Tomb Raider Walkthrough [GUIDE]

Tomb Raider
CheatMasters brings to you the comprehensive faq/guide on Tomb Raider. Journey
with Lara to find the rarest artifacts and explore the most dangerous ruins


Scavenger's Den
Coastal Bluffs
Coastal Forest (South)
Coastal Forest (North)
Mountain Temple
Mountain Village
Tomb of the Unworthy
Base Approach
Base Exterior
Cliffside Village
Mountain Village (High Region)
Hall of Ascension (Tomb)
Mountain Pass & Chasm Monastery
Mountain Village (Final Tour)
Shantytown (North)
Well of Tears (Tomb)
Shantytown South/Ancient Gate
Chamber of Judgment (Tomb)
Geothermal Caverns
Solarii Fortress
Summit Forest
Stormguard Sanctum (Tomb)
Forest Cave & Gondola Transport
Shipwreck Shore (Main Area)
The Galleon & Back to the Endurance
Flooded Vault (Tomb)
Cliffside Bunker
The Endurance
Temple of the Handmaidens (Tomb)
Shipwreck Shore (Northwest Area)
Research Base
Chasm Stronghold
Chasm Shrine & Chasm Ziggurat
Ziggurat Vestibule

Scavenger's Den

After the wonderful cutscene Lara ends up in an uncomfortable position to say
the least.

From where you are - it would seem impossible to get out - but there's still
always a way. Move left and right to gain momentum and Lara pushes a body bag
which is nearby into the fire. Then you need to move left and right for
momentum again and make sure that you hit Lara to the beam which is on fire
to the left so that she can come loose.

After falling down keep hitting "E" to pull out the iron bar from Lara's
stomach. Move ahead to the dead girl who's bound in the air ahead. To the right
of the dead girl is a [[TORCH]]. Pick it up and move ahead to the end and hold
E to ignite the rubble on fire. Move ahead and you will come into a supplies
room after you squeeze inbetween a narrow gap.

Now hit Q to bring out Lara's Survival Instincts and look above to the left.
Move ahead to the fire on the right and light your torch and go to the left and
climb the ledge. Light the cloth here on fire and watch the explosion. Move
ahead and some guy grabs Lara's feet. Keep hitting left and right movement
buttons to escape him and move ahead. Go thru the water and out the cave into
the more open area. Your Torch extinguishes here but move thru the water fall

Light the fire on your torch and hit Q and you will see two fire poles glow
ahead -

Light both the poles on fire and the cage goes up revealing a path. Go on the
wood path and you will reach another cave near which you are prompted to push
it. If you push it using F then nothing will happen. But look to the left from
here and you will see tha cage which had come up earlier. Jump into it and
you'll see that some barrels fall into the cage which you can push. Go there
and light the barrels on fire and then push the cage and this will open the
path ahead.

Go thru it and jump from the edge when you come across gaps. Move ahead and
you will come across the guy who was trying to pull you from earlier. Keep
tapping left and right and then hit F to kick him when you see the prompt on
the screen. If you don't do that on time then well, see what happens. You'll
suddenly slide down and will need to climb up. Keep mashing left and right to
walk up the slope and when you see a rock coming tumbling down. Hit left or
right to move to the sides and avoid the rock. Once you go up, you will have
come out onto the shores.


Coastal Bluffs

- Search for Traces of other Survivors

Move ahead and you will come onto a tree which fills a gap to form a
questionable bridge. Move very slowly on it and if Lara is loosing control on
one side then hit the opposite direction key to stabilize her.

Once you are on the other side, move ahead and jump the gap and you'll soon
come to a used camp fireplace where you'll see a cutscene.

Coastal Forest (South)

-Search for Food

Move ahead and you will come across a long since dead body hanging from a tree
with a bow attached to it. Move ahead to the small shack and collect the arrows
to it's left and climb up the shack. Jump the gap from on top of the shack to
the stone platform ahead. Then go right towards the dead body and hit the right
button to reach out for it. After you get the Bow pick up the arrows which are
to the right here near the tree trunk.

Then get back up on the small shack and continue jumping right till the path
ends and you will find another set of arrows here. Move right onto the narrow
tree bridge and cross it. Here you will spot Deers. Hold right click to bring
up the bow and left click to pull and release. If you don't want to release an
arrow after pulling then release the right click. Shoot the Deer once or twice
to kill and and look where it fell and remember the place.

Go to the Deer and collect it for XP. You can now hunt animals to gain XP
points so be on the lookout for the different animals around. Go back to the
campsite when you are done here.

You'll get a radio signal from Roth who asks you to come to him so that the
party can gather at one place. Go back to the jungle and you'll see that the
shack which was closed earlier is now open.

Go in and down the ladder. Hit Shift to jump down. Move thru and you'll come
into a room. Here, salvage the two boxes which are to the left and right on a
table. One of them has a [[RELIC]].

Now go light your torch on fire and move left and use instinct. You should be
able to see some objects you can burn to the left of the room here. Burn them
and go in to find a pry bar. Come out and pry open the next door and go
through. Move thru the water and come up on the other side. Soon you'll meet
Sam and a new friend.

After Lara wakes up, she has a little Wolf killing to do - you'll get lots of
time for it so no need to worry.

Climb the wooden platform near the river and leap over to the other side, then
climb the wall to the reach the top of the rock. You'll find [[ARROWS]] and a
[[GPS CACHE]] here.

TOTEM - Here's how totems in the game look like -

Look for a [[#1 TOTEM]] hanging from the tree you found the bow in. There are
ten of these in the forest, and to get them you'll have to shoot them with your

Spot the overturned truck nearby the river next to where the deadbody which had
the Bow drops and jump in to find the [[DOCUMENT - #2]].

You can spot [[#2 TOTEM]] on top of the small rocky hill which is hanging on
the south side of the small rocky hill in the southwest part of the area,
south of the river.

Following the river down, look for a very small wooden walkway adjacent to it,
right before the tiny waterfall; the walkway is to the right/south side of the
river. On it you'll find a [[GPS CACHE]].

Move around this walkway and you should be able to spot [[#3 TOTEM]] hanging
from a tree near this rock hill.

There's a [[#4 TOTEM]] hanging underneath the platform adjacent to the
tree bridge. This one is located in the northeast part of the area; look for
the tree bridge to the north of the river (look into your map).

A [GPS CACHE] can be found near the small waterfall at the end of the river.

Return to the camp and go back to where you first came from and ook at the
trees to the left and spot [[#5 TOTEM]].

Coastal Forest (North)

- Catch up with Whitman

To the left on the desk is [[DOCUMENT 3]]. Now, light your torch on fire and
burn the salvage bag which is hanging to the right of the campfire. You'll get
a box which you can salvage. When you salvage enough boxes, you can upgrade
your weapons. Now, go along the path and be careful because there are going to
be a lot of wolves. When you hear them growl, just hit shift to dodge them and
shoot them with an arrow to kill. Go to Whitman who is in front of a ruin and
soon you'll be left to search for more salvage.

There a crate to the right from the bottom of the stairs which you can salvage
and apart from that go left from the temple and you'll come to a bridge you
need to jump to get to the other side. Here you can find three more salvages.
To the left from the bridge on top of a high place and to the right from the
brige there are two. Just use your instinct to highlight them.

Go back to where Whitman is and you'll find a campsite too. Light it and
upgrade the pry and use it to open the door. Follow Whitman inside and watch
the cinematics.


Going down the stairs from the base camp, move right/south onto the rocky
path to find a [[GPS CACHE]].

Cross the tree (or approach the bridge from the other side) to reach a platform
and find the [[DOCUMENT - #1]] on top of the crate.

[[RELIC - #2 NOH MASK]] can be found underneath the nearby
bridge. This is in the southeast part of the area(look in your map).

You can find [[#6 TOTEM]] hanging underneath the destroyed bridge which is
close to the waterfall on the right side of the area.

From the platform, you can jump on top of the beam of the high bridge arch and
move over to reach a tree outpost that contains the [[TREASURE MAP]] of the
Coastal Forest area.

There's a [[#7 TOTEM]] hanging underneath the bridge in the center of the area.

The [[#8 TOTEM]] is hanging in a tree just to the left/west of this bridge,
across the brook.

[[DOCUMENT - #2 ENDURANCE CREW: (SAM: FILMMAKER)]] can be found left of the

[[#9 TOTEM]] is hanging from the shrine roof to the right.

Keep hugging the west wall while moving north from the shrine to reach a small
cave. Inside is [[RELIC - #3 NOH MASKS ]].

