your town.

Upgrading Vehicles
Upgrading vehicles will cause them to earn experience points and level up, just like the player. The higher a vehicle’s level, the more coins you can collect from there. However, it is recommended that you collect coins once they are ready, as they will not produce any more coins unless the current yield has already been collected. Cars can be upgraded up to a maximum level of ten.

Cars can be upgraded by providing parts from them. Parts can be acquired by putting up a parts shop. From there, you can purchase parts, with bigger quantities costing more coins and taking more time to build. Once enough parts have been collected, you can feed them to your cars and make them level up.

Cars can also be upgraded by adding tires. Tires, like parts, can be created and purchased in the Service Shop, and the tire station can also be upgraded so that they would produce better tires for your cars.

Fuel stations can also be built, and you will be using these to fill up your cars with fuel. Fuel is a resource that regenerates over time, or you can spend cash to fill it up instantly. Fuel is necessary so that cars may be able to participate in races. Like tire shops, fuel stations can also be upgraded.

Cars also have special skills, and these skills are different for each vehicle. This can act as an advantage as it can help you speed up your car or slow down other vehicles, giving you a better chance to win a race. Look for these special skills in the car information screen for more details.

The Grand Prix
The Grand Prix is where you can race against other players. Offensive racing is where you can try to steal trophies from other players while defensive racing is where players would try to steal trophies from you. Each type of racing requires a different kind of fuel.

The Grand Prix consists of six tracks and you will have to own six or more cars to participate in the race. Once you have challenged a player and have won all races, you will receive trophies as well as a mystery prize, which is often a high end car. Repeating the race is allowed, although it will be much harder to win with every iteration.

Thus, it is recommended that you level up your cars to its maximum level in order to increase your chances of winning. It would also be wise to play against players with the same or lower amount of fuel than you.

There are goals within Car Town Streets that you can complete, which will in turn reward you with lots of coins and XP, as well as cash. The higher your level, the more goals you would be given to achieve.

Rewards will also be given if you invite friends to play via email, text, or tweet. Players will be able to send out invites to two friends every twenty-four hours.

Lastly, the drive in theater allows players to earn coin bonuses by letting them watch advertisement videos. Players can watch up to three videos per day, after which the theater will close for twenty-four hours. Videos are relatively short, so this is a very easy way to earn extra coins.

Social Function
Car Town Streets has a social function where you can visit your friends’ towns and send them three gifts per day. Friends can also send you gifts which you may use in order to further improve your town. You can also use this function to see random players that you can challenge in races. Aside from this, you can also invite Facebook friends to play with you via posting a message on your page.


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