Invincible Armada Walkthrough [Guide]


Sail the seven seas, explore the world, fight, be merry, and get all the wealth that you can gather with Invincible Armada. Sail across the Mediterranean seas and discover all the mystery and thrill of the pirate life with this great strategy game. If you are brave enough and skilled enough, then hoist your Jolly Roger and set sail into a life of action and adventure.

Invincible Armada is pretty straightforward. Players can explore the seas in order to discover new lands. They can face enemies in the waters using skills that they can acquire and equip. They can also purchase or acquire different kinds of items and sell them in different ports around the world. These may look like simple tasks, but one mistake can make you lost, sunk, or broke, so proper care must be undertaken as there are no redos or undos in this particular game.

Sailing is probably the easiest thing that players can do within Invincible Armada. Players can travel to wherever they like, and they are also equipped with a map that can come in handy at a handful of times. When players want to go to a specific destination, then they would just have to look at the marked lines which will serve as your guides towards your desired location.

The map used within Invincible Armada was also modeled after the actual world map. Thus, if you want to go to a location that is not marked within your map, you can always look at a real map and let that guide you towards wherever you want to go.

Players may also collect some goods from time to time as they set sail across the waters. Make sure to collect these as they can collect a hefty price when sold.

In the seas, you will be facing both computer controlled and player controlled fleets. Players would thus have to make sure that their ships are formidable enough to face others in maritime combat. With this, players are able to upgrade their boats so that their range as well as attack damage can be increased.

In addition, players can also equip skills that can help turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Active skills are skills that consume MP, which replenishes over time. These range from combat skills as well as healing skills that will help you regain health. Passive skills are skills that provide you with permanent skill buffs for as long as they are equipped.

Players can bring a certain number of skills with them, and extra slots would be unlocked as players level up.

When in battle, players might encounter multiple ships. When these situations happen, it would be wise to concentrate all offense on one ship so that the number of enemies attacking you would decrease. Whether you would like to dispatch of stronger ships first or make the weaker ones the priority would depend entirely on your strategy.

Players may also purchase different types of goods in one town, and sell them at another town. This type of exchange will benefit players since prices for specific goods differ from city to city. Thus, it would be wise to have an adequate inventory of all goods so that you can drop them off at cities where these would fetch the highest price. To help you along, the menu would be able to provide you with information on whether you would be making or losing money, and by how much, should you sell an item at a specific area.

Trading is a very effective way of earning coins, which you can then use to upgrade your ship as well as expand the number of ships that you control. Make sure that you explore several areas and canvass for the best prices possible before you finalize any sales.

Invincible Armada is a very straightforward game that allows players to strategize both in combat and in business. Make sure to explore all possible routes and improve your fleet whenever you can. Also, know the proper strategies in order to dominate both combat and the market. Only by doing these will you be deserving of the title of the best pirate of the seven seas.


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