East of this cave is a fallen tree, and just east from that is a stone
platform with a [GPS CACHE]. 

You can find the [[DOCUMENT - #1 ENDURANCE OFFICERS]] to the left of the main
gate of the temple.

The last [[#10 TOTEM]] can be found hanging to the right of the temple gate,
just past the burning barrel.

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=============================================================================== =============================================================================== Mountain Temple You'll soon come across some Russian Bandits who take everyone captive. Once you gain control of Lara again, move ahead behind the low wall and stay there. Use your instinct and also stay behind cover for long enough so that enemies who are moving can move along clearing a path for you. Keep moving up and around the obstacles and enemies. Once you reach the top, go right into a small shack (use your intuition to find it.) How ever Gregory here will find you and ask you to come out. This is when a sequence of QTE takes place. First hit F then E then shoot him. If he falls on you then continuously hit the left and right buttons and then keep hitting E and then shoot and his brains blow out (quite literally.) After Lara Picks herself up, go ahead and keep moving along the open path till you get to the top. You'll encounter a couple of enemies here in slow time. Shoot them and give them headshots for additional Xp. Move ahead and into the house. Force the door open and inside, kick the boarderd part of the wall and go out. Jump across the gap and move ahead. Here you will see an enemy talking to another one on an elevated platform ahead. Take out your bow and shoot him in the face if you can. Loot him and climb the platform. Collect the ammo here and move ahead and jump across the gap and Lara holds on to a ledge. Move to the right and climb up and you'll come to two enemies. You can use your Bow or Gun, Bow is preferred because you'll get more XP on headshots and silent kills. Take out the first one and then the other will be alerted but give him one in the face and you'll see a third enemy come down a rope ladder ahead, shoot him once to kill him - Climb the rope and keep going till you get to a campsite. Light the fire for some rest and to hear [[LARA'S JOURNAL]]. Jump into the water and go near the waterfall to find [[DOCUMENT 1 DIARIES OF A MADMAN (STRANDED)]]. Go ahead where you'll encounter more enemies. Kill them and go into the open hut to the right. Here you'll come across some burnable stuff and a lantern lit near them. Use your gun or Bow to shoot the lantern. Move in and you can now perform stealth kills. Approach an enemy from behind and hit F then continously tap E to kill him. There are more ahead so just keep killing them and keep going till you come out to a Zipline- After landing, move ahead and Lara climbs a narrow gap in between walls. Keep going and soon you'll find Roth in a not so well condition.... ===COLLECTIBLES=== [[DOCUMENT - #1 CONFESSIONS OF A SOLARI (SALVATION)]] can be found to your immediate right as you drop down the zipline. It's on the crate next to the arch leading to the next area. An [[XP BOX]] can be found by dropping down to the left of here, where the river is. On the southwest side you can either head downstairs or scramble up a wall. Head downstairs first and search inside the building to find [[RELIC - #1 EDO PERIOD FANS]]. Jump on the rocky platform near the rock wall and face the building to spot another [PYROMANIAC LANTERN #3] hanging from the roof. You can spot the [[PYROMANIAC LANTERN #4]] hanging from the corner of this building's roof. [[RELIC - #2 EDO PERIOD FANS]] can be found by going around the building and entering the second floor. Leap over to the platform (with roof) to the far south to find an [[XP BOX]] and the [[PYROMANIAC LANTERN #5]]. ========== =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Mountain Village Head into the village and you will first come to a statue. Light it and you'll complete 1/5 of the [[ILLUMINATING STATUE]]. To the left of the statue, you can climb onto the first hut and this is where you can start exploring the whole area from and you will also find the [[GPS CACHE]] here. ===COLLECTIBLES=== You can find a [[GPS CACHE]] by searching the bottom left of the large waterfall. From the platform with the small cart, jump on top of the roof which has a statue below it, then leap on the roof of the building on the other side to find a [GPS CACHE]. Make your way over the roofs and jump on the crate with rope tied around it. There are two crates; this is the one hanging highest, close to the larger building. Jump inside this building to find [[ARROWS]]. Search the corner (near the closed door with rope tied around it to find [[DOCUMENT - #1 ANCIENT SCROLLS]]. This is on the first floor, room to the left. There's [[ARROWS]] and [SALVAGE] in the other room on this floor. Head downstairs to search below this building, where you'll find some [[SALVAGE]] and [[RELIC - #1 SEMPER FI]]. Go up to the second floor to find a [[SALVAGE BAG]]. Climb to the roof and make move to the left side to find a bird nest with some eggs inside; this is [[EGG POACHER #1]], part of a collectible. The grassy ledge left from here contains a [[GPS CACHE]]. Drop down to the north side of this building and search the tombstones south of the left lantern to find a well-hidden [[GPS CACHE]]. Some [[ARROWS]] can be found on the path right of the large building, which leads back down to the bottom of the area. Climb the airplane and make your way over the wing to find some [[SALVAGE]] near the tree trunk with rope tied around it. You can find a well-hidden [[SALVAGE]] crate on a small platform next to the tree that got hit by the lightning as you moved on the airplane. Ascend the mountain by hopping over the platforms after moving through the plane, then move over and jump to the hang-beams above. Once you reach the wolf den where the current objective marker is, search the bottom right of the waterfall to find a [[GPS CACHE]]. To the right here is also the entrance to the first tomb, although you don't have the proper gear to enter just yet but you'll get in in a bit. Now go to the objective marker and into the Den. Keep going, light a fire and move into the area to find the Pack. Now as you go back a wolf attacks you. Kick it at the right time and then hit left and right and then kick again and shove it with E and keep hitting F to kill it. Now collect it's meat and get back to the camp via the zipline outside the cave here. Talk to Roth who gives you a new item - the Climbing Axe. CRY FOR HELP -- Reach the top of the Falls ==================== Tomb of the Unworthy You can now go back to the tomb which you found earlier. If you don't know where it is then use the Climbing Axe to climb the rocks which you can see if you use your instinct (Q). Then from the bottom of the waterfall the cave is to the right bottom (Read aboe in the collectibles section if you are having a lot of trouble). Inside the Tomb - You'll come to the main chamber soon where you see a large box to the right which can be pushed and when you push it the box with the three corpses to the left goes up. You will need to push the large box and quickly jump onto the other box and then quickly jump across onto the platfrom. When you are on the platform, light the torch on fire and jump back on the box with the 3 bodies. Burn them and the box becomes lighter. Now, go back to the large box and push it and then get back to the smaller one which is now high up and jump across onto the platfrom to the left and you'll find the loot of this area. You will find a [[TREASURE MAP]] which will reveal all the collectibles in this location so you won't have a hard time finding them. ==================== Go back out and continue your ascent up the mountain using the rocks - again use your Intuition Q to know where the climbable rocks are. Soon you'll come to an area where three guards are talking. Two to the left and one to the rigth. Wait till they finish talking and the two to the left talk to each other. Then shoot them with the arrows and go to the left and climb up the hut and jump onto the large box haning ahead with the rope around it. CRY FOR HELP -- Find the Bunker The rest of the area is just climbing and moving so just keep going and soon you'll get to a Zipline. Once you come off the line you'll fight three guys in total. Kill the first two quickly and then third one comes with a sword. I'd suggest using the pistol for this fight. The left guy has some molotovs so be very careful. Move out to avoide getting burnt and he has to be your first target. After that, keep going ahead and you'll come to a campsite soon enough.

