Wizard of Oz (Facebook) Walkthrough [Guide]


“There’s no place like home.” With that famous quote in mind, help Dorothy and Toto find their way back to Kansas with Wizard of Oz, the newest social building simulation game. The Wicked Witch of the North has been killed, freeing the Munchkins who now see you as their new leader. Manage the Munchkins and let them help you rebuild the Yellow Brick Road so that you would be able to get back home. Along the way, you would also be helping the lovable little Munchkins rebuilt their city, making it a win-win situation as you take steps to reach Emerald City while creating the best version of Munchkinland that Oz has ever seen.

Like most city building simulation game, Wizard of Oz requires players to manage their resources so that they would be able to improve and expand their land. As you perform tasks, you will also be earning items that will help you get much closer to Emerald City. The game also employs videos and songs from the original Wizard of Oz movie, giving this particular title a very authentic feel.

As this is a social game, Wizard of Oz also encourages interaction with friends, and this will reward players with a lot of items that will help them perform and complete tasks faster.

There are two types of currencies at play within Wizard of Oz. The basic currencies are gold coins, which can be earned by collecting rent from houses, collecting profit from stores, completing quests, and many more. Gold coins are used to purchase different types of items  in the store, and these are also used to pay munchkins that work in your factories.

Emeralds, on the other hand, are the premium currencies within the game. Emeralds can be used to unlock items and even purchase premium products from the store. They can also be used to speed up tasks or even skip them altogether, if you are in a hurry. Emeralds can be earned via bonuses and by participating in surveys and other promotions, although the easiest way to get Emeralds is by purchasing them using real currency. Emeralds can be a bit pricey to buy, so it is recommended that you use them as a last resort.

There are many types of resources that you can collect and use in this game. The primary resources that you will be using all throughout the game are food, wood, and yellow ore. Each has their own uses, and there are distinct ways of collecting them.

Food can be made at the grain mill at regular intervals, and players can also collect food by fishing. Wood can be made in the lumberyard and can be acquired by cutting trees found all over the land. Lastly, yellow ore is made via the ore depot and can also be mined by breaking rocks.

What’s great about collecting resources is that you can play mini-games where you would have to time your clicks. Successfully completing these mini games will cause you to level up in these specific tasks which will then earn you some great rewards. It is also important to, at least for the rock breaking and tree cutting missions, to complete these jobs with the least strikes possible in order to earn more resources.

As for the ore depot, lumber yard, and grain mill, players must be able to supply these initially with a Munchkin worker in order for them to be functional. They must also be connected to the Town Square. Aside from these, these factories will only be able to produce if the workers are given gold coins and food. Depending on the amount of these resources provided, the more yellow ore, food, or wood would be produced. Waiting time until collection also depends on the number of resources to be produced, but this can be sped up by spending Emeralds.

There are certain limits as to how many of each resource you can store, although you can also build storage areas so that your maximum capacity would be increased.

Most of the actions within this game requires energy. Energy is spent when you collect rent, profit, and resources, and energy is also used whenever you ask Munchkins to perform tasks for you. Energy regenerates automatically over time, and you can also use Energy potions to refill your health quickly. Alternately, you can also purchase energy using Emeralds. Whenever players level up, their Energy capacity also increases, allowing them to perform more tasks.

Shops are places where you will be earning gold coins. Players can collect coins from there at certain intervals, although it would require energy to do so. Also, you would have to provide certain resources to these structures in order for them to do productive. Collecting rent from houses is the same way, as you would need to provide them with wood as upkeep, so that your Munchkins would be able to live comfortably in them. In addition, building houses would also allow more Munchkins to move in, giving you even more workers to do tasks for you.

For shops, you would have to assign a Munchkin to work there, and players must create roads to connect these shops to the Town Square. Houses, on the other hand, do not have these requirements.

The Yellow Brick Road
As mentioned, the yellow brick road is broken, and players must create yellow bricks in order to connect the road to Emerald City. With this, players must collect yellow ore and put them to use in brick factories. Like other production facilities, players must provide the workers with certain requirements so that they can create bricks, and players must wait, or spend Emeralds, before said items can be collected.

Once players have gathered enough yellow bricks, they can then visit the Yellow Brick Road and lay out the bricks. For each row created, players can choose among three items, which are usually experience, energy, gold coins, or other items. Other prizes would have to be earned via mini games, and other rewards would also include a movie clip from the original movie.

