Game of Thrones Ascent Walkthrough [Guide]


If you are one of the millions who tune in to HBO’s Game of Thrones each and every week, then you would surely love to play Disruptor Beam’s Game of Thrones. This RPG and strategy game allows you to take on the role of a newly appointed nobleman as you build your community and swear your allegiance to your chosen house by performing tasks based on situations around you. With the assistance of your trusted staff and loyal sworn swords, you will be able to increase your power and bring your house that much closer towards the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones implements a persistent gaming model, and all actions take quite some time to complete. Players will need to manage resources which may range from items, people, and currencies in order to perform tasks. Acquiring resources can come via different ways, and various missions and quests will appear that the player must be able to complete in order to further advance the storyline. Each decision that the player makes will have adverse consequences, affecting rewards, power, house relations, as well as alignment.

There are two types of currency at play within Game of Thrones. Silver coins can be earned in the Counting House, and can also be given as rewards by completing quests and finishing adventures. Coins are used to purchase different items, mainly for production, as well as for recruiting new sworn swords.

Gold coins, on the other hand, are the premium currency within the game. Gold coins can be used to speed up tasks, and can also be used to buy premium items from the store. Currently, there are no ways to acquire gold coins rather than purchasing them using real life currency, which makes this item very valuable.

Quests within Game of Thrones are divided into chapters. Each chapter is comprised of missions where the player must react to situations, with varying rewards. Players may also delegate tasks to sworn swords in order to accomplish different campaigns. Further along, new missions such as boss battles may also appear, requiring players to team up with friends in order to defeat stronger enemies. Each quest will also earn the player Power, which is displayed in the leaderboard and can be compared with other people also playing the game.

With Game of Thrones, there are no experience points to be earned, although there is a level up system that increases whenever players complete tasks. Leveling up will unlock buildings and certain items, and it will also provide players with talent points that they can use to boost their own stats as well as that of their sworn swords’.

Several statistics come into play within Game of Thrones, and each will affect your chances of success. There are three main skills, namely Battle, Trade, and Intrigue. These are further divided into three sub skills each. Players have their own skills, and this is stacked with the skills of the sworn sword currently in use. Using a strategy that utilizes a high stat will offer better chances of winning in quests as well as in battles against other players.

In addition, skills can also be boosted via Talent Points, as well as by equipping items and boons, which serve as temporary enhancements of stats. Also, being aligned with certain houses, called fealties, may also affect effectiveness as these can also be upgraded to further boost your abilities.

Sworn Swords
Sworn swords act as your arm when performing quests. You can recruit additional sworn swords using silver coins, and each have their own starting abilities, which means that you can choose to enhance their initial skills or go in a different direction. All sworn swords can only perform one task at a time, although items can be used in order to speed up tasks.

When sworn swords participate in adventures or battles, they can choose which actions to take, and the success or failure of each action will base on his or her statistics, stacked with that of the player’s. A successful mission will result in rewards, while failure will cause the sworn sword to be wounded. A sworn sword that has accumulated five wounds will die, so it is important to have him or her rest after getting wounded, as they will heal at a rate of one wound per hour.

Like the player, sworn swords can earn talent points when leveling up, and they can also be equipped with equipment and boons in order to improve their chances of achieving success when going on adventures or battling other players.

Crafting equipment such as weapons and other items is where you will be spending much of your time in this game. Crafting often requires certain items to be procured or earned, and players must have the necessary buildings built in order to produce said items.

All items require certain times to produce, but this can be sped up by using items. Also, buildings can be boosted using silver coins and items, which will provide various effects such as improved products or faster build times.

When crafting items, it is necessary to have all the necessary components as well as the required cash, if any. It is also important to have all buildings doing something, as idle buildings will not be able to help you out. Despite this, also ensure that you are crafting items that you will actually use, and you can discard items that you will no longer be using in order to earn additional silver coins.

Lastly, be sure to check up on building statuses, especially with regards to Counting Houses, as they will not do anything else unless you acknowledge the completion of the previous task and collect whatever items that they produce.

Alignments and Fealties
Players will have the choice of the initial background, and they will also get to choose as to which of the five Houses they would like to swear their allegiance to. These two factors can adversely affect your effectiveness and strategy when completing quests, so it is necessary to choose one that matches your style of play and decision making.

Also, alignments to factors such as old ways vs. new ways, being cunning or truthful, as well as being loyal either to family or to the realm is decided based on decisions and answers given during quests. Making decisions based on these alignments will affect the possible rewards that would be given, although these are not that significant. Also, alignments do not greatly affect statistics as fealties do.

Players have the ability to dispatch sworn swords to go into quests and to participate in battles. There is a high chance of sworn swords winning battles if they have higher statistics and their actions actually utilize their high stats. Of course, this will be compared against the stats of the opponent, and the person with higher stats and better decisions made will ultimately win, earning them rewards and granting more power to the player.

Players can also join other players in boss battles, and they can perform actions that will ultimately earn them rewards based on their participation in battle. Thus, it is important to be able to balance allies with both high and low statistics so that you will have an otherwise equal share in the reward to be given.

Social Function
Game of Thrones also has a social function where players can invite friends to play. They can then participate in battles together, and can also send gifts to each other. In addition, players may also find random nobles to battle, pitting your sworn swords against theirs.

Players can also message each other via ravens, and combat logs are available so that allies can immediately communicate with each other during boss battles.

An allegiance system will also be implemented within the game, but is not yet available as of the moment.

Lastly, players can compare Power rankings in the online leaderboard, comparing themselves to both friends and other players. With the online leaderboard, players would be able to see who is the best noble in the land of Westeros.

Tips and Tricks
Patience is very important when playing this game, as some tasks can take quite some time to complete. While you can use items to speed up tasks, free items only take out a maximum of five minutes out of the completion time, while other items will require quite a bit of coin. With this, make sure to keep yourself occupied while some tasks are still under way, or try to recruit more sworn swords so that you can send them out on simultaneous quests.

With regards to sworn swords, make sure that you have specialists within your army, so that you can send out the appropriate sworn sword based on the situation. Get nine sworn swords that excel in each of the three sub skills for each of the three main skills, and equip them with gear that accentuates those skills. This, stacked with your player’s statistics, will make you have an army unmatched by all.

Lastly, make sure to keep buildings busy. Do not miss out on the chance to collect coins, upgrade buildings, and produce items that you will be using to produce more items that you and your sworn swords can use.


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