Big Win Basketball Walkthrough [Guide]

Big Win Basketball

Big Win Basketball lets you manage your very own basketball team, and with a little bit of skill as well as look in being able to get different kinds of cards in order to improve your roster, you can turn your team into a veritable threat as you battle other players’ squad for the chance to gain fans and get more coins in order to enhance your team’s abilities on the court.

Big Win Basketball is a basketball simulation game that also acts like a trading card game. By purchasing cards, you can affect how your team play by giving them additional boosts as well as improving their respective skills. You can then pit your team against other people playing the game and you can also watch as the action progresses. The better cards you have on hand, the better your chances of winning as they can provide you both temporary and permanent team and player boosts in order for you to attain victory, win trophies, and appear in online leaderboards.

Starting the Game
When players start the game, they will be given their own players as well as their first deck of cards. It is also here that they can name their team however they like, as well as name their team’s individual players. Players’ appearances can also be altered and customized at this point, although they would have to be careful when doing this, as changing players’ appearance at latter stages will cost players coins.

Setting Up Your First Game
Players battle with random players online. Teams must be more or less of equal rank before they could be paired up. Before the game begins, players must choose three Big Impact cards that they can choose to bring into the game with them. Big Impact Cards provide players with boosts so that their teams can perform better at different aspects of the game. Before the game begins, both teams’ rankings, fans, win-loss records, and Big Impact Cards to be used would be displayed.

Once the game begins, players can now watch the game just as they would any basketball game. they can use this time to strategize on how to improve and manage their teams and players. if players have seen enough and would like to skip immediately to the results, then they may choose to do so.

The results screen would display which team won and which team lost as well as the final score. Statistics such as field goal percentages, assists, rebounds, and others would also be displayed in addition to the number of fans and number of coins earned. Regardless of whether a team won or lost, they would nonetheless gain fans and coins.

The more you play, the more popular and the more fans you would be getting. Having a high popularity would enable you to earn more coins with each game played, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Buying and Selling Cards
The majority of players’ time in playing Big Win Basketball is by buying card decks and selling unused cards in order to free up space. Thus, players must be able to balance important cards as well as their stock of cards in order to be able to collect and acquire valuable cards.

Different types of decks can be purchased within the game. These range from bronze, gold, and silver decks. Player cards are also available if you would like to change your team’s roster. Each has a chance for getting skill cards which may be used to upgrade the stats of your individual players. the better the card decks that you purchase, the better cards that you would be getting.

You can also sell cards that you are not using. This is a good way to earn extra coins as well as to discard of items that you are no longer using or are of low value to you. Be careful, though, when buying or selling cards, as there is no function to undo these changes.

Getting Coins
There are various ways of getting coins in order to make purchases aside from the aforementioned selling of cards. You can like the game on Facebook or follow it via Twitter. You can also opt to earn free coins by watching videos or accepting other options available within the game. This is a free and very easy way to earn coins in order to be able to make better purchases.

In order to excel in Big Win Basketball, it is important to keep playing the game. Don’t mind it too much if you lose during the first few games. What matters is that you are building your popularity and earning coins. You can then use these coins to purchase better card decks so that you can better improve your team.

It is also important to use your skill cards once they appear so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your players’ skills. Do not use your skill cards haphazardly, though. It is wise to upgrade just one or two skills for each player for a start so that they may act as “specialists”, such as a shooting specialist or as a defensive enforcer. You can also upgrade one or two players as all around joes, which means that they will have decent stats all around without excelling in any major category.

It would also be wise to watch games so that you would be able to know which cards you would like to bring the next time you play. Just like a good coach, you should be able to scout your team in order to make adjustments for the next game. Make it a point to review statistics so that you would be able take note as to which categories you would like to improve your teams on.

Big Win Basketball is free to play and is available for the iPod Touch , iPad, iPhone, as well as Android platforms. It was developed by HotHead Games, Inc. and was released last December 12, 2012.


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