Fixing the yellow brick road will bring players that much closer to Emerald City, and they would also have the chance to encounter other characters from the movie along the way.

Additional Notes on Building
Another note when creating buildings – structures require to be physically built, which means that players may have to click multiple times in order for construction to be completed. Each click requires energy, and players may only be able to create a certain number of buildings of the same type, depending on what level they currently are. Thus, it is important to bulldoze some structures to make way for improved ones if the situation calls for it.

In addition, buildings can be moved in order to create space or for aesthetic purposes, and players may bulldoze other items in order to clear areas for better building placement.

The store is where players may be able to purchase items that they could place in their Munchkinland. Aside from the above mentioned items, players may also purchase decors, plants, trees, as well as other resources. Some items require coins while others require Emeralds. Also, some items may be locked until you reach a certain level, although they can also be unlocked using Emeralds.

Quests are the game’s way of furthering the storyline, and it also helps players get more acquainted with the game. Quests include one or more tasks that need to be completed, and players will have to complete these objectives in order to clear the quest and earn rewards.

Some resources may be difficult to gather and some tasks may also be difficult to perform. These quests can be skipped altogether using Emeralds. Also, players must have a healthy amount of resources collected from the different items located within your land so that tasks can be completed quicker and easier.

Glinda the Good Witch or the various Munchkins in the city will be the ones giving out tasks, although sometimes Dorothy would be wanting something done as well, so make sure to check the land for exclamation points over characters’ heads for new tasks, as well as your Quest Book for your quests’ current progress.

Town Hall
The town hall is where you will be spending a lot of your time especially if you want to earn land deeds as well as gold coins. In order to be productive, town halls need to be fully staffed by your friends. Alternately, you can also “buy” the position using Emeralds. The higher level your staff are, the more bonuses your town hall will be able to produce.

Additionally, the Town Hall is your one stop shop to know the statistics of your town, displaying information such as population, number of structures, as well as capacities and other statistics.

Eventually, you will be running out of land to build upon. You can expand to further territories by buying the land using coins and tokens, the latter of which are produced by special buildings such as schools and post offices. Land deeds, which are acquired via the Town Hall or as bonus items, are also required. Aside from these, expansions also cost quite a bit in coins so you must be sure to save up so you can build more and enhance your Munchkinland,

Your Munchkinland is fully customizable. You can change your city’s name, and even customize your Munchkins and your town’s mayor. Special items such as hats and other garments and accessories can be purchased using Emeralds if you want a more unique look.

Players can also modify certain terrains, and they can explore the city using many different views. Clicking on a specific Munchkin will also trigger Munchkin Cam, which provides a first person perspective of the area, and players will be able to see the world in the eyes of a Munchkin.

Social Function
Wizard of Oz encourages social interaction. You can invite friends to play with you, and you can visit friends anytime. Players may also help perform tasks in their friends’ respective Munchkinlands for a total of five times a day, which would in turn provide them with some great rewards.

Additionally, invites and visiting friends are also tightly integrated within most quests, so make sure to spread the word about Wizard of Oz so that you may be able to progress faster in the various missions that require your friends’ assistance and participation.

Wizard of Oz provides players to get bonus items in various ways. They can watch videos, take surveys, and they can also ask for, receive, and give gift items for free. Rewards range from coins, emeralds, energy, and other items that will help you in your various quests and would bring you that much closer towards getting back home where you belong.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are also various structures, items, and tasks that were not included within this guide. However, the game does offer up very helpful tutorials so that you will not miss out on anything within the game. Simply venture forth and let Glinda the Good Witch guide you in the many adventures and tasks that you can do within the Land of Oz!

Tips and Tricks
Energy can be depleted very easily, especially if you have a lot of resources to collect. When given the freedom to choose rewards, make energy one of the first priorities so that you will be able to do more within a shorter period of time.

Don’t hesitate to bulldoze structures that can be replaced by better ones. Not only will you be able to maximize resource production, but bulldozing items will also earn you some extra coins.

Always watch out for the chance to earn free Emeralds. Look at Toto’s Deals from time to time as it just might offer some free items that you must not miss.

Maximize your production and factory output. Collect from these before collecting gold coins. Resources like yellow bricks and wood can be hard to produce, while coins can come from a variety of sources.

Lastly, if you’re stuck with no energy, or if you simply have nothing to do, drop a Munchkin into the water and watch him swim back to shore. It’s worth at least a couple of minutes of enjoyment as you wait for your energy bar to fill up. Don’t worry – all Munchkins can swim.


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