Nemo’s Reef Walkthrough [Guide]


Nemo’s Reef is a simulation building game where you can help Disney’s lovable clownfish Nemo and his friends by building plants and other structures so that they would have somewhere to play and live. The better your area is, the more fishes would be able to visit, rounding out your collection of fishy friends. Other characters from the animated film would also be making their appearances, making this a great game for fans of the movie.

Like most games of its kind, Nemo’s Reef requires players to build your reef by planting aquatic plants and other decorative items. You would also have to balance out resources that you can spend as well as collect in order to make the most out of them. There are also quests to complete which will cause you to level up faster, causing even more fish to arrive and live within your aquatic playground.

Different types of currencies are at play within Nemo’s Reef. These are Algae and Sand Dollars. Algae can be harvested from the reef from time to time, while Sand Dollars can be earned by completing quests. Along with XP, algae can also be earned as rewards when quests have been completed. Both Algae and Sand Dollars can be used to purchase different items throughout the game such was water plants, decors, and others.

Leveling Up
Once players complete quests and perform actions, a certain amount of XP is earned. Once enough XP has been collected, the player will level up, and he may also be rewarded with items such as Algae and Sand Dollars. Leveling up will also unlock more items in the Nursery section, which serves as the game’s store, allowing players access to even better items in order to further enhance their underwater paradise.

Placing Plants and Decors
Placing plants and decors requires you to have the adequate amount of currency being requested. Once purchased, you can place it anywhere you want within your reef for as long as there is adequate space for it. After placing your plant or décor, you must tap on it in order for it to begin growing. Different items have different times for it to mature, though it only takes a few seconds. Once this is complete, then you must tap on it again to complete the process.

The better your plants and the more decorative items you place, the more fishes you would be able to attract, so keep improving the land and waterscape in order to entice more fishes to visit you.

Quests work like tutorials, and they will guide you on the many things that you can do within Nemo’s Reef. Once quests have been completed, you will be rewarded with XP, Sand Dollars, as well as Algae. Players should check the quests lists from time to time in order to see what tasks they haven’t done yet.

Social Function
Nemo’s Reef has a social function where you can visit the reefs of your friends or even of random players. Players can then help out in order to gain some great rewards. Players can do this for a maximum of five times per day.

Players can also visit and look at other players’ collection of fishes and compare them with their own. Aside from these, players can also invite other players to play this game. However, playing Nemo’s Reef also requires players to always have an active Internet connection, even when not using the game’s social function.

Nemo’s Reef can potentially be home to dozens of different types of fish. Players can see what types of fish they already have by clicking on the Collections tab. Some fishes are easy to come by, while some would only be included in your list once you’ve completed quests or have grown certain plants in your reef. You can check out the list and see how far along you are until your own list of fish have been completed.

If you are a fish lover and would like to have something relaxing to do, then Nemo’s Reef is the best game that you can get. The visuals are very deep and relaxing, and it’s such a comfort to see your fishy friends swimming about your underwater playground. Get to see Nemo, Dory, Bubbles, and the gang from this great simulation building game from Disney.


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