Village Life Walkthrough [Guide]

Village Life

Village Life by Playdemic is a city building simulation game where players will be the Adam and Eve of their own village, creating the area from scratch and populating it with villagers who will be performing tasks and helping the village grow into its full potential. The game requires proper management of skills and resources in order to ensure that nothing goes to waste and that everything can be put to good use.

Village Life begins with a couple about to start a family. Upon naming the couple, they will settle in a piece of land that players must cultivate, all the while giving the couple their core needs. Once their needs have been met, they will have a child which would eventually grow into adults that can share the work load with them. From there, players would be moving to new villages with even more villagers and they will share tasks in order to improve and expand upon their homes. It is important to keep your villagers satisfied and happy in order to ensure that they are content with living in and doing tasks for the good of the village.

Different kinds of currency are at play within the game. These are coins, gems, and wisdom keys. Coins are used to purchase items at the store and can be earned when completing quests. Gems are considered as premium currency and can be used to speed up tasks and buy special items as well as keys. Gems can also be used to skip parts of quests especially if it requires players to ask for resources from friends, making these very valuable commodities within the game. Gems can be earned whenever players level up. Keys can also be rewarded when players level up and can be purchased using gems. Wisdom keys are used to unlock new content, especially when special items are required during quests but are not yet readily available through conventional means.

All players have their basic needs. These are food, shelter, and water. Food and water can be readily foraged, and you would have to constantly gather these and provide for your villagers, as these are continuously being used up, regardless of whether you are playing the game or not. Gathering food and water through natural means, such as through bushes or rivers, require gathering time. Once this has been completed, then food and water can be collected and stored in the Food Tent and Water Barrel, respectively. Food can also be produced at later levels via farming.

Shelter is another core need that must be met. All villagers must have a home to live in, and you can build these, aside from other special buildings, in order to meet all of their basic needs.

Sometimes, villagers would also have special needs that players will have to satisfy in order to keep their happiness up. These will come in the form of quests, and players may have to perform multiple tasks such as crafting in order for them to be able to meet these needs.

Happiness is the leveling system being employed within Village Life. As players get to satisfy the needs of their villagers, their happiness will manifest as crystal like bubbles which players can now click on. Once clicked, happiness will transfer to the Shrine of Happiness. Once the shrine has been filled, players can click on this which will cause the player to level up, giving you rewards as well as the ability to unlock further content. Thus, it is important to keep your villagers happy not only because they would be more productive at work, but so that you will be able to make the most out of your game.

Special Needs
As mentioned, some villagers would like a little extra aside from the usual food, shelter, and water. These can come in the form of wanting to have fun, or to form a relationship. Players must try to meet these needs so that their villagers would stay happy. This is very important as unhappy villagers would not participate in fun events such as dance gatherings and you would not be able to generate a lot of happiness from your village. Villagers who are unhappy would also not like to work so you would have less hands to work within the village, making you unable to maximize all of your people in order to perform tasks in the various quests that you are aiming to complete.

When doing quests, players may be tasked to create tools and other objects. You would first have to have a crafting table built, and you must gather the required materials in order to complete the item in question. You must set your villagers to the task of gathering the required items in order to create the product. also, take note that crafted materials will wear down, and you would have to create the item once again if it is once again required for another task.

Assigning Jobs
Villagers need to be assigned the various tasks within the village. Each task requires an amount of energy that replenishes over time. However, players can also use energy potions to replenish villagers’ energy so that they can perform more tasks in a shorter amount of time.

The speed by which players can complete tasks in based on their skill set. Some skills are inherited from the parent, and players can assigned jobs to villagers based on their strengths. The various jobs available within Village Life are Gathering, Mining, Farming, and Crafting. Thus, it is important to set jobs based on a specific villager’s skill sets so that tasks can be completed faster.

Dating and Marriage
Over time, villagers will become adults and would want to have a life partner in order to raise a family of their own. It is thus the player’s task to find a suitable mate for the villager. Once the couple have dated, they might fall in love. Eventually, they will marry and move to the male villager’s village. The player would then be rewarded with items and a lot of happiness. The couple would also have children which would eventually grow into useful members of the society, making you capable of assigning tasks to them when the time comes. Of course, these new additions to the village would have needs that you would have to satisfy as well.

Tips and Tricks
Be very particular of your villagers’ needs. These will come in the form of thought bubbles, and you can click on these in order to see what they want, and you can immediately work on satisfying those needs. Having happy villagers can spell the difference between being able to level up quicker and having unproductive workers in the village.

Be sure to collect food and water continuously, as they are used up rather fast depending on how many people you have in your village. These can be stored in tents and barrels, and you can built additional structures to store excess resources. Gathering and farming are extremely important so that you would be able to satisfy your villagers’ core needs.

On the other hand, happiness can only be collected once you are playing the game, so it is important to log in so that these could be collected. Once the player is within the game, however, happiness is automatically collected over time, so you do not have to click on each and every one so that they could be placed within the shrine.

Be mindful of your crafted items as well as of your human resources, specifically your villagers. Make sure that they are not overworked as this might also affect their happiness output. Take note of their energy and give them time to rest once they have completed a task. You can also use Energy potions to help them regain their energy. For crafted items, it is recommended that you keep excess raw materials for items that are regularly being used and worn out. This will save you a lot of time especially if the said item is nearing its breaking point and you would still be using it for other tasks.

As much as possible, also save up on your gems and focus their usage on purchasing special items or wisdom keys. You can put them to much better use this way than to purchase items that can be requested from friends for free.

Lastly, take particular care when assigning task to villagers. The more suited they are at their assigned tasks, the faster they would be able to finish it. Look into their inherent skills and see how much faster they would be able to perform tasks as compared to other villagers. This way, you would be able to maximize their skills so that jobs can be completed faster. Try also breeding strategies especially when trying to find a potential partner for a villager that wants to start a family. This is a great strategy especially if you have long term plans in cultivating your village and its people.


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