Gun Bros. 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Gun Bros. 2

Gun Bros is back with its much anticipated sequel. In Gun Bros. 2, Percy and Francis Gun of F.R.A.G.G.E.D. are at it again as they take on the worst that T.O.O.L. can throw at them. The game offers more action, more missions, and more guns that you can use to blaze away the competition. Every moment will surely be intense as you suit up and blast away at everything that moves.

Gameplay in Gun Bros. 2 is pretty simple and straightforward. Players will need to clear areas of wave after wave of enemies using their guns. Players can play under single or multiplayer modes, and players will be provided with an AI controlled teammate should they choose to go solo in campaigns. For each enemy killed, players will be able to earn XP and Xplodium which they can use to purchase new items and upgrade their guns in order to become more efficient killing machines.

Xplodium and War Bucks are the currencies within Gun Bros. 2. Xplodium can be earned quite easily, and these can be used to purchase basic items such as guns and armor. War bucks, in turn, can be used to purchase and upgrade premium items, and can also be converted into Xplodium. War Bucks can also be used to revive your player in the middle of the battle, so you would not have to start the mission from scratch. However, War bucks require real currency to purchase, so be sure to spend these wisely.

Leveling Up
As you progress in missions and the more enemies that you defeat, you will be able to earn XP. Earning enough XP will cause you to level you, increasing your HP and other attributes. Leveling up will also unlock other items in the store for you to purchase.

Gun Bros 2, like its predecessor, employs a dual stick system, located at both ends at the bottom of your screen. The left side controls movement while the right side controls both firing and direction. Thus, you can move at one direction while firing in the opposite direction. This can be a real good strategy especially if you are running away and trying to thin out enemies.

However, players must also keep in mind that you are slower when you use your weapon, so use discretion when shooting at enemies as it would sometimes be better to simply move away from danger and get yourself in a better position before blazing away with your weapons.

Also, try to watch out for random drops which may contain XP, Xplodium, or armor. These can be really invaluable during battle so try to collect them when you have the chance.

The store offers various items that you can use in your campaigns. Items can be purchased using either Xplodium or War Bucks, so make sure that you have an adequate amount handy. There are several types of guns that can be purchased with varying ranges and power, and armor consisting of headgear as well as both body and leg armor can be purchased. These can affect your attack, defense, or speed attributes, so make sure that you are able to equip items that match your style of play.

It should also be taken note of that armors of the same type will be able to provide you with a bonus boost, so try to equip armors that match, as these could sometimes be better than equipping a contradictory item.

Upgrading Weapons
Players are also able to upgrade their weapons so that they can be more powerful. This process, however, requires War Bucks, which is a hard to find commodity, so it would be much better to purchase more powerful guns that require only Xplodium, which is a more common currency.

Also, Gun Bros. 2 allows gun modifications so that you are able to deal more damage to enemies. players can equip up to three different modifications. These can be earned via drops as you try to complete missions, so keep an eye out for these.

Mission Types
There are two main missions with the game. One is the basic campaign where you would have to simply clear all enemies in a level. However, you will also be ranked based on the time it would take you to complete this objective. Rankings, in decreasing order, are gold, silver, and bronze.

Additionally, Endless mode allows players to kill enemies endlessly for as long as they are alive. Enemies increase in number and get more difficult the further along you are in this mode, and the top players are displayed in the online leaderboard.

Social Function
Gun Bros. 2 allows players to invite other “bros” to play the game. You can send out invites either through Facebook or via the Game Center. For your friends who have accounts in either of the two, you can invite them and have them join in your Brotherhood.

Tips and Tricks
To ensure success in Gun Bros. 2, it is important to keep leveling up and purchasing items that will make you stronger. This means better guns and better equipped armor. You can also equip items based on how “badass” it makes you look, but this can backfire eventually as enemies would not care how you look.

Also, know when to charge into a huge crowd of enemies, and when to run away. Sometimes, it is better to retreat and bide your time in order to find a better position in the field. Crowd them in one area and start blasting away relentlessly.

Lastly, do not rely on your partner too much. You can use him as a shield, as his death will not end the mission, as yours will. Your teammate would also not level up alongside you, which means that he’ll probably die pretty early when more difficult enemies come along. Try as much as possible to get your teammate between you and the enemy if things get rough, and try to save your own hide before anything else.


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