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=============================================================================== =============================================================================== Base Approach Go ahead and thru the water and you'll find [[[DOCUMENT - #2 CONFESSIONS OF A SOLARII]] on the desk ahead. You can also hear two guards talking about Mathais. Move around the corner and turn the valve to stop the poisonous gas. Go thru the narrow crack and collect the Salvage here from the box. You can see two guards moving an explosive barrel if you look around the corner of the walkway. You can shoot the barrel when they are close to it to kill them both and the lookout for the third one who comes running down the hall. To your right here is a restroom which leads to another room with an [[XP BOX]] which is next to a fire barre. In the hall which is to the side you can find a salvage locker. Light your torch at the fire barrel and go into the room which is to the left of the stairs. You will find a [[NON_BELIEVER BANNNER 1]] that you can burn. Go on the stairs and kill the guard who attacks you. Go across the debris here and then up the wall to reach the generator room. You can light up the [[NON_BELIEVE BANNER 2]] which is to the left as you enter here. Throw one of the lanterns against it to burn it down. Go thru the hole which is above the glass and turn the valve here. Head back thru the hole and hurl one of the lanters thru the hole to blow up the entire place. Go to the hurt guard and take his rifle and fire up the [[NON-BELIEVER BANNER 3] in the corner of this room. In the next room you can find some ammo for your rifle and a [[GPS CACHE]] in the corner and also do not miss the [[DOCUENT 1 - WARTIME INTELLIGENCE]] on the desk. As soon as you get in the next room you'll be ambushed by the enemy and the game goes into slow-mo. Kill a couple of them and take cover behind the blue barrel. Try to use your rifle here as it makes things much easier. Keep moving as molotovs are hurled at you and keep killng them. After all of them are dead look around and you'll find a [[GPS CACHE]] to the right behind some pipes. The adjacent room has some stuff and [[NON_BELIEVE BANNER 4]]. Now, to go to the camp, go to the entrance of this room and use the fallen door to go to the upper walkway. Go thru the hall you come to and kill the guard. As soon as you come into the control room a cutscene is shown. You can find [[DOCUMENT 2 - DIARIES OF A MADAMAN]] on the desk and [[NON-BELIEVER BANNER 5]] among other stuff. Go thru the crack straight ahead to get to the next place and keep moving. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Base Exterior You can see the Base Overlook camp fire just ahead. Go across the bridge and a QTE takes place. Keep hitting left and right and hit F at the right time to drop the enemy down. Go ahead and hide behind a low wall and kill them one by one. As you go ahead more enemies drop down from the building to the right. Go back a bit if you have to and kill the ones who have the melee weapons. Kill the rest of them and also the ones who are on the building. There are going to be a lot more enemies as you move around the corner and also inside the large building ahead. You can find an explosive barrel on the upper floor - hit it to blow them up and the next set of enemies come by. ===COLLECTIBLES=== You can find a [[GPS CACHE]] behind the truck near the bridge in the beginning. And move to the first building to find some handgun and rifle ammo. Climb the building on it's left side wall and you'll come to [[RELIC 1 SENSHI ELITE]]. Go onto the first floor of the large building which had the explosive barrel and youll come to [[SOCUMENT 4 DIARIES OF A WOMAN]]. You will also find an [[XP BOX]] nearby. ========== Go ahead and you'll come across more enemies who are on the building ahead and they keep dropping down. Kill the ones who get too close to you and also the ones throwing the molotovs ahead. You will also see enemies come at you from the Zipline - shoot them once to kill them and go down and the Big Guy comes out. He an be very easy to kill - just hit a direction key with "Shift" to dodge him and then use your rifle to shoot him when he is vulnerable. If you shoot his shield then it's going to be a waste. You can find [[BOW PART 1]] if you loot his body. Go into the building ahead and head upstairs. If you open the closed door here then you'll get [[RELIC 2 - SENSHI ELITE]]. Go up to find the Radio Tower camp. You can find the [[DOCUMENT 3 - DIARIES OF A MADMAN]] next to this camp. Slide down the rope here and you'll get the [[TREASURE MAP]] of this area. Use the rope to the right to get to the Radio Tower and climb it all the way to the top. You'll then get to tune the radio. Use the rop to go down and near the fuel tanks. Tuen the valve here. Inside the nearby building is the [[FIRE STRIKER]] which can be used to light a fire anytime you want to. Set fire to the tanks to get a cutscene and a chase sequence. While sliding, move Lara slowly without hittin the sharp obstacles along the way. In the end, get a grip and climb up and jump to the walkway to the rigth to end this part. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Cliffside Village Go to the other end of this place using the Trapezees, and jumping and running around the collapsing stuff. In the last house you'll face another riot shield enemy. You can find the CLiffside Vista camp ahead and you will listen to [[DOCUMENT 4 LARA'S JOUNALS]] when you sit near it. Go thru the tunnel and as you move upstairs be ready for a shootout. When Lara is upside-down then shoot the enemies and then the pulley to get back down. You'll now get a new piece of equipment - Rope which can be used to pull fences and grills. First, pull a pillar from under the cabin and another fight starts now. Your highest priority should be the molotov throwers. Kill the guys on the walkway next and the rope arrows can be used to break the fences they are hiding behind. Look for an [[XP BOX]] on the ledge across the river. Pull the crate with the rope around it closer and climb it. Then follow the walkway until you reach a river. Stand near the rope attachment spot and shoot and arrow into the rope ahead of you. Keep going and destroy the door with the rope arrow and go to the end of the tunnel to meet up with Roth again. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Mountain Village (High Region) You are near the Village Overlook campsite now. Make a rope way and slide down and hide behind the fence. You can wait for the guard to move away and then kill the remaining two. Inside the building you can find the [[RELIC 2 - KANPO HERBS]] on a desk. If you look inside the building then you are liable to found the [[BOW PART 2]]. Once you come out, go up the stairs and light up the [[ILLUMINATION STATUE 3]] Slide down the rope and look below the hut for a [[GPS CACHE]]. Enter the hut and jump across the platform to the north and light the [[ILLUMINATIN STATUE 4]]. Make a rope way to the tree trunk in the platform near the waterfall. Make a ropeway to the north-east of the hut to continue. When you are climbing the last wall, wait for the conversation of the guards to end and move into the tunnel to the left. You can also find the [[ILLUMINATING STATUE 5]]. Kill the two guards and make a rope way to reach the platform leading into a tomb. ====================== Hall of Ascension (Tomb) Go thru the cave and you may find the [[RIFLE PART 1]] here. Make your way into the windy tomb and go to the camp to make a [[RECURVE BOW]]. Go over the bridge to get to the main area of the tomb - First close the shutters and move the valve which is in the middle here. After the first shutter breaks open and immediately turn the valve. Climb the platform and leap onto the platform which is attached to the ceiling. Jump onto it when it comes close to use and use the wooden beam to reach the platform. As usual you'll find a map here and [[HANDGUN PART 1]]. ====================== Once outside make a ropeway to the left side platform and light the [[ILLUMINATING STATUE 6]]. Drop down to a lower platform to find the [[EGG POACHER 3]]. Walk over the tree bridge to find the [[RELIC 2 - SEMPER FI]]. Go back to the illuminating staute and make a ropeway to the platform with a hut to the east to find a document - [[DOCUMENT 3 ANCIENT SCROLLS]]. Make a ropeway to the closest platform to the west and go up the wall to find [[DOCUMENT 4 ANCIENT SCROLLS]]. Look down the nearby rope pole to find the [[EGG POACHER 4]]. Make a ropeway to the platform to the left and move over to get to the [[ILLUMINATING STATUE 7]] on the other side. From the southeast platform make a ropeway to reach the Pilot's smoke signal.

