Fionna Fights Walkthrough [Guide]


Fionna Fights is the new game from Cartoon Network where players will get to play as their favorite Adventure Time characters, where they try to defeat as many enemies as possible while trying to get the highest score possible. Each turn will allow them to earn gems that they can use to prolong their turn and be able to destroy even more of their opponents via special swords, potions, special attacks, and other items.

Gameplay in Fionna Fights is pretty basic. Players will have to click on enemies to attack them. Enemies will drop gems once they are defeated, which will serve as the currency within the game. gems can then be used to purchase items that can be picked up within the game. The game will only end when the player’s energy is depleted completely, which will only happen when players miss on their attacks or when enemies escape by leaving the screen.

At the end of the turn, the player’s score for the round will be displayed, along with the number of gems that were earned. Players can then purchase powerups which will then be applicable in the succeeding rounds.

Several types of powerups are available within the game, and each can be upgraded for a total of three times, which means that these would appear more frequently. These include special types of swords, potions, as well as special attacks.

Swords include the Golden Sword, which would increase the power of your dash attacks, the Root Sword, which would explode enemies around you, the Crystal Sword which will add crystal shards to your attack, and the Demon Sword which will destroy everything in your path.

Potions include Energy Potions which will help replenish your energy meter, Freeze potions which will stop enemies in their tracks, and Shield potions which will stop enemies from leaving the screen, among others.

There are also four types of special attacks that will deal devastating damage to all enemies on the screen.

These powerups must be acquired by attacking them, just like regular enemies, in order to be activated.

Badges are forms of achievements that can be completed while playing the game. Badges do not offer tangible rewards, aside from the accomplishment of having achieved said objectives.

Tips and Tricks
In order to achieve the highest possible score, it is important to both get combo points and last for as long as possible during each turn. In order to achieve these, certain steps have to be undertaken.

It is absolutely a must to not let enemies escape from the screen, so try to eliminate enemies that are closest to the left whenever possible. Accuracy is also a must, so try not to miss when attacking.

Combos can be performed by clicking at the end of a path where you can connect with multiple enemies with a single dash attack. The more enemies you hit with a single attack, the higher the combo and the higher your score.

Also, try to maximize your energy potion upgrade as soon as possible. This way, you will be able to last much longer even if you make a couple of misses and let a few enemies pass. After that, try to upgrade special attacks next, even though these can be quite costly.

Make it a point to reach for upgrades when they appear, as these can help you immensely in getting a high score. From there, try to upgrade everything slowly and surely. The more upgrades and powerups you have available, the better your chances of getting a higher score. With a little practice, you would surely be able to beat your personal best and become one of the most dominant players in Fionna Fights.


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