Pet Rescue Saga Walkthrough [Guide]

Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga is a game by that lets users save furry pets in a challenging, puzzle action setting. The game requires some strategizing in order to complete the challengers required in each puzzle. There are also various items that can be used and purchased in order to help players along with their tasks.

Pet Rescue Saga is a matching puzzle game where players are require to save the pets by removing the blocks above them. Players can click on blocks that are adjacent to each other and are of the same color. There are also powerups that can be used to remove blocks especially if there are some obstacles on the way. Aside from these, there are also multiplier blocks that exist and would help increase your chances for a better chance at getting a higher score.

Players will be provided with a score that defines their rank. Ranks are given on a star rating with one at the lowest and with three as the highest. Additional levels would be unlocked once the previous level have been cleared, and stages can be replayed so that players can try to achieve a higher rank.

Players can have a maximum of five lives. If a player fails to solve a puzzle or if the player chose to quit the game before the level is cleared, then they will lose a life. Lives can be regenerated at a rate of one per half an hour. Thus, it is important to have ample lives in order to be able to have multiple attempts at solving puzzles.

Coins can be earned by solving puzzles. The higher the rankings, the more coins that you will earn. Coins can be used to purchase powerups at the store which could then be used to help players in solving other challenges.

There are various levels and many different challenges that are being presented within Pet Rescue Saga. Some challenges require only a specified number of moves to complete. Failure to complete a challenge will cause players to lose a life.

Across different puzzles, there are also animals that can be freed. Once they reach the bottom of the screen, they will be saved which would earn players 1000 points per pet saved. Sometimes, the pet will be contained within a carrier that also have colors. These carriers also act like blocks and can be removed just like regular blocks.

There are also other blocks that are contained within carriers. These must be broken before they can act as regular blocks. In order to break the carriers, they can be dropped by having blocks below them removed. This further adds challenges within the game as they need to be aligned with blocks of the same color before being dropped.

There are powerups that can be unlocked within the game that can help players clear blocks as well as get a higher score. Block busters are special powerups that will clear a single block within the board. The Column Blaster Rocket, in turn, will remove an entire column from the screen regardless of the blocks’ color. There are also multiplier blocks that, when clicked, will increase for blocks removed from the screen. Some powerups appear randomly within the puzzles while additional powerups can also be purchased within the online store using coins earned when clearing levels.

Tips and Tricks
It is important to look at the puzzle first and plan your moves ahead before making any steps. It is also wise to use your powerups sparingly. Use powerups only if it is a last resort and if it will make a big difference towards either scoring big or completing the puzzle at the end. As much as possible, also try to free animals before working towards clearing the blocks, as this is the best way to earn a three star ranking. However, it is important to also gauge as to which of these two are the priority as you might be able to save all animals though fail to complete the challenge being asked in the stage.

Pet Rescue Saga is a puzzle game that stimulates the player into thinking several moves ahead. Different challenges require players to look at each puzzle at various perspectives, and many approaches can be done in order to solve the puzzles, whether you use the powerups or not.

Aside from the challenges within Pet Rescue Saga, the game also features great visuals and cutely drawn characters, and the music is very catchy, with a very energetic tune. All in all, Pet Rescue Saga is a very enjoyable game to play especially for those who love to plan, strategize, and analyze puzzles and challenges to be cleared.

Pet Rescue Saga is available on Facebook as well as the iOS platforms and was published by It was released on January 19, 2013.


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