Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army [Review]


By this point, the zombie game is perhaps one that has been overdone and tired out. No longer is it the quirky trope that came with fresh ideas as those have now been made use of by developers and publishers, both big and small. The Walking Dead has become a popular television series and even transitioned as a video game quite nicely. Also, if a movie like Warm Bodies comes up, you know that zombies are overstaying their welcome. With that said though, the Sniper Elite series has jumped on this idea. It’s rather late, but it turns out to be quite a bit of fun.

The premise is simple enough. Berlin is about to be overrun by the Allied Forces, and Hitler has gotten desperate. Disregarding the fact that you’d have already killed Hitler in this alternate universe through the Kill Hitler DLC, you see him not wanting to surrender at all and calls for “Plan Z”, their last desperate attempt at victory. It turns out that the dead Nazi soldiers are brought back to life through some occult process, turning them into zombies that will overwhelm and devour the enemies of the Reich.

You, the sniper, must now fulfill your mission by traversing the undead-infested villages and streets of Germany, getting from safehouse to safehouse, to reach your objective. As always, you’re armed with your trusty sniper rifle, a backup submachine gun, a pistol, and some other items like mines and grenades to help combat this Nazi zombie menace. It seems quite straightforward enough, and perhaps even quite cliched. In fact, the whole safehouse thing is very much like Left4Dead.

Here is where you start recognizing the gameplay differences between V2 and Nazi Zombie Army. With the original game, you get to take a bit of time and maintain distance since you’re up against human enemies who are smart enough to take cover and use guns against you. Because of that, you get to use focus mode and lay traps to take out threats one by one. You can use your wit to lure them into booby traps and take out the rest who are out in the open. It’s the standard fare of stealth and cunning in Sniper Elite V2 that makes it so good.

But with zombies, they don’t take cover at all and keep coming at you since they’re not intelligent and are just fueled by instinct, so you’re always moving back and you don’t get to lower your heartrate down as much, which means less opportunities to use focus mode. When you’re in a siege, that’s the only time you get to lay down traps, and you only take out one or two zombies with each, while having to contend with a hundred or so more. It’s a different take on Sniper Elite V2 and it can be fun, but it certainly does not play like it.

Perhaps on the plus side, this game does up the adrenaline quite a bit. Also, you need to be even better at sniping than you are in V2 since you have to hit headshots all the time. If you don’t take the zombie out by the head, then it will come back up. You also get compelled to lay down traps, use explosive, and shoot explosive cans and barrels even more often and more intelligently. The fact that the growls and screams from the zombie are well done, with tons of creepy and dark reverberation to remind you that you’re in the wrong place.

Just like with Left4Dead and the zombie modes for the Treyarch-made Call of Duty games, there is a four-player cooperative multiplayer available for even more fun. In fact, having friends along to take out the zombies makes things easier and even more fun. All in all, this game may not be original, but it’s quite high on the fun factor, even for a while. As for being a Sniper Elite game, it does deviate quite a bit from the original. Nonetheless, if you want to improve your aim, then this should do.

If you’re going to play this though, make sure to turn off the zoom-in bullet cam in the options menu. There are so many zombies that you have to shoot in the head that the bullet cam will get annoying. There’s a design oversight that they forgot to take care of. If you don’t turn it off, the score for this game is a 4. If you turn it off, it’s a solid 8.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 8/10


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