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=============================================================================== =============================================================================== Mountain Pass & Chasm Monastery Slide down and make your way to the Pass. You'll come to a cave soon where you get a new camp. Move ahead and when the QTE starts, hit left and right and then go to the hole and to the end of the tunnel. Chasm Monsatery: You're now going to get one of the most important weapons in the game. There'r some shotgun shells next to the corpse nearby and the [[TRENCH SHOTGUN]] is at the end of this walkway. Blast thru the wooden barricade and jump over the gap. Head throught the crevice at the end of the hall on the wall above you and you'll come into a tomb. Now you need to use the rope arrow to pull the bad away from the gate to make a path. As you go thru the tunnel, you'll come to the Sheltered Alcove camp. Take out the barrcade ahead and move across the walkway and the ledges and to the next building. You'll come to some enemies - don't listen to them, just kill them and you have a heavy enemy here - the shotgun proves more effective in killing this guy. If you are short on shells then you can find some at the top left corner next to a pillar. Go upstairs and kill the enemy here. Open the shutters on one side and move the weight with the rope arrow so that the pillars get smashed. Close the shutter and open the ones on the other side and repeat the same. Some enemies might just show up here so kill them and one of them should drop [[BOW PART 1]] open both the shutters after that and pull the weight once mroe to make the BELL come down. Now, run thru the hall and leap onto the rope way. When you are sliding you'll need to shoot barricades and a cutscene shows. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Mountain Village (Final Tour) Sit at the next camp to listen to [[DOCUMENT 5 - LARA'S JOURNALS]]. There's the [[ILLUMINATING STATUE 8]] on the left beside a waterfall. Now go right along the river and you'll find a lot of salvage here and probabaly [[RIFLE PART 2]] You can find a large salvage crate in one of the huts here and a [[GPS CACHE]] directly across it. Go back to where you started and make a ropeway on the left of the bridge to go to a path which has a [[GPS CACHE]] on the far end. Jump onto the arch here and reach the platform that has the [[ILLUMINATING STATUE 9]]. Make a ropeway to get to the big hut and you can pick up [[GPS CACHE]] to it's right. Blast the barricade and go in for a cutscne. Climb to the upper floor by moving the bell and use the beams and you'll get [[XP BOX]] and supplies along with [[DOCUMENT 5 ANICIENT SCroLLS]]. Destroy the barricade on the ground and you'll find a few things here. You can now explore the last part of the mountain village. ===COLLECTIBLES=== You ought to start with the [[XP BOX]] near the camp. You can also pick up the [[DOCUMENT 2 ENDURANCE OFFICERS]] next to the campfire. [[XP BOX]] near the hill and the [[LARGE SALVAGE CRATE]] near the main plane wreck. Inside th wreck is a [[XP BOX]]. Move over the debris in the northeast to reach a platform that has a [[GPS CACHE]] near a tree. Scramble up the wall to find a [[SALVAGE BAG]] above. The house to the east which has [[XP BOX]] and [[RELIC SEMPER FI]]. You can spot the large salvage box near the tail of the plain. Go up the wall behind the west house and you come to [[ILLUMINATING STATUE 10]]. From the platform here jump onto the top of roof of the western house to the find the [[EGG POACHER 5]]. Back from the same plaform you ought to go to the west side and past a tree you'll come to a [[GPS CACHE]]. Go back to the main area of the village and move to the left of the wreck past the first statue you lit here and break the door at the end with the rope arrow You can find [[RELIC 3 KANPO HERBS]] in the room behind it. Go back to the camp and fast travel to the Village Overlook base camp and go down the rope and go inside the building. Look for the barricade and blast it out of the way to get the [[DOCUMENT 6 ANCIENT SCROLLS]]. =================== TO proceed the story, go back to the Village Plateau camp and make a ropeway to return to the right side building across the river. Jump over the gap to the right and move to the end of the path and go down the rope way. Now to head down the mountain. Get a grip and wait for the guard to walk away. Hide behind the low fence you can find here and shoot the lantern to kill a couple of them and kill any stranglers. Go down the right path and move up the arch for shotgun shells. You can move over the debris and kill the enemy below. Then, jump to the platform to the right and kill the other two who are near the wreck. Now cross the river to start your descent. Stay in the middle and avoid the spikes which come from the sides. Be careful and avoid the plane propeller and when you are falling down move away from the trees by using the directions. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Shantytown (North) Just keep going ahead and slide down. To the left you can find [[SHOTGUN PART 1]]. Go thru the hole on the right and move to the end. Once you come out, hide behind the crate and silent kill the enemy on top of the building. Kill all the enemies here and spot the explosive barrel next to the stairs - shoot it when enemies are near it. Go upstairs and follow the straight path and you come to a beam - move over it to cross the gap and kill the two enemies and move around the corner and kill the lat one. You will come to a copter soon, use the rope arrow to pull down the back part and move in. You'll start a cutscene and now you can use fire arrows. Kill the enemies below and when they move into the building, shoot the explosive barrel which is near the fence. You can be overnumbered really soon here so be very careful. Best to use your rifle here on the many explosive barrels you can find. Kill all the enemies and you'll come to the Helicopter Hill camp which is at the start at the far northwest area of the map. ===COLLECTIBLES=== YOu might just have enought salvage to convert your rilfe into an Assault Rifle now - if you can't do this then you ought to find more salvage to do it. To start the exploration go abck to the walkway your started on and go down the stairs close to the camp. When you are down, stand on the center of the square and face the chooper to the north and you should notice a piece of cloth ahead. Shoot a fire arrow into it and pull it down with a rope arrow and you get the [[LAID TO REST 1 EFFIGY]]. From the bottom flooe move right and ignore the barricade for now and go into the shack near the fence to get some ammo for your rifle and some shotgun ammo near the barricade to the right. You can possible go under the house whic his to the south of the square to find supplies and [[SHOTGUN PART 2]]. Go into the building and in the bottom floor itself you can find [[RELIC 1 INRO]] - the building is located immediately to the south of the camp square. Climb this building to find supplies and [[XP BOX]]. Move to the west of the central building and grab the salvage bad here. on the first walkway. Move around the corner to find supplies and [[GPS CACHE]] around the corner. Climb the building to the next floor and grab the salvage. Climb to the top to find a rope pole Shoot it into the small beam coming out of the roof infront of you on the central building. You can find some shells and the [[SILENCER 1 ALARM]]. Jump back to the ground floor and under the stairs is a small room with salvage and ammo. South of the northern camp square - from the first floor of the central building move into the southern building (destroy the barricade). Look around to find supplies and [[DOCUMENT 5 ENDURANCE CREW]] on the table. Climb to the upper walkway to find supplies and [[DOCUMENT 4 CONFESSIONS OF A SOLARII]] on a crate. You can also come across [[RIFLE PART 1]]. From the ground floor here (south of the central building which is in the south of the camp square), go out and turn right tto blast a barricade. You can find a shack behind it which has [[GPS CACHE]]. Destroy another barricare to clear the path to a square with a trap in the middle. Activate the trap and shoot the pulley to collect the loot - do not touch the explosive barrels yet. Go to the door to the south to discover an entrance to a tomb. Jump over the trap in the door way to collect some supplies inside the sacrificial room. If you spring the trap you'll encounter tons of enemies, kill them before you enter the tomb. =====Well of Tears (Tomb)===== Destroy the planks in this room with the rope arrow and jump down to get a [[GPS CACHE]]. Go ahead and you'll see a ladder you can climb down and then move thru the cracks to enter the tomb. Dump the three cans on the platform and remove one container. Quickly leave the platform and run back up tp jump towards it as it goes up. Quickly climb the platform and leap over to the beam nearby. You'll get your rewards along with the [[TREASURE MAP]] of this area which ofcourse is very very useful. ======================= ===COLLECTIBLES=== To the left of the entrance to the tomb entrance and you can find salvage and arrows if you go upstairs. There's a plant near the stone steps nearby. The building to the south of here has an [[XP BOX]] on the first floor and destroy the barricade on the ground floor to get the [[RELIC 1 ANIMAL SANCTUARY]]. To the left of the square (which has the trap in the middle) is a small alley at the end of which you can find arrows and directly above it is some ammo which you can get to by walking on the roofs. Move thru the street on the left and blast the barricade and you can find some shells and [[GPS CACHE]] in the small room here. The wall here has a barricade you can destroy. Behind it you can find ammo and salvage. Scramble up the wall nearby and move around the corner to fight enemies. More enemies are ahead and after you take them all out, look for the rifle ammo on the norther most walkway in the corner. In the northeast part of the area, climb the large building and on the first fllow is the [[RELIC 2 INRO]]. On the upper floor is the [[DOCUMENT 3 CONFESSIONS OF A SOLARII]]. From the center trapped square move left and go around the corner to the southeast part of shantytown. To Lara's east is a barricaded room with a [[GPS CACHE]]. Go up the second floor of this place and destory the barricade to find the [[RELIC 2 ANIMAL SANCTUARY]]. ================== When you reach the gaet (use instict for the marker), many enemies come at you. There are dual heavies here so be careful. Use your shotgun on them and then switch to rifle for the farther ones. You can also use the several explosive barrels to your advantage. Also concentrate on the molotov throwers. Burn down the beam of the gate by using your fire arrow and turn the wheel to proceed. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Shantytown South/Ancient Gate You'll come to the Ancient Gate camp on the walkway. Slide down to the muddy square and look to the right to spot [[LAID TO REST 2 EFFIGY]]. Climb the stairs which are to the left of a mudslide and walk over the walkway. Blast the barricade to find [[DOCUMNET 5 DIARIES OF A MADMA]] inside. Move thru the mud and over the bridge and you'll enter another shootout. You'll come across enemies who hurl dynamite at you so be sure to concentrate on them and move from place to place when a dynaite is thrown at you - kill the idiot who's at the top first. ===COLLECTIBLES=== Jump down the platform to find a [[GPS CACHE]] on the lower walkway among some debris. Climb the rope to reach a walkway with salvage in the corner and an [[XP BOX]] on the other side of this place. Climb the rope further to reach the [[SILENCER 2 ALARM]]. You can also spot the [[LAID TO REST 3 EFFIGY]] on top of the tower you're supposed to reach - it's to the southeast from here. Before climbing the next rope, drop down to the walkway below and destroy the barricade on the left side to reach an area with animals and studd. After going thru the hole in the fence to the right are some supplies. Move over the wooden bridge and drop down in the middle to find [[GPS CACHE]]. You can find the [[RELIC 3 INRO]] in the building on the ground floor. On the first floor is a large salvage box. There's a barricade around the corner which is covering a [[GPS CACHE]]. Scramble up the nearby wall to find [[XP BOX]]. Move up another level and some enemies appear in the building far ahead to the northeast. You can spot an explosive barrel so use it. Climb the building nearby - not the one where the enemies came to find [[SILENCER 3 ALARM]]. From here move south to reach te walway you would have taken if you climbed the rope up all the way. You can also spot the [[LAID TO REST 4 EFFIGY]] on the rock wall to the left. After this move to the northeast of the walkway where enemies appeared earlier. To the left of the intersection are arrows and destroy the barricade to find ammo and [[RELIC 4 INRO]] in the small room. Move around the wall you can scramble up on to find [[GPS CACHE]] behind the crates. Go up the wall now and kill the enemies who appear near the windmill. Go to the windmill and you'll come to another group of enemies, kill them before exploring. Move to the left (where you can see crates move back and forth) and scramble up the wall around the corner to find [[SILENCER 4 ALARM]]. Climb the mill to the top and find the [[LAID TO REST 5 EFFIGY]] on the rock wall to the northeast. You might also find another of these on the east of the mill. You can find a [[GPS CACHE]] on the other side close to the central structure. Move to the ground floor to search the area below the mill to find [[RELIC 3 ANIMAL SANCTUARY]] on the north side and on a desk to the west under the stairs you can get [[DOCUMENT 6 DIARIES OF A MADMAN]]. On the ground level not too far from the burning barrel near some debris you can find a [[GPS CACHE]]. ================== ==================== Chamber of Judgment (Tomb) From the windmill camp, the entrance to the tomb is to the east. You'll enter a circular chamber, search the left to find [[GPS CACHE]] among the grass. Keep moving until Lara slides down a slope and hit E to get a grip. Move over the beams until you reach an intersection with salvage. The left path leads out of the cave, the right ones takes you deeper inside. First jump from the ramp on the left to break the platform with the Jerrycan on it. The rubber wheel on the rigth can be swung against the platform to the right. You should have three jerrycans by now. Place these at the end of the ramp on the right of the areaso taht it stays down on the smaller side. Now you can run over it and quickly swing the axe into the rock wall to reach the chest to the left. Climb the beams to reach it. You can get the [[GPS CACHE MAP]] and the [[HANDGUN PART 2]] here. ==================== Exit the cave and move on top of the crates and ride it to the other side. A big fight starts rightaway. You need to be very careful here. Grab your rifle first and kill the ones sliding down to your platform. After taking care of those, start killing the guys in the towe. Make sure you use the explosive barrels properly and constantly move from cover to cover. After you kill everyone, you can find tons of supplies around here. Use the rope to reach the tower and climb to the top and make your way to the rock wall on the southeast and hit E to get a grip after the cutscene. Go ahead to the Vista Tower camp. Continue over the large bridge and head inside th house ahead and make your way to the bridge. Jump oer and listen to Roth to make it across. He tells you that there are too many and when he does - jump on the roof nearby and run down the collapsing walkway. Climb on the rock wall and go thru the tunnel. Keep going inside the cave to the next part.

