KingsRoad Walkthrough [Guide]


KingsRoad is a dungeon crawler adventure game where players assume the role of a hero that will roam the land and free the town of Alderstone from those that aim to oppress the land. Superior skills and strategizing is extremely important in order to attain success in this game.

KingsRoad comprises of several quests that players must complete. Players must go into battle and defeat several enemies in order to clear the level. Along the way, players must be able to utilize weapons and skills learned in order to become more formidable in battle, and there are also classes that players can choose from so that they can better adapt to the situation that they are facing.

Gold and crystals are the currencies at play within KingsRoad. Like most games of its kind, gold can be earned by completing quests and can be used to purchase equipment while crystals can be used to buy premium items that will give you an added edge with regards to upgrading your character’s equipment and skills. Crystals can be found in special chests, given as rewards, and can also be purchased in bulk using real life currency.

The town is where players will be interacting with allies that will help them with regards to maintaining inventory, upgrading skills, changing classes, and crafting, among others. In a way, this serves as the player’s main menu as this is where most character customizations and inventory manipulation (buying, selling, equipping, etc.) are made. This is also where players will be choosing quests to perform.

Players can play as one of three classes, namely Archer, Knight, and Wizard. Each class has their distinct ranges as well as different attack and defense statistics. Logically, each has their own advantages and disadvantages in battle, and players can switch between classes at the town so that they are much better suited for the quest at hand.

Players should take note, however, that levels as well as skills for each class are distinct, and while players can select freely among the three classes, they would have to level up and learn skills for these classes individually.

Quests within KingsRoad would require players to cross the area and battle enemies along the way. Controls are pretty simple, both when it comes to movement and combat. Simply click on a location to move the character in that direction, and hold the button to keep the character moving.

In combat, simply click on the enemy to attack, and they can also opt to use their equipped special abilities by either clicking on the button or pressing the assigned buttons. Healing items can also be used in the same way. It is also important to note that using special abilities cost mana, and this would have to be regenerated so that special abilities can be used again.

For those who find it difficult to differentiate between moving and attacking, as both require clicking on either an area or an enemy, holding down the Shift key will prevent the character from moving.

When your character dies in battle, they will revive over time. However, should you choose to “buy” your revival, you will return immediately and this event will automatically kill all enemies in the area.

Players can do the same quests over and over again, and doing so will let players gain mastery over the level and gain special rewards

When players level up, they will earn skill points that they can use to upgrade their character. Similarly, additional skill point may also be purchased using crystals

Social Function
KingsRoad allows players to invite other players to participate in quests. This will open up a chat function where players can interact, select quests, and strategize during battle.


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