Pixel People Walkthrough [Guide]


Pixel People is a city building game where players have the chance to create the city of their dreams. They would also be in charge of populating the land with pixelated buildings and residents that will make the city earn and improve further. More expansions will turn the city into a bustling metropolis that everyone would love to live and work in.

Pixel People requires players to create buildings for their residents to build in. Along the way, they would have to properly manage the residents in order for them to become productive within the city. This includes splicing genes in order to produce residents with specialized professions, and players can also pair up residents so that they may fall in love and earn you hearts that you can use to further enhance the city.

There are two types of currency at play within Pixel People. Coins can be earned over time from buildings, and hearts earned by having residents fall in love are also a great way to earn coins. The town center, the biggest building in your city, is also a great way to earn coins as the amount more or less depends on how large your population is. Coins are used to purchase items such as buildings that you can place in your city.

U is considered as the premium currency within the game. Players start off with 25 Us, and additional Us can be purchased using real life money. Us are used to speed up building and splicing times. However, these times are really not that long, so you would probably not be spending too much of this type of currency unless you are a bit on the impatient side.

Pixel People allows players to build a variety of roads and buildings based on how they like it. However, players must have enough land to build these structures, and expansion of land will require quite a lot of coins to perform. Having buildings constructed will allow more residents to be able to move in and work for you, earning you even more coins.

If you do not like your initial placement of buildings or roads, you can tap on them and move them to the desired location. Moving structures that have already been put down requires no coins. However, the space should be available before you can finalize the move.

Residents are an integral part of your city, as they will be the ones who will be earning coins for you. Residents can have specialized positions, which are an amalgamation of two different professions. Each building requires specific specializations before they can start earning money, so players must be able to mix and match professions in order to come up with the required resident. This method is called splicing, and this is where players will be spending most of their time as splicing, like building, requires certain times in order to complete but can be sped up using Us.

Sometimes, two residents will also fall in love with each other. By clicking on this, players will earn hearts, which are very integral within the game. Once your heart meter is filled up, players will be able to earn a bonus, which is usually a large number of coins. Thus, once hearts appear, it is recommended that you click on it immediately.

Tips and Tricks
The Heart system is the best way to earn coins. It can be a long process, but it can be quite easy, and it will be able to earn you a lot of coins once you are able to fill up your Heart meter. Another bonus is that you will also be able to make your residents happy by playing Cupid.

When splicing, make sure that you are mixing resident types and professions that you will actually need. With this, make sure that you already possess or will be building a structure that actually requires the particular resident. New professions open up new buildings to create and vice versa, so make sure to conduct these two activities continuously in order to unlock new content.

One of the great features about this game is that it does not force the usage of U. Build and splice times can be quite fast, and there are no energy meters to speak of. Thus, all you need is a little patience and you would not find yourself using real life cash to purchase additional Us.

Lastly, keep playing the game and try to save up on coins. Avoid unnecessary purchases and do not forget to collect coins. This will ensure that you have an adequate number of coins especially when you have to expand and further improve on your land.

Pixel People was created by Chillingo and LambdaMu. It is available for the iPhone and was released on January 31, 2013.


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