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=============================================================================== =============================================================================== Geothermal Caverns There's a plant to the left and go upstairs for a cutscene. Go thru the pool of blood and move up the path till you get to som arrows. There's gas up ahead and to avoid getting hurt, use a fire arrow on it and then quickly continue thru the crevice. Soon, you'll come to the Pit Camp where you'll get the [[DOCUMENT 5 CONFESSIONS OF A SOLARII]]. If you sit at the camp you'll listen to [[DOCUMENT 6 LARA'S JOURNALS]]. Go thru the crevice and reach the next hall. When you come to the waypoint, you'll get a short scene after which go down the walkway. After a few steps look use animal instict and look thru the stalactites to spot the [[FIRESTARTER SACK 1]] to the left. Shoot it with a fire arrow. Go ahead and hide behind some debris until all cannibals go away. Shoot the gas ahead with a fire arrow to clear a way out. ===COLLECTIBLES=== Spot the shrine with the candles in the middle of the area to the left of where the cannibals were eating and get the [[RELIC 1 CEREMONIAL FAN]]. The first path to the left (SW on the map) has salvage at the end and you'll have a chance to kill a cannibal when coming back. The next path has gas which you need to run thru and fight a cannibal. You'll find salvage and a [[GPS CACHE]] on the upper platform. You can also spot the [[FIRESTARTER SACK 2]] above the hall which has gas. Hit Q to highlight it. Another [[GPS CACHE]] can be found if you follow the walkawy in the central cave and you can also spot the [FIRESTARTE SACK 3]]. =================== After you are done collecting, go thru the gate on the right. Walk up the stairs and hide to the right behind a pillar when you hear the two guards approaching. On the right wall you can find a [[GPS CACHE]]. Go ahead and hide behind the fence overlooking the two guards who are playing checkers. One of them suddenly moves away, kill the both and go to the place where they were playing the board game to find [[DOCUMENT 3 ENDURANCE OFFICERS]]. You can find an [[XP BOX]] in the top right corner and then go up the steps leading back south. There a [[TREASURE MAP]] of the area on top of the wooden structure which is at the bottom of the steps. Turn the crank before getting to the top and use a fire arrow on the gas. You will come to a camp at the very top near the altar and you can also get [[RELIC 2 CEREMONIAL FANS]]. Climb over the box which Lara kicked down with the explosion and you'll come to a walkway. Look below to spot three guards and some gas, shoot a fire arrow to wipe the out. Spot the [[FIRESTARTE SACK 4]] hanging near the door where the guards were talking. You can find [[GPS CACHE]] and [[XP BOX]] at the right end of the hall on the lower place. Look up and see the [[FIRESTARTER SACK 5]] hanging from the ceiling. Climb the walway to the left and move to the end and kill the guard silently and get the [[FIRESTARTER SACK 6]] which is hanging to the right. Move to the right of the walkway and kill the enemy with the flashlight who's at the back. You can also spot more enemies chanting and then shoot up a fire arrow in the gas to get them. You can see a couple of plants in the ritual area. There's a hidden area to the left of the Altar at the end of which are supplies and [[RELIC 3 CEREMONIAL FANS]] and [[DOCUMENT 7 DIARIES OF A MADMAN]] next to the altar. Go up to find [[XP BOX]] and [[GPS CACHE]] next to it and a valve which makes gas leak. Open the valve and use the rope arrow to pull the cage closer and shoot a fire arrow and start running thru the walkway as the whole place starts to collapse till you get to the next area. You can spot Reyes in a cage and some idiot firing arrows at him. Now, kill the guard holding the flashlight to the right and then once the other two break-up and then kill them. A short cutscene follows... There's a valve where one of the two guards was standing and shoot the gas and the explosion will have cleared the way. Go upstairs and jump over to the cage. Shoot the gas which is to the left the cage and then hit the second gas leak so the cage can move to the weight. Scramble to the right side of the cage and get on top of it. Jump over to the nearby platform and break the two valves and then shoot a fire arrow and your crew will finally be free. Jump over the yellow cages to get to safety. Open the double doors which you come to with your pryaxe to reach the fortress. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Solarii Fortress Move through the hall and crawl under the burning planks and continue to get to a larger hall. After their conversation ends, climb over the roof and reach the wall at the end which you can climb. Climb to the top and jump from one beam to the other. You'll meet a fun guy here and after that, continue up the walkway and a scene plays. Continue over the rood and slide down the rope here. Kill the two enemies you come to. Jump over to the right side (carefull!) Go up the wall and get to the end of the hall - you're going to get into one hell of a fight!!! By now you are quite experience in fighting so there's no need to woory. Continue and you'll come to more enemies. There are further more ahead including a heavy. Kill them and go out for a cutscene. You'll come across a gunner but you can't kill him just like that. Move to the right taking cover and stay behind the concrete wall. From the far right, you can continue to the upper left building and climb the wall. Jump in the direction of the gunner and Lara jumps onto a rope and a scene follows. Fire the Grenade Launcher at the end and you'll get this for good as an attachment to the rifle. Destroy the heavily barricaded doors with the grenades. Keep going and you'll come to the Solarii Fortress camp. Continue ahead by mounting the wall of the burning building. Go onto the walkway and make your way to the end. You'll come to a metal barricade - use the grenades and proceed over the roofs by sliding down the rope. Blast the metal barricades and kill the enemies below. Go down the stairs to face the next wave of enemies. You can now pick up tons of ammo to all kinds of weapons around here. You'll also come to a shrine and then head around the corner to come to a turret mounted by an enemy. Go to the building to the left and hide behind the boxes and kill the enemies on the other side of the street. Blast the turret with grenades and if you don't have them, there are some in this building. Slide down the rope and you'll come to Sam. Go ahead by climbing the structure to the right. You'll find a rope you can take down near the top. Enter the building by climbing the wall, start with climbing onto the platform to the left of Lara's starting position. Leap over the beams and jump the climbable wall to the right and exit the building. You'll start a chase sequence now... Move Lara across the bridge and she jumps to the next part. A QTE starts...keep going from bridge to bridge and you'll reach safety at the end. Climb the planks in this area and then leap over the gap and use the poele to get across. When you reach the top of the climbabale wall jump onto the wooden rail and climb it. Walk over and jump to the crate and then onto the last beam of the building. Once you are out, climb the wall and make your way to the beam on the right and another wall and keep going and going till you can jump to the Helicopter. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Summit Forest Go to the edge of the cliff to find the [[DOCUMENT 5 ENDURANCE OFFICERS]]. Use the camp nearby to listen to [[DOCUMENT 7 LARA'S JOUURNALS]]. ===COLLECTIBLES=== Take the right path ahead to find the [[RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM 1]]. Keep using your instinct so you don't miss it - this one is close the copter wreck. To the left you can find [[RELIC 1 DAGGERS]] near some trees (close to the wreck). Look into your map and move to the far northwest to pick up [[GPS CACHE]] which comes to the left of the waypoint if you use your instinct. You can get the [[RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM 2]] in the southeast corner. Past the waypoint, just after the path widens up and glows, you can get the [[RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM 3]] ================== You'll come across many guards in this forest so taking them down silently would be the best option. Kill the ones in the beginning and head close to the west wall and hug it. Keep going and you'll come to a large stone platform which can be used for cover. Just keep using your instinct and spot the guards and take them out silently, get to the waypoint as more guards spawn. Kill all but don't proceed yet since there are some collectibles in this area. Before you get the collectibles, first go to the tomb because you'll be awarded with a treasure map to the entire place anyway. ================== STORMGUARD SANCTUM ***This is to the right of the waterfall north/northeast of the map*** Shoot fire arrows at the many torches haning from the wall - it just lights up the place a bit. Shoot