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Sometimes, there are some gems in the sea of free games that you may find from time to time. That rare gem may not exactly be popular or even well-known, but you end up liking it and sharing it with your friends. They may either take to it or think that you’re a bit delusional, but you’re then hooked and you hold that game close to your heart. That could be what Warsow is, even though it isn’t exactly a new game.

Warsow first appeared back in 2005 in its earlier development stages, which is quite a while back. After seven whole years of development, its stable release was finally made available. The age of twitch-based first-person shooters was past when realistic military FPS became the trend. But with certain fanbases clamoring for the next big thing after Quake Live started overstaying its welcome, the demand may be back. Warsow does have stiff competition from Ubisoft’s Shootmania.

The cel-shaded graphics is the first thing you’d notice, and it’s well-applied here in Warsow. Its art and design are quite well done, making this game quite interesting for the eyes. As for the gameplay, it does feel a lot like Quake and Unreal, but it does have an additional feature that would blow the classic titles out of the water. Movement is a big part of FPS, and Warsow lets you jump on walls, which is quite crazy. All of a sudden, you have even more mobility options to consider while you’re moving around the map.

As with Quake III Arena, this doesn’t really have much of a story other than just blasting opponents away with weapons. With that said, the singleplayer bot mode is no pushover as it will start tearing you a new orifice as you get to the higher difficulty levels. It will push you to the very limits of your skill and make sure that you respect it. For such a game, that’s good since it gives you incentive to keep practicing so that you’ll be ready for human opponents.

There are a few problems though, especially with the sound. Sadly, it does get annoying after a bit, so you might want to low the game volume and put on some hard music to play with this game. If the developers can kindly take out the booing track, it would be great so the game doesn’t sound as tacky as it does. It doesn’t really match the graphics, which is pretty cool and is not so intensive on system resources or processing power that you can push up to high settings even with a rather old computer.

Perhaps what this game really suffers in the most is with marketing because while it has the premise as a competitive multiplayer FPS that is tailored for eSports, it seems that this game is non-existence, with its counterpart Shootmania doing better, even if a lot of hardcore Quake aficionados didn’t really take to the latter that much. That’s too bad since its additional features has potential of being a game-changer in the landscape. If only this game gets more exposure to justify its long development cycle, it’ll be vindicated somehow.

As a fragfest, this game does have raw potential, albeit with a few minor problems that the developers should be able to fix if they don’t spend most of the time sitting on their hands. Aside from those, here’s to hoping that someone does pick up on it in a big way. This game is free for download in GOG.com and in the game’s official website for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 8/10


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