Dragon Storm Walkthrough [Guide]


Those who want to live in medieval times filled with fantasy and lore would surely love playing Dragon Storm, the new strategy game from Griptonite Games, as it allows players to build their own kingdom and the community within it as they try to survive and expand their empire by building armies and conquering other lands.

Like most strategy games, Dragon Storm requires players to manage resources available to them by building structures such as farms so that they would be able to address the needs of the community. They would also be able to build camps where you can train your troops in order to better defend your camp as well as provide a formidable force when invading other lands.

Dragon Storm requires many different resources in order to build different types of structures. These are food, water, metal, and wood, and each structure requires a different number of each. Resources can be made and collected by building different structures, and these would then be used for a variety of purposes in order to be able to improve on your kingdom.

Building structures such as farm plots and training camps will require resources in order to be created. Thus, be sure to have the necessary items on hand before you try to complete these buildings. Also, building takes some time to complete so patience is required. Once a structure has been completed, you can use them to train your troops and collect resources from them.

Once your training hall has been built, you can now train them to become a formidable force. Like building, training will also require resources, and training will also take some time to complete. You can upgrade the training for a certain cost, and you can also define the length as to how long your troops will be trained. The longer the training, the stronger your army would be.

Quests are objectives that players can achieve while playing the game. Some of the tasks included within your Quest list are very rudimentary, while some will require you to complete a number of jobs in order for them to be completed. Players can perform multiple quests at a time, and they can check up on their progress by clicking on the Quest list. Once a certain quest has been completed, you can claim rewards such as resources as well as experience that will cause you to level up.

Once you have learned the basic of the game, you can now name your kingdom and venture in battles in order to expand your territory. Battles and other quests are lain out within a storyline that you can either read through or skip altogether.

Battles take place via tiles scattered throughout the land, with the objective of the player capturing as many tiles as possible. This will require players to deploy their troops which will then march on to the tile that they want to conquer. Battles will happen automatically, and results will be displayed once the battle is over.

Once tiles have been captures and quests have been completed, then the chapters will eventually progress, and you would have to train your troops and collect resources continuously in order to further upgrade your army as well as your kingdom.

Social Function
Dragon Storm also has, like most games, a social function where players can interact with others who are also playing the game. They are able to create alliances where they can help each other in doing battle. Additionally, an online leaderboard would also be able to show who are the ones dominating the game. Additional functions may also allow the sending and receiving of gifts from fellow gamers.

Dragon Storm is a great game from Griptonite Games that is currently available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and it will ensure fun and enjoyment both for single player and multiplayer campaigns. It has a well written storyline and it also features mythical creatures such as dragons and other monsters ripped straight out of modern and ancient folklore. Players will be able to immerse themselves in a medieval environment as they manage their resources and troops in order to become the strongest kingdom in the land.


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