the barricaded area above and gas is filled there. Climb up and turn left and climb on the upper walkway to find arrows. Look acrross the place with your instinct and you can spot a climbable wall ahead. Shoot the debris at the top with a fire arrow to clear the path before you head up. Jump across and head to the top to get to the tomb's treasure which includes the [[SUMMIT FOREST TREASURE MAP]] - very useful. ================== ===COLLECTIBLES=== From where you start in the beginning you can get some salvage behind some plants. Search the northwest corner for a [[RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM 4]]. You can find [[RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM 5]] by moving over the bridge to the right and searching the base on the north-left side. You can come to the entrance of the tomb which is in the north/northwest of the map to the right of a waterfall. To the right of it's entrance is salvage. Also a small hut to the east of the tomb entrance in the northeast corner of the forest area and close to the waypoint. Inside you will find a large salvage box The Hunting Lodge camo is in front of the large lodge. Inside the large hut you can pick up [[DOCUMENT 7 ANCIENT SCROLLS]. South of the camp is a small wreck near a creek. You can find a couple of salvage bags around here. To the East of the wreck are some hills with an airplane wing on the top. Jump from the elevated ground north of here to get there. Blast the barricade near the wing to reveal a passage. You need to time a jump at the last moment to reach a climbable wall and a [[GPS CACHE]] consequently near a tree trunk. You can get another [[GPS CACHE]] in the river close to the waterfall. [[RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM 6]] can be found if you wal to the end of the crevice between the two elevated platforms at the airplane wing. From the wing, on the eastern platforms you can reach a rope leading to a tree outpost. From there you can jump to a small platform to the east which has the [[RELIC 2 - DAGGERS]]. You can get the [[RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM 7]] which is to the far south against the wall near the river. North from the outposts which are in the SW corner, the soil is a bit elevated. Look for a ledge to the west with [[RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM 8]]. The elevated ground is supposed to used for the jump. Further north from here in the NW part a fallen tree is close to a climbable wall on the far west. From this tree jump to the wall and reach the top. You'll come to a platform with a rope attachment pole. Jump to the nearby outpost and climb the rope to reach an outpost high above having arrows and also the [[RELIC 3 - DAGGERS]]. You can get the [[RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM 9]] under (close by) to the last outpost in the NW part of the area close to the water. And finally the [[RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM 10]] is on the far NE stairs leading to the waypoint Collect it as you leave the place. ================== =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Forest Cave & Gondola Transport Cave: After going to the waypoint in the east, move over the bridge and destroy the door with a rope arrow and proceed thry th cave until you reach an area with wolfs in cages. Climb the ladder nearby and use a rope arrow to swing the deer against the pole. Leap over the pole and use it to reach the climbable wall. You can also find salvages here. A [[GPS CACHE]] is located among the bones near the doorway. Lara will slide down as you proceed, get a grip and go along the linear path following the bats to the right (obviously they are heading to the exit). Once you are out, slide down the rope and Alex contacts you. Slide down the two ropes and jump onto one of the cages. Transport: The Gondola stops andd then you ought to shoot an arrow into the rope on the platform nearby and slide down. There's ammon near one of the corners. Climb the yellow ladder on the other corner and slide down the rope to start another hell of a firefight - use the explosives around to end it quickly. ***Watch the screen for button prompts and hit them accordingly*** A cutscene plays soon and you ought to climb up and sidewards until another scene takes place. Jump over the gap and slide down the ropes. You'll have to hit a button at the right time as you come to the second rope below and repeat this again. As the last rope ends you ought to make Lara slide and use the shotgun to shoot the barricade and jump to grab the pole. Lara grabs the next rope and then you ought to jump to the next one. Soon you'll see barricades in the river, shoot them with the shotgun and the ride ends. Go to the crevice at the end of the path to reach the next area. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Shipwreck Shore (Main Area) This place is mainly there for collectibles - and there are tons of them here. Head to the Survivor's Camp first though. Go to the waypoint to meet the crew. Before you check out the Galleon speak to the crew members (repeatedly) for some interesting coversations. ===COLLECTIBLES=== In the harbor close to the boat, open the door with the pryaxe to find [[DOCUMENT 7 ENDURANCE CREW] inside. In the opposite building you can find another document on a desk [[DOCUMENT 6 ENDURANCE CREW]]. Climb this building to find a [[GPS CACHE]] in one of the corners on the roof. There's also a salvage bag hanging north of the northern building. You can't open the iron door with rope to the NW yet, so remember it and return to it later. There's a tank to the north of the harbor, north of that tank is a platform close to the river which has ammo. To the Right of the tank is a large building with a cairn on top. Inspect it to get the [[CAIRN RAIDER 1]]. SE of this large builder is a broken down truck and from the truck, move up the big sand walkway a few steps, until you can turn right around a large rock hill. The rocky walkway here takes you to a [[XP BOX]] and [[CAIRN RAIDER 2]] at the very end. Move further up the hill using the sand walkway and take the left path. You can find an [[XP BOX]] on the far left, near a fence. Go up the path and drop into the water when you come to a destroyed bridge. Blast the barricade and push the buoy to the pond below. Spot the climbable wall of the platform adjacent to this which pond cannot normally be reached. Align one of the two buoys close to the wall by using the rope arrows by pushing. The second one should be placed between the rocky ground and the first buoy so you can use it as a step to reach the climbable wall. Up above you'll find the [[CAIRN RAIDER 3]]. At the very top of the sand walkway, to the right of the destroyed bridge, and near a tree, is a [[GPS CACHE]]. Head back down and go southeast of the truck. You can find some salvage near the back of the large rock hill. There's a large mine to the right of here; you'll need to shoot ten of these to complete the area's collectibles [[MINE SWEEPER 1]]. You can find a [[GPS CACHE]] next to this mine - on the east rock wall. On the SE side of the beach you can find a [[GPS CACHE]] under the wood walkway beside to the building. There's a [[MINE SWEEPER 2]] on this southeast part of the beach. There's also a tomb in the east part of the area, just south of the large rock hill where you also found one of the cairns. Note it for later as you can't enter it yet. Drop down on the beach. You can find a [[GPS CACHE]] next to the anchor on the west side of the beach. Look south, into the sea, to spot [[MINE SWEEPER 3]]. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Galleon & Back to the Endurance Galleon Go to the west of the beach and climb the scaffolding and reach the tower. Climb the crane and you'll come to a rope. Slide down it and swing ahead to the climbable rock wall and make your way into the ship via the ledge which is to the right side. Hide in the center to eavesdrop on a conversation between a couple of Solarii Guards. Kill the guy who stays back and jump ahead to the next part of the ship. Kill the other guard you come across on the upper deck and head upstairs. Go towards the front of the ship by climbing around it's side and when you get to the front deck, shoot the pulley or tackle the large anchor it is attached to and hold it and move over the mast. You will come across a couple of enemies ahead. Back to the Endurance There's a [[RELIC 1 YUAN DYNASTY JADE]] in the left side cabin. Take it and jump over to the next area and kill the enemies. Slide down the rope and head back to the camp. You now get the [[COMPUND BOW]] from Jonah. If you want to, you can start conversations again and after that head to the SE of the beach and walk to the end of the pier. You can see Craggy Rocks ahead. After you get to the ship, climb the mast to the top to get a [[GPS CACHE]]. Go down one level and search the room on the right to get the [[RELIC 1 A FAMILY OUTING]]. Go to the lowest level and pick up the [[RELIC 2 YUAN DYANSTY]] which is on the table. There's a rusty beam here which you an jump up and get to the upper level. There's a rope coming out from the deck which