Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Walkthrough [Guide]


Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is an online RPG game that is able to integrate the elements of your favorite role playing games into one neat little package. It’s no surprise, as this game was developed by both Square Enix and Mobage. Players can form teams as well as equip powerful weapons and equipment, as they go through different quests and battle otherworldly creatures in this magical world of fantasy and mystery.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade works just like any RPG. Players can perform several types of jobs as well as level up. They can also improve their characters by equipping different types of equipment and weaponry. They can also form different parties among friends in order to perform quests as they battle across dungeons and defeat various types of monsters.

It should be noted that you must authenticate your device in order to play the game. Once you have authenticated your device, you cannot play the game using any other device. Some elements of the game are also refreshed based on time. Time within the game is based on the PST time zone, so it is important to adjust your game time accordingly in order to make the most out of it.

Character Formation
At the start of the game, players will have to choose their main character’s gender and job specialization. Different jobs have different special ability boosts and preferred weapons. The different jobs include warriors, black mages, white mages, and red mages, with other more advanced jobs available. You can switch genders or jobs while playing, so there’s no need to mull over this decision right at the beginning of the game.

There are two types of currency at play within Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. The first one is Gil while the other is called KP. Gil is the primary currency while the other is considered as premium currency. Gil can be used to upgrade items and equipment while KP can be used to purchase other premium items. Gil can be earned by defeating enemies, completing quests, or selling equipment. However, KP must be bought using real life currency, and the more money you spend, the better deal you can get.

There are some acronyms within the game that might confuse players who are new to the RPG scene. This section aims to describe each in detail so that you will be able to determine each one’s purpose.

ATK stands for attack. It describes just how powerful an item is. The higher the ATK, the more damage that it can deal. DEF stands for defense. It describes just how good an item can defend you against attacks. The higher the DEF, the less damage that you will take. STR, in turn, stands for strength, and it signifies how strong your abilities are. This combines with ATK to enhance your offensive capabilities. AGI is agility, and this defines how quick you can react and how fast you can perform actions. Lastly, INT is intelligence, which defines your ability to perform magic spells.

Players can enhance their ATK and DEF skills by equipping one main weapon and ability, with up to nine additional abilities and weapons as support items, but these cannot be used in battle. The amount of items that you can bring depends on its cost and your maximum cost capacity. This can increase when players level up.

Other statistics to consider are SP, BP, and LP. LP are energy that you use when going on quests. LP is spent whenever you make attacks, with the required amount depending on the attack’s required LP cost. LP recovers over time but can be refilled using items. Your LP capacity also increases whenever you level up.

SP stand for Support Points, which can be earned by leaving messages to members of your brigade. Collecting SP is important as this can be exchanged at a rate of 1 BP for 100 SP. This is very important when wanting to battle espers and BP comes in limited quantities. However, you can only store 300 SP at a time, and you can only exchange your SPs for up to 3 BPs per day.

Lastly, EXP are experience points earned when you perform quests or do battle. Once enough EXP has been earned, you will level up, and your LP meter will be replenished and with higher capacity. Other statistics would also increase accordingly.

Performing Quests
Players can go on quests in the various overworlds present within the game. They must progress and complete each area before they can move on to the next location. However, you can repeat a cleared location multiple times, although you must have LP in order to do quests and battle enemies.

In each area, players will face either creatures or chocobos. Battling creatures are pretty straightforward as you would only need to have enough LP to defeat them. Chocobos, however, require a different strategy. Different colors of chocobos require different items in order to clear the area. Yellow chocobos must be feed Gyshal Greens while black chocobos will need to be fed Vomp carrots. Gyshal greens will also work on the latter but not all the time. Feeding chocobos will reward you with items such as potions, ability scrolls, and gil, as well as experience.

Weapons and Equipment
Weapons and equipment can be equipped to raise your stats. You can also sell excess equipment for gil so that you are able to purchase more powerful ones. You can also enhance your equipment using scrolls to make them more powerful, though this also requires a big number of gil to perform. Lastly, combining different types of items in order to create a better one, so make sure to know which combinations would better benefit your personal stats so that you will become more formidable in battle.

The Mog Box
The Mog Box is the “dropbox” where rewards are placed. You must claim them before a certain time period or they would be defaulted. Thus, players must collect items after twenty days and Chocobo sightings before forty-eight items or they would just be wasted. Check your Mog Box regularly to ensure that no items would go to waste.

Parties and Brigades
Players can form parties and brigades in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. These are teams that players can join so that they may go to battle against espers together. Players can join parties comprising of either Facebook or non-Facebook friends, and they are assured that they will be grouped together as brigades when going on esper missions. However, you can only join one party at a time and the maximum number of members per each party is ten.

Brigades are teams that group together in order to battle espers. Being a part of, and interacting with, brigades will earn players some great rewards such as SPs, food for chocobos, potions, and many more.

Battling Espers
Espers are the random group quests within Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. Once a week, players can join brigades and they would band together to battle against espers. Unlike quests, players need to have BP rather than LP in order to participate in esper battles. 1 BP will cause the player to attack with minimal damage, while using 3 BP will cause massive damage. The higher your stats and the better your brigade members are, the better your chances of winning are.

Once an esper has been defeated, all those who have participated in the battle will be rewarded depending on their contributions during the battle. Espers can be accessed via gate crystals, and you must inform your brigade members if you encounter these crystal during quests immediately, and you will be rewarded with powerful items as well as the chance to deal high damage during the fight.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade may seem to be a bit complicated with regards to the many things that can be done, but at its core, it’s actually a very simplistic RPG game that focuses more on social interaction. Make sure to improve your character and join parties and brigades in order to take down the more powerful creatures in the realm. Save you weapons and equipment as well as your gil, and don’t forget to upgrade and evolve your weapons in order to make them as powerful as possible. In addition, check your Mog Box for gifts and rewards that you have no yet claimed.

Moreover, do not go into battle ill prepared, and this not only pertains to having the right equipment. Make sure to have enough LP, SP, or BP so that you will not have to wait for a long time in order to be able to take action again. Take note also of time zone differences so that you will be able to know when certain elements within the game would be refreshed. Aside from that, there’s really nothing else to say but have fun playing the game, explore the vast worlds, defeat otherworldly creatures and espers, and cooperate with both friends and strangers alike.


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