Hundreds (iPod) Walkthrough [Guide]


Hundreds is a puzzle game from Semi Secret Software, and it requires players to tap at circles that will then have their respective numbers increase, the goal of which is to have all numbers in all circles within each stage reach one hundred, hence its name. While the premise may seem to be simple enough, there are various challenges that stand in the way of you reaching your goal, and further levels will have you scratching your heads as you search for that one solution to clear the stage.

For one, the balls expand as you tap on them (if there are no obstacles along the way, you can tap and hold in order for you to reach the desired effect faster). As balls expand, they turn red, which is one of the main problems that you will be encountering. If red balls touch other balls and even other objects within the game, then you would have to repeat the stage. Hence, playing the game would require some patience and forethought as to the “capacity” of each ball before they would touch each other. Once balls are no longer expanding, they would return to their regular colors and would be “safe” once again.

Latter stages would even pose more of a challenge as balls would now be moving across the screen. Good timing is essential in order to ensure that balls are not red when they strike at other balls. A good strategy would also be to inflate two (or more) balls at the same time by tapping at both simultaneously. Other objects include bubbles which would bounce balls once they touch them, as well as buzzsaws that will deflate bubbles once they strike at them. Other items that would give players headaches in solving other puzzles include negative balls where players would need to set them to zero first before they would act as regular balls.

As with any puzzle game, it is important to look at the current orientation first before doing anything. More often than not, all elements within the level are meant to interact with each other, and everything has its intended purpose. Also, all stages have at least one solution, so do not be disheartened when you don’t get it the first couple of times. Also make sure that, when replaying stage, you would remember your failed attempts so that you can avoid doing them again when trying to solve puzzles.

Also, timing and patience is very important. Do not rush things especially when inflating takes time. Although tapping and holding will help reach the intended number faster, this can also pose as a problem especially when even the most miniscule mistake can cause disaster. Still, you have to gauge these kinds of decisions especially when there is a ball hurling at you and all that stands between you and solving the puzzle is a few frantic taps.

Lastly, a little bit of spatial awareness goes a long way. Try to anticipate where moving objects are going, and gauge as to whether the expanding ball will touch other objects. A slight miscalculation can bring all your efforts to a grinding halt, so make every action deliberate and well thought of. You’re bound to fail at least a couple of times, but just keep at it and you’ll sometimes find that the solution is always the easiest. You can also go back to previous puzzles that you have solved in order to find some inspiration. Don’t hesitate also to take a few minutes to have a break and mull things over before trying a particular hard to solve puzzle again.


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