you can use to reach a walkway to the south. Approach the bulding ahead and kill the two guards below and above. ===COLLECTIBLES=== There's a small cave left and southeast from the waterfall inside which you can find ammo and a [[GPS CACHE]]. You can also find the [[MINE SWEEPER 4]] on the nearby beach. The [[MINE SWEEPER 5]] is in the sea to the south. Approach the edge of the beach to spot it using your instinct. A [[GPS CACHE]] and an [[XP BOX]] can be found on the destroyed pier. To get them you'll have to walk onto the rocks to the right, jump on the middle pole, and from there jump to the pier. Move around the tower to find the [[CAIRN RAIDER 4]]. You can find a [[GPS CACHE]] among the wreck to the left side. It's close to the wall. There's the [[MINE SWEEPER 6]] to the far south of this beach. ================== Jump on the low concrete pillar (broken) which is near the burning barrel and head to the wakway. As you reach the top of the tower drop down on the balcony to the right to find an [[XP BOX]] and the [[RELIC 2 A FAMILY OUTING]] inside. Destroy the barricade and move back on the top of the tower to slide across the rope to the next platform. There are a couple of enemies talking on the walkway ahead. Kill them and jump to the lower platform to the left to find a [[GPS CACHE]] near the tree. The building on the walkway where the enemies were talking leads to the area's tomb. You can find the [[RELIC 3 YUAN DYNASTY JADE]] inside and ammo and slavage on the secnd floor. Jump over the gap and move thru the ruins to get some shells. Then scramble up the plank to reach an intersecion. COntinue up the stairs and grab the [[RELIC 3 - A FAMILY OUTING]] an [[XP BOX]] and salvage inside. Proceed thru the hall and the tunnel to get to the area's tomb. ================= The Flooded Vault Go upstairs and hit the button. GO back downstairs and hit the button here to open the doors. There's a raft to the left here, burn the rope and go to the generator room on the other side. Blast the barricade and pull the raft towards you and then get on it to reach the other side of the wall. Stand on the steps here and look up. Shoot a rope arrow into the iron weight to pull the electric wire out of the water. Quickly jump to the other side and move thru the water before the wire comes down again. Walk a bit ovet the walkway and pull the raft to you and close to the device in the water. The raft should be directly next to the device. Pull the iron weight and the device should come onto the raft. Go thru the water to rach the stairs in the corner and you'll come to the treaasure which includes the [[SHIPWRECK BEACH TREASURE MAP]]. Use the rope to get back to the camp. ================= ===COLLECTIBLES=== There's a [[GPS CACHE]] to the right of the tomb near a small waterfall under a rock. You can push the buoy here to the other plaatform and climb the rock wall to reach it. From here you can grab salvage to the right from the GPS cache near a barrel. Move to the south to find a platform with the [[CAIRN RAIDER 5]] next to a tree ================== Move over the wood walkway to the est and then carefully jump on the pole and make your way to the end. Shoot a rope arrow in the rocks to proceed to the next platform. Inside a small ruined building is the [[DOCUMENT 8 ANCIENT SCROLLS]]. There's a metal barricade to the right and after that, go thru the tunnel to reach the next section. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Cliffside Bunker The Bunker Vista camp is here and a rope pole nearby. To the left of the pole is a [[GPS CACHE]]. Shoot an arrow in the wall ahead and climb the pipes to the right leading into a bunker. You can see a new kind of emblem here which is a flag with a red star in a circle. If you burn it you get the [[PREVIOUS INHABITANTS 1]]. The barricade can't be opened yet so move ahead thru the crevice. You'll see an enemy ahead soon. Kill him and take cover behind something. You are going to fight a lot of Solarii in a bit. Kill the enemies to the left and right, move behind cover and take out the other enemies you can see around you. The armored enemy patrolling is a bit tougher to kill but he will die none the less. After you kill everyone, time to start collecting. You can pick up a [[GPS CACHE]] to the right of the crrevice you came out of which is at the SE corner. In the north area are is a lot of ammo and also [[DOCUMENT 5 WARTIME INTELLIGENCE]]. Go thru the door to the left and go near the stairs but be wary of the explosive barrel which will be rolled down the stair. Go up and around the corner to come to movre enemies and some ammo to refill. Swing the pole to get to the third floor and move ahead to come to enemies and when you gett to the rrof, near a rock wall on the northern side is a [[GPS CACHE]]. You can also pick up an [[XP BOX]] and burn a [[PREVIOUS INHABITANTS 2]]. Drop down to get to the Endurance Overlook camp. Next to the campfire is the [[DOCUMENT 6 ENDURANCE CREW). At the end of this building you can pick up the [[RELIC 1 ANCIENT COINS]]. Behind the stacked crates, you can find the [[GPS CACHE]]. Now, look up the tower NE of the camp and you should use a fire arrow to burn the [[PREVIOUS INHABITANTS 3]]. Now, shoot a rope arrow down the plaform to the right and slide down. Search behind the rocks on the plaform to the left of the pillar to find a [[GPS CACHE]]. Slide down the rope to get back to your ship. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== The Endurance Drop down behind the wooden crates to start off behind cover. You are going in for a helluva fight in a bit.... I'm sure you saw the guy you are fighting too. To make things easier, kill the normal enemies first so that you can concentrate on the big guy. You can obviously dodge him so keep doing that and use your grenades and shotgun and keep shooting him in the head to take him down quickly. At the end there's a QTE you get into to kill off the big guy and then you get the [[ROPE ASCENDER]] which is used to destroy the large barricades - one of which we came across a little while ago. Use a rope arrow on the debris to the left of the ship and drop donw the hole. Move thru the hall and you'll come to Sam's cabin. You can pick up a [[DOCUMENT 4 ENDURANCE CREW]]. Keep going while killing and you'll soon come to the flooded area in the ship. You'll come to Alex soon, pull the device which is on the roof towards the door and you'll see that the path is blocked by a large pipe. Move to the left of device and hang down from the ladder to move it. Climb the right side onto the ladder which is not broken to get to the opening in the roof. GO ahead and kick the pipe down. Pull the machine away from the door and climb the broke ladder to get it in the correct place. Now, pull again to get the hook into the wires blocking the door and another pull will clar a path to Alex. After the cutscene, be ready to run thru the hall and jump onto the rope and use the ascender. Climb the crates at the front part of the ship and climb the rope to backtrack thru the area. Get back to the Camp and use the ascender to pull down the block from above the door to reach a lower area. After the next scene you'll get the [[DOCUMENT 3 WARTIME INTELLIGENCE]]. Use the pry axe to open the door and you'll come to the main hall. The door to the NE corner can be opened because you have the ascender. Inside is a [[RELIC 2 ANCIENT COIN]]. If you remember the heavy barricade from earlier - head back thru the crevices and you will find [[RELIC 3 ANCIENT COIN]] and the [[TREASURE MAP]] of the area. Shipwrek Shore: After you return to shipwreck beach destory the heavy barricade to the left and grab the [[XP BOX]] and get the rope going up. After you go up, you'll come to three enemies. Dispose of them as you see fit and you'll come to the Grotto camp. Drop down the lower platform here to the right and find the [[GPS CACHE]] Then return to the Endurance crew using the ropes to get a cutscene and use the camp to listen to [[DOCUMENT 8 LARA'S JOURNALS]]. ========================= Temple of the Handmaidens The tomb is NE from the camp and in the map it's to the SE just south of the rock hill. Use the asceendr to destory the barricade and move thru the crevices and use a rope arrow to cross the river. You'll come to a camp. You can also see a wheel here. Turn it and this will cause th Buoy to move around the center nad move the pole to the left so that Lara can swing onto an otherwise inaccessible platform. Shoot a rope arrow into the device below to turn it half-way and you can see the Byou reach it and turn it further more. Lara can now reach another pole and swing to the Climbable wall. You get the same stuff as before and a [[TREASURE MAP]]. When you are crossing back again, be careful and jump at the right time so that Lara can reach the rope. ========================= =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Shipwreck Shore [Northeast Zone] Head to the North-West and open the door with the rope ascension tool. You can pull the lever which is here to make the platform come down which allows you to climb the rock wall. Go to the right and drop down a walkway to get a salvage bag. Just climb the rockwall to the top now. You can also climb the wall which is near some grenades to reach the top of an elevator shaft to pick up the [[GPS CACHE]] of this place. Shoot an arrow into the tower and climb it. You come to a platform on which you can find [[DOCUMENT 4 ENDURANCE OFFICERS]]. You can also pick up the last [[GPS CACHE]] behind the tower. Now, climb the wall and move around the tank and the use the ladder to get to the top. Pull a cage close and jump on it. And epeat the same and move on the tower to the rope here. It leads you to a platform at the end of the area where you come to the Shells of WWII. Climb the pipe around the building and head upstairs. Kill the guards and climb the wall next to the gate and move across the pipes and climb up to a platform. Shoot a rope arrow into the rock wallof the bunker and climb around it to reach the top. Jump to the ladder to reach a heavy barricade and then make your way to the end of the walkway and proceed to the next section. