Temple Run 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the sequel to the highly successful mobile game from Imangi. This game offers the same excitement, but with some new elements added on. Aside from the usual running, jumping, sliding, and swerving, players can now ride carts and even use ropes to avoid the various obstacles within the maze. Graphics have also been improved, and the game is still capable of providing those same elements that made the first Temple Run a huge success.

Temple Run 2 is an endless running action game where players must traverse through the maze while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Scores are based on the distance traveled, coins collected, and achievements unlocked. Special items and powerups can also be acquired or purchased and utilized in order to prolong the player’s life or acquire even more coins. Speed increases as players go further into the cave, so focus and fast reaction times are a definite must.

Controls within Temple Run 2 are pretty basic. Players can swipe at the screen for a variety of effects. A swipe up will make the character jump while a swipe down will cause the character to duck and slide. Swipes left and right will cause the character to swerve towards that direction. Players can also use the accelerometer to lean when riding a cart, or go to either side of the path, which is necessary when collecting coins or avoiding obstacles.

Obstacles within the game include tree branches, low hanging structures, ledges, fire, breaks on the path, and many more. Players must then be able to avoid these obstacles or they will have to either restart their run or have themselves resurrected. Players will also die if they fall over the edge, especially when they do not turn in time.

Also, some branches may cause the player to stumble if they don’t jump on time. Bumping onto the edges of paths will also cause players to slow down. Once this happens, an ape would appear behind the player. If the player stumbles again, the ape will catch up with him and eat him, effectively ending the race. The ape will disappear if you run a distance without fault, but would appear again once you stumble once more.

Later in the game, players would also be able to ride a cart. As with running, players must also dodge obstacles by jumping and ducking. They must also use the accelerometer to traverse bends on the rails, or they will topple and die.

The further along you are, the more frequent the obstacles would be. Thus, more care must be taken and players must be able to react more quickly as a single mistake would cause instant death.

Coins are the primary currency within the game. These can be earned by collecting them during runs, and can also be given as rewards when players level up. Coins can be used to purchase a variety of powerups and items in order to make their runs easier.

Gems, on the other hand, can be used to resurrect players when they die. These are considered premium currency and can be purchased, along with additional coins, in the store using real life money. Gems can also be collected during runs, but are considered very rare due to their value in-game.

There are several upgrades that the player can acquire either within the race or via purchasing in the store. At the top of this list is the shield which can be filled up by collecting coins. Once the shield meter has been filled up, players can activate it which will provide their character with limited invulnerability.

During their runs, players can also acquire powerups such as coin magnets which will cause coins within the vicinity to be automatically collected and sprint powerups which will grant players with speed and invulnerability. Players need only to jump towards these powerups and they would be activated instantly.

Players can also purchase upgrades that will boost abilities such as longer shield up time, higher coin pickup abilities, and increased abilities of certain powerups. Upgrades can also increase the frequency of powerups appearing during runs.

Aside from these, players can also use coins to unlock other items such as special characters will have their own unique abilities. However, it is recommended that you complete upgrades first before unlocking these additional content so that you would have an easier time doing longer runs and earning more coins.

Temple Run 2, like its predecessor, has several missions that players can try to achieve. At any given time, players are given three main objectives to reach, some of which simply doing regular runs and high score objectives cannot achieve. Completing tasks will provide players with huge rewards, so players must strategize as to which missions to complete in order to get bonus coins.


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