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Research Base Afte you drop down, blast the Metal Barricade behind you for some salvage. Blast the next barricade above it to get [[RELIC 1 HELMETS]]. To the left of the river is a [[GPS CACHE]]. Climb over the wall and then move thru the crevice and jump down to the walkway. As you go ahead you'll come to the Researh Lab camp but there are many nearby enemies. On the desk ahead is a [[DOCMENT 4 WARITIME INTELLIGENCE]]. Kill the Solarii here and go to the camp now. Crack open the closed door and jump over to the other side to move thru the opening. You can find an [[XP BOX]] and a [[GPS CACHE]] here. Climb through the opening again to return to the hall. Move to the other side and hit the button to call the lift. It's jammed so climb the crates and break the sprocket with your axe. Climb over to the other side and head upstairs and pick up the [[DOCUMENT 1 GPS SECRETS]] which on some barrels. Go to the fourth floor and call the lift. Head back to the third floor and climb the ladder next to the elevator switch and pry a second cogwheel. Now call the lift at the third floor, move down behind the elevator and jump to the catwalk. From here you can pry the third cogwheel loose. Call the elevator at the third floor and make your way to the fourth floor. Look down the elevator shaft. You'll notice a barricade to your right. This reveals an opening to a climbable wall that curves around the elevator. Call the elevator from the fourth floor and drop on it just before it moves past the opening. Quickly jump through and climb the wall to a previously inaccessible part of the catwalk. From here you can get to the last cogwheel. Go down and look for [[SUN KILLER 1]] to the right of the elevator after walking over. There's also an [[XP BOX]] here. Go through the crevice and there's a [[RELIC 2 HELMETS]] on the right side, behind some crates. Kill the guard up ahead and a second will come to inspect his body, so get ready to kill him too. There's a [GPS CACHE] which is behind the crates and can be collected by climbing the crates on the right side of the hall. Continue down the bunker to reach an large hall. move close to the corpse at the top of the stairs to watch a cutscene. Afterwhich you'll also have obtained [[DOCUMENT 9 ANCIENT SCROLLS]]. A couple of waves of enemies storm the area. Start the killing and at the end you'll slide right and come to a climbable wall that leads back to Shipwreck Shore. Shipwreck Shore: Use a rope arrow to move across and kill the two enemies you come to. Move ahead and slide down the two ropes for a cutscene, then enter the boat to the next area. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Chasm Stronghold Make a rope bridge and follow path to get a cutscene. After this shoot a rope arrow into the wall to the far right side and make your way into the stronghold Proceed around the hallway, and continue through the hall. Lara spots some Stormguards who vanish. Set fire to the wooden fabric in the center of the area to clear the way. Head through the tunnel and go upstairs. An [[XP BOX]] can be found on the right side of the area. Move over the beam, then climb the beams on the wall to sneak past the entire Stormguard to the end. You'll have to run through the hall and Lara will slide down afterwards. Kill the three Stormguards, then the Sheltered Hallway camp awaits you up ahead [[DOCUMENT 9 LARA'S JOURNALS]] can be listend to by using this camp. There's an [[XP BOX]] and another one up the path. Proceed to the end for a brief cutscene. Climb up the walkway to the left and slide down to reach an area with corpses. After moving over the bridge you're up against tons of Stormguard There are explosives around the area which you can use to your advantage. Just use your most powerful weapons on their heads. There's also tons of ammo to be found around here - just don't stay in one spot too long and exaust your ammo. Keep moving and constantly killing. Destroy the barricade in the end with a rope arrow and approach the gate for a cutscene. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Chasm Shrine & Chasm Ziggurat Shrine: You can find some ammo in the hall and also the [[RELIC 1 VASES]] on a table. There's also the Sacred Hall camp nearby and the [[DOCUMENT 6 WARTIME INTELLIGENCE]] near the double doors. Open the doors and you come into what seems to be a butchering chamber. To the left here is the [[DOCUMENT 7 ENDURANCE OFFICERS]]. First head up the the second floor walkway to find some salvage and the [[TREASURE MAP]] of this entire area. Pick up the [[RELIC 2 VASES]] which is at the corner of the ground floor. Now, turn the wheel on the right first and then the left to raise the cage. use a rope arrow to pull the cage back and smash the wall above the gate. Now, turn the right wheel ad the left one to drop the cage. Go up to the second floor and face the cage, pull it and jump on it and then jump over to the crevice to get to the next hall. In the south of this room is the [[DOCUMENT 10 ANCIENT SCROLLS]]. Go thru the hall and you'll come to the last fast-travel camp in the game. Also, pickup the [[RELIC 3 VASES]] nearby and open the double doors to get to the next place. Ziggurat: Move over the bridge and you'll get a scene. To the left is an [[XP BOX]]. Shoot a rope arrow in the wall to reach an upper walkway and climb the ice wall outside. Stand on the left of the wall and pull the object towards you and then it gets smashed into the doors so we can go thru. Go left and climb the platform. Make a ropeway to the top and go up but as Lara falls down, you'll need to catch a beam. Climb and jump over to a walkway in the distance. Move over the walkway and as you get close to the ice wall, Lara drop again so use your axe. Make a double jump to reach the window and climb over it to get inside. Use a rope arrow to get to the ice wall in the distance - use your instinct - it's a bit higher than the place Lara's on right now. Make your way to the left to another Ice Wal and drop down and stick your axe into the wall directly below. Move around the mountain to the right and you'll come to a walkway. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Ziggurat Vestibule You'll come to a camp and find ammo. Proceed to climb the tower next and after you get to the top some enemies rush at you and more and more after them. Use your most basic weapons here and save the better ones for the final fight soon to be followed. You'll also come acorss a coupld of shielded big guys but still try to conserve the ammo of the better weapons. ONI STORMGUARD After the cutscene you can start the Boss Fight. An Oni Stormguard awits to break you here. First, you are facing the Stormguard who is alone and when he swings his club - needless to say, dodge or you are history. After each of his swings you get a nice view of his back which is his weakpoint for now. So after each swing of his club, jump and move behind him and use your shotguns and other weapons and save your grenades for later. After doing this a few times, you'll need to move in for a finisher. After this he is backed by a couple of Stormguard Archers. Their arrows are very very deadly. Quickly get your shotgun out and kill them as soon as you can Now is the time to use the grenades on the Oni - but be sure you can see the red recticle as you aim at his upper torso and then shoot the grenades. Don't get into the splash damage of the grenades and after he comes down, go in for another finisher. The last phase is similar but you can also shoot the Oni in his face. He will cover it with his arm but shoot him when he drops his arm again. Use grenades on his face if you can and after a bit you can move in for the final QTE finisher and you will hav defeated the most powerful enemy in the game. After that, move to the center of the area and hit the QTE buttons correctly while moving the screen towards your target. Enjoy the cutscene after that and you will have beaten Tomb Raider. =============================================================================== ===============================================================================

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